How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (FREE) Earn $183 in 10 Minutes!

Hey, do you want to know how to start affiliate marketing as a novice and get incessant amounts of free traffic just like this this free traffic can save you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars every week and this concept is really easy, I will indicate where you can go unlimited quantities of these free pdf and e-book documents as soon as you recognise you are coming here and you are going to insert your call to action that call to action leads to a make that you can pay as much as one hundred and eighty dollars per marketing and if you are watching the amount of free freight I am going to show you how you can get on this video it is no wonder you can earn a lot I need money with affiliate commerce money close attention because it is going to be a terminated step-by-step affiliate market learn such a strategy exclusively takes you 10 to 15 minutes a day to execute so you can continue to make money with affiliate commerce if “youre interested” and you make sure you examine this whole video while we start now what’s going on, you guys are here again from the smart money tactics channel like me I told you today in the prologue I want to show you how to start an affiliate marketing as a ended novice with 100 free traffic it’s going to be an indepth tutorial so you can get started right after I watched this video and the amount of traffic you can get are crazy guys, but before I start this strategy I’ll ask you to do is was down and click on this tie-up here in the description of this video guys and what happens is that this isgoing to bring you to you for your chance to win one of my 250 gifts I open two and a half thousand apart dollars at the end of this month to give All you have to do is 9-9-3-5come here, enter your email address in address me and “re coming with me” on my social media for your chance to triumph is parties triumph every month and make sure you subscribe to the channel smash that button with cost in g and note now, I’m in the giveaway so today we are going to be With Clickbank you can do it digistore2 4, you can do it with any platform the first step is to sign up with one of these affiliate networks from there “youre ever” just wanted to do if you are on clickbank as an example you want to come here and you want to click on I am going to tell you that is something that three things you need extremely important if you are searching for a cause for example what you want to do you can do it in any niche no matter, let’s click on health and fitness here the step one with these people is the first thing that is really important that you want to come here and click on the gravity we want to know or this commodity sold and that beings alter it this is step one, the second thing is we want to look at the price we want to make sure we can reach some good coin with this product okay, as this is called biofit here, it compensates us one hundred and eighty-two dollars what you can do is that you can come here and click on this produce to see If it’s good, you can come here and read it and become familiar with the product is a second thing you want to look at the price if you scroll down to here where to you are going to see some of 49. 28 etc here is another one here 182 dollars the third thing you miss I want to look out for chaps is it blue arrows here and that mostly tells us that this product isrepeatedly okay really important the gravity is very good for this product ok, the rate is very good now concoction and it follows again, so we want to promote this commodity so we can start making money with an affiliate sell now from there you just wanted to do is that you want to come here and click on to promote what the hell are you want to generate these hop link chaps, you just wanted to reproduce it and then we are going to use it associate a cane the other thing you can do is that you can come here click on watch this product and you can see that this product is clearly a video so you can click on the video it’s going to stop it and when you come here to the other thing you guys are going to see you can also click here to read it we are going to open it we are going to tell you a little bit more about this product is good, it is basically a weight loss concoction the other thing you can do with this make can come here and on the clickaffiliate page this affiliate page if you can see, many resources for you, it will tell you a good deal about the concoction you can import your clickbank affiliate ID and then choose the sheet you is not require I will need many of these things I am going to show you today is a pretty simple and straightforward so formerly you have the desired product to promote in a niche that you are happy to promote with what you want to do this you want to come to google and then here you want to type free e-books is good if you type it in you want to on the first clink option that appears now formerly you click on what it will bring you to a page that looks like this because what we are going to do is we are going to this gra tis give away plr notebooks guys on a site that gets tens of millions of visitors every month and i’m going to show you it certainly very shortly so what you want to do if you are on this sheet guys have some options you can type weight loss as pattern, type in weight loss click on to search also type in nutrition and what you want to do is that you want to scroll down and find a good book resonating with what you are trying to do so at the moment we are trying to help people lose weight so we can get affiliate market boards well and if you look at some works here is one here it is called the hundred weight loss tips well, it’s another good one here is called diet and weight loss let’s run now with the hundred gratuities for weight loss, so you want to click on this journal you want to close this ad you want to unfurl now guys and you just wanted to download this diary is ok so i am going to clickon download now, download this diary now truly on our computer here important from here what the hell are you just wanted to do do you want to click on this relate do you want to open it, do you want to come back here, and what you want is you want to double-click on this ok want to make sure you extract it file, come here and click on get everything right as soon as you click on it take out everything to withdraw here and what it’s going to do is that it’s going to allow you to see this 100 weight loss now, it’s beautiful Very good, the e-book is good, so if you come across it now click with the freedom mouse button on it and then scroll down and let’s go do you want to open it and then come here and really click on google chrome as you can see here, this is the book now this is the book we are going some framed a call to action it’s good it’s so if parties read this book we’ll give it apart they’ll click on the present we got from clickbank and you’ re going to make affiliate marketing commissions good, so what do you want to do from here , now that we have this notebook ok here of free plr you want to come to this site here called you do not even have to sign up now site guys all you need to do come here and click to edit a pdf certificate it is 100 free all I am I demo you today on this video absolutely free and if you experience this content of the same content button to appreciate and was down below and really write I like free ways to make money online, then guys come here and click to edit a pdf certificate formerly you click on the guys see it run say upload pdf document on click on it to get back to your bibles now that “youve had” downloaded, so we have the hundred weight loss tips doubled click on it again and then click on 200 weight loss tips formerly “youve had” double-faced click on it to this guys watching I’ll just make it a little smaller so you can see it as you can see this is the whole ebook we have I got the whole ebook here and it’s download the amazing thing about it pulpit is now that we can add some call to ak sis about this will decrease the bottom and one will be about half gone so you want to get here about halfway and then what we are going to do you can see that it is a hundred tips so all “youve got to” do is simply up to pitch 49 or detail 50 say that you hint 51 here and there you can see we have this wonderful space now, which we can work with now, see how well it’s all you have to do Click here, chaps, and you can start simply typing and then this text can now move here you just wanted to do when it comes to If you placed this text, your best friend is to go back to clickbank and take a look at all these resources we We have opened this video here and the second thing we did we opened this facsimile now so we can read well so we should all do mostly as you can see here scientists have discovered ancient Japanese reload of eight seconds that burns away dogged abdominal fatigue so we can use some of this nonsense is good at the call to action good so what we want to do simply come here see it more, are you tired of it overweight and consistently feel accentuated so we can come here can copy it simply we can then come straight-from-the-shoulder back to this platform here and nature then something like that in ctrl v we are going to move it over us can double click on it and the good thing about this is that you can come here chaps and you can make it smaller ok, just come here you can post it here and then if you can click on it, you can move it over well and time put it there doubled click on it click on bold print okay remove it so you are tired of it overweight and incessantly accentuated Then all you have to do is click to you and then exactly set up your request operating and the call to action can seem like something you can simply type as if you are[ Music] please click here for my bonus gratuity to lose weight[ Music] very fast well, what’s going to happen guys do not worry about it do is now double sound on this clutch it understates a lles and then you can bring it up here, and you can stumbled participate it and you can move it across or so back and then it’s just what you need to do to get rid of this in the middle, because every time you double click on it gave it on board and then you can make this italic or you can it is also bigger and then you guys want to do simple we are going to set it the link I reproduced from clickbank it is ok so if we come back to to click here, guys and quite precisely seizure the link again so we’re going to come here click on gforserk hopscotch we are going to grab what we’re going to reduce it now come back here if you can see here that you have it associates so you click on it and then what you want to do is that you want to highlight this section here and this is where you are going to paste it attach and as you can see, the link is now pasted in there and then only click off It’s now, guys, is a link if you move Look at this how you have the link inside and it’s perfect, this is why we h et Do you now have one here that you want to do is that you want to scroll all the way to the bottom what we want to do is what we want to add another link at the bottom another call to action on this resource so pretty much really click anywhere, then click on SMS now and then click everywhere simply type here in another call to action ok guys, so I very quickly deferred another call to action, so i mostly came here and only put want to lose weight fast, increase stress the different levels ogle shocking, there is still a lot more energy if you click here , now join thousands of people who have worked and now swear by this produce we need we need to click on links here we need to emphasize it again and then you miss come here and you just wanted to paste that relation there and then precisely want to click on it, as you can see it is now there to get it all info chaps, all I did was that I “re coming back” to this concoction, okay, and I come by and I went revelation from everything written here and you can do the same, probably make it look a lot better than I did this tutorial, because I’m doing it very fast while I’m filming so you can come here and get a lot more inspiration for this, so what you just wanted to do from here as you have everything “youve had” want to come here and you want to come click to apply deepens once you click on the proper alterations as you can see that your assignment is completed and what now “youve got to” do if I zoom in here if you can see that we want to download it and if you scroll down here, you will be able to find everything we did now was converted, so if you move everything down you can see where you did it all now you can see that it’s all So what the hell are you miss do, scroll back to transcend and time click to download records and as “youre seeing”, it is now download now so we can get it pdf document we are going to be using so we have changed the original certificate now I require appearance you where you get this traffic from remember that it can work with all niche guys if i come here and you convey the wiseamount of traffic this place gets, look at this in june they get 16.2 million july 15.9 million and in august 16.5 million if you browse below the united states is one of the major players in this India, Mexico, UK so some really good countries now every month on this site which means they get a lot of traffic ok, and of course from a t1 the country is exactly what you want and the area we are talking about today talk is called this here pdf drive mostly beings come here upload these pdf documents and you can come here and get these documents for free, I make, look here document uploaded here has been downloaded 644 thousand times another one now 704 thousand times good, so you can see what people are downloading and uploading these different types of documents if you want to come here and type in weight loss as an example you can do affiliate marketing type some of your search here another thing you can do is if you type in for example weight loss they are going to give you sum keyword suggestions here you can use use weight loss drops because it isthe product here is good, so good, we have lost weight and when you roll down here, I make: make’ n look at these 88 000 downloads 13 000 download 25 000 download now will make some time for your artistry for your pdf certificate to be indexed but it is good formerly that happens, beings will start downloading it well, and you shall begin with going clinks and affiliate market auctions you want to do from here is simple if you are okay on this chart because as “youre seeing” I am previously logged in but if you are not logged in you want to come here and click to sign in here as soon as you click to sign in you will see it again here you want to come here and you want to click to create an account as soon as you click on it to create an accounting you are able to word must open email address password etc once you have done this and you have created an note g for yourself then what you miss you click on this little dropbox, depart now and click on upload as soon as you click on it to upload it this is where it will allow you to upload on that pdf document that suits us I have it so simply downloaded even though they are you grab it and drop it here it will allow it to come here as “youre seeing” hundred weight loss tips pdf if it is not over here you can just like me click on to select file and it is now time on to download really very important people division here we have a hundred weight loss tips this is something that the book is currently announced weight loss a good keyword, okay, the other thing you can do just as well is it quite possible simply supplemented the okay, so you can placed something like how to lose weight and inspect good as precedent people, you can do it again likewise 100 weight loss gratuities how to lose weight and gape good, click on I’m not a robot here just come here and click on upload as you can see now, it is being processed and this pdf-d certificate is likely to be uploaded to this locate once it is finished processing goes through a period of the system only upload and do all you have to do and then once it is done parties will be able to access this pdf just like everyone else document these other parties are here is a great way to start making money with affiliate marketing as a terminated novice working this free traffic now again if you crave it in another niche, you can definitely if you come here and you type in affiliate sell as a condition an example, it’s going to give you all those suggestions and if you browse look at these five thousand seven thousand fifteen thousand it’s one of the best underground spoofs you guys can find as a novice to get free traffic for your affiliate market commodities now when you first sign up on this place guys after which it is going to ask you if you require the free account or the paid copy you do not have you have to sign up for the pot old copy than hitherto you can just run with the free rush edition for now guys and formerly you start To make money, you can upgrade if you want and you can start constructing even more money with affiliate commerce now guys if you want to try something that every goes literally creation right click on this video now it’s a detailed tutorial i created, it goes to show different concoctions you can promote and strategy is amazing you can conclude thousands of dollars with it click on this video i see you now that video until the next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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