How to make money with affiliate Marketing. VIDEO 1 How to Make $135 a day with this method

congratulations on putting your specify and email and confidence me on this travel that I will teach you in this four day video. If you are here to learn how to start a profitable business with affiliate commerce it is because you may have a lot of information but you do not know exactly how to start don’t worry because my job is right now make sure you understand the business model that worked in the past but now does not work right now study how it directs the next day I will show you how to make a cell the next day how to build a funnel and of course how to get traffic to your office. Let me talk a little bit about why starting an online outlet doesnt have my first name. I know it sounds funny to me, but Im in front of you and if you have Jesus as your crazy king you cant be of enormous aspect. I don’t care about your diplomata I’m a biochemist I studied biochemistry at university and I have an expletive MBA but it doesn’t matter that’s why I started my low quality activity 20 several years ago You likewise work for over 14 times My beauty column Bad vineyard regional business do you have to spend a lot of time in my bureau more than 14 hours per day? I too need to clean up the AR-1 5 but I dont have time to dine with my neighbourhood business, so when I was nine I thoughts I should leave all this, I located a business that allowed me to stay with my family, thats why I started my Olympics when you want online business you can work now I want to be with my family so I can stay all day and I can work at night with my bride. Maybe your wife needs to be a cozy father think about why you want to build my online business when you want to build an online business before I go now I’ll show you how to do a business model that worked in the past but doesn’t work now and I’ll show you what works right now is the next video I’ll show you very best things good info let’s go to good datum my computer and I prove the business model firstly go all dropshipping is okay your liberation your accumulation all right so your your your place with your commodities right with your produces and reach of course traffic root there is a requirement to a pay commerce informant so you have to spend money to get traffic to your website to be one of the things that will talk about Drop Shipping, apparently you dont have to be the only thing physically. what you will do is someone when you do it when you approach you will go to buy makes in China for example you will buy the product in China and then send the product to your customer you don’t have to have inventory you don’t have to physically upload the product The only thing you have to do is buy the product I say okay this is great this is a great way to make money online but you will need to have Sun ava virtual helper to fix a problem with the customer with the product or something like that you will have to go to Hanzora you will have to make all the purchases refund requests perhaps 5% 20% pay you have to manage all of them and if you have to spend money under traffic most of the time you go to Louis Malle you won’t make money with this model if you have a lot of money to pay for traffic and compensate a virtual auxiliary and you have time to make all these acquisitions in China. Maybe you can stimulate 10% of your income , but for hours you will lose fund most of the time in this something I is not recommend I do well. they cultivate. Maybe youre discussing a physical commodity from Amazon with Amazon and other accumulates like Amazon give you 5% perhap maybe 12% if youre luck if you sell the regional commissions they ll give you$ 12 from all cells well, so you have to sell a lot of makes to get a decent commission too something I dont recommend doing. I know I will go for a fee to prep for a digital test evaluation on your website or on this YouTube your connection will be your spouse through person you are going to talk about a digital commodity with a digital discussion about what the hell happened from 52 that’s really good, you can’t sell or promote yellow-bellied but sometimes you will be able to promote Dallas concoctions and Dulles makes, so if you sell 2,000 marketings you are eligible to have 50% yellow sales, you can earn a lot of fund for digital affiliate marketing concoctions to make money for me best online tomorrow best tell you something really really cool well so what I’m going to send you maybe my emails are going there in a cup cup in a grey roster my mail and tomorrow let’s bide something really cool some I’m sure the information was very useful for you if you don’t want to wait, and “theres going” bu ruzko learn to build from scratch if you don’t want to make the bottom of your old lady I’ll see you tomorrow in the next video goodbye

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