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hey everybody how’s it going today markhere from our best idea com coming at you from the south of Thailand todaywe’re looking at convert Commission’s as “youre seeing” there on the screen andtoday I’m going to do a immediate review inside the members area there’s rightnow around the sales page kind of show you what it’s all about so it’s as adone-for-you automated roll house an affiliate commemorating organization so iteliminates all the hard work and put you on the fast track well I’ll leave a linkbelow to the sales page here if you want to check it out more in detail I’ll showmore inside the members area now we’ll just go through this instantly use this1 00% done-for-you system to build a hands-free fruitful roster and startearning autopilot boards today so it’s done by this lady now cindydonovan and she was actually with the prosperity builders and i don’t know ifshe’s still with them or not but perhaps she’s venturing out on her own or doinga line-up thing anyway they’ve bring out if anybody knows about all their plug-insand themes and stuff like that they’re breathtaking and they ever pay goodsupport and nonsense like that so I’m sure she’ll carry on all that simple to usefully cloud-hosted so you don’t need a website it’s all done for you and we’llget into that a hour automated traffic with their wordpress plugin andguaranteed to work or your coin back there is a requirement to a listing to make money and nobodyhas ever built a roll all right just go through the sales page a little furtherhere give you an idea what it is and if we head down here’s a QA to get insideand they’re saying construct productive rolls and give boards in any nicheand gapes you select one of these commissions over here to get startedright and they’re mostly in jvzoo and clickbank so you still have to getimproved for the product in jvzoo but they do give you a little code that youknow there are no other associated with this commissions so you can get approvedeasier and now you go inside everything’s done for you so basicallythey’re setting up the squeeze sheet so some of these are relevant to whateverthe products are and we’ll show you in the inside a bit more on that but it’sthere related to that so it’s not like your sign is somebody else up trying tosell them something else and once you do that so you move traffic to that andthen they’ve got the pour set up for you after that so it’s all highlyoptimized and what they’ve been using and been working for a number of yearsand there we go I get follow-up emails this quitein-depth set up it’s pretty good you don’t have any hosting so you don’t costfor that of course you can do some of the stuff yourself if you require and thenthey’ve got how to get traffic so they’ve got a bunch of videos showingyou that I’ll establish you that members area in a minute this is to be honest youcould nearly do this all yourself but of course they’ve got it all set upeasy to do if you’ve never done this before and also you can pick one ofthese check through with a preview and then when you can pick one if you signup through this link you get a free one to check it out so precisely sounds the linkbelow to do that and now let’s log into the members arena and we’ll check it outand I’ll picture you what you’re gonna get if you choose to purchase this all rightnow I’m inside on my dashboard and basically what I was talking about thoselittle pictures of stuff to sell is called my missions yeah so they’rekeeping it with the covert Commission’s so it’s the topic of that so you got mymissions brand-new goals briefing room the plug-in the weapons cache recoupmentdata and credit what we’ll do is we’ll show you inside my goals but here’swhere you can activate versus do more ascribes earn free credits I got a bunchof substance on now to keep you caused a propel docket to check out the creditsyou would cred in now you can buy new ones which means you buy let me show youhere in my goals these are the current packs right and if you look downhere and if you go to new ones you need to buy those so “youve had” three remainingcredits you can use three approvals to purchase jam-packs below so if you want tobuy one credit for one carry it’s a lot of varied stuff in here and like to sayif you go back to once I providing access to my missions if you want to look at whatyou got in here right you are able to check this one says product approved requiredclickbank doesn’t there’s a warrior plus so there’s some fighter plus in here aswell you have to get approved of course as i mentioned earlier there’s aso little deal they get going with the other dealers then if they know they’recoming from here you’ll get approved faster and let’s just check one out sothis one here is a day kickstart so another actually besides jvzoo it’s anewer newer chap so if we wanted to go on air we’ll only check out they got thepreview the sales page a little bit of information on here and then view thepromo Jules let’s firstly go into this there squeeze page what it’s aboutwe’ve got it okay free ordeal lion login so a professional-looking squeeze pageas well okay so you could taken to ensure that out if that’s say what you want a promoterfor your listing or something like that and then you would go back and if you likeit grab the affiliate connect and then here this is already hard-coded in with yourlink right but you can also change it and computed something in the last end hereand like if you’re running you know Bing ads or something like that you can addthat on there then over in the data evaluation tab you can check you knowwhere it’s coming from or whatever with that if you want to use that fortracking a simple track and picture there’s your tracking ID okay so here we havethe promo stuff so that’s what your mash page would look like and but youcan also use these to turn in your blog or tweet them or whatever and here’ssome tweets now they’ve got some email writtens for you and you’ve got your ownpager so you can gave the webform code on your own page so that vanishes for everysingle one of these missions in now alright so it’s quite in-depth andthey’ve got it set up as they say in the move back in you know so it’s prettycool and there’s where your that evaluationyou would know you know how many smashes you going what’s going on there you’vegot your help videos in the instruction room here so simply goes to show how to setit up promoting it set up in JB’s you and using the credit okay which is cooland then this is the training page of both get the traffic so they’ve gotquite a few and things set up here anatomy pinch sheet that “re going through” abunch of nonsense there so lots of stuff in here this is really good just for thetraining for traffic for whatever and there’s your word class plug-in so itconnects your chronicles or the back of it inside your WordPress so they’re sayingit helps get to drive but just by the backup you know you’re putting itthrough your blog which is another cool setup yeah so if you buy from the linkbelow so you get to this date squeeze page go through my tie-up below and thenit says now it’s your turn for affiliate and email commerce impunity hand-picked yourfree covert committee system so you have selected it from below so step onepreviewer collection and then enter the system so you attend where you employed the codeso you just look in now and as I was saying earlier you can check out okay wealready did this one so we know the preview and you would made the system inthere emulate that code after you ensure which one maybe you have wanted to which one youwant to use you can check out the pressure page on them and then if youlike it enter the code to activate your chronicle where your purchase your andredeem your ascribes now okay and then now we get to the nitty-gritty you canget cartons so with it the lane they’ve established it up now you can do monthly yearlyand a monthly prole but you get a free one like I said if you sign up throughmy link to check it out and then if you want to merely roost oneone other one it cost you 10 horses one-time fee right if you wanted to getfive it’s 47 horses okay and then if you want to get two Commission’s a monthsystem right or ten or five you can choose these containers and mostly yousee here what’s going on everything’s the same ones at setup the onlydifference is which is a big difference with this here when you when you useyour crush sheet and your send in traffic if you’re sending pay trafficor your email roster or whatever when they sign up into that pinch page theyaren’t going to be hard-coded the email to you unless you’re using where it saysthis one so your result okay so you see if we go to my profile page and you can seehere under the autoresponder and it says the pro form of covert commissionmemberships allow you on Mac they have all causes you get on your pressure pageadd it to your own autoresponder of your choice and they’ve got all the usual you knowAweber get respond and a knot of other ones now and you can use HTML for otherservices if you demand so you can upgrade that and that meant that the in yoursqueeze page automatically will be given to you otherwise you can’t get thosesqueeze pages so you’d have to do a different pas or ameliorate so affiliateapproval guaranteed which is cool right you get email reinforcement but like on theseexport your leads means that you’re going to be able to export all your yoursign up otherwise you don’t get the sign ups if you’re going directly in there’swhat I understand with this so they came lots of promo tools and material like thatso it’s a real good setup time to check out if you want to go monthly you can gomonthly that highway you can get much you know patently so much better over the timereally – is not bad if you think about it if you want to promote two thingsyou’re got to set it up perhaps make a video it depends how you’re promoting itsend some minute ads to Bing ads or whatever use and video ads YouTube adslike say there’s a knot of other interesting thing in there to give you informationon coming some traffic and regardles it’s cool so check it out encounter what you thinkany questions let me know otherwise click the link below so if you’re intoaffiliate sell one like a done-for-you system maybe you’re alreadygot lots of stuff going on this is kind of a simple setup easier to get approvedwhich is great lots of little pluses in this system that’s for sure so really headon over there if you’re serious about getting into it get a done-for-yousystem and check it out like I say with a through the link below clink the linkand you’ll get a free one simply kind of receive the setup what’s going onto the members expanse you be able to buy that approvals like I evidenced you one or ifyou choose before you get to that phase you can grab five now for the toll withthree dollars off that’s a limited time of course so it’s up to you on that oneand likewise last-minute you can get in there and you can upgrade to to the year or thewhatever you want a monthly a got a couple of monthly packages which is an awesomedeal and you also they put you through information systems with the moves and nonsense soyou can make money on the back end as well and lots of choose from it’s agreat setup as far as I can see Evergreen which has anybody that listensto me for a while knows I’d like to promote evergreen stuff so there youhave it mark from our best idea com coming at you from the south of Thailandwith another convert Commission’s review and hope you experienced it let me know ifyou need anything feel free to email me check my blog out i’ve got some trainingon there on for a limited period of time you can grab this deadly affiliate marketingmistakes only through the link below if you’re on youtube check it out over andout pushing that subscribe button on YouTubestay up to date with the most recent videos and footnote clink it now

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