How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing For Stay At Home Moms

hey guys it is a Stacia andAva Kalea Kennedy and in this video we want to talk about how to make moneywith affiliate marketing as a momma as a stay-at-home mom as a single mommy if yourmom and you want to learn how to constitute additional income for the household perhap youare a stay-at-home mom I get this issue actually all the time actuallya lot of my friends that are in real estate you know perhaps they have a dualyou know husband-and-wife team but mainly a lot of the partners are youknow doing most of the day-to-day work plainly sometimes there is a wifethere who promotions that was part of the business but genuinely their full-time jobis to take care of the little ones and so I get this question actually askedall the time multiple times from partners expecting hey Stacia do you knowhow my spouse can engender some extra income you know I make as partnersespecially as mummies we this is the biggest responsibility ever right like we shouldwe’re totally underpaid but we also feel like we want to contribute monetarily tothe house and you can do that with affiliate marketing so I wanted to sharewith you this quick-witted video about how you are eligible to see extra money maybe as a sidehustle with affiliate sell if you’re new to affiliate sell you’renot sure what affiliate sell is it’s basically a referral business it’sbasically what you guys do in real estate very so if you’re in real estateas well and maybe business is slow and you want to add you know add generatemore income through affiliate marketing it’s the best way to add additionalrevenue to your business no matter what business you’re in you can talk aboutpretty much everything under the Sun that you loveabout and what I convey by talking about you can create traffic basically at whataffiliate commerce is you’re referring beings other concoctions right so maybe youwere for someone hey this is the you know the best phone or a webcam or ifyou’re a mama you can talk about child commodities right so one of my bestactually it’s kind of funny the top video that I have the more popular videothat I have on YouTube is not one of my seminars it’s actually a video that Idid with Ava on a babe carrier so what I do is I procreate these video discuss abouta commodity that I adoration and I announce it on YouTube and I articulated an affiliate tie-up soyou can be an affiliate for some of the biggest companionships out there if you don’teven you actually probably don’t even realizeBest Buy Walmart Home Depot if you’re in the real estate industry Wayfair has anaffiliate program so pretty much any produce out there if you look aroundyour household and you’re like ok I enjoy well for me I do a good deal of videos aroundsoftware’s conduct generation and tech tutorials and making money online on myyoutube path and I don’t know if you guys I simply want to make sure that youguys can’t hear me since every time I talk my daughter starts giggling Ithought it would be a good idea right here with me doing a video about momsright how is impossible to attain extra money as a momma online let me check the chat herereal quick as well I can’t see everybody now where is it somehow I lost thatwindow I want to see who’s there silly girl so if you’re a mommy or if you have a momfriend that you wants you know to learn how to stimulate more fund online throughaffiliate market tagged them in this video as well I’d love to see who’s outthere who who are is interested in more about about this subject because I’d liketo settled more videos like this on my youtube path well basically you canbecome an affiliate for almost everything look around here you knowappliances you’re like everything that you love if you are in taquito if you’reinto state and fitness if you’re into the insta bowl like pretty mucheverything that you purchased look at your Amazon list things that you boughton Amazon Amazon has an affiliate program as well – Amazonthe thing with Amazon it’s a exceedingly it’s a low ticketAmazon affiliate program so you exclusively the Commission is very low so you know dothe numbers if you are only making two and a half percentage to four percent maybe itdepends on what the commodity is you’re you’re not you have to sell a lot ofblenders you know you’d have to sell probably about 446 blenders to make athousand dollars if is if the blender is like a fifty dollar blender and that’slike a great deal of blenders right sorry so yeah basically you have to sell a lotof items and if you have a lot of traffic like if you get really good atSEO you know those you’d have to yeah you’dhave to sell a lot of blender so I personally focus on produces that arereoccurring that have that have a reoccurring revenue that’s asubscription simulation and if you for instance click moves so click funnelsyou guys now we talked about click pours all the time it’s very versatileyou can use it for pretty much any business on the internet that wantsto grow their business so I do a lot of seminars about clickfunnels there’s a40% Commission on clickfunnels and so you do the math there 40% out of ninetyseven dollars is there like basic box to 297 which again 40% Commission but if we be concentrated on a hundred readers on the the $97 bundle and I had a hundred my goal isn’t to have a hundred subscribers onthat product that’s three thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars a monthreoccurring revenue now that’s where affiliate market becomes a passiveincome so I better go I do want to talk more about these these type of topicsand if you’re interested or if you know a momma who’s interested in making anadditional revenue you know whether they’re stay-at-home mom a full workingmom or whatever but you just want to learn how I do what I docomment below label them in this video and I’ll do more videos about itstep-by-step on how to really create a affiliate marketing business fromscratch right what say much affection and aloha

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