How To Make Money Online With [EPL] Affiliate Marketing (20$/DAY)

In this video, How to obligate $20 a date working online from home Let’s start by examining my dashboards, and my earnings To give you some reason And remind you that everything I announce now on my path is based on real event On real case studies So as you can see this is my cj dashboard Last month I get 1,300 dollars This month until now, I made about $400 This is my impact account This is my ShareASale account But forget about my earnings And in this video, I’m going to focus on getting $10 to $20 a date Forget about thousands now, forget everything Just focus on the first goal which is $10 -2 0 a date If “youre here” for the first time on my channel, here I share videos about digital sell with you Online business And numerous, many more real lawsuit studies and actual event It will help you germinate online and build an online business I’m not here to trick you into telling you that you’ll make a million dollars next month Both We will give real goals We will achieve real goals If you crave cheat videos delight going to go and watch other videos And don’t waste your time here with real information materials and real event studies If you are prepared, let’s get started So the first step is to understand what we are going to do today Simply one of the best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing It is simply promoting someone else’s make and earning a commission But affiliate market has three major patterns Number one is EPS or earn per auction Example You are promoting a commodity This microphone When person buys it, you earn a commission very easy EPL. Second form You make for every subscription Earn per head So you are promoting a service or make And when someone takes action, which is to sign up You will earn money excellent The third simulation is the easiest is EPC Earning per clink So you promote a service and only when someone clicks you will earn money Example google adsense, infolinks and same assistances Today in this video our case study and cultivate are based on the second model which is EPL Or what we call cpa marketing? payment per procedure When someone shall take such action You earn money you don’t need to sell anything And that’s the cool thing about this pattern Well, so the second largest step is to choose the products you want to promote that fees you for every registration If you recollect a few weeks ago, perhaps two weeks I shared a video with you where I established you several pay-per-registration commission planneds You can watch the video now somewhere on the screen In any case In this video, we will focus on two main programs You can see here’s commission planneds offer you – $ 0.2 per free registration A same service called ginger will offer you $0.5 for free registration Also the second service is semrush that offers you $10 for every new trial activation It is a free trouble activation So we want to focus on semrush and one of those programs In my occurrence, in my case study, I used grammarly I haven’t experimented ginger yet What you will do is sign up for the affiliate planned of grammarly, semrush or ginger It’s up to you Or you can simply go to shareasale affiliate network Go now to “Traders” search for “traders” Please focus well That’s good suggestion here Then vanish now to edit your search Then you can click “cost per lead” Simply go and search And ShareAsale Now, you will filter all fee planneds that settle you for each pas You can see here a lot of services that you can choose from So in the second step you will choose the make And then you will get the commission link, how? In my contingency I attached grammarly on cj affiliate structure So go to cj Go now for advertisers “ve forgotten” my earnings, merely focus on $ 20 a era Please forget about my earnings, I’ve been in the internet macrocosm for more than six years So now places great importance on precisely $20 a daylight Not on the numbers you construe on my screen because that makes more day In any case So I will go here grammarly then scour Here it is grammarly, sound get attaches Then you will find a lot of tie-ups now, do not copy this connection forbid Go here to this code here Any of these attaches and emulate this attach here, you can see it, this associate facsimile Open Notepad and this is our commission link You can see this commission association which enables the marketing network to track your transitions So we got the commission link If you are on Impact, got to go now to Brands Then go to find labels Now in my speciman, semrush is here to impact in firebrands So sounds again on semrush here Then create a join building and strengthening And you can see this is my commission link, you can copy it and start promoting Back in ShareAsale very if “theres going” now to the links “Get Link” I will choose semrush and then get the links And you can see that this is my main link for semrush You can mimic it and start promoting And publicity is the main part now, so satisfy focus well This is our main business Getting connects is the easiest part We have links Now we need to get visitors to these links For changeovers, dues, and be made available to $ 20 per epoch So stay adjusted Now let’s go and attend what I did and how do I promote semrush and grammarly Basically I fantasize the best way is through content by content In my bag “youre seeing” on my website on my blog I have this article “How to get visitors with semrush” I have this article “The Ultimate Grammarly Guide for Digital Marketers” I have this article The Nine Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO All these articles are content that grants appreciate to parties And if you see here all these lettuce links are commission ties for semrush You can see semrush semrush So when someone clicks this connection and sign on I earn money If he buys, I deserve $200 Same for the final grammarly review article grammarly and grammarly You can see a lot of commission joins inside the article Same now for this list article You can see here at the bottom semrush is being promoted within this article etc So the best way is to create an article to give value I know that many of you don’t have the skills to write an improved full essay To help you you can use something similar to my clauses Don’t facsimile and paste Because you will fail in the long run You need to write an article You can be utilized my material Repurposed and rewritten To start with and then publish it on the website Now you might “ve been told” I don’t have a website It’s very easy, you can create a website for free on blogger, I illustrated this in detail Do you remember last week We established this great website in 15 instants Exercising blogger absolutely free So you can do the same if you demand If you want to be successful you need some composure You need punish and connection Like we said at the beginning of this video We want real business here and not swindles and time wasters So this is the first method use blogger for free Or you can simply use WordPress if you have a budget Or use this wonderful service Allows you to create a free blog Absolutely free blog or free arrival page Go now to Conversion Paths Create a brand-new auctions funnel free of charge Or simply proceed here to blogging and create a blog for free Write the commodity and you are ready to promote the products How will we promote? We simply have two ways Number one is paid advertising You can use Google Ads like I always do You can see that this is my campaign leading now You can use Microsoft ads You can use quora ads, pinterest ads Twitter Ads reddit ads linkedin ads Any kind of paid announce can be used if you have a budget But as a fledgling I prefer to start with the free visitor procedures Yes, it makes more term and succeed But it’s better in the long run how? You can follow the free visitor approaches Like number one is Seo Seo is the best way to create a positive root of income with affiliate marketing like I do If you go to my canal and search for SEO You will find this great video How to get free traffic from google In 18 instants I explained in detail how SEO cultivates How do you get tourists from google If “theres going” here to the google search console And take a look at my analytics I know it may take some time but it truly works in the long run Go now to Go now to performance You’ll see that in the last “three months ” I came 53,000 sounds free sees from google Free visits So recollect large-hearted Think long term and don’t be in a hurry Yes, it may take two, three, four weeks to be successful Up to $20 But you have to work, you have to be persistent You need to be patient And you need discipline Number one is SEO Number Two Free trips again it’s quora try quora I ever talk about quora, it’s really very important Go here to quora, you can see here Although I’m not very active these days in quora But I still get a lot of collisions from quora Let’s go to my chronicle, you will see now I have about 8000 looks every month And I’m not active on quora these days I have like three thousand partisans Get visitors from quora try it Answer questions and get visitors to your content Another way is pinterest Another way is forums I explained all this in my ended free course to increase guests Please go and watch it Learn how to get free inspects and get started Working two to three hours every day You can make up to $ 20 a period after a maximum of two or three months Believe me you can do it And if you would like to know more about my Affiliate Marketing Secret Strategies How do I do affiliate commerce? You can check out my video here See you last-minute

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