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okay you ready for a super odd analogy you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing that’s why you’re here you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know how to start affiliate marketing well affiliate sell is a lot like making a proper old-fashioned so you can go to any forbid you can go to a dive barroom you go to a imagination cocktail bar a steakhouse a restaurant whatever and they’ll spawn you an old-fashioned but often it’s not done properly in fact most terms it’s it’s downright bad and it’s simply not gonna work you gotta have the right amount of alcohol you got to have the right water content the claim acrimonious there’s all this all the stuff that goes into it that most people precisely never think about to get started with affiliate marketing is easy to be successful with an old-fashioned in to make one that’s gonna blow parties away that’s more difficult to be successful with affiliate market and make a full-time living off of it and then some well that’s difficult as well but in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to get started to make sure that you’re at least get off on the right foot to give yourself a fighting chance because it doesn’t matter who you are a mommy blogger a sports blogger a small business proprietor a big business proprietor a youtuber a podcaster an scribe a normal person who has no background on the internet doesn’t matter who you are you can make money affiliate marketing and frankly it’s probably the ultimate easiest space you can get started I’m gonna share with you some of the tactics I’ve worked I’m gonna share with you some of the specific products I’ve abused I’m gonna display you some of the numbers so you actually have a real sense of how this can work for you and we’re gonna give you a step-by-step process for how to do all of it so that’s part of the review gotta tells me a little bit long video so if it’s if it’s the evening where you are then draw yourself a suck if it’s first thing in the morning then have some chocolate but I’m gonna enjoy this for a second yeah that’s done right with that let’s talk about how to start affiliate marketing oh by the way one thing you’re not gonna find in this video is a bunch of Lambo Ferrari giant ass manors I do pretty well I can stay in cool inns I can pass what I require I don’t really look at the legislation much when I go out to eat I’m not forming millions you’re probably not gonna perform millions either all the people that are selling you affiliate selling to constitute seven eight illustrations there’s a handful of beings in the world that are doing that but there are a ton of parties that are making a congenial revenues and a good livable income and that’s where I’m trying to help you to do I’m not promising you you’re gonna get super rich but I can’t predict you that there’s a good chance if you commit to this and you follow these strategies that you can make a good side income or draw enough to replace your income of your era undertaking if you’re looking for Lambos if you’re looking for millions of dollars there’s plenty of other videos on YouTube go check those out you’re not gonna find that now I talk about a very practical very realistic strategy for how to make money on the internet expend affiliate market even if you have no experience so I still retain to this day the first successful affiliate advertisement I did it’s kind of hard to forget I was living in Bangkok and it was at a time where the city was full of unrest there was a big coup going on one political party was trying to overthrow another registered political party I obtained myself in the middle of it I get tear gas trying to buy a guitar on my birthday but about a month after that everything came to a intelligence and I still retain going to bed it was on a Friday night I went to sleep two grenades vanishing off every five minutes constant gunfire it was another 48 hours before there was enough of a lull in this war zone that was going on so that I could hop-skip in a taxi and get to the other side of town I don’t talk about this a whole lot but the time I was living in Bangkok was actually a pretty crazy time so I ran across city has continued to be my chums Derek and clay who are now really good friends of mine but I just fulfill them like four daylights prior to this and I’m like hey people can I sleep on your floor for a while so that Tuesday night two days later this entire city is still unrest a duet days later I would end up absconding the country and one of the craziest knowledge of my life I’m getting ready to do my first affiliate advertisement I was for a produce by Chris kilovolt the dominion build equipment “its like” a five hundred dollar commodity it paid really good the committees and I was gonna write a review about it and publish it as soon as his propel became live I was able to advance follow so I was certainly familiar with the content I was able to provide a really in-depth review so at 10:55 I went downstairs to go get a cup of coffee I come back up it’s 11:05 I reached refresh on my email I’ve take five marketings those five auctions were worth about $500 I made about 500 horses with this affiliate promotion in five minutes and it was at that point sleeping on my friend’s flooring in the middle of a war zone in Bangkok that I recognized hey there might be something to this whole affiliate marketing thing I should explore this a little bit more so that was 2010 and now years later I am still making a pretty good portion of my income on both orientation maverick on my niche place violating 80 it’s all through affiliate revenue protests and war zone fire so for a jump into the step-by-steps you might be wondering what’s affiliate marketing so to throw it in simple terms affiliate marketing is when you get a special link and you link to a produce if somebody else sounds that link and then buys the produce you get a commission that’s it simple as that so if you were to ask me the best way to build a significant income at a real business in a short amount of occasion online I would say you should start with freelance writing that is the best way to start constituting real income generally over a longer period of time that’s gonna help you pay the monies however if you were to ask me the easiest way to make a single dollar online the coming week it would be affiliate marketing and if you do it in the right way it obviously has action more paying possible than freelance writing but we’re starting to get into some of the nuances certain difficulties of the approach you know it’s the old-fashioned it’s like anyone can make an old-fashioned but to make a really good wanted to make it successful takes a lot of period a great deal of practice and so forth but the reason I think it’s the easiest way to make a single dollar is because no matter what you’re doing online whether you’re just sharing things on Twitter and Facebook whether you’ve got a blog or they’ve got a YouTube channel you’re always talking about makes whether it’s a bible whether it’s the camera that I’m employing for this whether it’s the liquor that I framed mild fashion whether it’s a computer whatever it are likely to be we’re always talking about products and across the internet there are affiliate programs for almost every single product out there so you can find that special link to put in your YouTube videos to turn in your blog affix to lay in your books whatever might be so that when someone comes looking for that information materials and they click on the link and they buy the product you must pay so who can do affiliate marketing frankly truly anybody can start affiliate commerce you just have to have some sort of platform so whether it’s have a website have YouTube channel have a social media note I mean that’s really all you need to get going so that’s step number one figure out what your platform is gonna be so for me I’ve got two main stages I leverage affiliate marketing on my blogs and my youtube direct so if you go to the bottom of this YouTube channel in the comments you’ll realize a entire section that’s paraphernalium I use so my camera my lens my microphone all of that trash every time you click on that Amazon link that’s an affiliate associate so if you click on that link and you buy the lens that I’m squandering then I’m going to get a big Commissioning and we’re gonna talk more about that specifically and some of the products that worked really well for me here and a couple steps same thing goes with blog berths if I’ve got a long detailed blog post and I talk about you know different produces I use different works I predict I can add affiliate links to that and make money so that’s why it’s so great because no matter what product you’re talking about the lucks are you can get a link for it you might not make a ton of money for that referral but that can add up over term stair number 1 figure out what platform you want to do if you’re a youtuber focus on YouTube if you’re a blogger focus on blogging if you’re an writer focus on your works if you’re a podcaster focus on putting your affiliate connects in the present notes so step number two is something we talk about a lot of our videos because way too often it gets neglected and that’s you want to find your niche you just wanted to figure out what you’re gonna specialize in that people are gonna came to see you you and listen to what you have to say what can you erect your expertise in so that people look at you as an jurisdiction on a specific topic so as two examples my site ending 80 I remember boutique golf commodities and I do more of them than most other websites out there so when it comes to reviewing golf concoctions and golf tech commodities and things like that beings trust my view so if I write a review about a concoction and it’s a really good review the risks are my readers sounding to say oh yeah well Sean would prefer it then it must be a good product I’m gonna pick that up as well so truly try and focus down collect your niche if you really want to be successful with it find a niche in your niche I’ve got a link to a video below that’s all about how to do that and exactly what that represents but I think that’s the most effective strategy find your niche within a niche erect your expertise and good things are gonna happen okay so in one of these videos I’m actually gonna demonstrate you how to make a proper old-fashioned again spooky resemblance I know but little little suggestion this substance will it three year you can’t find it in Oregon keys but no reaches immense daring manners this will astonish your friends this is a good start you still gonna have the method used with the old-fashioned but you’ve got good whiskey oh there you go so will it three-year highly recommended step list three this is where we get tactical sign on for the Amazon affiliate program so Amazon’s affiliate curriculum is the biggest affiliate program in the world there’s no real requirements to sign up there’s no cost to sign up and what that allows you to do is it allows you to go in and get one of those special affiliate ties for any product that Amazon sells so this is why I was saying it’s such a good way about to begin obligating your first dollar because if you talk about a concoction that’s on Amazon you can potentially get paid for it here’s a rapid gratuity to utter your very first dollar online formerly you get signed off for the Amazon affiliate program send your affiliate link to your parents next time they buy something on Amazon it can be anything just tell them to click that associate first go in search for whatever they demand buy the product and you’re gonna get paid you’re welcome the problem with Amazon’s affiliate planned is they don’t generally offer you very much it starts out at about 4% and surfaces out at around 8 to 10% depending on what it is so you need a lot of traffic and a good deal of sales in order to be allowed to to make a significant amount of money off Amazon but it’s a great way to get started and peculiarly if you received a good niche you can make a nice bit of side income from it so you give you a little bit of example here are my figures from last month so last month just off transgressing 80 I made about thirty six thirty seven hundred dollars off Amazon so there’s a duet caveats to Amazon’s affiliate curriculum so a lot of goes when you click those affiliate associates specially if it’s for like an info product or things like that they have what are announced cookies so what a cookie does is when someone clicks your tie-in it settles a little file on their computer and mostly is just a reminder that says hey they clicked this affiliate link so a cookie portion be anywhere from 30 daytimes to 60 daylights to 90 daylights so if that person clicks the link and they buy the product any time within whatever that window is you will still get the commission from it so their own problems with Amazon however is the fact that instead of having a 30 daytime a 60 date a 90 date or an even longer cookie they’re cookie is only 24 hours so you exclusively have 24 hours for where the person concerned sounds the link to when they have to buy the product otherwise the cookie expires and you don’t get paid if they buy it’s a 48 hours later and the cool thing is say they click a link to buy golf balls but they too buy golf balls or Rolex and a bowling ball well you’re gonna get paid on all of those things so it’s not just the thing they sounds the link for but it’s everything they buy with that acquisition which is one of the things that’s kind of unique about Amazon and potentially represents it somewhat rewarding for you and one of my favorite pastimes is going and looking at the list of all the stuff people buy each month and beings buy some creepy nonsense I don’t guess I don’t adjudicate and you do you and I can’t see who bought it so don’t think there’s like an assault of privacy there but to the person that bought the blowtorch good Anya so step crowd four so you’ve signed off for Amazon now go back if you’ve already got a YouTube channel if you’ve already got a blog post go back and update all of your old-fashioned material you know if you talk about the gear “youre using” if you talk about things “youre using” when you jaunt if “youre talking about” books that you love if you’ve talked about that anywhere on your platform before go update all of those been linked to your amazon association because if you’re recommending these produces well you might as well get paid for it come on I know it’s getting long I “ve told you” we’re trying to go in-depth now I’m trying to give you really valuable information about how to get started affiliate marketing so merely bear with me hold on good all right step quantity five okay pace figure five this is where we really get into building our affiliate programme this is the stuff that’s actually gonna start to constitute you real coin and meet you successful so step numeral five is create specific material geared towards the things you’re promoting via affiliate relates so there’s two types of posts that I love to recommend for just getting started with this so these are the things that have worked really really well with both location maverick and cracking ad and how potential to make a lot of money over the long term so the first type of post I recommend if you’re trying to make affiliate income is creating a best announce so for example best golf endows 25 gifts the golfer in their own lives will cherish best endows for travelers 45 of the most wonderful endowments for the traveler in your life best golf knacks for women best golf pellets of 2018 best cameras of 2018 best cameras for vloggers of 2019 best cameras for photographers best beanbag chairs best illuminates for vloggers best blenders for smoothies best crock pots best occasion pots this computer monitors best kitchen supplements best sound offsetting headphones best microphones for your camera best Panasonic camera lenses so you get the idea best whatever it is and the reason is is you’re trying to think of what parties are actually going to be searching for so for instance when I bought this camera I searched for best lenses for the gh 5 and I actually bought one off one of the reviews I spoke so best golf offerings this is actually something I’m separate 80 I rank really well for I’ve got the peculiarity snippet which is when you search for something and above all the search results it’s got like a little box with additional place of information that’s really what you’re trying to come with your affiliate blog affix with your affiliate advertisings and things like that there’s a produce announced Archos golf I love Arcos golf I think it’s the best tech product out there right now and I say that I say this is the best overall golf endowment for the golfer in their own lives so only through Amazon alone off their flagship product I sold 50 of them last-place month I sold 47 of their introduction rank concoction and I sold another 30 or 40 of their ancillary commodities and that’s just through Amazon through them instantly I made another $1,300 in affiliate sales from beings that bought it through their website so that’s just off one commodity that’s not to mention all the other things that beings have bought at the same time as they bought Arcos on Amazon so most of that is because of my best golf gifts blog posts so the key here is to think about what people are actually searching for so think about the last best space thing you search for because if people “re looking for” it then there’s a chance that that’s going to be a good post to create for your affiliate promotions so that’s number one creating best material number two is the review post so our phantom golf remember Road microphone review panasonic gh4 examine you know these are things that people are searching for it as you’ve proven your niche and you build your stature and you scrutinize more concoctions that are all within the same vein you stretch your their skills and in doing that people are gonna trust you so when they read your review they’re gonna be like alright I trust this guy I’m gonna buy this produce now I’m all about the review post so between the best golf endows post and the Archos golf review that is what has allowed me to stimulate tens of thousands of dollars off precisely that one product so on spot pas we’ve got convertkit re-examine I see convertkit is the best email software out there for apprentices so if you’re starting a brand and you want to grow an email list then you’re gonna hanker convertkit and so we have a whole review about why we swopped from Aweber over to convertkit and if you rely me about constructing a business and things like that then you you are able to read its consideration of the item like yeah this is what I want to go with this is what I need for my brand-new business and if you be brought to an end assembling via my associate then I’m gonna get a commission every month that you still have that make so there’s beings that bought that commodity three years ago and every month I’m still coming a commission from it pretty powerful that supplements up over term so that’s it so as you’re getting going should be considered best blank and then also think of blank review pillow those are the ways to get started even if you’re on YouTube or a podcast you can do reviews of a product that you really like so even if you don’t blog you can do discusses on your podcast you can do evaluates on your YouTube channel or your volume no matter what your platform is you can still take the same concept to make it work for you okay hold on a second let’s just pause real quick are you liking this make sure to guess thumbs up if you like this video if you’re getting value out of it disappear hit subscribe if you want to build a small business you can run from anywhere in the world you want to deplete more duration doing the stuff you have liked to do rather than sitting at an 8 to 5 epoch errand you hate that’s we help you do so sign up subscribe check out location rubble appease that’s that’s what I’m dedicated the last 10 years of “peoples lives” more and that’s we’re gonna continue doing for the foreseeable future as long as I’m able to continue do it so it’s back to the affiliate marketing so step numeral six is optimize both your brand-new material and your aged material for pursuing so I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization that’s a little bit beyond the scope of this video but I’ll give you some resources below for how you can get started because that’s how you’re gonna start to fix significant coin is when you do these best poles “when youre doing” these review berths when people start to follow what you say and they do it in mass that’s how you can get enough magnitude and fairly traffic in order to make a significant amount of money via affiliate market but I will say for me personally I use a tool announced SEM rush that’s how I make sure I’m trying to rank for the right key words the products I’m recalling get enough search traffic to make it worthwhile to see what my entrants are doing and make sure that I’m you know following all the very best best rehearses all trash like that okay so step digit seven is trying to figure out if there are better affiliate curricula for what you’re doing then Amazon so Amazon’s great because they’ve got so much stuff I mean you can you know any make any bible you can find an amazon join for it but because Amazon offers you know generally exclusively you know four to eight percentage Commission’s and we tough to make a significant amount of money so for example with Arcos golf I envisage I obligate I envisage I make like twenty percent if I refer through their website so I had both connections because there is something for Amazon people love to buy stuff off Amazon they trust it it’s easy they already have an account set up so I’d rather build seven percent off Amazon then they’re not buy it at all nonetheless if you buy the product directly from their website I start twenty percent and I recall the cost is a little bit cheaper as well so in that case everybody earns so as you’re looking at the products that “youve been” want to promote start looking at other streets oftentimes you can go direct through the company there’s also affiliate structures like share a sale or flex activities or a couple of the ones that I’ve worked with in the past that represent a great deal of big companies and a large network of makes so you can sign up with them and then have access to all of those products so the most effective way to go about meet those is just do a quick hunting so product mention affiliate planned character that into Google and hazards are something’s gonna come up so ultimately step count eight is just make sure you’re tracking your standings and moving what you’re doing so that’s one of the things that I use SEM rush for it allows me to put in a bunch of keywords that I’m trying to grade for and it’ll tell me if it’s gone up or down it’ll tell me if I’ve got the featured snippet or anything like that and it actually allows me to say okay well I was digit three for this and now I’m number seven and then I can go in and I can change my metadata I can change things on the berth ICO clear the post longer more robust I can add more images I can do things that are gonna bump me up but if you really have no idea where you are or what things you’re grading for then it’s not gonna work very well so one of the tools within SEM rush that I really like is the fact I can take a connect so I can take my you know call it my Arcos golf recall it makes it possible to plug it in to SEM rush and it’ll tell me all of the keywords that that announce is ranking for so this is really good if I’ve got a bunch of keywords where I’m like you know ranked you are well aware 1112 you’re kind of on the top of that second page because then I can go and procreate nips to the posts that are gonna help hump me up and if I’m not tracking that then I would have no idea that those were opportunities so those are the steps to get started it’s all actually real easy but like I said it’s like an old-fashioned easy to do tough to surmount but the only way to know for sure if this is for you is to get started but with that that’s my introduction to affiliate marketing we’ve got a whole like one of the most successful blog affixes we’ve ever had at orientation disturbance is link below how to start affiliate marketing the terminated rookies steer but this video is a pretty good overview of everything you should be maintained in thoughts if you want to get started affiliate marketing on your blog you can wanna get started affiliate marketing on your youtube direct so if you follow those steps we laid out you will see your first dollar this month and if you don’t like I said get your Amazon affiliate link send it over to your parents or your best friend tell them to sounds the link before they buy anything and you’re gonna get a commission simple as that that’s how it would obligate my first dollar online so I’m sorry this video is longer than I expected it to be but I wanted to make sure we considered this in depth so you knew exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing on whatever your platform is and I think this was a pretty good overview so if you’d like this video if you want to build a business you can run from anywhere on earth it’s gonna free you up to expend more day doing the stuff you adore then check out location rebel make sure to affect the agree button that little notification bell up there because that’s what we help you do help you build small and medium-sized businesses that are gonna get you out of that day job that suctions and doing something that well just becomes you happier because that’s what this thing is about right hope you guys have a phenomenal week we’ll see you soon reached subscribe thumbs up hold on give me a thumbs up yet this video thumbs up my your friends enjoy never come Portland I’ll move you net fashion[ Music] told you later guys[ Music]


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