How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners(2 Easy Ways)

hey what’s going on everyone Attan hereand in today’s video I’m going to show you how to make money online withaffiliate marketing for novices and I’m actually going to show you two easyways all you have to do is stay with me but firstly make sure to subscribe to myyoutube channel and punched that notification bell to be notified everytime there is a new video uploaded okay so I’m going to show you how to getstarted real easy as a fledgling to make money online as affiliate marketerand I’m going to show you two easy access now so first off we are going to a sitecalled soldier balk Icom and this is a site where most ofthe marketers announces their make propels in two of the most popular fourplatforms I’ve mentioned those pulpits in other videos jvzoo and warrior pluswhile there is some other programmes these are the most popular here inmancha so we can see here that we have today as I’m recording this video wehave a few propels now but we want to be a bit onward okay we want to have acloser look for like next week so we can be a bit cooked but for thedemonstration now let’s assume that we want to check out this so the first oneCyril Jeet is launching mobilux and you can see that it is selling as a frontend for $27 at 50% so you get 50% of 27 now you will of course construct more moneybecause if someone obtained some ameliorates I will show you how this worksyou will attain some more money so you can have a quick predict what this is all aboutthis is in a terribly commodity that helps monetize mobile commerce better so thisis something that has to do with mobile traffic and all you have to do is go tothe JV page because he here are all the details so we have the launchingthis is a Rajat hi Cyril and he are really go through some details hereregarding the launch here is how you can grab the affiliate join so we’re goingto have a look at see if this is something we would like to promote firstoff okay here are the upsells as I mentioned earlier you can see the funnelthese are some cash tolls that they are able to manufacture you coin and here are his detailsto be connected and you want to connect with him I’m going to explain to yousoon why and let’s see yeah here you have it so if someone purchase theupgrade there is a $ 37 upgrade where you get 50% the second largest one is 47 then youhave relevant agencies and you’ll get commissionings if someone wants to gothrough the funnel here so it can definitely move much more money okay andwhat you’re going to do is you want to grab the affiliate tie-in so you have tocreate an account in jvzoo you have to log in now there is a lot of vendorsthat is not approving you if you’re totally new so to be completely honestyou have to contact them that’s why I signified you have to be stay in touch withthem be honest tell them that you’re totally new tothis and you want to promote this 100% with blog and you’re likewise going to makea video review and that’s why you want to ask of course if they can give you areview copy this is not so easy either many times I’ve been smacked down manytimes as well when I started out with this but I “ve got an idea” for you what Iwould do is say the day they launch I would go and purchase the product and Iwill actually show the receipt that I acquired this because that will buildmore trust okay for those that watch the review they will say okay he purchasedthe commodity so he applies us an honest reviewand the next thing that you are able to do is you want to get started for free sowe’re going to use blogger this is owned by Google so create a blog stir thatreview attain the review and tell them about the good and the bad things ofcourse as well okay and pole that so you have to write type in an essay writean commodity about this tell them what what you think is good what you think isbad the good tip is actually to offer a bonus and you can add for you can offerbonus no matter if you don’t have your own products you can go to a site andpurchase a PLO product okay and volunteer that as a bonus so if you time type yourproducts here you will get tons of websites peeler expressed support for private description liberties agood tip “wouldve been” certainly to you ascertain 12,000 concoctions by PL or by character PLor the tons of websites that render PLO products what I will do is I wouldactually maybe I would rewrite the PLO product and create a knee cover a uniquecover to have it more unique okay so it doesn’t look like you only I merely tookit I bought it and I offered it as a bonus and so offer that as a bonus inyour blog and let me show you an example here well this is on my site which is ofcourse a give copy I highly intimate you to create your own blog as soon aspossible with your own unique domain and but it’s definitely a perfect space to getstarted with blogger and you can actually go to which isalso the free platform okay so you can create a blog now as well but I wouldgo to blogger because it is owned by Google so there is some benefits in thatand you can see here I have actually computed video andI’m I’m writing here a little about Titans of Zoo here is my call to actionmake sure to grab it with my distinct bonuses now I got my own makes heredaily listing benefits this was actually a PLO product that I purchased and thisone as well and this one was a piano that I rewrote a few years back so I’moffering this make as a bonus if they are buying through my relation there is a callto action again so you do a same blog like I did here okay a same sheet andlet’s expect here that people wants to grab it so now they will be redirectedand this is with my affiliate connection of course okay and the second way isactually create a review video okay this could be done just like I have done hereso my IM tips mollify and you see here I did Titans of zoo in-depth review andunique bonus now I knew the merchant I asked for a review he gave me a reviewcopy so the working day that it was launched I was up with this video and all you haveto do is I’m driving traffic here to from YouTube actually okay so beings arelooking for Titans of the review Titans of bonus etc okay so you can see hereI’m grading for a few cases of these so they go through these videos and theypurchase probably because of the bonuses many times so make sure you have astrong bonus packets there and you have to make a strong call to action Titansooh unique bonus so click here for example and they can go now andpurchase Titans of soup now what I would do also to drive some traffic is I wouldgo to there is a but there is also ananother site that I highly propose you to have a look at because there are alot of freelancers now as well so I would go and purchase this kind of gigshere and look at this 10 permanent pbn connects so you can purchase this kind ofservices both for the YouTube videos and for your blogger blog okay or if it isyour own site so I would go for like pbn relations now and something else that Iwould look for is social backlinks you can see here that is someone that isoffering 800 I would go for something like this this sounds too much to meokay and and it sounds like it might be a bot or something so don’t overdo itokay make it be more realistic so this looks like a good one and “ve got a lot” ofreviews so certainly a good gig to get started with hundred social networkbacklinks awesome for Google so you buy one of the following options gigs and you drive trafficto your blogger blog and “if youre having” embedded the YouTube video it willdefinitely are contributing to it will have both significance tube and of course blogger blogbecause google adores Google okay pretty simple and YouTube is owned by Google itis the second largest search engine so I hope you understand that okay that’s ithow to make money with affiliate sell for rookies and I depict youtwo easy roads and create a blog and do a review video if you like this video makesure to smack the like button make sure to subscribe to my youtube path made thatnotification well to be notified every time there is a new video uploaded butmost importantly there is a link below in the description you can find mynumber one recommendation on how to make money online okay that’s it for todaythanks a lot for watching and see you soon you


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