How To Make $900 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing DOING NOTHING (Free Affiliate Course 2021)

what’s going on awesome people from youtube in today’s video i’m scared of you guys i’m going to show you exactly how i get from zero to nine hundred dollars per day with affiliate marketing literally without doing any of the hard work i do going to show you how I made some of the money I made out of this free policy reinvested in this paid policy to be literally promoted on some of the most viral sheets on the internet to get tons of traffic now what I did, is that I was quite smart about this I have a specific usefunnel that captivates all this traffic and causes them mostly is coming to my closed office so unlike ordinary affiliate sell whatever it is you get a click hopefully get a sale and if they click from down the page you will never realise them again I have a funnel for you I am going to give you what they will get to keep coming back to your make now it is literally a matter of grabbing your affiliate relate of your specific make that I am going to show youspecific concoction where you can get tons of resources as well as your own landing sheets your own email swipe etc and you are going to paste it into a simple simple little url and proceed from there we plug it in tiny url what is our affiliate link in our move that literally pushes coin and the reason why we are doing this is because we are going to keep the traffic constantly coming back here to our concoction now I am also going to give you this last-place template in this video plus over one thousand two hundred dollars usefulnes of move bonuses free of charge in today’s video and I’m also very excited to announce to you a thousand dollar Christmas December where 10 wins “re going to win” 100 each so all “youve got to” do is meet attach tell on um in november this month and on the 25 th december i announced today the 10 wins you can click on comments pin uh the first tie on the pen comments and the link in the specific characteristics g below I will give away a latethousand dollars and the link and all the information is here on how you can sign up and it will pass us to the next step now we have to go look for our affiliate products now we are going to use two programmes for this one clickbank and secondly we are going to use digistore2 4 for the persons who is not have access to clickbank so here is what clickbank looks a lot like I’m sure you are all familiar with it now if you were I’m just going to watch my canal sign up straight with my detail if you do not have an account, you can connect the same with digistore2 4 here is what it looks like you can click log in or register now and the first step we are going to use on clickbank is we are going to use the advanced search option now to go search really good concoctions on clickbank now now of very good categories to go and promote in clickbank is e-business and e-marketing health and fitness um and business and investment also here as this spirituality brand-new period and alternative minds these are probably the four largest lists on clickbank at the moment how do I know it is you can actually use an internet site called to actually exit snoop discipline concoctions and like the back incidents of clickbank makes over here it gives you basically all the statistics of each product and it’s frankly a highly underground confidential tool that many clickbank affiliate purveyors do not really know about I am just waiting for it to upload and I will actually establish you now what I entail so here you can click on connect us free of charge, I once have an account there are no registration rewards no free test no nothing like it is absolutely free, so check this out when I get to reports at the top and click on top produces now, you can actually go check out all the top products on clickbank so i mean take a look at this okinawa belly solid for example you can see gravity in general arrange your earnings your co mmissions um and how it acts over duration with all these shows that are more in-depth analysis that clickbank does not have to offer but what we are going and doing is we are going to overcome to click here and we are going to click on health and fitness niche subcategory do not worry about it we can exactly all sub loosecredit lists now with seriousnes we want to choose gravity and we want to type here higher than 100 which intends more than 100 parties have made commissions of the product in the last 30 epoches which represents that it apparently works well it sells we want high quality products sold and once we are done here we want to choose repeatedly, it is honestly a huge mistake numerous affiliate purveyors make and can use a obscured trick for you to make a lot of coin dealing with affiliate marketing is only hand-picked returning commodities which aims when you sell this concoction, you are going to get a commission on that product every single month for the rest of your life so it pays you your passive revenues and formerly we are ready, we can search now sounds and look who it is, “were having” the java burn make here which is a isnew bonebreaker from the creators of the acclaimed venus factor um what is the name of the company that has of course now dealing with weight loss this commodity pays off formerly$ 115 and then another sure-fire amount of money every month we have the okinawa belly solid now what a isamazing commodity now that is 150 the gravity here is 320 which isreally very good and they offer reappearing commission so we can actually go and use this concoction now step two is we are not just going to promote it more there are one or two intermediate stage we need to perform, we can click on the affiliate sheet here which is super significant and here at the top where it says top-conversion email swipe what you want to go and click on it and this blue button here what is click here to get instant access to high-conversion email swipe we want it open ho you in a google paper tab pace number two come over to the second link in the description that will take you here page here where you can claim a onethousand two hundred and eighty eight dollar dollars with builderall like a habit business programme to private group chat to follow with a move and affiliate market suggestion affiliate email templates over$ 297 in significance and my high changeover funnel template you can go use and you will get 15 epoches free on the builderall trial now you can make money exploiting the approach in the first 15 daylights to literally pay off all your proposals if you want to get a free committee move plan I’m going to give you alternative solutions, don’ t perturb, you can kind of come over to changeover launches here which are basically a free version of isbuilder, but with conversion start you are not going to get all the final bonuses you are not going to get as countless features and you have to build everything manually with builderall you get all the funnels that you can import with the sound of a button and you can sign up here free of charge on your first 15 daytimes, this is the second link in the description once you have done that, you can on your countrybuilderall dashboard that looks like this now we have to go clink over here about the final make option over click here on participate so we can go and finish ours for your pour while make consignments everything here, this is something that a list proselytizes, looks like you can start entirely free to have a completely free package so there is no similar trial period or obstructed credit cards costs without which you can start importing your credit cards, but we are going to continue with buerall here as soon as the offer is clicks on the next download sheet you are going to add funnel at here over here we can just sort the entitlement so we can okinawa drive belly overweight for example for the topic we want to roll um and there is actually a theme dedicated to keeping weight loss and fitness now so we have to go muscle uh muscle choose mass funnel here wa aroor is going to lose weight, get bigger, amplification muscle it is therefore fits are you all right with the product we are going to start clicking on funnel and they are giving you a little tutorial thing now but I am not going through it I am just going to show you where to go straight onward click on ideas now and you want to click on lead catching claims where we want to go and actually catch lies so here opposite we have a bridge funnel which is what we are going to be use for this, we have a store funnel guide magnet pour guide catch pour and a overturn publish page the one we are going to use here is the bridge funnel now so here we have traffic from facebook instagram google etc all our scaffolds we have a bridge page where our evidences enter their list and e-mail in exchange for something free whether it’s an e-book or some sort of give away and then the evidence e-mail page and then we make them straight-out through to the okinawa belly overweight pour so what we’re going to do is we go to click save here and importation this funnel with di e sound of a button now this email captivating process is what will keep your clues coming back to your proposal with all this super high-pitched shift email whip here what you do not even have to write yourself everything the templates are done for you once the site is generated click on go to website here so we can go edit the sheets once you have clicked on go to website it will make you to your two go pages here about the verification email and the connection sheet we go to and start editing a connection page now click on edit page and it will open this whole page here now what we are going to do is we just want to delete this video speedily over here and before we continue to edit it product that we want to get over to a website called which isdatabase where we can go find tons of free ebook courses videos to go and give away on our funnel to hook up evidences to our make so it’s quite a large-scale confidential that numerous led Affiliate purveyors do not really tell you so I’m sure you’ve seen some ads on Facebook or YouTube where people give away this free masterpiece or free make or free e-book but in the end it’s a sale to another commodity where they make money from that make but in the end you still get something for free it’s all of your preference you are not forced to buy something so that’s why people enjoyed free material we go on the search table please click here and we just want uh weight search loss and click penetrate and let’s see what comes up so here you can see is the perfect ebook for this we have amazing weight now I go to click on this ebook and we get go and download it to our computer to plug in our move so i will quickly sounds download here and wait for it to download to my computer once it has been downloaded to your computer it will look like this on you browser you can click on front sheet here and you can get tons of word-paintings above is the actual e-book so if i open it you will see more here is the um whole weight loss e-book with all the information and how to lose weight the different uh chapters etc so which is something we firstly want is our one useof these handles here so I’m going to get back to my bowling diary over here and we want to click on the small clickdown here on the sheet we want to scroll down to click on elementsyou meet situation and you want to click onvertical picture now drag it to your page click on the portrait you crave click on edit ingredients general locates deepen likenes it will load with the whole bunch of portraits we can select sound select file top right come back to the folder of the e-book click on covering and we are going to add the amazing uploadweight o the large cover here it is transparent so it will then upload now adopt once it is finished processing adopt this ebook sheathe click on save and now it will inform to your shield just so, so it’s actually inspects so far truly professional e n now we can add some like why add patrons should download this ebook so we can actually open the specific ebook and vanish forgery some information from it so let me really zoom out a bit can use these sections literally over here is impossible to for example the principles of weight loss resolution that we are able to target here at number one, so let’s just imitation this textbook for number two we can go and place now use rich uh result rich in vitamin c and we can go here situate uh us can figure out how around and for figure three “we ii” literally precisely coming information again instantly at the e-book everything is here you do not have to think of anything from the top think your head so in your place number three that eliminates trans overweights for healthier overweights quantity four reprogram your subconsciou all of these are really interesting topics that of course a new person reading this will really want to try and we can copy this one now and paste it here too and it is a mper done , now it’s about to stay next gradation, we accessed through your concoction can click on save here and make sure this sheet is saved in public we are to be able click on edit page from the prove email sheet now and download the second page up to go edit i forgot one thing on this page what we need to go and do is we need to go and lend a new factor here and we are willing to on an email marketing form click over here and we want just go and recruit it so we are going to add uh this blue one now simply drag it on the species like this we have to click on create brand-new roll we have to type okinawa description of list same thing given name of directory we can go okinawa support team the of email we can post me any email my email at and the same to the reply listing click on save here is now going adopt your okinawa listing from here click on save and now you can see now people need the Enter email address to continue, so let’s go fast edit this button we can click uh edit components now and we just want to go fast type general defines ah sorry it is caption or leader here and we want to post your next step and allege you and really close it so it is more than good enough then for the link we want to have a pitch of connection now where we want to click sign in demonstrated and here we want to paste the link to our shown sheet over here, so let’s just go fast and revise this sheet so we’re just going to delete this image, click on yes delete we want to add a new idol so again we go on the drop clink click on image add a horizontal persona now click on edit point and “theres going” that same contribute comprise what we uploaded on the previous page so let’s just wait for it to upload click on the blanket click on save zoom it out and it actually looks very good now we can click on save on top merely here we are capable of really increase it’s a little more there we go something like that let’s click on save and now we’ve both saved our sheets let’s click on it’s well over here so this c’n publish directly and we can get our link to this page and now about you can see the link to your thank you page then you want to go back to your previous page and paste it as the url so what it means is when you conduct enter the email and click on the next step it is going to take them to this page now where they can go download their produce which what we need to do now is we need to edit that email and supplemented everything the emails to our email register so we want to get back to our developer ascendancy screen above you want to scroll um until you accompany mail boss click on penetrate mailbox over here so we can go and contributed all these emails to our mail system and this is what is going to keep all our evidences coming back to our commodity so click on the drop down list of lists click on directories here and here you can see it your okinawa roster now is the next step we are going to go and create a series with all those e-mails so click on e-mail order now we want to go click on create brand-new e-mail order for the index we are going to select the okinawa guild as we only want to send these e-mails to the people who subscribe to our okinawa belly solid concoction click on uh do not worry about segment, click on save and revise uh confidential okay merely to revise thename merely type your okinawa line-up click on save and revise degree emails and this is where the sorcery happens so for the welcome letter we can go and use the first email here so this is the the subject line um drink it before breakfast burns one pound of fat every day so let’s go back to us so let’s come back to this page now and post it as our subject for our torso of the idol we are able to literally time emulate this like copy paste it into your torso and now all you want to do is just replace your appoint j here opposite is category j okinawa belly fat consumer and then we want to move on to clickbank here and this is where we go we affiliate relations post we are going to promote here click here note how we bring out a free product but the emails are sold we have contributed to our paid product where we are going to get the commission so let’s just click on generate hotlinks here opposite um click on copy link you want to come over to the page to edit this email and just distinguish all the blue text click on post link here paste your affiliate join click on ok and the same with this blue text now commemorate you link click on ok now you want to download this video exactly click on the link of this video and now you want to finish by clicking at the bottom right here to save thefirst email next you want to click on contribute email synopsi and us get-up-and-go included our second email we want to make sure we appraised this auto-reply time on one and the time unit today this means that this email is only going to besent one day in the next day we are going to send out these emails daily daily emails to this whole e-mail order is ready, I think there are a total of 19 e-mails, so it’s 19 e-mails every day now the same thing succumbs now we’re going to copytitle we’re going to use this cup this Japanese tonic in the morning to burn three pounds every 3.5 daylights so let’s go revise exactly email string number 1 over here, let’s go and paste it on our topic and for the body it’s copy and glue here again ctrl c double click on your textbook paste this here and again, seizure your affiliate link on clickbank so merely click again on promote copy your join come back to the post boss tag all your blue-blooded text at this join now and the same thing with this blue textbook over here contribute your connection and replace really enter your name with j okinawa billy overweight customer and it’s perfect, we can then click on finish here for email number two and what you want to do is you want to go and edit all these emails here for each of these in this small Google Docs here now if you like this Google Doc ment, I’ll leave a link below, but I’ve also evidenced you before on clickbank how to actually fetch it, so it’s completely free and literally copy-paste in your mailbox auto-replyer um here so now that it finished our entire pour is done here um if you come back to your cheetah website make now what i’m going to do is i’m going to save you all this hard work now if you already sign up with builder all i can go give it to you so al what i’m going to do is i’m going to click on the three scatters here i’m going to activate click public attach and over here i mostly have to wait for this doll a public relation on where i can go and share this whole funnel with you so if you miss only have this funnel appreciate it is to leave a like below observation below that you are ready make sure you sign up with the cherry-red notification button and I will reply to your remarks with this link over here so you can go download funnel without create it yourself so that it will imitate from my account to your account to use freely as you would like no copyright matters, so it’s just a kickstart from me to help you with the approach but without giving further ado we now want to go publish this area so we are going to click on publish over here and publish this website directly you can see if I go on to site click this is our landing page here so now we are going to duplicate the link to our ground sheet where we want to come to asite announced only to go and shorten this url so we log in uh paste it over here, click on abbreviated and now you can see is your brand-new shortened url if i click onit will take me through to this landing page above complete pace figure three after we have chosen us hasproduct that creates our pour and abridges our tie-up that is now step is count three what we are going to overcome now what you want to click Instagram post here now what we are going and doing is we are going to go and create a basic value loss food tips Instagram page where we are going to give away free ethic we are going to give away our ebook in the bio of our sheet but now of course we have to go and learn how to create our announces so here you can see if I am on instagram um clicknow over here we can browsing through a whole bunch of different templates over here I recommend sticking to one or two templates so I signify now you can see so yes you can see it’s like quite an interesting thing you know fatty so it’s like a good little tip-off you can use and you can go post like free tips on this Instagram templates so we can come to google and sort in weight loss tips-off sounds enter here go to 26 weight loss tips-off that actually manifestation is located and we are able to literally croak fake some of these tips-off now like the little claim and description and supersede this title with uh drink water peculiarly before dinners and you go and paste this whole body as their own bodies now and you can go create this clay a tip-off Instagram posts and you can go use all these templates now I recommend to change your template so it does not construct your sheet examination digesting by using the same uh templates you can also incessantly come over to other pages like weight loss equal tips get influence from their sheets see how they create their poles recreate their posts in canva which with various envisions are different verses, etc. and credit it to you can even download their posts and repost them on your page as long as you give them credit, but I find countless uprights that do that when you repost do not go viral as the algorithm can pick up relocations so you want to go and kind of repeat these posts and recreate it in canva and get announce it on your own page here on your bio you demand something like that and then you want to have here for example a free amazing weight loss book our ebook guide to losing force for step for step by step for rookies and then you have a link to the short fleck url we created here in the bio of your page now of course we need to get some from a next cornerstone leave so as soon as your page goes you have one or two admirers you can come to a website announced now it’s a website where we can go buy outs from the most famous pages in the world now, so we’ll click on browse influences on shark’s homepage on the search council we can go and search for weight loss and click on enter and now “youre seeing” a entire cluster of pages in the weight loss over here yes you can see here is a page with 382 000 admirers um and if you actually click on login now you can actually get look at their sheet and it’ s mostly what they ask for a shout out they query 150 for a permanent utterance target they question 500 it means you are going to have a post on their page forever for 500 do invariably traffic to your sheet that is really passive right now to this is the whole idea is that you have a follow cornerstone so you have instagram followers who are constantly updated with your brand-new posts and you have the email schedule forever on your funnel informing your adherents about the paid produce you are promoting by clickbank so this is a great way to get passive income and this is the smartest way to go affiliate marketing is to build an audience to go and create a funnel flap that is not always in front of a cold public not work you want to trust and build an audience first, it can also tap on manipulate too where you follow a body-build roster instagram to twitter linked to any social media stage where you can build a following cornerstone if you support price parties will listen to you and follow you product so this is the way you want to do it i recommend announcing two to three times a day to show the algorithm you are active use hashtags you can also use a tool here called berth i I have forget to mention this tool so i will show you rapidly when you go to post and you scroll down to now, you can see i use the professional account you can link to 16 chronicles with boundless posts it is therefore automatically will send your admirers a welcome dm viral hashtag suggestions auto-replication of viral content comment likers automatically follow all follow up all likes auto comments so it basically automates your entirety sheet you can schedule content extend 16 weight loss es fee chronicle sheets with all the links in your bio on full autopilot and literally racing a fully automated Instagram business without doing that work yourself there are many tips-off and implements here I recommend starting it through your page in the initial stages by hand and cause raced season you can jump early on posting and automate your sheet while are concentrated on other businesses or other pages so what I am going to do is to help you even more with this I am going to leave my totality instagram and affiliate market playlist on screen above to give you more in-depth information on this berth early implement how to automate yourpage has certainly help you and it is a great way to work with affiliate marketing most people think affiliate marketing and instagram are dead it’s absolutely not because people say it’s dead because they try it for a week and then they give up, you have to do it for a year two years a few months do bi etjie coherence and through two yore time you can have a full magnitude business that pays hundreds of dollars every day so like I said it playlist will be able to help you so make sure you go click on this playlist here and I will see you there.

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