HOW TO START AFFILIATE MARKETING IN 2020 💰🤑💰 (Affiliate Marketing for Beginners)

hey everybody this is roberto blake helping you create something awesome today now I know that a good deal of you who sounded on this video are probably upset with me about the designation but most people aren’t good at affiliate marketing and there’s a very good reason for that it comes down to the fact that most people get into it for the wrong grounds now personally I envision affiliate sell is awesome because as somebody who worked in retail as a adolescent and did that during my college years I remember the relevant recommendations of working for a company facilitate bring in a lot of money for a business and then not really feeling like I’m getting a fair share of that profit or that work there are many of you right now you work a nine-to-five job maybe you’ve made your company a million dollars but did you get 10% of the appreciate that you brought into the business there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money at affiliate market but I think that a lot of you have to lead with appreciate I suppose a good deal of people who don’t end up being successful when it comes to affiliate marketing are trying to make money more than they’re trying to solve a problem for their gathering more than they’re trying to build themselves as an authority fixed credibility or reveal the value of the thing that they are trying to help sell now when I was like you know a adolescent and in my early 20 s I acted a retail errand a great deal of what I did are specific around how I could help the customer for one thing I actually wielded in a bookstore for a while I made at a Waldenbooks last-minute it would become a borders because that’s who owns it right then why I was trying to sell anyone a diary or recommend them a notebook it certainly had to do with what they were interested in or what is that they specifically asked for in the first place and then I would simply help facilitate that I would help them find something that fit the needs and requirements or the best interest and it was really about them and when I worked at champ Sporting Goods I was a track and cross-country runner in high school when a lot of people peculiarly armed chaps would come in and they would need running shoes I would ask them a great deal of questions to understand what it is that they actually need I would ask them about their knees their domes I would ask them to show me how they race and then I got to find the shoes the sneakers that best fit their body type in their statu and their specific needs not the thing that I could make the most commission on and that’s where a great deal of you are going wrong you are not thinking about what is the best thing for the customer was the best thing for my viewer was the best thing for my public now again I’m not accusing you of anything I’m not saying that you’re trying to pull one over on them I’m saying you have to lead with ethic for them first and then you benefit after the facts of the case only changing your perspective to where can I ply the maximum value is going to help you a lot of you are trying to sell makes or services or things that really you don’t have a background or expertise in to sell it credibly I could sell running shoes a lot better that I could sell basketball shoes so I focused on running shoes because I was a runner because I know what that’s like I know what trying to find a good duo of running shoes is like and so I could do that when it came to the bookstore I would sell the best when it came to notebooks and too to some of the little diversion plane stuff that we had that really paired my personality I was a nerd so I would sell a lot of beings Magic the Gathering posters where I would take them to the comic book in graphic story slouse the anime and manga part was where I sold the most wonderful because those things I genuinely was interested in and roused about so when you are trying to do affiliate marketing if you think about the things that you tend to buy in my example I buy a good deal of camera paraphernalium it’s not surprised that the most wonderful category for me besides books what it came to affiliate marketing was camera gear and electronics so what did I do I did things like laptop revaluations I did things like camera buyers steers and lens analogies and that did really well for me in Amazon in my heyday and so that is why I was successful with that today I concentrates a lot of the affiliate sell that I do around the services that I use in my online business so when I impel online business videos it’s not surprising to me that I end up giving is a good one from those affiliate connects in my occasion my biggest affiliate earns is 5 to six thousand dollars a few months off of a single work a software-as-a-service plugin for youtube content create and that is amazing for me but it’s really not surprising when you consider the fact that I’ve done so many videos on YouTube documenting my excursion and how I change my canal interesting thing that I sell is an affiliate I have an online coaching business so one of the things that I do is I recommend the products and services that I actually use to run that online business so with me I do my coaching my membership area my courses I do that through kajabi so what I do is I fix videos about how to start a stay at home business how start an online business I talk about my own experience and then I support some of the features and benefits of the product and that helps me with someone trying to make a buying decision they’re trying to decide what is in their best interest and I’m putting an option in front of them and drilling them about it it’s not about pushing parties to buy something that they don’t have a use for or that they don’t believe in or that you don’t believe in or that you have no use for I’m gonna help you with breaking some of this down I want you to think about who is your ideal public who is it that you actually are serving what is it that they are trying to accomplish what resources and implements are you familiar with that would help them accomplish that goal and can you in some way demonstrate an outcome that’s desirable to them if you can do those things I think you’ll be more successful in affiliate sell heck I think that if you could do those things you’d be more successful in business and sales period it truly comes down to a simple question how does this thing add value to somebody’s life how does this thing improve or enhance their life their statu or move them toward a desirable outcome or goal that have already been because besides that “weve been” don’t spend money on things that don’t give us these types of events so that’s something that I wants you to think about when it comes to how you are positioning yourself as an affiliate purveyor how do you become a resource for the person that you’re trying to reach so let’s say for example what you want to do is let’s say you are a photographer let’s say you wanted to sell cameras precisely to an audience that might be interested in buying them what can you do to help somebody who’s in the market for a camera make a buying decision making videos that actually school them how to use this thing when they have it in their hands probably would be helpful the same thing if you were trying to sell software as a service if you actually specific show something that this can help them accomplish then they’re more likely to buy it because they’re buying this to solve a problem they’re not buying this just to help you realise more fund when you ask most people why do businesses exist they’ll tell you transactions exist to make money that’s not really how it cultivates you know what blockbuster wanted to make money they don’t exist anymore so there you have it firms exist as long as they can facilitate the needs or longings of a consumer and a price that beings will compensate that’s why industries exist they could have the desire to make money that has nothing to do with their ability to exist so again why do businesses exist jobs exist when they provide a make or service that we want at a price that we are willing to spend on like that’s it that’s what it actually come to it the end of the day a price that we decide is acceptable for an outcome that we want which be interpreted to mean that if you want to stop sucking at affiliate marketing it’s your responsibility going to be a trusted Authority and resource and to find a way to add value to your audience if you can add value to your audience then you will be more successful as an affiliate purveyor you will earn more affiliate sales you will earn more commissionings you will have beings that suggested that people check you out you will get more traffic and then you will get more alterations that’s what happens when you are a resource for people and they respect what you have to say and they’re able to in some way get results by following what you have to say and you’ve confirm your virtue to them you’ve testify your appreciate your ability to earn will increase in proportion to the amount of value that you can add to beings it’s really down to that question of the day how are you going to add value to your gathering let me know in the comment section would love to hear from you also let me know if you have any questions about affiliate sell or how to make money online or how to forearm of income and remember I have links to other videos that enables you to in the description down below and of course I have affiliate relation for all of my resources and the things that I’ve used to grow my online business also I’m thinking of make a follow-up video for this one because I are to be able should be considered a got a couple of more reasons why you might suck at affiliate marketing and again I know some people are going to be mad at me about this deed anyway like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome stuff now on the direct as always you guys thanks so much better for watching and don’t forget go out there and compose something extraordinary today take care

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