HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH CANVA: Canva Pro Affiliate Program

Hey guys and welcome back to my path. Today were going to talk about how to makemoney with Canva by joining Canva Pro’s affiliate program. Many of you already use and adoration Canva, whichis free for all, but what you might not know is that you can take your patterns to the nextlevel with Canva Pro. Canva Pro is Canva’s premium plan, and includeseverything in Canva, plus a knot of stunning peculiarities such as taking the hassle out ofcropping and resizing your motif with Magic Resize, unionizing your photos into folders, and saving your brand emblem, complexions, and typefaces for easy access. Canva Pro rates precisely $12.95 per month whenpaid monthly, or $9.95 per month when paid yearly, but you can get started today forfree with a free 30 -day trial when you click on the link in the description box below. Stay chanted until the end of this video tolearn how to make money with Canva by joining Canva Pro’s affiliate program, and to geta FREE cheat sheet with 9 of the best online business tools that’ll save you season and boostyour productivity.Also, make sure to subscribe and hit the bellto be notified every time I affix a new video. Alright, so gives get right into how tomake money with Canva by joining Canva Pro’s affiliate program. To connect Canva Pro’s affiliate program, headover to https :// affiliates /. The curriculum is free to join, and you makemoney when your pilgrims sounds a connection and sign up to Canva Pro. You can make up to $ 36 for each new CanvaPro subscriber that signs-up with your unique referral associate. Canva is looking for one of three things intheir affiliate collaborators. You’re a good fit if you’re a design influencersuch as a blogger who is active in the design community. And your feeling for Canva is infectious. If you’re a scheme lecturer. Canva is on a mission to empower the worldto design, and you’re a good fit if so are you. If you teach design online, they want to hearfrom you.And if you have a large audience. Youve came more than 1 million monthly inspects, and your place is related to design including everything from broth photos to fonts. If you fit any of these three criteria, clickon the’ meet now’ button on the Canva Pro affiliate curriculum page. Fill out the use that’ll appear with youraccount information, additional information, personal information, and duty information. Before submitting your application, make sureto review everything to ensure that the information you provided is correct. Once you’ve submitted the lotion, Canvawill get back to you by email to let you know whether you’ve been accepted into Canva Pro’saffiliate planned or not. If you have been accepted, congrats! You’ll now providing access to your affiliate dashboardwhere you can track the number of clinks, wars, payouts, auction amount, conversionrate and earnings per click you’ve gotten. You can also create a unique link to promoteCanva, and viewpoint accessible ads that you can use to promote Canva, and earn affiliate commission.Now you know how to make money with Canvaby affiliating Canva Pro’s affiliate program. As promised, to get a FREE cheat sheet with9 bright implements like Canva that you can use in your online business to save time andboost your productivity, simply click on the link in the description box below. So are you currently abusing Canva in your onlinebusiness? I’d love to hear your answer and start a conversationin the comments below, and also make sure to click on the link in the description boxbelow to get a free 30 -day trial of Canva Pro.If you’re new around here, hi, I’m MarinaLotaif from Yes To Tech, and I’d adore for you to join the family. You can do so by hitting the agree buttonand if you’re already agreed, and want to be notified every Tuesday and Thursdayat 9:45 am Eastern, only click on the bell and you’ll be notified every single time Ipost. I hope you guys have an amazing day whereveryou are and I’ll see you in my next video ..

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