How to Promote Affiliate Links: 2021 Affiliate Tutorial

in today’s video i’m going to show youhow to promote affiliate attaches if you want to make money with affiliatemarketing you have to have a way to drive spectators and to driveclicks to your affiliate connections i have been afull-time affiliate marketer for countless many years and i’ve managedto generate decisions like what you can see here on the screen and now on thescreen with affiliate sell and i’m goingto show you some of my favorite methods of driving traffic to your affiliatelinks in this video if you are new to mychannel then make sure to click subscribe really below this video i putout two to three videos per week where ishare my personal gratuities on how you can make money online exerting blogging andaffiliate marketing before we get into the firstly methodplease take a second to go below this video and descent me acomment right now and tell me how long have you been doing affiliatemarketing one month two months one year and how much freight are youcurrently getting that will help me understand what kindof videos i can shape in the future so that i can help you the best thanksand let’s get into the detail so the first technique that i’ll prove youfor how to promote affiliate attaches is what i call borrowed the authorities concerned dothat i’m going to show you how to use a website announced medium.comand this website will allow you to get tons of trafficto your affiliate ties-in i’m going to show you exactly how before we get intoit though i want to make sure that you understand that thismethod doesn’t even involve you having a website if youdon’t have a website and you don’t want to build a websiteyou can use this method to drive traffic to your affiliate linksthat’s how thousands of people who are on mediummake a full-time living from affiliate sell they just posttheir content on and they get a ton of clicksand they make a lot of fund so i’m going to show you exactly how you can dothat to understand the influence of this method you first need to understandhow powerful is as a website let’s take a quick look at itsstatistics so you can see that accordingto represents the number 79 website on the planetin terms of the strength of its backlink profileand permission so if you graded every single website in the worldwith number one being the most significant and number two being the next strongestnumber three etc there are approximately 200 millionwebsites in the that that ahrefs obstructs move of andthis website is amount 79 my own blogs are approximately numberone million in this rank okay i’ve got one website that’s about7 50 000 in the in the grade so isnumber 79 on the whole planet number 79 so that means that this website is extremely strong has got a very strongdomain authority if you look at the dr which is domain rank it’s 94 andmaximum is 100 so it’ s almost one of the strongestdomain rank experts on the planet you can also see that they’ve got over 1million different websites joining to them so it’s asuper super powerful website now the cool thing is thatyou can see that they’re currently ranking for 42.8 million different keywords according to ahrefs probably for much more becauseahrefs index is not complete it’s you know itdoesn’t have all of google’s database now what you have to understand is thatthese 42.8 million keywords that medium is grading for uhis content that’s produced by people like youand by beings like me all of the content on mediumis user generated so it’s just parties they come along thereand they publish their sections and they residence their affiliate joins inside theirarticles and then because website isso strong those articles get ranked on page one ofgoogle and they get a lot of traffic and clearly people who post theiraffiliate connects on medium get a lot of coin as well in case youare worried whether actually gives affiliate joins let me show yousomething this is the official medium policymedium rules and you will actually see if you scroll down the pageyou will see that affiliate links are allowedsee this point here it says you must disclose affiliate associates or pay fora berth affiliate connections such as link out to amazon with yourcode or any other link where you will receive a commission or other valueare allowed in berths so medium officially allowsyou to place affiliate tie-ups inside your poles the main thing is thatyou must disclose somewhere in the announce that includes affiliate associates okay soyou must follow the ftc the regulations and guides so made to ensure that you research into thatand neighbourhood an appropriate disclosure of your affiliate linksgenerally it’s something along the lines of as soon as you arrange your affiliatelink next to it you have to say that this is an affiliate link and thenat the bottom of your pole make a referenceto explain that you might receive compensation if someone buys somethingthrough a association that will make sure that your uprights arenot at risk of being banned by medium.comokay so let’s work through an example now let’s say you are a clickbankaffiliate and you want to promote an furnish from clickbankwhich is brain training for hounds how are you able make money on mediumusing the method used that i’m going to show you promoting this offer well firstof all you need to go and check out this offer brain training for bird-dogs it’s a trainingoffer for dogs or for the owners of puppies mostly to train them how tomake their bird-dogs smarter and how to learn them how to do different things it’s avery high converting offer a lot of parties are making an absolute killingwith this awful right now so you would need to grab this association okayso generate hope join and this will give you your link to promote this offer sothat’s the going to be the link that you will needto start sending the traffic to so now the next thing that you need todo is you want to publish an article on now letme testify you something cool your ideology public will be searchingin google for things like hound develop tips-off when theythey’ll be wanting to find out how to train their dog well guess whatposition count 10 in google hunting right hereis a article like i told you because it’s such a powerfuldomain any article practically that you write is going to be is going to have a veryhigh chance of ranking on page one extremely if you choose thecorrect keywords if we look at the actual keyword dogtraining tips-off we can see that the keyword rigor is hugeit’s 52 and yet still has managed to rank in position number 10 for this particular keyword imagine how strong this website is andimagine what would happen if you actually chose a keywordthat is an easy keyword with keyword difficulty let’s say five or sevenlet’s see what happens if we take a much easier keyword such as how to develop andbought a quality puppy and if we google for that you willsee that result number three one two three rightover here is a article now if you open this article you will seethat this article is actually very short you don’t even have to write a lotthere are maybe six or seven paragraphs if you use a word counter there’s only 1200 oaths here and best of all you will actually see that there are promotionallinks right here in the clause now this one here is a self-promotionallink that uh people are trying to you know make money and basically gettraffic from and then direct it to their own website sowhat i would recommend for you to do is to write an article on medium.comon the keyword term that you would be targeting for your paragon audiencewrite an article and then insert the affiliate linksright inside the article make sure that you do relevant exposures affiliatedisclosures disclose that your link is an actual affiliatelink and then formerly your clause is ranked on page onejust like this it will continue getting free congestion from googleevery single day because people are searching for all of these differentkeywords and you will be getting scenes to yourcontent to your commodity and you will also be get marketings because a lot ofpeople as they’re reading the clause they will be clickingon those affiliate links to find those low-spirited competitor keywordstype in any kind of query that is related to your target marketinto google then go through and find a website that is completely dedicated toyour target market and then analyze this website or any number of those websitesin a implement such as ahrefs so here we’veanalyzed and we’ve applied a keyword difficultyfilter of maximum seven and that will give you all of thepossible keywords that you can write articles about you can see that all of them haveextremely low keyword difficulty which means that if you writean article on any of these keywords you’ll have an extremely high chance ofranking on page one because your section will be hostedon which is a domain with insanely high-pitched authoritymethod number two that i’m going to show you for how to promote your affiliatelinks is to target review keywords it’s quitea cool tactic and pretty much no one out there isusing it so i really hope you like it and if you do like it then pleasecomment below just let me know that you actually liked it and that you foundit useful so let’s do this to execute this method i like to do thisi open up my favorite keyword research tool which is ahrefsyou can use any other tool that you want and i type inone word review and then i search for all the keywordsthat contain the word review so to do that i just go herehaving same terms and that will give me all of the keywords that have got a wordreview in them so anytime anybody searches for a review of somethingi’m picking this up right now now i likewise apply a keyword hurdle filter ofmaximum 7 which will give me keywords that containthe word review that are extremely easy to rank for andhere i’m getting 460 000 keywords now i’ve employed this method alot it’s just impossible to run out of keyword ideaswhen you’re doing this because there are hundreds of thousands of different keyphrases that contain the word review that you can try and rank forand the station here is that a lot of this will actually give you an idea onwhat beings are searching for reviews of what make they’re searching for forexample you can see here lg k3 0 review and if you don’t know whatit is you can open it up and you’ll find out what it is it’s aphone okay so this is a phone and if you manage to rank your reviewon page one of google you will manage to getcommissions because any of these websites that you can open up now okaylike if i open this website they will be promoting that lgk3 0 viatheir affiliate connect so if somebody is reading this reviewand they like this review and they decide to checkout this telephone they can click on the links on this websiteand that will take them to a place where they can buy it and the owner of thiswebsite will get paid a commission all right so let’s say on the lifewire.comwebsite see here it says buy on amazon so if ii’m interested in buying lgk3 0 and i experiment it i’llread further consideration and i like it then i’m going to clink this buy on amazon andvia the affiliate connect of i’m going to be taken hereand when i buy this then the owner of will obviously get paid acommission so this gives you a really goodamount of information for different kind of keywords that are super easy to rankfor because retain we filtered this for low keyword difficultyokay you can write asses on all of these terms and you can drive a tonof commerce here is another example if we go a few pages furtherhere it is qualia mind review so if we look at what kind of websites arecurrently ranking you can see here that there arelots of very weak websites that are ranking there’s a website with auh grade 14 million 4.4 million so if you write a proper review on thiskeyword on your own domain or a you’ll have a really highchance of outranking and starting to get consistent trafficnow if you’re not sure once again you know what inadequately in mindfor example is you can just google it andyou will find out that this is a northropicsupplement so basically you know it claims that it makes people smarterbut they actually have an affiliate program so you can search for affiliateand that will show you a sheet who are selling these qualiamindand they’ve got an affiliate program right here okay so you can sign up tobecome an affiliate you can write the review of this product and you can startmaking fees exactly by parties coming through to yourwebsite and checking out this qualia mindproduct via join and then buying it this is exactly what all of these people whoare currently ranking now on sheet one that’s exactlyhow they make their money receive all of these parties now that are rankingthey all re-examine this quali spirit concoction and theyoffer all of their visitors to buy it via their affiliate linki hope you experienced this video expressed appreciation for very much for watchinghere are a couple of videos that i indicate you watch next they’ll register youmore ways to make money with affiliate marketingif you’re not yet a subscriber then make sure to click the agree button andalso sag me specific comments below let me know what you thought of this video i wouldsuper appreciate it thank you so much see in the next one

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