How To Make Money Online With 1 Tool & 0$ Investment [Full Guide 2021]

hi everyone if you are a beginner and you wanta full step-by-step guide on how to make money online how to build an income stream from homeworking online you are in the exact right place what i will share with you works in any countryworldwide and paypal was not necessary so don’t worry about paypal to get your money today i willshare with you everything from scratch till you get your firstly patient on string and if you stick tothe end i have a special gift for you stay chanted hi everyone i’m hasan from h drill and today i’mso happy to publish this new mini course where i will show you how to start working online stepby step before “were starting to” if you are new here on my direct you have to know something very importantnumber one rule here is honesty here on my direct if “youre watching” videos you will not make money youhave to learn understand ask and then implement and start working and after watching these videosmy videos you have to work at least one week two weeks maybe one month to get your first coupleof patients maybe get it from the first day i don’t know but frequently usually it takes at least oneto two weeks to understand to answer questions to learn everything and start implementing strategiesto originate your first gain online so if you are looking for something scammy if you are lookingfor something super fast please pause the video or only unsubscribe from my path and searchsomewhere else here i’m sharing with you some real approaches real subject studies something itested and i’m sure it works online and you’ll see this when you watch the video so if this isclear let’s start together and a small motivation for you do you determine all these sends frompeople worldwide i get almost every single week from beings sharing with me their success storiesafter implementing the strategies i’m sharing now so i will be waiting too for your emails forsuccess floors on hassan @h-educate. com i will be more than happy to hear from you so withoutwasting more experience what do we have for today simply we want to work online from dwelling andmake some coin and build an online business from your own pc so how to do it in general towork online we have mainly five programmes number one is content creation affiliate marketingfreelancing sas services and online places don’t worry about all these words now what weare going to do here in this video is to pick one which is a freelancing and extend step by step to seehow we can build a successful online business with the freelancing and about other material don’t worrysoon maybe next week i will publish a full video about how to make money online free course here onmy path so if you like to watch it don’t forget subscribe to my channel turn on notifications orlike the video to get every new update anyway we picked up freelancing so what is freelancing it’ssimply selling your services it’s simply selling a service like writing articles like appointing logoslike data introduction like graphic scheme any skill you have even if you don’t have that large-scale abilities youwill still work online only stick with me you will see everything i will school you everythingdon’t worry so freelancing is selling works course very simple and why i prefer freelancingsimply because it is one i believe it’s one of the easiest ways to start working online you don’tneed any single dollar you can start with zero dollars zero investment and anyone can do it evenif you don’t know that big-hearted skills you will see you can still work online as i explained in this videovery nice so we picked up freelancing let’s see what work we will sell for whom the authorities concerned will selland how to promote them and everything else now to compile things easier for you in this video iwill pick only one powerful tool that allows you to provide multiple business or what we callgigs online also i will pick one marketing strategy to get your firstly client so we can focuson one tool one promotional programme which means you will be successful and believes me if youfollow up you can do it in less than two weeks in my experience you can get multiple clientsin maximum of two weeks or maybe 20 days so stay chanted and follow up if you want to make breakspause the video go divulges and then come back and follow up and don’t forget to take notes and ifyou have any questions you can submit to the forum gatherings or simply join our telegram groupand channel so we can chat together if you have any question after you publish this video soin this way i can give the maximum help i can so let’s start with this one potent tool withthe service you are going to provide let’s learn them and see in details how things work so what isthis one tool to provide services entered into with me now to what is in video it’s simplya service a implement allows you to create videos professional videos in minutes it’s easy and freeand this is the best thing i love about this tool it’s simple and easy anyone can use it and you canstart totally for free with tens of thousands of templates as you will see together now in this video so it’sthe best choice for novices zero investment zero dollars and simple to use very nice and you cansee here what business are using in video and if you go here to same web postponement you willsee that invideo has more than 1.9 million inspects every single month which make it somehow a trustedservice really nice so the one tool is in video okay the question what we are going to doto explain this let’s share my experience so i will go to my website servicesto show you what service i equip with the help of this tool so now i am giving you one of mysecrets you see here is my services and here i start providing these brand-new works starting videoads instagram affixes packets and youtube intros and outros containers so maybe as a fledgling now youwill tell me okay hassan what is this what you are providing now what you are selling let’s see wewill start one by one explain one by one and teach you how to implement this on in video one by oneto explore the benefits of invideo and how it helps then we will go to the second part which isvery important promoting and getting buyers so if we go back here we will see this serviceyoutube intros and outros so what’s this let’s explain it by a video now on my channel i willgo to youtube youtube let’s open my canal videos let’s open my latest video a case study onhow i impelled five hundred dollars in three days i will go to the intro let’s play the video thisis my daughter sarah by the way watch the video look at this you see this it is called the video intro whichyou are additional to every video if you are a youtuber so “youve been” the one to provide this introto youtubers or anyone working online who wants intros to his video or her videos soinvideo will help you to create these intros readily and then you can sell them examplei will go now and say intro like this we have 214 templates let’s pick one to show youhow easy it is truly how easy it is let’s see i will pick this one here here you can watch thistemplate you can see so this is the intro with the emblem whatever okay very nice i picked this oneto sell to my client here you can pick the immensity created for wide screens hd videos for youtube asan example or maybe square videos for instagram or vertical videos for tales or pinterest orwhatever or ticking tock regardles click on use this template you will see how easy it is now to createsuch videos such intro videos to sell online it will be really super simple just wait a little bitand here is the video editor you can simply play the video in the online journalist you ensure what weneed to edit here is simply two things the logo and this textbook here inspect how easy it is i willdouble click on this verse and simply say www.a i changed the website now i need to upload thelogo “youre seeing” exactly please click here and upload a badge let’s say this is my logo anything this is thelogo as an example exactly to show you how things make of course pick something that is similar tothe pigments and so on regardles just say play and now we have this intro video you can see and herewe are this is our intro video ready to publish how to render this how to download it to selectyour client simply run here to download and share you determined the resolution here it’s full hd exportnow just wait for the export to finish it will now render just wait for the rendering it will takefew minutes then you can download the video i will interrupt this now and come back whenthis finishes stay tuned if you crave suck some sea and come back okay so you cansee it’s ready now let’s click on download and here is the video open it and now we arethis is our entry video we can sell it for anyone for any client you want as you will seein this video in a couple of minutes so this is our first service selling intro videos for youtubeor any type of videos online let’s go back to the main screen and see how we can create outer videosagain simply say outros or simply say culminate screen in youtube called end screen i will show you nowwhat do i mean by mission screens say intent screen let’s go back to my youtube video now and go to the endof the video i used will dally this video at the end and you can see we have this end screen wherei share my subscribe button and my next video so this template is called an end screen foryoutubers also you can create them within video and sell them let’s see how again to end with youyou will see also we have a lot of templates for tip screens let’s pick one let’s say perhap thisone for recipes i click on this one you’ll see this is the end screen of a youtube video relatedto cooking as an example you’ll see it’s nice and clean-living clink again use this template and againwe see the editor here you can play the video with the music really nice and if you noticed herewe have a story block audio what is story block if we open story sorry storyblocks you will see it’sa website where it affords reality free asset audios videos templates idols and so on so whenyou use in video when you subscribe to invideo you you will have the option to use these librarieslike storyblocks like i stock shutter capital and so on so this is also an stunning featurethat saves you a good deal of fund as a freelancer if you use in video you can get all these stockimages from all these different websites personas videos and music and use them inside in videoanyway again so you can edit this if you want the stacks and simply upload a logo againif you miss also and download and share it and then sell it to your patients verynice so there’s youtube intros and outros what is the next service let’s go back here youcan provide it’s called instagram announces boxes let’s open my instagram note so i have aninstagram detail and simply i need content always to publish on my sketch any instagramprofile owned will need content to publish you can see all these uprights those are the contentso you as a freelance can provide a service like this one to sell instagram announces packages my othervideos explain this how to sell posts like epitome affixes today move to the next degree and sell videoposts again let’s go back to in video now to the main screen and what’s nice here in video as imentioned we have more than 4 000 templates to use really awesome let’s say you want to createa post about sell anything let’s say sell here and you can go here and selectone to one square as an instagram post and you will see here a lot of uprights like this one emailmarketing tips three concludes to start your email market safarus let’s open this let’s play ityou can see this template reach your customers inbox number one two moving up and click ratesand email commerce and customize content whatever so this is a video ready to sell to your clientit’s ready exactly use the template attain some editings if you miss and download and sell reallyin a few minutes you can create announces like this using in video employing built-in templates we havea lot of templates to use precisely the textbook and you can sell to your buyers really awesome so thisis the second service which is selling instagram post packets the third service is video ads nowhere we have maybe something more advanced what do you signify by a video ad to understand this let’sopen youtube and let’s open any video let’s say this video if you open it you will see now we havethis ad it’s a video ad that you are eligible to skip here you know inside youtube so these are calledvideo ads people who want to promote something need to create a video ad to publish on youtubeto promote their services so you can provide this service you can create a video you lent and sellit to your clients who want to promote something so as an example say here video ads and youwill see now a lot of templates prepared for you a lot of lists you cansee 1 300 templates really awesome let’s say you want to promote maybe a course let’ssay a track let’s say track you have an online course you want to provide your purchaser i signify andyou want to create an ad let’s say this one here really nice you can see this designed forinstagram if you miss you can select 16 9 wide and encounter what do we have here let’s say online cybercourse contribute again you can play this ad you can edit it and simply sell it sorry sell it to yourclients you can create also video ads to sell now if you are familiar with google ads and youtubeads you can sell a full service like generating the ad and running the campaign for your clients toprovide maybe somehow boosted works but now let’s stop things easy for you you can sell videoads for your patients start video ads and sell them so this is the power of in video why i chosethis again invideo is one tool allows you to create multiple servers as we saw youtube intros outrosinstagram affixes video ads so several services multiple gigs with one implement this is the firstbenefit number two it’s super easy as you saw you pick a template edit export and download supereasy in hours you can create these services number three it’s free to start so and this is oneof the main reasons i chose it it’s free anyone can use it and start training and learning theseskills to provide as a freelancer as a service online not only that invideo has an awesome supportalmost 24 7 already to help you you can go now chat or maybe send an email to their support andthey will help you to get the most out of this service and what’s also awesome that invideo hasa community on facebook a facebook radical with more than 24 000 members video builders marketingprofessionals you can discuss with and get impressions from to scale up and learn more tips-off tricksand things to help you online working online so this is about the services you can provide ifwe finish the video now we can simply do nothing okay we learn the skills perhaps we can learn theskills but how to sell them and the more important is how to promote where to find purchasers so hereyou need to focus very well because it’s really very important if you want to get clients andstart making money online so the first question is where to sell these services again if you open mywebsite you will see i am selling these services on my own website on but now you maytell me i am a novice i don’t have a website i don’t have freight or whatever i knowbut in my dispute i am selling them now simply because i constructed public todayi have around 350 000 sees per month so i already have audience i have a professionalwebsite this is why i’m selling it inside my website but as a fledgling you will not use yourwebsite you will not need to create anything you simply need to publish on freelancingwebsites like like beings per hour yes sarah sarah i’m recording a video please i can’t sorry one second please sorry about thisif you work online at home and you have girls you understand me anyway so we have peopleperhour.comwe have we have we have we have solid gigs and so on nowto spawn things easy for you just go to and publish your gigs now in thisvideo i can’t cover everything in detail but i already justified everything in detailin my freelancing pro lines how to sign up to fiverr and publish your gig how to grade it andwhatever and how to promote it also so be referred to my freelancing serials if you don’t knowanything about fiverr in short fiverr is a place where you can buy services and sell servicesexample if you say if you say he video ad you will see now we have a lot of parties sellingvideo ads and by the way a lot of those people use in video to sell this assistance so you needto publish your gig gig is a service on fiverr publish your service or your gig on fiverr tosell it now the main question maybe you will ask me is okay we have a lot of peopleselling the same gig the same service how we will compete with these people how we willrank our gig how we will get our first consumer how we will promote our gig this is exactly what i’mgoing to answer right now in this video so let’s say this is your gig you uploaded it insidefiverr perhaps you’ll get a client i don’t know but of course we don’t want to rely on maybe wewant to go and find a consumer to start working online we want to find a buyer to make money wedon’t want to simply sit and wait a lot of parties do this mistake publish their service on fiverr orwhatever website and time sitting there and wait for someone to find them you have to find your clientswe are in 2021 today we have millions of people working but also we have millions of people thatwants these services so you have to catch some of them how you need to do some slog promoting yourgig now before i go with the marketing strategy if you go now to my youtube channelif “theres going” now and search for promote fiverr in my direct you’ll find this video almosta full trend 25 times sharing with you five strategies to promote gigs so this video reallywill help you a lot to promote your services also if you go here to my website and in the blogif you search for fiverr you will see here this article a full guide on how to promotefiverr gigs and increase your auctions also you can follow up this guide to get someideas on how to promote your gigs but now to shape things easy for you or noteasy to conclude things straight for you and simple i will go with one programme i feel or i think it’sthe best action to get your firstly clients it’s simply called emails it’s simply announced emails so whatis called emails and how to start and how to do it let’s see together what is called mailing it’ssimply direct emails in small bulks to people to prospects that may be your purchasers in thefuture so as an example if you are selling a youtube intro service if you are creatingyoutube interest to sell so who is your target audience who is your target client simplyyoutubers so you need to find youtubers communicate with them and ask if they demand this service iwill show everything now but this is the idea in general you have to collect targeted emails buildan email list of targeted beings target expectations and communicate emails to those people trying to providethis service for them now you may ask me how to get those emails and how to build an email listand how to send emails in volume and so on again let’s open my youtube direct if you go hereto my channel videos and search here for prospecting you’ll find that is something that full guideon how to collect causes how to collect emails you will see exactly how to use googlefor free some tools some free implements to accumulate and build and validate targeted emailsanyway let’s go with a simple example now let’s open youtube again let’s say you want to targetsome directs i will say let’s say gaming directs i will say gaming now and in the filters i willfilter by direct so you can see here we have a list of youtube channels so as an example youstart opening these paths let’s say this one open it there’s a gaming direct proceed hereto the about segment see notion email address submit and you will see this is the email addressfor this channel again up another direct like maybe this one try to target start up channelchats that are somehow new go to the about section view email address again you will see this is hisor her email address i don’t know so contact those people not only those i intend those youtubechannels or build a list of youtube paths that you want to collect that you want to contactto provide the services you want to provide like intro videos outro videos or culminate screens andso on the same thing for instagram you can go here and hunting parties on instagram and youcan connect using instagram direct messaging and ask them for providing this service and tellthem about your services don’t worry about now how to tell i will share with you some templatesthat you can use when you contact someone regardles so this is about cold mailing you buildan email list or maybe a list of affects on instagram depending on your service and you startcontacting them now one important tip is send only 10 to 20 emails per epoch or communicate 10 to 20 messagesper day why the first intellect is you don’t want to spam and if someone replies back you want toopen a dialogue with him you want to have few emails only you can contact thousands of parties sokeep things small easy and clean for you contact 10 to 20 beings every single day so around 100 beings every single week so this is the first part collecting emails or collecting lists of beings tocontact now the second question is how to contact how to send emails on instagram it’s simple yougo here to dm messaging and start contacting but in emails in emails how we mail 100 emails or 20 emails directly to 20 people simply we are going to use one simple tool whichis ge mass if you go here to my email if “theres going” here to constitute and you included a directory ofemails now and click on send they will all see that you are contacting multiple people and it’snot a good policy you need to send a campaign like an email marketing campaign everyone willget a message as it’s a personal message okay so how to do this simply get now to g mass fleck co and install this extension inside your chrome browser it’s called gmask say add to gmail hereit will open the chrome web store click add to chrome supplement expansion just wait a little bit andyou can see now we are inside our gmail account it will tell you to sign up with google to log inwith this extension okay this is my email allow very nice close window very nice now when weclick on compose you will see that we have a gmask button you can see here we have a lot ofoptions i clarified before in my email marketing videos if you crave you can check themanyway this is like a full email commerce arrangement inside gmail now one important notation ifyou can afford getting a business email like this one like hassan a professionalemail actually better so when you contact person they will see professional email it will lookmore professional certainly so here you defined the list of emails subject and the template or theemail you want to send them and what’s nice in gmask they have personalization you can add thename if you require what it is you demand and send to their prospects or to those targeted people andstart promoting your services now the first offering for you in this video is sharing with you sometemplates that you can copy tweak them revised them and then send to your prospects and don’t forgetwe have another gift in a little so please stay adjusted and stick with me i know the video issomehow long but actually it’s very important to follow up to get the most out of it to understandeverything i’m trying my best to be as fast as possible explaining everything so the firsttemplate i have for you today is this one the subject you included the mention the target name get oneintro video for precisely 1.99 or something you crave any cost you require at rejected priceyou miss try us out then the chum hey the direct name or the target name hope you aredoing well we are reaching out blah blah blah you get the template you can edit whatever you wantnow the main thing now we furnish many business now i want to focus on one important thing thisline here we render many works that we trust can compile your path better or move tonext level the idea here is never share direct links to fiverr or any freelancing website oreven your website exactly directory the services and how these services can help them just like that at inthe end say if you have questions about whatever precisely feel free to be achieved so you are opening aconversation with the prospect never share tie-ups sharing connects will be considered as spamming weare coldnes send and not spamming a great deal of people misunderstand this concept if you are promotinglinks in the emails directly it will be spam now we are sending an email to open a chatwith that person so perhaps we can turn him into a client or a patron to buy our service okay thisis very important other templates simply go to this link sell services with cold emailsyou will find this full guide how to sell works on fiverr with cold emails step by step and you’llfind some templates other templates inside this article check the link in the description belowi hope this route i plowed everything from scratch starting from learning the services offered till promotingthe services and getting your buyers do this every day for one week two weeks and for sureyou can get your firstly clients and make a firstly profit in less than 20 periods starting from todaynow before we move on to the last topic for today which is scaling this business and how to scaleit up i want to share my surprise for you today my talent for you today i have a new giveaway inthis video five wins will get a free-spoken advertisement for their services if you go here again to mywebsite to my store to my assistances you will see i am providing this service promote your businesswith cpm ads so five winners will get 10 000 ad intuitions on my website network to promoteyour services for free if you want to join check description below you’ll find instructionshow to join this give away now the last topic for today or the last part which is how to scale upthis business if you go back here to end video and vanish now to pricing as i told you you can starttotally for free zero dollars free forever you can start for free to learn it to measure it onwhatever you crave you want now if you want to scale the business up you see you can pay monthly3 0 dollars or yearly 15 dollars other knack for you that the company facilitated me and will help you withgiving you 50 discount exploiting my coupon system so if you want to scale up get a business account orwhatever ultimate account you can use my system to get 50 discount on in video the second thing alsoyou want to scale up as i told you it’s better to go with a business email so go to google workspaceor maybe office 365 from microsoft and get a business email starting from six dollars onlyper month so as a total if you see here the price it will be around fifteen dollars per monthor maybe seven dollars per month if you go the yearly plan and six dollars on google workspaceso like 10 or 11 dollars per month rolling this business scaling up this business i think itdeserves it for you as a amateur start with zero dollars start from scratch learn it try itapply it when you get your firstly clients you can scale up with google workspace or a business emailand in video business schemes “i m hoping you” experienced this video to summarize it up in this video we learnedabout freelancing supporting three main services youtube intros outros video ads and instagram postpackages expending only one tool which is in with you a super potent easy tool to create these typesof videos and sell them online when you finish you can publish them in websites like fiverr.comand then start promoting with cold send employing templates and ushers that i shared withyou don’t forget if you like the video destruction the like button subscribe turn notifications to getevery new update almost every day see you later you

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