How to Start Affiliate Marketing STEP by STEP for Beginners! 2019

– In this video, I’m goingto teach how to start affiliate marketing stepby step for amateurs. I’m going to be sharingseven-plus years of experience on the best ways to get started. So if you’re wondering whereare the most profitable affiliate niches or what arethe best affiliate concoctions to promote, or even, what’sthe best platform to use to get auctions and clients, then this is a video you emphatically do not want to miss. So sit tight, give yourpopcorn, and remain aria. Hey, what is up everybody, ODI Creation here.And today I have anamazing video teaching you how to get started withaffiliate marketing. This is probably the mosthighly requested video. And I’m updating this for 2019 because there are some things that I have learnedalong the way, and having seven-plus years of experiencewith affiliate market and been doing this full timefor almost three years now back to back to back, Ihave learned quite a bit during my excursion and I wannashare that with you today. So first things first, ifyou’re brand new to the channel, my name’s Odi, I go by ODI Yield, I am an entrepreneur, Iam a passive income professional in the following areas of affiliatemarketing, and last but not least, I am an absolute auto love, so if any of those phone is right to you, make sure to agree, smash the notification buzzer, and attach the notification squad.Now, in today’s video, basically I’m going to school you the actual steps step by stepto start affiliate marketing for rookies, and I’mactually gonna be sharing, what are the most profitable niches, what are the best affiliateproducts to promote, what is the best platform to choose, so there’s quite a lot, so make sure you sit tight and you get ready for this. And if you’re smart , not onlyare you gonna watch this video and take notes and listenintently, but you’re too going to take action right after youfinish watching this video. If you were to watch this video and not taken any steps afterwards, it’s basically useless. So no matter what knowledge Igive you, make sure that you are taking action after youwatch this video to actually apply that knowledge that youhave just learned, alright? So that’s a litte gratuity for you guys. Anyways, if you’re brand newto the channel, exactly a quick background about me, about 31/2 several years ago I dropped out of my dream academy, UCLA, to pursue online business.So I did not have a collegedegree, and I actually got fired from the only nine tofive place that I ever had. But with that being said, in precisely three short-lived years, I was able to go fromsleeping on the floor in L.A. as a crack college studentto living my dream life, getting to experiencefun things like going to the NBA Finals lastyear, getting to to drive my dream vehicles every singleday, getting to live and wake up in my dreamhome, and to wake up without an alarm clock andgetting to design my daytimes. And I conclude the most importantthing out of all of this being having the freedom to beable to do what I wanna do, and today I am becoming contentfor you guys to cause, to motivate, and hopefullyeducate you guys, and I genuinely hope you guys take action fromwhat you guys learn today.So with that being said, let’stalk about today’s video. So the first thing I wanna talk about is what is affiliate commerce. And I think it’s a lot easier for me to show you than to simply just tell you. So I’m gonna present you guys one of my first affiliatemarketing firms. This wa actually my firstaffiliate commerce website that I proliferated from zero to afull-time passive income, over $3,000 a few months passive income with Amazon Associatesduring my college years.So this is, it’s a website whereI reviewed headphones. And if you scroll down andyou look at this content, you’ll accompany I have these AmazonAssociates relation right here, so Amazon Identify, and you’ll also realize them on YouTube videos, here’sone of mine, you’ll watch those same Amazon Associateslinks in the description. And Amazon Accompanied issimply an affiliate planned. It’s actually one of the oldest affiliate platforms, started in 1996. And basically, it allowsyou to link anything from Amazon’s Marketplaceas a affiliate relate, and you can post this linkon your website, on YouTube, and if parties click your linkand buy anything from Amazon within 24 hours, you get a commission.And the commission depends onthe category of the product. You can see it arrays from as little as zero or 1% up to 10% at the max. Now I’m gonnna get intothat in a little bit more, and I’m gonna talk about lowticket versus high-pitched ticket, but only to explain affiliatemarketing, any time you guys attend these joins, you check theselinks, and it’s from Amazon or it’s from another company, basically all the biggest firms in the worldhave an affiliate program. Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Bose, Sephora, the register goes on.You can literally typeup on Google a company and then search affiliate subsequentlies to find these affiliate platforms. But exactly to break things down, affiliate market is just referrals. You’re just recommendingproducts and services that you already cherish and youalready use to other beings, whether It’s parties on theinternet, whether it’s your friends, your family, andyou get paid a commission. Again, the commissionranges from one to 10% for Amazon Associates, butI’m gonna show you guys some commodities that actuallypay 30 to 40% or more. Okay, so that’s pretty exciting. Now that’s affiliate marketing. Now, why do I affection affiliate sell? Why have I been doing affiliate marketing for the last seven years? Basically, it comes downto a few key factors. One, passive income. Affiliate marketing is one ofthe few true passive income business simulations out there, because you’re the affiliate. You’re not the company, whichmeans you don’t have to create your own products andservices, which is awesome. Especially considering myself, I consider myself somewhat shiftless when it comes to havingto create my own products and services, which I’ve donebefore, but to be honest, if I had to choose one or the other, I would rather merely have anawesome company with an breathtaking commodity or service andjust promote them instead.So it’s basically awfully hands-off. Since you’re not the company you’re only the affiliate, you only sell for them, you can really focus on marketing and sales. And that’s just oneaspect of the business, you don’t have to worryabout managing customers, customer service, dealingwith refunds, exchanges. There’s no headaches, there’s no hassle, there’s a lot that goes withhaving your own company. And most people would probablychoose to merely instead make money and make a full-timeliving from selling than having to do the whole song anddance of creating a company. And I know, as passing aseven-figure company myself, it is definitely a lotof headache and stress that most people wouldprobably not want to take on. So with that tell me anything, another aspect of affiliate commerce that Ilove is having low overhead. You can endow as little asyou demand or as much as you demand in order to start this businessand grow this business.Now theoretically, you can actually start affiliate marketing for free. And I’m gonna school youguys how in this video. Now I don’t recommendthat you start for$ 0, because it’s basically theslowest channel to get results, but if you have at least 100 or $200, you can do a lot of things. You can create a fullwebsite for less than $100. A website, it’s gonna be akey asset in turning your affiliate commerce campaigninto an actual business. So with that tell me anything, youcan devote that into either creating a website or youcan invest in software. If you wanna skip the whole website thing and go to software tocreate landing pages, marketings sheets, to get youup and running in no time. And I’m gonna share thatlater in this video. So, you can spend as littleor as much as you require. Because at the end of the day, since you’re the affiliate, there are no product overheads. So when you sell aproduct as an affiliate, I don’t have to go toAmazon and buy the product and then ship it to the customer.Instead, Amazon is the one who has to handle the realization. Which means they handle thecustomer, they treat the sales, they administer the indemnities, they treat the shipping and deployment, I don’t haveto worry about any of that. All I have to worry aboutis parties sounding this link right here and buying stuff off Amazon. Again, you get everything that they buy within 24 hours of sounding that attach. You don’t have to replace the link, you don’t have to renewthe link and get brand-new links.It’s literally the same linkthat’s been here for years. For over two years, samelink, haven’t stroked it. It’s still getting clicksand still coming marketings. So, with that beingsaid, that is why I enjoy affiliate marketing, it’s awin-win-win business model, because if you’re a company and you have an affiliate program, it’s only gonna help you because you don’t fee affiliatesunless they start marketings. Now that’s one of thebest forms of marketing that you can do for a company, when you don’t have to payunless you get results. It’s awesome from a company perspective. As an affiliate, you get tomake money without having to deal with the stress ofrunning your own company. And as the customer, you get hooked up with very good products and services. This is not drop shipping, “thats really not” generic produces from China.These are actual brandname produces that people are already buying, whichmeans that there’s already a market out there thatyou as an affiliate can take advantage of andjust basically connect the customers with the rightcompanies and get paid. So with that tell me anything, let’s move on to the actual step-by-step. But before we do that, I precisely want to announce, I’m launching a free Facebook group called Affiliate MarketingWith ODI Productions, anyone can join, and I’mactually gonna be going live the coming week, showing how Itook an affiliate product from zero to over $1,000 a few months in monthly recur income in justone week, seven days.So I advocate you guys do not miss out on meeting that Facebook group. There will be a link inthe description below, so make sure you clickthat, connect the group, and join in live, I’m gonna be answering your questions, interacting with you guys. And I’ve actually never exited live before, and I’ve never had apublic Facebook group.So there’s a first time for everything, make sure you guys check it out. Let’s move on to the actualsteps for affiliate commerce. So, the first thing I wannasay before we get into this is that the first three steps, which are choosing a niche, choosing a product, and choosinga scaffold, are going to be the most important stepsout of this whole process. Now, I’m gonna give you guys an resemblance. Mostly, if you were tobecome a professional athlete, and you got to choose whatsport you play and the position that you play, the thing is, there are certain positions that get paid more than otherpositions in other sports. So precisely to give you guys an example, if you guys wanna get paid, being an NFL quarterbackis a great way to must pay. Because the average NFLquarterback goes paid millions of dollars and they get thesehuge blockbuster contracts.Now, if you were to choose another sport that is not as popularand not as rewarding as let’s say football or being in the NBA, let’s choose professional lacrosse. And I’m not detest on lacrosse, I actually used to playlacrosse in high school. I’m a big fan of the play. But the professionallacrosse player does not even establish close to what aaverage professional NBA player or the average NFL quarterback, favorite starting quarterback. And probably even second string or even third string quarterbacks at that. So with that tell me anything, the most important thing is choosing the rightsport and originating sure you choose the right orientation as well. Because exactly by choosingthe right predicament and the right sport, youactually separate yourself and you really put yourselfin another repay grade when it comes to beinga professional athlete,’ cause there’s levels to this. Again, a professional lacrosseplayer versus let’s say a professional basketballplayer in the NBA, and let’s say you’re a startingpoint guard in the NBA, you’re probably going tobe impelling multiple times what a professional lacrosseplayer’s gonna get paid.So, with that being said, the first step is actually choosing a niche. So, choosing a niche. What are the most profitable niches? I get this question all thetime, I’m gonna actually exactly answer questions for you. The most profitable nichesin affiliate marketing by far are software and digital concoctions. There you go. Now, there are other productive niches. In detail, every niche can betheoretically profitable. You can literally doknitting as your niche and it can be profitable, butthe level of profitability is going to vary, and Ithink that in my experience, software is the highest-payingaffiliate product niche, and the reason why is this. Software companies, the government has lower overhead than a brick-and-mortar or aphysical commodities firm, why? Because when you start software one time, it can serve multiple, multiple patrons. You create a softwareone time, it can serve 10, 20, 200, 20,000, two million patrons without much overhead otherthan your server costs.But everything is relatively low overhead. Versus let’s say if youhad a T-shirt company, you sell T-shirts, everysingle term you make a T-shirt, you have to make a new one from scratch. And you have to pay five ,$ 10 to manufacture the T-shirt, whatever it expenses, butyou have to pay that every single time you make aT-shirt, it doesn’t replicate. Software replicates particularly, unusually, very easy, and it does not computed much penalty when you add one more brand-new customer.So software is allowed tobasically repay huge amounts of money to affiliates, because they know that, because clients, when they buy software, they are in favour of asoftware, they tend to stay a customer for numerous months if not times. And that period overhead is actually, or the lifetime customervalue, is worth hundreds of dollars, so they can payaffiliates on the flip side hundreds of dollars as wellto acquire that patron. So that tell me anything, softwareand digital commodities. Now, what are digital products? There are digital info commodities that are very popular these days, such as an online route. If some of you aspiring inventors are in an online track, possibilities are there is an affiliate program. And the affiliate platform probably pays around 30% of a product’s sales. So if you’re selling a trend that costs $1,000 as an affiliate, you get a sale, you get $300 just like that.Okay , now I’m gonna giveyou guys a concrete example of how much it takes tomake $ 300 with something like Amazon Associate versusa high-ticket software. But with that being said, software and digital commodities tend to pay around 30 to 40% committee. And some of these are monthlyrecurring, which implies, when you get a customerto sign up under you, you get paid every singlemonth they remain a customer. You’re getting passiveincome every single month, you don’t have to get a brand-new customer.You can exactly stick to theones you already have. So that’s pretty cool. Now, I’m gonna move on to step number two, which is choosing a product. So you want to go with awinning product that already has a history in termsof affiliate marketing that other affiliates are doing well and there’s proof of it on the internet. Because this means thatthat company probably invests into their affiliateprogram to make sure that they are actually perform affiliates. Because there’re companiesout there that really do not care about theiraffiliates and they do not care about their affiliateprogram, and you can see it in the complaints, people not being paid, there’s maybe problems linked to the tracking, like let’s say you’re gettinga lot of clicks but you’re not getting any auctions, maybe you’renot getting paid on time, theses are all issues thatyou can have as an affiliate.Luckily, there are companiesout there where they have very proven affiliate programsand you can find affiliates “whos been” determined tens ofthousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, from asingle affiliate firm. And that simply goes to show that that affiliate curriculum is very solid. So are you gonna find some investigate, make sure that the affiliateproduct you’re promoting is not something new, it’s not something that hasn’t been proven beforeand that no other affiliate has been successful with, instead you wanna find makes that other affiliatesare already promoting and having success with ,’ cause it’s a lot easier to pose success than reinvent the wheel.Now, let’s move on to the third pace. So the third largest step you wanna do is you want to choose a platform. Now, let me show you someexamples of stages. So this is a website,, this is a platform, having a website ishaving a business online. It’s having online real estate. YouTube, having a YouTubechannel, this is a platform. Again, I have a YouTubechannel, and I use it to post my material and build an audienceand engage with that audience and procreate more contentand clean and repeat.Having an email listing, that’s creating a platform. You’re utilize your email listto connect to your customers. Having an Instagram account, that is another platform. So, with all this being said, what is the best platform to choose? Because you can either havea website, you can have a YouTube channel, you canhave an Instagram, or you can actually really skip straightto having a landing page. Now, this is kind of a hybrid. A platform page is kindalike having a website, but having it be more specific. So this is a landing page in a software announced ClickFunnels, which I’m gonna talk about in a few seconds. But basically, it’s asoftware that allows you to make a quick page whereyou can start collecting emails or even start get sales.You can put your affiliatelink here where this button is very easily, and then allof a sudden, you can exactly use this landing page as theplace that you communicate traffic to to get customers, to getclicks, to get auctions. And it’s a quicker lane thanmaking a full-on website. You guys see this websiteright here, I got a entire bunch of the information contained, I got a entire knot of sheets, whereas with a landingpage, it’s literally only one sheet, it’s simple, it’s straight-from-the-shoulder to the point, it can still get results.So you’re gonna have to choose a platform. Now, there’s no one sayingthat you can’t usage all these, and I actually recommend that you use at least two of these combined. Because if you use YouTubecombined with a website, you can send trafficfrom your YouTube video to your website, as I’ve done here. So that’s an example, you can funnel traffic from one scaffold to another to the next. Because I can pour traffic from YouTube to my website to my email list.Do you guys be understood that? It’s pretty awesome, because now we’re join with patrons on threedifferent stages, we’re really get in front of them and interacting with themand locking with them. And trust is built over epoch when you build a rapport with your purchasers. So that’s all the examples of scaffolds that I think are relevant today. Now what’s the best platform? And do you need a website to get started with affiliate marketing? These are two truly, really good questions I get asked all the time. Now, my short answer to do you need a website is I would say yes. Now, you can get started without a website, and I’ll show you how. One style is to use landing pages. This highway you don’t have tocreate a full-on website, you can only make alanding page to get online to start selling, but youneed some sort of platform to sell and have your affiliate relations.’ Cause if you don’t have a platform, where are you gonna putyour affiliate associates? So with that being said, what’s the best platform? I like websites, personally, because it’s like havingan online real estate where you build this andit’s an actual asset.I construct this website, it’s something discernible. If the website gets let’ssay 5,000 stays per month, I mean this is a real businessthat I have right here. It’s something I can sell to someone. I can sell someone If it’s making a certainamount of money per month, you can sell it for roughly one year’s worth in one lump sum. Income that it generates. So this is a sellable resource. Now, if you have a personalbrand, it’s a bit harder to sell a personal brandthan selling something that is separate from your personalbrand like RecordingNOW. So that’s just an example of a stage. I like websites because they have a chance to rank on Google for SEO. If person searches up something, they’re quest up Beat Solo Wireless review, this can pop up on Google.And that’s free organic traffic. So with that being said, thebest stage in my view are having your own website andthen having a YouTube channel. I study YouTube is an amazing platform. You get tons of free organictraffic precisely by posting. I entail, it’s weird, but YouTube recommends random videos all the time. They recommend videos on your sidebar and you ascertain them and beings sounds them. And even the path withzero customers can actually get a view or two really throughnatural organic congestion. With that being said, theflip side, if you don’t wanna go through thewebsite, and you don’t really wanna do the YouTube, you canmake a landing page, oops, you can make a landing page, and you can get online quicker.And there’re sure-fire affiliate planneds that don’t require you to have a website. The other is why I suggesta website is because sure-fire affiliate planneds like Amazon Associate, they ask you for a websitewhen you apply for the program, so you need to have a website already. Now, if you don’t havea website, you can use a YouTube channel or asocial media account, but I think you need atleast 500 readers. Now, I could be wrong on that, the multitude may be different, butlast experience I checked it was 500 subscribers if youdo not have a website. So, that’s just anotherexample of why a website is necessary for affiliate marketing, it just shows you’re legit.It’s like having a business card online. And if you don’t have thewebsite, you don’t really have anything to back you up interms of testifying a company, hey, I can be a goodaffiliate, I can oblige auctions, but if you don’t have aplatform be demonstrating, then how are they gonnatake your command for it? Because from a company perspective, you don’t want to berisking having all these low-quality affiliates whodon’t even have a website. You don’t wanna have affiliates who are gonna be spamming your connections everywhere, it’s gonna hurt the company’s reputation. So with that tell me anything, youneed to choose a platform, in my view, I feellike having a website, having a YouTube, combiningthose two, or on the flip side, if you have a YouTube andyou have landing sheets where it is possible instantly sendcustomers and then sell the product right here, boom, directly to the point, I considered that either ofthese methods is effective.I’ve done both of thesemethods and they both labour. You merely have to choose one. So, with that tell me anything, let’smove on to the fourth gradation, which is actually applyingfor the affiliate program. So, Amazon Associate is anexample of an affiliate program. Again, it’s one of theoldest ones in the world. And if you wanna join, it’s free. Free to join, all you have to do is apply. Now when you apply, they’re gonna ask you for certain information, and one of them again is having a custom website. Again, if you don’t have awebsite, you can substitute this with a YouTube channel if youhave at least 500 subscribers. So for the people whodon’t have 500 subscribers, you have no choice but to make a website. Luckily, websites only cost as little as three, four,$ 5 per month. Like five bucks a few months, that’s literally like a pair chocolates at Starbucks, or basically gettinglike a fast food meal. So with that tell me anything, it’snot an expensive outlay. And it’s well worth it ifwe are creating a business.And it kind of bringsthe question to mind, why not invest in your business? I get so many people whowanna get started for free, and I understand it becauseI used to bootstrap. When I was a broke collegestudent, I didn’t have any option but to bootstrap and todo the lean startup acces, which is just gettingscrappy and just trying to figure out every singlefree resource I can be utilized. With that being said, push comes to shove, if I had the choice to invest $1,000 into my business to get results soonerthan starting from zero and having to wait oneyear, I used to select compensating $1,000 up frontto get results sooner. I’ve done both behaviors, and to be honest, quickened is really important whenit comes to the online space.’Cause if you don’t haveresources, you’re gonna have to make up for that insweat equity and with era. And if you don’t have yearsto litter and you wanna get this goin ‘, you’regonna have to invest into your business timeor devote money and invest in software and toolsto help you go faster. Alright, so after stepfour, which is applying for the affiliate programsand coming into them, then the next step is to create content smother your concoction. So I’m gonna picture you examples of content. So on my website, I create a blog post. It’s a written upright, youguys can see right here, and I actually examine the headphones. I talk about the style, I talk about the comfort, I talk about the build caliber, din caliber, et cetera.So that’s content on my website. Content on YouTube is aYouTube video undoubtedly. Now, what’s cool about affiliate sell and what makes it passiveincome is you only need to create this content one time. And that’s why I like tocall this online real estate. Because formerly you makethat content one time, it’s there to stay, andyou can get patrons, you can get clinks on youraffiliate connects, you can get sales for years to comeafter you determine that material. I never have to make thiscontent again, thankfully, right? So you invest a few hours, maybe you vest a whole day, into making this video, it’s about 12 times long.Maybe you deplete fourhours to prepare the video, to film it, to edit it, to program it out. Once you work those fourhours, you make this content and it’s done, it’s afinished package and it’s on your website, it’s onYouTube, it’s done forever. You are able to obtain auctions for yearsto come, which means you can make money on it andcommissions for years to come. That’s what I love aboutaffiliate marketing. So when you originate thiscontent, it sounds up when people are searching up, BeatsSolo Wireless review.So if beings are lookingup for this product, then your material ideally wouldPop up, and this called SEO. So this wreaks me to the last step, which is getting traffic. And going traffic can eitherbe free or it can be paid. And I like to use both. Now, what is free traffic? Again, if somebody appears upBeats Solo Three Wireless review and my video sounds up, then thatright there is free traffic.It’s organic, it’s called SEO, search engine optimization. Now there are certain skills you can use to rank higher onGoogle and on YouTube. And so with that being said, the flip side of this is paid. If instead of having organictraffic, you paid off your transaction utilizing Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google AdWords, this isbasically paying to show up as a pursuit solution on Googlefor the Google AdWords. So it’s a way to leapfrogthe whole SEO thing. Because if you’re not ableto grade for a certain term, then you can use paidtraffic to make up for that. If you don’t have an gathering, you can use paid trafficto make up for that. Because you’re coerce yourself mostly to be in front of people. And it’s not the mostideal versus organic, but at the same time, youcan really get so much more traffic and reach if you’rewilling to pay for it.’ Cause think about this, think about how many people are not willing to pay for traffic. Most. Most parties only want the roadway, they miss the easy way.Well, the easy direction doesn’t get paid. So you gotta pay to play, paid traffic is the way to go, and if there’sa skill you should master, It’s learning how to get traffic. But again, in my opinion, out of these six paces, I meditate the most importantare choosing the right niche and the right produce andthen to choose their own good pulpit. Because again, if you were tochoose a professional sport to be a professionalathlete, I would choose playing in the NBA orMajor League Baseball, because at least you getpaid millions of dollars, it’s non-contact or low-contactversus let’s say football, where you’re gettingtackled by 300 -pound dudes. So I would rather choose toPlay in the NBA, which is, it’s physical, but forthe most part you’re not getting tackled bypeople, and then baseball’s another one that is prettysimple in terms of the gameplay. You don’t have to hitanybody, there’s no contact. You get to play forpossibly a whole decade.You can play baseball for like 10 years. And you can still have a long career, and you too get guaranteedmoney, which mean you, if you get a contract tomake$ 1 million per year, it’s guaranteed money, which is awesome. Now if you’re a professionallacrosse player, and again, I detest to come at lacrosse, I used to play the sport myself, but if you were aprofessional lacrosse actor, the chances of realise million and millions and millions of dollars are pretty slim. Versus the average MLB or NBA player. So, with all that beingsaid, prefer the privilege niche and the produce from theget-go, and this comes to my next stage, and this is probably the biggest point to takeaway from this whole video, choose high-ticket over low-ticket. I’m gonna demo you guysa comparison right now. Here’s a low-ticket affiliate curriculum, which is Amazon Associates.Now, I’ve always talkedabout Amazon Accompanied in my past videos, and the reason why is because it’s how I gotstarted and it’s how I got my firstly full-time passiveincome, and it’s frankly one of very good affiliateprograms out there. Because you can promote anything on Amazon and get paid a percentage, and I necessitate, everything is available on Amazon, right? Apart from software and digital makes, but for the most part, everythingyou can buy off Amazon. Any single piece you can think of.And this offsets it highly accessible. And because it’s low-commission, it obligates up for it with high work, a lot ofpeople are buying from Amazon, a lot of beings are alreadygoing to purchase things, they already have stuff in their cart, so if you can time get inbetween that and get them to sounds your affiliatelink, then you would actually constitute fee on everythingthat they’re buying.Now with that being said, let me show you a high-ticket affiliateprogram and affiliate product that I personally have been loving lately, and I’m gonna depict you a real comparison between low-ticket versus high-ticket. But a high-ticket affiliateproduct is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is actually this software I presented you to make landing pages. And I’ve exercised it for well over a year, I’ve been their real customerfor well over a year, I’ve had some great successwith it, I’ve made sometimes over six people permonth expending the software to sell my own commodities, butalso, over $20,000 a few months frequently as an affiliate for commodities that use ClickFunnels as a platform.So I actually share that Ihave a free ClickFunnels course if you guys wanna checkit out in the specific characteristics. But with that tell me anything, here’s ClickFunnels’ affiliate planned. They compensate 40% monthlyrecurring commissionings. Now, what does this signify? You must pay 40% of what the customer pays for a subscription, whichstarts at $ 97 a few months. You get paid 40% of that every single month they are a customer.So I’m gonna reiterate that, youget paid every single month they are a purchaser, you don’tneed to go get brand-new customers, you merely need to keepthe ones that you get. And 40% of $97 is $38.80. Now let me do a side-by-side comparison, and if you’re gonna takeanything from this video aside from taking action, I would say, look at this chart andremember this comparison. Because this is gonnashow you the difference between low-ticket and high-ticket. So low-ticket is Amazon Associate, where the average commission is between four to 8% for most commodities. If we’re looking at the following chart, most makes are gonnabe in these categories. You can see that all other categories, if they’re not in thesepredefined categories, is 4 %. But then, 4% is basically anyof these products right here, I symbolize it travels lower, if you’regonna sell PC factors, DVDs, TVs, video games, it’s lower than 4 %, it’s much lower, it’sactually one to 2.5%. Now if we’re talking aboutfurniture, if we’re talking about residence progress, lawnand plot, kitchen, this tends to be around here six to 8% wander, so that’s not bad. But going back to this chart, one customer is worth around $0.40 to $40 on the high demise. Now what I signify by this is you only get a one-time commission when someone buys.Let’s say someone depletes $100, or sorry, $10, and you get 4% of that, it’s about $0.40. Not certainly much to write home about. $0.40, you can’t reallydo too much with that. Now $40, that’s if they purchase a $300 concoction at 8% board, or maybe it’s $500 product, either way, you have to sell a pretty expensive productjust to induce 40 horses. Which is still not bad. And it’s a lot better thanrelying on simply getting examines. Because you exclusively must pay$ 2 for ever 1,000 views.And that’s a lot harder than selling one product one time and going 40 horses. Now with that beingsaid, on the flip side, a high-ticket affiliateprogram like ClickFunnels, which is a software, it’s amarketing software that anyone who sells something online canuse, I simply registered you this arrive page, you can easilydrag and plummet and move substance around, and you can use thisto sell affiliate concoctions. You can put youraffiliate relate right here, I actually gave an affiliatelink right in this button, very easy to use, especiallyif you don’t wanna deal with the headache ofhaving to make a website. I understand it’s pretty complex to have to create awhole full-blown website. You can time have a landing page. Now, you get 40% monthlyrecurring committees, which is a big differencebetween one-time commission. Because what this symbolizes is you don’t have to get new customers every month. Now, one customer with ahigh-ticket affiliate program like ClickFunnels isworth a minimum of $ 38.80, that’s if they’re acustomer for only one month.But they’re usefulnes over, potentially over $900 if they stay a customer for two years, and that’s using the lowestplan, which is 97 bucks a month. They actually have a plan whichI use which is $ 297 a few months. If you were to recommendsomeone to that strategy and they became a customer, that one customer would be paying basically $118 per month, I belief. So over $100 per monthfrom a single patron, that’s well over $1,000 over the course of one year if they remain a customer. And the cool thing with software is most purchasers tend to stick. If you start using asoftware for your business, like let’s say ClickFunnels, and it spawns you a profit, like let’s say you invest $97 and you meet 200, 300, 500, $1,000 with this software, you’re not gonna stop usingthat software anytime soon.So that’s why softwareis very, highly lucrative, because not only can thecompanies open to pay you more as an affiliate, but they can also retain that customer for a long period of time, which then increases theirlifetime customer evaluate.’ Cause again, one customercan be worth close to $ 1,000 or more if they remain acustomer for one year, two years, three years, and dependingon which project they use. Now, let me give you a concrete example. To offset $300 a few months with alow-ticket affiliate program, you would have to sell a $50 produce 100 eras every single month. You’d have to sell $150 products every single month, and then you start fromscratch the next month.’ Cause it’s only one time, that’s it. You make a sale, you getpaid one time and it’s done. Now with a high-ticketaffiliate program, to clear $300 a few months, you would only needeight patrons, tally’ em, eight clients at $97 a month subscription to meet $300 a month, actually a little bit more, it’s actually $310.40 per month.But the key thing here is notreally, is not even the amount or anything, it’s actuallythe fact that you don’t need to sell or start fromzero every single month. You can actually getthose eight patrons. If you are eligible to keep those eight clients over the course of ayear, each one is gonna be worth $ 456, half of this right here. They’re gonna be worth $456 each. And over the course of ayear, they’re gonna be worth, collectively, those eightcustomers, precisely eight, that’s eight auctions, they’regonna be worth of $3,724. So with that being said, on theflip side, with a low-ticket affiliate program, you wouldneed to sell $ 5,000 merit of produces at a 6% averagecommission to realize $300. So you only get 6% of what you sell. So you’d have to sell $5,000 value of concoctions. That doesn’t sound too easy to me. With that tell me anything, withsoftware, you exclusively have to sell $ 776 importance of marketingsoftware to perform $310,40. So, you make your collect, what do you think is easier, selling $5,000 of products, or selling $776 importance of produces? It’s a no-brainer.Now the next thing, exampleI wanna show you is, if wishes to establish $3,724.80 with a low-ticket affiliate planned, whichis just eight customers with a high-ticket affiliateprogram, you’d have to sell $ 62,080 merit of productsat that 6% fee rate. Again, I’m just taking anaverage committee rate. I’m just choose 6% because it’s in the middle between one or 0% and 10%. It’s actually a little bithigher than the average. Now, you’d have to sell 103 $ 50 concoctions every single month for 12 months.And that’s 1,241 purchasers or sales. Now that’s just to putthings in perspective. And that’s hoping that each product you sell is $50 at a 6% board. Because if your commodity isactually a 4% fee, and the produce merely costs $10, you’d actually merely be compiling $0.40, and you’d have to sell alot more than 100 per month. So this is just to giveyou guys an example. What do you think is easier, selling over 100 produces per month every singlemonth and having to repeat that regularly, or selling eight seasons, getting eight patrons, and time retaining those purchasers over the course of a year? Which again is not justyour responsibility, it’s actually the company’s. It’s the software company’sresponsibility to retain that patron and makesure that they’re well-fed, that they are enjoyingthe service, the application, that it’s working for theirbusiness, it’s more so on the company to make surethat the customers are happy.It’s not just your job. So, that mostly is my biggestpoint of this whole video. Aside from the actual gradations of preparing sure you choose the liberty nicheand commodity because again, it’s like choosing to bea professional NBA player versus maybe a professionallacrosse participate. Now on top of that, low-ticket versus high-ticket, if you guys are lookingat this chart right here, I represent eight the consumers and you can add close to $4,000 over the course of a year. And again, some clients might opt for the higher payment plan, for the higher service, which implies, they’re gonna be worth more than $ 38.80 per month, they’re actually gonna beworth over $100 per month. And that’s just from one customer. So I hope you guys cansee the potential In this, and actually, that’s whatI’m gonna be talking about in the live in theFacebook group this week is I’m going to betalking about how I made this software from zeroto over $1,000 a month.Right now, we’re looking atClickFunnels affiliate dashboard and you can see that I have3 1 tests, there’s 14 beings currently trialing andthere’s 17 new experiments. Now it says here that it’s $948.14 possible monthly repeat revenue, but if you do the math, this is 31 customers, multiply it by $38.80 isactually over $1,200 per month. Now, it’s not set in stone, we don’t know how many people are gonna convert, and thesenumbers from my experience are just not accurate in terms ofthe stick rate and the churn. I think that this is still, they’re working on it, that’s why they say beta over here. But if these 31 peoplewere to become a customer, this is a potential $1,200 per month every single month. 31, if you were to replacethis with 31 purchasers instead of eight, I thinkyou guys are likely read the potential now and howmuch this is potentially worth. And I did this in one week. So I’m gonna be sharing thatin the Facebook group also.I have a free ClickFunnels course, if you guys wanna learnmore about this software, then again, I’ve been acustomer for over a year. So, I’ve been using this, I’ve exercised it successfully, I’ve only started promotingit now as an experiment for my mentorship programand picturing my students. But I wanna share moreabout that with you guys, because I think this is a huge revelation is learning high-ticket versus low-ticket. Because low-ticket, yousee how you have to work very hard every singlemonth starting from zero exactly to build $300 a few months, whereas if you time had eight clients, eight purchasers, eight auctions, you can procreate $300 a month and it’scoming every single month. So you don’t start from zero, it’s actually only your baseline. And that’s granted if nobodycancels or rebates or buds, but again, if you can get eight customers, opportunities are you can add anothercustomer every single month.If you’re able to come eight, fortunes are you could getnine or 10 or 11 or 12. Sky’s the limit here. And that’s what’s exciting about all this. Alright, so that wraps up today’s video. If you guys experienced this, please leave a thumbs up and a comment below, itreally necessitates so much to me. I hope you guys enjoyed this. And if there’re some keytakeaways to get from this video, make sure you choose the rightniche and the liberty commodity the hell is rewarding andhelp you to succeed. Make sure that you are choosinghigh-ticket over low-ticket so that you can get moreresults for less endeavour, and last but not least, make sure you take action right after this video. Now, if you don’t knowwhat action to take, I show you take my freepassive income masterclass in the specific characteristics below, you can sign up for free. Again, I’m going live this week in my brand new Facebook group to talk about how I took thataffiliate produce from zero to a potential $1,200 per monthmonthly reappearing revenue.And so I can’t wait to show you guys that. And I did that all in only seven days. So with all that beingsaid, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and ifyou like videos like this, subscribe, reached the notification bell,’ cause if you don’t hitthe notification buzzer, then you’re not really subsribed, are you? And with that tell me anything, I will catch you guys in the next one. Make sure to check out my other passive income andaffiliate marketing videos, I’ll frame the playlist right here. You guys can check it out, I hope you guys have a great day and tostay successful, peace.

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