How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing “DOING NOTHING” & Earn Up To $900 A Day!

so the first thing you want to do is you want to come here and you want to copy this tie-in from there want to paste that association on this website now and organize it revised relate you want to copy it and from there I’ll show you how you can stimulate hundreds of dollars a day online by using this affiliate marketing strategy the best part is with this strategy chaps it’s super simple you can start watching this video right away and you do not need a website you do not need to be in front of not a camera and you is not need a social network media that follow in my opinion this is one of the easiest ways to make money online with affiliate commerce squandering clickbank or digi store and I am going to show you two ways you can do it on this video, let’s go into what’s going on with you alan again here from the smart money tactics channel and as I said in the introduction today, I want to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing ng guys roughly do not do anything themselves but before we get into this video, I want to remind you that I’m at the end of this video the 10 lucky ones are going to announcewinners who are in$ 250 each so if you acknowledge these endowments I do undergo now make the like button below out of appreciation and exactly criticism please do more knacks it helps this video comes out there and too click on the first association in the description at the moment to sign up for the giveaway for November okay we still do 10 champions and I will give away another 250 and we are going to set up for an even bigger giveaway came to see you in December, so today guys the approach we are going to be doing involves either working or digistore2 4 we are going to have a concoction get and promote it and get traffic we do not need a website because we donate a answer and we basically did not do anything to grow this traffic I’m going to show you three actions you can make money with gea affiliate marketing on this video there are three different ways you can do it and I’ll show you and you can do any one of them after watching this video to create it so you can start making a lot of coin online ok guys so first thing you want to do is log in to either or digistore2 4 once you have signed up, let’s say you decide to go with what you want to do is you want to come here and go to their marketplace once you are on their busines guys there are some things you can do to really find good makes good thing I do regularly is I come here and I click on this advanced search feature once here we click on what it is going to bring we’re looking for a page that looks like this and then I’m looking for 50 makes per page over the last 30 daylights, some success me t these products and then I would like to come over click here to rummage and then on the sort answers by scrolling down and clicking ongravity you can see going to give your commodities with a fairly high gravity score well and then what you want to do is to scroll down and take a look at what type of makes are altered and do really well and there is one common theme chaps these are always commodities in health that are doing really well they may not undoubtedly be number 1 but take a look at this okinawa flat belly tonic is number one or number two here you have java burn now what is another type of product but “youve come”, you have okinawa over here you have the smoothie nutrition over here you have a denty toks, okay it’s a dental product then you have biofix good, you have another one left and then you have custom keto diet and if yas you scroll down you can see it a lot of the affiliate type or health type concoctions do are you all right this is one reason why they do well another reason for that they do very well people are if you come here and you look at personal keto diet as an example if you browse below you can see that many of these products have a recurring billing nature concoction which implies these beings get this make again and again and you are going to keep seeing even more money it is brilliant because you only need to convert one person and then get multiple auctions every month you do not have to convert that person again so what you want to do is let’s said here today that we wanted to promote the use keto diet the first thing you want to do is that you want to come here and you want to click on the usage keto diet here the other thing you want to do chaps is you want to open their affiliates page is ok and we are going to watch this in a second the other thing you can do here is you can browse now and click on to read very if you do not want to watch the video or you can watch thevideo the very best thing of clicking on prefers to read is it j guy is going to give a good deal of data concerning the produce and then you can scroll down and read it all in your own time this is exactly what the customer is going to say and then, as you can see here, it’ s a patronage keto banquet project of eight weeks well a very good product the other thing here guys we have to do of course is we have to promote this make so if we come here and click on to promote what you want click on to generate hop links here and then you want this connection now one copy period you imitated this attach, there are some homes you can go shorten this associate one of the websites is this one called link tr point double a it’s a clever concoction people where you can promote multiple products you a number can promoteketo concoctions that you do not have to do inevitably promote one so if you are going to do this it is the perfect product and then this is where you would go create your identify so you can come here and nature in what it is you even if you wanted to enter your appoint there so you something can type like if you come here and you click on it you can see if it isavailable eight weeks custom keto project as two examples so you can come here and do it and then you can click on this and it will tell you if it accessible or not and then you can sign in to this, it seems like o it’s okay it is therefore entered me into my own left stair profile but if you do nothave an account basically what’s going to happen it will tell you if it is available and now when you do sign up people who are going to show it to you here is where you would go in that affiliate link and then you can put in eight weeks custom keto program and any other custom keto products the other website you use it with people can do is this one now called now it’s all free leaders, they are not going to give you anything and relatively food you can simply come here click on to shorten and then click on to shorten if you click the link in there adhesive it is going to give you a neat decreased connection if you this associate wants to customize okay guys to say something like you know eight weeks custom keto diet all you need to do is sign up it is absolutely free sign up and then you can shorten it associate just like you in the preamble of sawthis video now from here guys we need to do is we need to get some traffic well and this is where it method becomes really very easy I’m going to show you three natures I’m going to give you two super simple ways to show and then the third way is going to be absolutely 100 free and it’s very easy to get started with so please note nice stuff so what are we guys going to use if we are going to use instagram to get it traffic well and as you guys have examined is it of course in the practice keto diet so what you want to do is you want to go to the search invoice here and you want to type keto diet is good so when you establish your own profile if you currently have your own Instagram profile guys all you need to do is hashtag keto i n to type and as you can see you have hashtag keto diet hashtag keto recipes and then precisely want to open it just like I did with this one here and when you open these guys what you want to come here and you require on everyone click this different images you have now here with the first two approaches people you do not have to create any portraits you do not need to grow any Instagram profiles or something like all you want to do is simply click on to say for example this photo over here, you are going to be able to see that this is the keto health life and then what you want to do is that you time want to start making all these different charts open here is good so you already this can find different profiles you want to come across now you want to close it and you want to repeat the process you want to open here you want to click here you want to open this profile too scroll down and open a whole stockpile it and what the hell are you can do is you can make even me er of these different opentypes of hashtags to see what you are going to find and when “youre starting” opening this is what you are going to see different types of keto profiles like this one here as an example you can see this person has a keto- profile chaps and at the moment they are not promoting anything on this keto instagram profile okay and they are also getting okay engagement when you browse over here chaps “youre seeing” who it was through and how many people well you can have inspect and see if they are any have rules and see how much participate they get now watch these chaps these people actually get very good engagement 8 000 beings watch this video roughly 3 000 beings watch this video etc. 7,000 on this video so they genuinely becomegood booking for 5,600 followers and then what you want to do is you want to open a entire knot of Instagram charts and then take a look at this profile now guys 13,134, 000 followers looks just like you can see they are doing something they are promoting themselves at the moment and it does not matter too much and when you click here, you can see exactly how many parties are doing this and then you can scroll down and look at their profile you require do chaps, do you want to contact all these beings here opposite you recognize some of them use tie-in tree now 164 000 admirers and what you intend to do you want to contact these parties and you mostly want to ask them to make a shout out to you okay now you will have to pay for that call and I will let you know nearly how much you need to pay for these different types ofshouts but do not worry, I will show you how you can possibly do it for free very and I will show you how many people pay for different t ipes likewise scream now if you come here guys, I represent, look at this person has a 28 day keto challenge well that is very similar to what you would promote and as you can see this is what they are promoting and when you click on any one of these different likeness guys what you want to do is you want to send them a dm and on that dm you basically simply want to say hello to them just wanted to ask if you do procreate announcements if you do Please let me know what you are asking for a 24 hour epitome located call is with a join in bio good and I will show you how you can go about getting that envision and where you are going to pldit do association and then basically when it comes in when they agree to do it, wailing at people all you have to do is write something like that good, it’s perfectly exactly what they now and you know if I did not know better looks just like a shout out account person paid for this and then at the bottom here is link in bio okay and what people then say all do is is that they will come here they will click on this tie-up and what is it going to do if you can see it ogles a good deal like the link tree link good and as you can see you have some different programs now that you are eligible to sign on so all you guys mostly do is you come here you want to find someone who may not have a call but even if they do not matter and you want to send that depict you want to send it sorry mentioned here to everyone of these people to find out if they are happy to make another call thing you can do when you open it is another profile chaps see this little deduction box here if you click on that little allowance carton it will give you all this give different suggested chronicles is good and you can do it on all these different keto charts if you click on this you are going to find all these different types of sketches you can send them a dm to find out if they do call well now when it comes at the do and from this shout out you are going to need we are looking for an image based shout out so you are looking for something like this it is now, there are some behaviors you can do this number one you can come back to that affiliate page we have opened so this is the custom keto the affiliate page and there are some things i want to show you now that are extremely important the first one is this section here where it says clients demographic they know who is buying their product and it now going to be really important with the second strategy I’m going to show you so remain that in imagination when it comes to gender 80 of women buy this make and 20 percentage of men the other thing we want to look at here is when we scroll down our want to go to banners well , now you can possibly overcome here people and use any one of these different types of flags to promote and move over to whoever agrees to a booty for setting up this utterance for you are okay so there is’ a pair of these you can use as you can see or what you can do is create your own and i want to show you how easy it is to create your own so all you need to do is go to a site like canva as toget an example that is absolutely free go to the search section here and nature in instagram post and click on press enter or click on to search and what is going to happen is you are going to see different types of images like this so click on’ create an empty instagram post so click on it and what’s going to happen, you’re going to find it’s going to open up now, it’s absolutely free then you guys can come here people and exactly search for keto just like I did here and then when you scroll down you are going to find all these different types of epitomes that you can change and revise to create a very simple shadow image so let’s say you come here guys click on this as an example if you can see here now it looks really cool unusually awfully simply now something very easy guys you can do time be disposed of these 30 here come straight-out to their profile of this is the actual auctions page and see here where he says yes i require a haveeight weeks custom keto meal project if you open your cutting tool now guys i do not know if you know what a snippet is not a implement but basically you can cut out an likenes on your page and then paste it somewhere else so come here click on your snipping tool and as soon as you do that simply click on new here and then you might as well get it cut out now and grasp it well so I’m going to cut it out and I’m going to show you what I’m going to do with this so we’re going to take that we’re going to come here to canva okay we are we are going to get rid of this press ctrl v okay we’m going to take this stuff and we’re just going to expand it well, it’s very quite simple guys as you can see and then we applied it in the middle and then we go push it up well so yeah I want to have an eight week tradition snack proposed and beings are going to be what wont snack scheme and look here where it stands b estel for more nonsense so what we can do is we can now only move it out of the mode we can expand it well as an example we might just move it entirely over and then all you have to do here chaps time nature something like click on the bio for more info or click on the link in bio for more info something in that text ok and as you can see now we have a very simple pen we created in two seconds or affix for instagram now you can double click on this guys and you can make it bigger of course you can make it stand out a little more I’m sure you guys are a lot more creative than I going to be able be but you guys get the idea chaps this is a very simple post we established very quickly what you can use when someone agrees to this call well so one room you can do this is by contacting everyone instantly the second way you can do this people is to simply get now scaffold called now okay it’s a platform rm where people come here, they register their instagram notes label tok details a entire reach of different social media pulpits where you can go and pay for announces well so formerly you sign on at this stage now guys what you can do is to get here come and click now formerly on browse by influencers you click on browse by influences what is going to happen here is you are going to be able to see all these different types of platforms you can go to and simply you can see you have instagram instagram plus bio relation etc and then you can come over and you can type something like typingweight loss as an example you can type in fitness and all you have to do is click enter and then you are going to find all these different charts about here guys from people who you are going to see exactly how many partisans they have for you can also come in and type fitness you can also find keto type from precisely you know the different type of beings here so what do you do from here guys when you roll down wishes to any one of clickthese different types of sketches so let’s say ok to get here and what we naturally want to do is we want to use instagram so let’s click on its see you can see humanities you can see fitness now as we click on this one now as two examples people who are going to do this scream trimmed is it going to tell us exactly what type of demographics are used on this profile and as you can see 47 maidens 53 percent adults now remember that this product generally toils the best you know because 80 of women pick this product out so this profile may not be the best the other thing that is extremely important chaps are you guys want to make sure the United Mood is somewhere in the top two top three of the traffic that is come here guys because you want t1 countries that look at this different types of charts well so you come back about you and you would search these different types of charts and you can see exactly what beings are loading you are able to ve r boss with how many people click on these different types of attaches here guys so it’s a different way you can do it now if you come here produce people and you can see as it says get your custom keto diet what it does for you make an option at the beginning of this product it asks you if you are male or female this is how they knowdemographic distribution of who purchase this product is extremely crucial report so there are two ways you can do it to make money with affiliate commerce people the third way is to get busy what it means is to come here guys to instagram yourself create a profile guys yourself and start putting these different types of confines on create a very simple bio for yourself and then lent a associate just like this in guys and start uploading these different types of portraits guys when you look at these different keto Instagram sketches of you when you click on this, I entail, simply look at how many beings k like and look at these different types of sketches guys who get this one here tens of thousands of good if you look at their rules now look at those fifty eight thousand one hundred and sixteen thousand forty seven thousand yes they put in the time but if you is not do not want to pay for this if you do not want to get it on the slothful lane you know you demand the insertwork then you are able to expect to come here and to affix every day otherwise you have to pay someone else because they went and the hard stuff done meter they are leave and you know they have been able to get all these followers and you have to be able to pay for it can tell you that I “ve never” put out a exclaim and not made a profit, well this works utterly now sometimes I have it about equal breach but I made a little coin and sometimes I made a lot of good coin and when you come here and you are looking for these different types of profiles you want to promote to make sure they get thousands of thumps on their re l tens of thousands of thumps on their profiles and you stand a very good chance of making a lot of fund online with affiliate commerce chaps so the moment we were all waiting for him I am going to announce the 10 luck wins who will get the 250 each now I contrive to do these endowments guys every month but I can not make love without you so make sure you press that like button on the videos I put out, was down and mention let’s do more gifts so we can many beings hereafter watch videos it gives me an opportunity to give back to everyone who watches they are okay people so if we come here it’s the giveaway for October and do not forget if you go to the first attach in my description there is a new giveaway now for november too make sure you enter that giveaway as well so if we come here to see winners guys congratulations to these 10 luck wins now what I am going to do is send me an email personally though what is necessary do is let me understanding your paper PayPal email address and I will communicate those funds to you right away and good luck to everyone for giving away for November now do not go anywhere chaps, I have another luminous video now you can right now look at another strategy you can follow to make a lot of fund online, i will see you on that video until next time you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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