How to Make Money With WarriorPlus: Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

In this video I’ll demonstrate you how to make money on Warriorplus here I am Log in to my fighter report. Plus you can see a hit on the fix here it’s Actually good system and I’ve been promoting commodities there for a few years Also on other platforms but I merely want to share with you the results Which I have on Warriorplus You can see my total sales now mixed Earnings say 101 thousand US dollars so this is a combination of The auctions here are ninety-seven thousand primary sales and are varied Concoction you promoted have reappearing pays where you have Nearly four thousand in reproduction fees on products where there has been Recurring component like monthly payments up to the total amount you realized In the warrior plus a hundred and thousand dollar sofa and in this video I’ll reveal you how you can make money with Warrior+ Affiliate It is gonna be a ended soldier+ tutorial as I’ll evidence you how Finding Products How to Reach Your Traffic Products Exactly as You Doing so is how you improved your email list and ultimately how to make dozens of them Thousands of dollars or more f+ hi and if you are new to my channel my specify is Greg Kononenko on this YouTube channel affixed regular videos on her affiliate Blogging Marketing has traffic contemporary even if you are not yet The reader below precisely to make sure you always know Future videos too everyone enables notifications so you can receive Message formerly I plunge the next video Now let’s get into details here A quick-witted outline of what you’ll learn today in this video I’ll show you You are first and foremost how to choose a profitable product that will become you Plenty of Money for Warrior+ Secondly I’m going to show you how to break free Traffic to your produce how without any paid ads but you can get started Driving traffic and selling without any initial outlay I will do as well I establish you something optional how to create an email list I have an email Listed and very profitable you can earn thousands of dollars a few months Simply refer emails to your email list as soon as you get them as one of the purposes of the working day Strategy I’ll display you how you can also build an email list while you are You are implementing these technologies now.This is optional if you believe e-mail Marketing is too complicated for you that’s totally cool you can skip it That step in this video you can still earn money And use the video that I am going to share with you today and in the end I will go To see you how you can expand and meet more and more money on the liquid Plus, you can also do these techniques that you are learning today And you can promote produces this method any affiliate structure so I was just thinking You will love making a video today that I’m sure you don’t bounce any specific areas of because I am Many details are likely to be exposed and you need to pay attention to so that the whole It stirs appreciation not to skip any video personas because it’s in the next one for you Something I referred to earlier in the video may come across that Let’s do this so the first thing “youre supposed to” do is sign up for Warrior Plus, if you don’t have an account, Plus is free and free Join Warrior Plus from any country.Know that Clickbank does not stand some Countries I mull Clickbank doesn’t allow India and some other countries to time that Warrior Plus has no restriction that you are eligible to join in terms of Plus Any nations of the world, just go ahead to where you are calm and registry Your Account It’s totally free The next thing “youve got to” do after you Signing up is inducing sure you set up a method for getting paid that was a plus When you go to your report here at the top, just go to my history, it are due to expire Up on this sheet so you will need to go in this area vendors, affiliates and Then choose Merchant Accounts and that will allow you to add Kewa histories You get paid so you can see it here I connected my PayPal account but You can also get paid in other ways “theres something” here that says the videotape And a bank account so you can receive withdrawals to your bank account The second thing I want to show you this is the wallet so if we go to W plus Wallet This feature was+ recently implemented.That’s the way more You can principally get paid when you are promoting an affiliate that presents some Offers will compensate you directly into your PayPal account and some others enabling you to Taking payments into your pouch is okay. You used to promote pictures That is paid directly to the paper at the moment when the sale is fixed for it In real time but lately a lot of dealers are just curbing and supplying an option for Affiliates get money in the pouch even while it’s just your genu like The equilibrium is in the Plus place once you have some fund in your report You can see in total through the billfold the pocketbook I get 14,000 and after that Here it says Current Balance OK can see 1115 and it’s my available balance is$ 35 Pending and you can then only withdraw the funds to be able to withdraw And then I could get that fund out and I didn’t even know it was here Validated 1 1 1 504 So I go to PayPal Withdrawing monies is fine and this is how you withdraw stores from Plus periods once You constituted it so that your paper does into it or in your bank account if You set up your bank account in the previous pace you can go to your bank A good chronicle is ok so far we can see 1 1 1 5 years be sent to My PayPal account so this is how fund out of the water plus next give us Talk about receiving excellent concoctions to promote, so to do that you have to go To fill in the top then click on the offers which will display each The furnishes that you can apply to promote web software in addition to business is because they give you Display list that goes to show the time when the support was launched and an misconception It too goes to show the number of members of auctions even if you look at this here for example Press content we can see it launched three days ago on the nineteenth of In June, over 2,000 sales had between two and three thousand Auctions so far the average conversion rate is 15% for that for every hundred pilgrims you get Submit You can expect to make about 15 sales and even pilgrim significance earnings for each Visitor are three dollars and sixty-five pennies, and the average sale amount is$ 24 We can roughly say that$ 24 terms that office’s 2,000 so far They generate around fifty thousand in total.You can see the revenue payback rate here Good and if you click on the expose you can generally see more details about So let’s open it up as you can see this is the little overview From the information you can also generally find a so-called JV sheet This is the section for more information so if you can To consider promoting this product you can take this association and then get into JV sheet so here on this page you can learn more about the commodity watch Learn more about the launch What the concoction does It’s usually a pretty good demo video and you can read all of that is still They are actually prizes to be won too if you are one of the top few affiliates You can also earn some cash prizes well so that’s important Check out the JV page if you can something else to take a look at ease Product so this is something it tells you what kind of commodity “- its” Usually pour with water plus most shows that you only don’t have One concoction is okay.You usually have a number of commodities And now we can see the press regular content so this is the actual main A product that is sold to anyone who buys it You can make a commission of eight dollars and forty-seven cents at 50%. From the sale price, but there is also a material ameliorate sound professional material Click on it for you Click to content Distributors License and press contact iMacs from or what IMAX they all can be found in are all more costly From regular alright until this pro to that as soon as someone buys a ordinary It will be offered optionally to upgrade to the Pro press material and then done to You to sell them sometimes what happens is what genu we kind Ten to thirty percentage of customers who buy front end typically end up buying one One or more advertisings as well.When “youre ever” selling , not just selling A forty-eight commission is made by a forty-eight commission plus Some advertisings that’s why now says median sale of twenty-four dollars But the flagship product is only 16 median for every sixteen dollars it depleted About eight dollars have also been purchased in increased sales as well. Let’s say if you are Wanted to promote material, sound this here. You will need to click on this A request button which will open a dialogue where it says you should be Approved by Micromax to promote this office you only need to collect the employment Agree then now you can actually envision where you want to get the money Either in your fighter plus your billfold or to your PayPal account even here You can choose recently started picking all the money to be done in order to my own country Password plus wallet in this way is saved and only I can Withdraw it whenever you want.Here you can also region degree notes even on challenge Notes You can write down how “youre ever” fixing merges and overall in just a few Day you should hear from a vendor now I will give you some opinion Later in this video on how to do this, make sure you really get the sanction Every day now I time register you where to go to order So that you can choose the best offer give Promotion is where you can get the most out of the amount of coin you need to look at Stats hanker something it has propelled relatively recently and want Something that actually made at least a thousand sales fine, a thousand sales It would make sense in a moment. I’ll talk about that in a minute So you crave something that has made at least a thousand sales of a thing You’ve got a nice alteration rate ideally so you demand more than ten percent to know ten Twelve fifteen is a good conversion rate you demand something with a good pilgrim The cost so you can see it in some presents, the value of the visitor, for example 753 is fine And in some 32 nd countries so obviously you prefer that of course Earn seven dollars for each mailing pilgrim instead of thirty dollars Two times on average ok exactly pay attention to that too don’t want it To promote similar renders for thirty two dollars and this only Means the sales page is not good or perhaps the presentation is not good no You want to waste your traffic on it but nothing is over private More than three dollars is a good deal to promote anyone with something A reasonably low-toned retrieval frequency so for example, if we look at it here, you know we are We can see that this offer was really garnered a ten percent payback rate though It merely propelled 12 days ago so that means you know there’s a repair It might be close to a 20 percentage retrieval proportion by 30 eras They generally expire with commodities around a 30 -day money-back guarantee While other concoctions “youre seeing” exclusively two or 3 percent refunds Of route rates are a little bit better so you have to take a look at Combine all of these things and make a decision on any of these products Look good concoctions for you to promote, of course, you need to consider Details about the product too.You know I testified you how to find it This page JV understand what this product is about if you do not like The product for any reason then does not promote it but in general you find that These are many other courses or curricula You experimented it a little and thinks you like it and you miss it I would recommend it to others to buy this produce then go ahead and sounds Request and apply for an affiliate link now Now is advice on how to get approved For the soldier in addition to very important offers is not enough just to ask and hope You will get approval for that if you ask for approval and only put in place Your message here.If the marketer is not do so, I know you may disagree with what What you need to do is go to the jv page so i am showing you how to find this jv sheet me You feel it is the information page and you need to find the contact information of the seller To find the contact information generally on the JV page you need to scroll to Down here and now you have the Skype IDs for all the sellers that go out This concoction so you need to call everybody three of them on skype they supplement and say You are interested in promoting this product explain how it will be Promote because you are going to be sending out free targeted traffic that you utter Your warrior is in addition to your ID and ask them to agree with you that it is very important if Do not do this as you will not get approved where Plus is offered Generally speaking all of these products will have you registered even though they are you open it once again to An instance of these directions that you will generally do will find a link to the JV sheet Also inside the description now now there is no JV page in Description but in fact there is a link like deem of JV affiliate knowledge Page up to this again how to find the JV page information again Below we can see contact details for all merchants Okay so now let’s talk about Part 2 which is something that drives the traffic and why You need to choose concoctions that have at least a thousand sales for that there is The rationalization for this and the above reasons for this is that people was usually hunting Their concoctions on Google, for example when someone is thinking of acquiring Click the content, the content is fine it will penetrate Google and it will start telling the content Press re-examine they will be writing the contents Click on further consideration and you are able to click on Search They will predict reviews of this product before obtaining it now What happened when these products were firstly launched Sincerely the people who are promoting these products are affiliated companies with huge email Rolls who are knowledgeable about 20 30 50 thousand people in an email list, will send an email To their email register and they will say I had only just been discovered this program called it Content journalism and it’s really good helps you render content until then Who is receiving these emails? Let’s say this, these are 50,000 parties, some of them It is the beginning jump-start over on Google and I’m going to start looking for re-examines for this Product so I’ll start writing in the content click on review and they’ll start reading For illustration these reviews may read You know let’s say this here Flash place owner’s further consideration and If like the review they are like all the information now may be Buy the commodity through this locate relation so here at the bottom C there Buy link even if you overtakes all the way to the bottom there Buy button yes fiat now and that actually unlock warrior plus Affiliate Affiliate and Via Affiliate Linking it will open the Sales page Then whenever someone buys this commodity the owner of this twinkle website gets a commission on any advertisings as well and of course that It all happened because someone researched a press review.Content is important now Part of that is the reason I recommend it for choosing the product that I was into At least a thousand sales if you are pick a product there were 500 Sales or maybe less – let’s say 250 there is no hype About this commodity is okay product that sold 5000 copies it means that maybe Up to 300,000 beings have heard of this product on the Internet Product realized 250 sales just means there wasn’t much promotion There is not much hype around it so not much beings will be looking for This concoction means that you will not get a lot of traffic Your link for I am going to show you in seconds how you are eligible to You come congestion but it depends on the amount of beings looking for Reviewing this produce is okay so this is very, very important you want to promote it Only concoctions that have at least a thousand sales due It means there will be a lot of people still looking for Review this produce and time to show you that this method actually drives here It’s a speedy precedent of such products I promoted a little while ago announced Video Sumo if you write in a consumer review yours will see that my website is a hustle The comm is graded as number one for the video Sumo review made a good sum of marketings On a video sumo make when I promoted it this is my further consideration and Rank number 1 so I’m going to show you how you can do the exact same thing The thing is how do you rate your reviews number one so it’s nothing complicated It’s a very short review what you can see but I’m here on google as number one So when you post your opinion you really got three alternatives out there Other options as well I’ll cover this in a second but option number 1 Preparing and affixing a produce revaluation on your website is okay I got its pros and cons I’ll cover those in one second but you can too You post your opinion on or on Google websites accordingly The path you want to go if you want to grow your website or not You only have your own website still further really make money in an easy way You can choose one of these methods I’ll encompas them all here We’ll display you how to write a review but I just wanted to shine a light on you You can publish it by you, on or on Google websites The benefits of posting the review on your back is that over go you are eligible to Your locate changes and your website could be getting a lot of search freight for Mints of different terms and it’s going to grow power and in traffic It proliferates as well as reviews that are posted on your website Actually altogether safe your detail has been removed and cannot be banned For some ground you know it’s only a safe but little alternative Slow to start because when “youre ever” firstly starting your website it does It has a lot of strength so it may take you various kinds of a few weeks or a few Months to start rank are consistently announced by other re-examines The alternatives are reasonably quiet or google places if we gaze again here Sumer remembers video one of the websites This is the ranking The cause of the first sheet is a video sommer google places so i am totally free He actually did a video recently on how to affix evaluates on my google sites I’m going to placed a association here in the top right corner and also in Description below so you can read about that and be seen to what extent we can work With Google Sites it’s very simple and easy to is starting, and it’s free What looks like it’s just a short recollect or exactly what soma video Is it a free place you can only get your account at and Publishing a page this mode is very likely to rank without any Effort on one page elsewhere we can publish your review is that To recollect soma video on page 2 I can be found in there person affixed The clause they are ranking is at the bottom of page 2, but this is most likely due to Their section is short, okay.You can just see it for a review of the video epitome Put in one paragraph if he wrote the proper article, such as five hundred or a A thousand oaths I gambling it will be the higher-ranking on the first page but merely with even One paragraph publishing the article on They managed to spar the page Which are really amazing things that you can also put your comment on is a very powerful website that has a lot of power up Once you announced a review there it will be very likely to be graded on The first page as a summing-up I really brought to you you can actually post your own Review either on your locate on or on all Google sites These each type of assesses are well put no matter where they are announced The important thing is that you want to include at least 1000 utterances in your observe Because Google will give preference to more in-depth and Reviews of no more than 200 paroles or only 300 names may not rank well either We investigated on someone just wrote one short clause, maybe 80 words The second sheet wasn’t okay they weren’t sleepy and if they wrote a proper examine They is very likely to be in the top three positions for this term review more Let’s talk about how to actually write a good evaluate You are most welcome Take any recollect from my website which vexes me pacify Fortunes of assess have been written on this area so you can go and have it General layout as well as you can actually look at all other web sites For illustration, you can open up Glen’s review and John further consideration and look at how-to They make love and then they imitate their layouts but the method I do this I write me Usually you add one to three convicts introduced in my asses at times Make a video but you don’t need to do it Don’t worry most people don’t I merely did that because I wanted to develop a video existence but if it opened So for example the Glen review that you know this site is very successful and you They can see that they aren’t doing videos so don’t worry about that too much and then give up Is its consideration of the sub-video epitome and then show what I and I do Explain how you can get the benefits of the swimmer video, for example, cures Traffic So I say exactly how he can get traffic then I talked A little bit about how it toils and then give the verdict some pros and cons Then I hand a summary and then place the buttons or links to buy with my feelings So basically every one of those buttons is my link Too by reviewing me and you will notice most of the reviews Structured in a very similar channel in order to be allowed to simulate such structures Reviews from any evaluation locate you find very important you can’t just copy And gluing someone else’s scrutinize doesn’t do this I get these questions all the time On almost every video your material needs to be unique in order for you to read Review someone else’s and rewrite it in your own words but you just can’t take it These and mimic and glue it into your your content is advisable to original Because Google will not classify duplicate content, it is very, very important to obtain it All information for your review this where you need to either contact Vendor we need to go to the JV page and you will find all the information About this produce now you have a video that you can watch and I will Talking about what this make does here there are a few phases Generally speaking, it will find the test video as well and you can also get access to the review The planned even when you contact the dealer via this button Or via Skype or Facebook if you missed this earlier percentage Exactly how to find contact information, primarily for communication With them and ask for a review copy or an access review and generally they will Okay so all of that intelligence should be enough for you Be able to write your own ruling because you will have a review imitation you will have You can access the demo video as well as potentially having access to auctions Page so if you exactly please click here on this button now to end the sales page you are eligible to The marketings sheet actually preview the concoction as well as the sales page quite often It gives people a good deal of information about exactly what this commodity will do Intents of this video I’m going to show you how to post your point of view on but it’s the same process either On Google places, on your boundary places, or on You just need to go and spread the story the legend and then you need to give it a try A entitle so you want to give it to you.Put in the designation or make you You are promoting that click on video content then you are able to time category in sound content A preview then you basically need to start writing your review So now I merely made a few seconds and wrote a very brief introduction to you Pause the video instead of reading it if whatever it is you want but basically need To start writing your opinion on the purposes of this video acceleration I have imitation and pasted the same few paragraphs so your review will look like Something like that once you’ve actually written it “youre supposed to” would like it Add some subheadings every few paragraphs to do this highlighting simply This and click the T and this will make it a little forceful just like this It allows for better learn now that you have written your remark as you need To do is to include affiliate attaches for you are eligible to put your own affiliate link Type a call-to-action like this Click here to purchase the content Click then we can spotlight it maybe make it a bit headline and then you will Need to click this which is the hyperlink and it is currently says Paste or Type And even join this where you’ll need to go to Warrior Plus and it will do so I need to grab your tie-up so let’s say I want to include an affiliate Link to this demo Click Get a connect and give you this associate now like Your link so you can right click and duplicate the link address then vanish Here and let’s do it again as well Highlight it like this and then paste that follow link here as well as I can Just right click and click on Paste and that will become the relative attach Anyone reading this review they will click on this affiliate link and then there You will be directed by your referral link to purchase the product now Remember, in the early stages of the video, you are presented with two different options I’m going to talk about it in this video and the only alternative is to send Traffic direct to the sales page is fine.This is the simple option or you are eligible to Optionally, you can also create your existing email now I’ll register you how You are truly form your own email list and you can do this by linking from Review the subscription page instead of the affiliate associate I’ll demo you In one second but in case you are wondering which one should go Keep this in attention if you want to keep things simple, just go with the first option It links instantly to your marketings page through your connect Review if you want to build an email list very definitely A good and profitable thing you need to do then you can go with the second option Where you start building your email roster Well, that’s how we did it Simply five by including soldier plus affiliate connection if someone clicks on It will take them directly to you can see the sales page now It was a plus and is land on the sales page for this offer Well this is the first in the simple option if you just wanted to structure your email List then you need to use your autoresponder it is up to you I use autoresponder but I personally use convertkit and I am only used to attract people Sign up before they can see the volunteer so you will notice if you return to my country The direct I made a video three videos ago I made this video here and on Video As You Know I talked about a program that I really liked and then I told her People who if they want to check should click this A specific join and this link took them to the subscription page of my place before They can buy the product you succession on everyone subscribing and roughly 40 to 50 Percent of people end up checking their email list then They leave their email and are sent via my affiliate link to a sales page So here’s how it works.Let’s say I put in my email a sound come immediately Access then this visitor page will be redirected to my marketings sheet Affiliate Affiliate Ok so I only put in one more thing for beings to do once They click on the obtain link on further consideration and they are able to take to the signup page Leave their email and then from there they’ll go and buy an affiliate render So the downside to this method is that you may get fewer beings to see it Sales page but you build email list which is so important Because formerly you have an email list you can send emails anytime and at the right time Promote things instantly to your email listing it as a whole new transaction Generator that you are growing so I most recommend you to expand your email listing And it’s actually simple and easy to set up this in convertkit and in general Other robots so you go in convertkit you’re going Landing pages and ways and you want to create a landing sheet for you You don’t even need your own website so be selected of those templates whatever The one you want let’s say we go with this one more The basic one so I espouse then you lay in the designation and you list your own Affiliate tie-up whatever it is you wishing it to be you will be redirected to, so you merely need a Edit the ground sheet template a little bit so here’s an example I’m saying Content Click on how to quickly create content Enter your email to see immediately Press program material and then the authorities concerned will do need to go to settings and on Fit You will need to find this option now that talks about when The guest subscribes to the page whether a success message emerges or a redirect to External page so you want to choose this option now let me just make a little bit A little bit hoping you can see this here redirected through your external page and Now this is where you want to include your affiliate connection back here Affiliate Link Grabber So we’re just going to seizure that relate and register it This is to redirect it to an external page and after you prepared it up that nature It can be grabbed so we go 7 post and we can now get this URL so sounds now Share This will give us a share of your disembark page So sound Copy so now what will happen when someone arrives on this land sheet They will participate their email address, they will click “Subscribe”, and it will happen Then you are directed to your affiliate relate in precisely the same way you assigned it Here in my video when they click this they see their platform page Enter their email and after they enter their email they go to the affiliate fellowship Linking it is a better highway to do this if you want to start your own development The email list is very lucrative so instead of linking instantly to On filling in that link you are actually simply associating your affiliate links to go to it Here to this landing page now okay I’ll merely highlight then exit In Insert Link I will glue the link as my arrive page that I obliged Really developed on convertkit again that’s totally optional i am only I wanted to show you two alternatives that could be used to send all of your traffic Directly to the sales page we can send the traffic to the subscription page and Then redirect it to that marketings page the room you are most likely going to go Get a few cases clicks on the sales page but will start building your email A awfully very strong list here is a strategy to get good results We recommend promoting one or two registers per week as a minimum if you like Want to create more evaluates for you certainly can as well but required The register should give you really good results and remember the four pictures we spoke About that in the previous sections you would like to choose which offer he received At least a thousand sales and he also has good earnings per click Then you need to publish its consideration of the item either on your own site on medium or on Google Sites I demonstrated you plenty of proof earlier in this report in this video that your revelations medium and Google Sites discuss are arranged exceedingly is a good one for the strategies that I’ve indicate you here now beings knows where to find your review by Google the action that I evidenced you earlier in this report in the video as well so they will be researching their product that will read your review and many of them will end up buying via your affiliate join and I’ve also shown you a route to build the directory or move that traffic immediately to the sales page if you don’t want to build the register if you want to get my free affiliate sell and blogging direction then check the links in the specific characteristics below next I’ve got two videos here at the top of the screen I recommend for you to check them out right now they will teach you more skills on affiliate commerce too don’t forget to subscribe to my direct either below this video or now on the screen and enable all notifications to never miss my future videos expressed appreciation for so much I’ll see you in the next one


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