How to Start Affiliate Marketing FOR FREE (with PROOF!!)

in today’s video i’m going to show you how to start affiliate marketing for free that means that by the end of this video you will know how to get 100 free traffic how to get that traffic clicking on your affiliate links and how to proselytize those clicks into marketings affiliate marketing really is a great way to make money online personally i make over ten thousand dollars every single month from affiliate commerce the cool thing is that i never pay for any traffic i don’t invest anything into paid ads so all the traffic is 100 free and i goes to show you my own methods for getting this 100 free traffic and making affiliate auctions here is exactly what i’m going to show you today it’s a 100 free technique and here are the steps that you’re going to learn first of all i goes to show you how to find excellent affiliate offers then i will also evidence you how to get your affiliate links which you can share to make money third i will show you where to share your affiliate link so that you can start getting traffic start get sounds and start getting conversions and sales and lastly i will too depict you how to proselytize that traffic into sales how to scale and optimize and if for some reason you’re not yet a customer to my channel then make sure to sounds subscribe exactly below this video enable all notifications and you will get an update as soon as i upload a same video like this all right so the first step that we’re going to talk about is how to find an excellent affiliate offer to promote and here i’ve keep some of the affiliate networks that i have just been personally used with a little bit of commentary so the first affiliate structure that you can work on and where you can make money is called clickbank the benefit of clickbank as well as the next to jvzoo and warrior plus is that they can accept and they will generally accepted anyone if you have no experience and no previous affiliate marketings this system was usually approve you and you can start promoting their products using the procedure that i’m going to show you today as well as pretty much any other way that you want to promote the offers from there there is no review you don’t have to have a website you don’t have to be an experienced affiliate or an existing business so clickbank is an excellent affiliate network and they too have produces from a variety of different niches the next to jvzoo and warrior plus they generally deal with online marketing so things like traffic software various uh software and wordpress plugins for online purveyors numerous software to grow social media adherents so that’s generally what jvzoo and wordplus deal with i’ve also put down a couple of other networks share auction and board conjunction and i’ve put asterisks there and the reason there is that they’re very very good affiliate systems but you generally have to have an existing website generally some traffic etc before they will approve your application to join and to promote products on there so i’ve got a ton of videos that i’ve previously saw on clickbank check the links in the specific characteristics below if you want to see them that explain how to work with clickbank so for today’s video i have actually adopted how to work with warrior plus i don’t cover that very often but i make a lot of coin on warrior plus as well so let’s jump into where plus and i’ll show you how to find an offering if you don’t have a warrior plus report yet then go over to and then click this button now that says sign on free it doesn’t cost you anything to open an note recruit all of your knowledge “re going through” the sign up process and then come back to this video just in case you’re wondering whether soldier plus is actually a good structure or not check this out if i select all era and then click turn you will see that i have cleared over a hundred thousand dollars on warrior plus so it’s 104 427 so it’s a great affiliate structure and here is how to promote the offers on here so the very top under the affiliate menu choose offers and that will open this page here where you can see what the current highest performing affiliate volunteers on this structure are so the offers on this page are generally sorted by this heart which is the value of how sort of red-hot or how how well performing this offer is you can see this top one is 124 that’s the kinds of the pulsate value i think it’s called then 117 etc and they get lower and lower and lower and the cool things here to be addressed are this visitor value so tourist evaluate for example for this one is 362 and that means that on average for every click that you transmit via your affiliate link to this offer on average you can expect to make about three dollars and 62 cents now of course this is average across dozens maybe even hundreds of affiliates so you’re not can assure oblige that per clink you might make a lot less or maybe even a lot more but this is the average the other things to look at our pay frequency so if a refund frequency is high say 10 or 15 or more that means that something is wrong with a commodity and a lot of people don’t like it so you may lose some commissionings if you promote this offer and then people later indemnity and the other thing that i like to look at is conversion frequency so transition frequency makes how easy it is to make a sale so some “youre seeing” have six percent changeover proportion and some 15 shift frequency so on average that means that you know you have to send a lot more traffic before you expect to see a transition with a lower proselytizing volunteer the next thing that you’ll want to do is to study these offers and to see that if this is something that you want to promote to look into it if you are interested for example in gain puzzle is we can just open that i’ll do this in a new invoice but you can of course just open in the same tab and take a look at the information for this offer you generally will find a join here to what’s called a jv page and this jb page now let me time make this a little bit bigger hopefully you can see this affiliate information and there is jd page so jb sheet stands for joint venture page and if you open this up here you can find all of the information about these products so what does it do it’s an eventual brand new cloud app that creates done for your products and services from scratch with 24 7 free traffic built in you can watch the video you can learn everything that you can see on this sheet and you can decide you know is this something that you are interested in promoting or does it maybe sound a little bit extremely spammy some of the presents on now you will find that they kind of like um you know that there are a lot of these cash results and not everyone is cozy promoting it i generally try to promote produces that uh do with building websites with traffic etc and not just some kind of money inducing strategies and if you would like to promote this offer then you can click this button now that says petition approval and then choose how you would like to be paid generally i request for the payments to be handled to warrior plus wallet you can read a bit more about that but it’s mostly like your balance that warrior plus holds for you and then you can withdraw that balance anytime you require into your paypal note that’s how i do it and now you can also put in request tones now seek notations are your way of communicating with the vendor sometimes the merchants if they don’t know you they are likely not approve you so you will want to put in merely be sincere illustrate who you are how you’re going to be promoting this concoction and if you’re personable in these notes you will have a very high chance of actually coming approved but if you are a little bit new then you probably might need to request maybe five or ten different offerings and you will eventually get approved for some of them now a little tip here for you is that it’s always a good notion on this jv sheet to get in touch with the merchants you will generally find the information so you can see here there is radhu mike and luan and you will generally find their contact information for example you can see here contact us there is an email one henrique at so you can also and “youre supposed to” should send them an email and ask just be sincere tell a little bit about yourself say that you’re following some lessons on youtube about how to promote affiliate produces you don’t have any record on warrior plus yet but you would really appreciate it if they are unable to approve you you know you can you you’re okay with delayed commissions all that kind of information if you are being a real human and not a spammer you will greatly increase your chances of getting approved for those produces so as a summary of gradation two you will need to send your entreaty via warrior plus you will need to get in touch via email or via skype via facebook whatever contact information you can find on the jb page with the marketers explain what it is that you’re doing be a human not a spammer and you will greatly improve your chances of getting approved now after you are approved you will see that you will firstly get a notification via email but you are able to also see that under the office for which you are approved you will find that it’s now a light-green button and it doesn’t say application anymore it says get tie-up so you will need to click get link and that will give you a opening from which you can copy your relate this is gonna be the affiliate associate that we will be sharing in the further paces of this video so don’t go anywhere i’m about to show you how to actually start driving traffic to this link but virtually this is the link this one here that says o2 etc if you send any traffic to this link all of the sales from the people who click this associate and then buy the product will be tracked directly to you so for example if i open a brand-new opening and it’s an incognito space and then i register that join and i click enter freedom so individual let’s say somebody clinks on this join they will be taken to the sales sheet of this particular offer which in such cases is traffic zion it’s a traffic software that i’ve been promoting and then whenever somebody sounds anywhere on this page and ends up buying this i will get paid a percentage commission okay so now let’s talk about step three which is sharing the link we need to set up an account on which is a free assistance you don’t need to pay for it and i’m gonna depict you step by step exactly how to do that so that you can start stimulating those marketings so you can google snippetly like this or just go to in your browser and you need to sign up to a free accounting so you will find that there is a free accounting at the highly top it’s actually not visible it looks like you have to pay but it’s not so at all if you scroll down a little bit lower you will see plan comparison and there is actually a free mean now this free plan is perfectly fine to get for you to get started there are some limitations for example you can only process 1000 sounds per month with this free plan but of course you know if you are getting more than a thousand sounds to your affiliate offers you will be making money generally once so at that point you will be able to upgrade but for now you can use the free chronicle so just go ahead click here get started and cross-file your free report another little tip is if you do run out of these 1000 clinks per month you can actually set up multiple histories with different email addresses this is just a little sort of way to get around this limitation if you really are on a close-fisted budget then get a few email addresses register a few of these reports and then you can run a thousand clicks on each of those reports after you register and after you log into your snipping scatter head dashboard you will see a summary similar to this now this is from an account on which i promoted the traffic design software but i goes to show you step by step how to set up something from scratch so that you can follow along with me step by step so i’m going to register a wholly brand new free history and then you can follow along so now let’s talk about what snipley actually does this would be a good time so that you can understand exactly how you’re going to be promoting and going traffic now snipley is a service that will after we deep-seated it up i’ll present you step by step it will give you a tie-up that gapes similar to this now let’s see what happens when i click this tie-up you can share this link anywhere you can share it on social media i’m going to show you where to share this link in order to get a lot of traffic to your join but let’s see so i share this link and let’s say somebody sounds this relation okay for example i share it online on the maybe in a facebook group or perhaps i share it somewhere else whenever somebody sounds on this tie-up it’s going to open a sheet now this website that has actually just laded is neil patel’s website okay this is neil patel’s website and whenever somebody speaks the information here they are essentially reading the information from neil patel’s website but guess what here in the bottom left you see that there is a little call to action from me all right so it’s got my photo it actually sounds because it looks like one of those kind of social media pop-up words and it is saying get free traffic to your blog fast and then it says click here now if somebody clinks this button click here they will be taken via my soldier plus affiliate link to the traffic zion app marketings sheet this is how snipley toils it via an iframe technology it makes it possible to embed your call to action on someone else’s material all right now uh this works in an ethical way if the owner of the website so let’s say if neil patel did not want for someone else to embed his website he could actually restrict the iframe practice okay so if the owner of the website didn’t restrict this usage it means that they’re probably okay with you applying it in this way they’re getting more traffic anyway they will be getting benefits from people visiting their site snap their connect but the benefit that “youve been” get is that you will get this a way to show this little pop-up and establish your affiliate link in a non-intrusive way so sharing these snippetly join somewhere you can actually do two things you can share awesome content with people and a small proportion of these parties will sounds the affiliate relate so you can drive if you drive a good deal of traffic to these snipply connects then a certain percentage of them will click that association they will be clicking your affiliate relation and if they end up buying something via click you clicking this relation then you can get affiliate sales so it’s 100 free for you good for the user and also it can spawn you coin as well so let’s just summarize this and i goes to show you step by step example uh a late later on as well so basically what snip speck lee allows you to do is this you can find a great affiliate offer ideally something that is high quality and you absolutely believe in then you can find some helpful material in that niche on anyone else’s website it can be a blog it can be you know pretty much any website that you think adds good datum uh about this topic now you share that content you run it through and you share it and when you share that link with somebody and they they view that content your call to action your associate is shown and a certain percentage will sounds that relation and you constitute marketings so for example when i promote the traffic zion using this method uh traffic zion as an offering on wire plus is a software to get traffic to websites it use really well and i concluded an article about traffic it happened to be on neil patel’s website and i shared it online about 800 or so parties ended up going to neil patel’s website via my connect and uh 40 something beings dissolved up sounding my connect that was sort of embedded via a nine chassis so let’s go and change this campaign up together from scratch in the new history you will be required to set up your label it doesn’t have to be anything complicated you could even use a copyright free image from pax auctions or pixabay so just upload your photo i’ve got my photo here set up your word i used caffeinated blogger but you can use any brand name or your real name if you require click continue that are able to then ask you to set up your cta so now because i promoted this offer called traffic zion which is all about driving traffic to a blog or driving traffic to people’s websites i made a call to action which will be appealing to people who are reading content dedicated to how to drive traffic to your blog now you were able to do this with weight loss as well if you were promoting a weight loss offer then you will want to make this cta this call to action about weight loss something like want to learn you know here is an effective way to lose weight and then say start now something like that i used can put what more traffic to your blog because that’s what i’m targeting we’ll say start now and then construe where it says button url you will want to insert your affiliate connection now so just go back to the off on occupation plus or on another structure that you’re promoting then go to the offer click get link so for me it would be this link here okay so i’ll just right click and croak transcript relation address and then go back into here and under button url i will put that and click continue now where it says opt a sheet to snip so this is where you will want to find some excellent content that is dedicated to your niche for example for me this offer is about coming traffic so i could go into google and i could i could search something like how to get traffic to my blog and then you can take any of these urls that come up so for example here i ran with neil patel’s one that was the number one result this is a really good article that plows a great deal of great information with various ways to get traffic to a blog so i’m going to share this okay so just gonna copy this url is coming in now and this is where we are setting up this page to snip so i’m just going to insert that in now go paste and now this preview while the preview is not really loading which is okay but we can still click continue and that will then set up our snipped little tie-up so now see it says you just made a snip this unique snippet relate below contains the page with your cta inside only people who click on this associate will see a send so we can copy this and after we’ve copied this let’s just preview what happens okay we copy and glue this tie-up into the browser and neil patel’s website onus and our call to action is here so whenever we share it with soul they can click this button and they will get take via our affiliate link to the sales page anyone who buys it we get paid the commission into our warrior plus chronicle that’s how this works so let’s now go back here click continue and you will see that our campaign is now set up so here is our campaign brand profiles call to actually sniffly attaches so this is our snippety link we can click on it and that course we can see all of the statistics as well as the actual link so here is the link if we want to get it again we can precisely sounds this and it our connect will get imitation so we can share it anywhere online all right time to dive into stair four which is about getting traffic and fixing those auctions now guys i’ve got a ton of different ways for you to learn how to get traffic to the snip speck attach how to share it online but i am going to show you one really really good way to get a lot of traffic and that is from quora in this video if you do want to learn more ways of getting traffic you can get onto my direct caffeinated blogger and move through the videos now you can also go into the playlists and i’ve actually got a separate playlist with 39 different videos that shows you free-spoken traffic informants so you can drive a ton of traffic exercising any of these methods to your join okay so what is quora in case you haven’t dealt with it before it’s a one of “the worlds largest” inspected websites on the planet and people ask questions and post rebuts on this website and you can share your link to the content on quora it acts really really well now quori gets traffic from google from a variety of different places parties might even jump on directly onto quora and start searching for answers such as how to get traffic to my blog how to lose weight how to stop hair loss so you can do this in um pretty much any niche all niches are on quora that’s what i really love about quora so let’s say i go into now and then i type in something like how to get traffic to my blog and we sounds open that will search and that will bring up all of the uh previous enterings where soul questioned the question and got an answer each of these results that you can see here is its own sort of separate topic that is dedicated to this and if we open these two up and then let’s take a quick look at them so you can see there are actually 1.3 000 parties that are following this topic so anytime someone queries about this or announces a reply here they get a notification so you can get instant flow of traffic now uh someone asked this question and a lot of people furnished reacts so we can see here for example sean impairs all right furnished an extremities on the on the 14 th of june and if we scroll down so he’s given a nice long answer that’s what you have to do on core if you want to succeed we can see that amongst his answer he has had four station nine thousand sentiments so that’s four place nine thousand people that have looked at this answer in detail now there are other reacts as well and they also all have had a lot of uh answers to this question so for example this one now all right if i sounds more you can see that this answer has had 1.4 000 notions if we get to this other rebut how can i increase the traffic on my website let’s check this one out so 3.2 000 beings are following this okay so um now we can see that this top answer has had 37.3 000 goals now guys if you present this answer all right if you jump on quora and if you start giving explanations you can get as you can see you can get thousands of views even tens of thousands of views on your answers and of course any time you post an answer you can include your for example see like well neil himself actually reacted a question here but he’s got connects all right he’s got ties-in here and these associates is likely to be your associations you can actually share your attach and if you provide this answer and you share that attach you can start driving traffic from quora onto your steam.lee material and then eventually onto your affiliate tie-in so let’s say we wanted to give an answer to this topic or to this particular question now you can merely sounds react and that are able to then open up this editing interface and i’m just going to copy and adhesive an answer that i’ve already cooked but you can just sort of research and uh give your own answer so here is the answer and if i scroll down to the bottom i can add a little call to action now that will say something like this i’m just going to add if you want to learn even more ways to get traffic then check out these blog uprights including more traffic procedures so i’m just going to hyperlink it like this and then we will insert our snipped.little associate so this is that just once again sort of to clarify we get wise from our detail so just go into now and vanish emulate this will imitation it into your clipboard and now with this text spotlit this is the text that we are intending to hyperlink let’s just um insert the hyperlink here so travel enroll url okay like this and click contribute and now this has proselytized our attach into a clickable hyperlink so whenever we submit this will now be a clickable tie so let’s click defer and guess what’s going to happen now now our answer is permanently there on a very popular question on quorus so now anytime someone examines this so let’s say they uh decide to open this you know they they can come from google search they can come immediately from quora scour they will actually have a really good chance of viewing my answer because it’s now published here look at this my answer is not permanently here it will start getting contemplates start coming traffic because anytime someone speaks this they after they expand and sounds more at the bottom they will see my associate now of course if they sounds this connection that’s what’s going to happen they click this connection they see this article and they see this call to action which says demand more traffic to your blog starting out anytime click they click starting out they will get taken via my affiliate relation onto warrior plus and if they buy then i be brought to an end preparing the commission on this sale and i just wanted to record an update on this campaign that i set up so you can see if i go to the notifications someone has already uploaded our answer so we got this notification now and if i look at the details of my answer so as you can see this was four hours ago i’m just editing my video now but wanted to make this update for you if i go all the way to the bottom then you can see that it has been uploaded once it has been shared once and it has already had 30 ideas so it starts use very fast and this is now going to be bringing ongoing freight every single day to this link and it’s going to be becoming auctions for us and this campaign is still determining me sales if i go into my notifications inbox you can see that i have just got this affiliate sale notification for the traffic design cloud commercial-grade permission here it is in the soldier plus report as well 17 instants ago you earned 18.8 cents in fee for selling congestion zone cloud commercial permission so this works extremely well as you can see i hope you enjoyed this method now guess what guys i can do the exact same thing on all of these all right so i can just follow and paste the same answer or you know slight discrepancies of this answer on all of these there are dozens and dozens of times that this question has been asked how to get traffic to my blog now after you’re done with all of them you can start typing in other similar questions for example you can search for increased website transaction click that and answer all of the questions that are related to increased website traffic look these here are all of the questions that have been asked about increased website commerce and then precisely continue doing this um answer all of the questions that are related within each react there are related questions now on the right hand side you can open up all of them and answer them as well and the more of these you answer like once you answer questions 20 30 40 50 occasions you will start getting consistent traffic to your snipping dot association and consistent clinks from that snip speck lee sheet onto your affiliate join here is how to grow and how to scale this method this can literally help you get so so much traffic but you need to follow the rules you need to be helpful quora refutes get graded based on how helpful the answer is so make sure that each answer refutes in detail it’s not a spammy answer so no spam there at all don’t kept any affiliate relates immediately within the answer it’s in general it’s it’s actually penalty to do that but it will help you maximize the lucks that you react will not get signalled the spam and will not get removed and your account will not get been closed down okay so um try to avoid inserting affiliate attaches immediately within the answer and of course you need to answer lots of questions you saw how simple and easy it is to answer a question be helpful you can reuse parts of your answer within different questions that is completely fine uh time change them up a little bit and answer lots of questions because the more questions you answer the more possibilities there will be that every time somebody acre on let’s say you ask 100 questions uh you will have 100 times more chances of somebody clicking your connect than if you just answer a few questions so simply persistently answer those questions and before you know it your traffic is going to grow so much on quora i’ve got more connected to other videos that will help you get even more traffic and reach more money with affiliate sell check the links in the description below here are two videos for you to watch next and make sure to subscribe to my path just below as well to get notified of my next video as soon as i upload it expressed appreciation for so much better my reputation is gregonenko are presented in the next video


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