How to Start Affiliate Marketing STEP by STEP for Beginners! (Work from Home Series)

– How to start affiliate marketing step-by-step for amateurs. By the end of this video you will literally seewhy you all wanna be able to utilize this as eithera great way to is starting or to increase anadditional series of income and how it will likewise helpyou save yourself from making a ton of corrects when you understand these crucial principles .( upbeat music) Now that the whole world is locked down, I queried myself if I wereto start all over again, if I was stuck at home andquarantined and I was assumed and I is in danger, if I lost my job, if I took a 50% remuneration trimmed, I wanna be able to reveal to you one skill setthat has acted me well which is basically affiliate sell. How do you promotesomebody else’s product, it could be a physical concoction, it is possible to a digital commodity it could be a software, it could be a service, how is it possible to promoteother people’s concoctions and get paid committees in return? Hey, this is Peng Joon here and if this is the firstvideos you’ve ever watched from me, affiliate marketing is something that Idiscovered a long time ago when I was selling digitalproducts online, teaching parties how to play this computergame called World of Warcraft.Long story short-lived, literally overnight, I made a few hundred dollars and that time that was an insane amount to me. And that was when my eyesopened up to a whole new world. And today I wanna be able to share with you how do you pick amarket, a niche, an manufacture. I wanna be presenting you how doyou promote these makes. I’m gonna step you through the process, what type of pages you need to set up. So it’s gonna be in depthand I’m too gonna be showing you some revenue streams.It’s one of the many differentproducts that I promote. It gives me a unusually passive $50,000 plus in affiliate commissionsevery single month, and you’re gonna meet behind the scenes to how I realise that happento give you insights on what you need to do in orderto draw that happen as well. And rather than telling you whatit is, I speculate the best way to get started is to divestraight into it, to walk you through the process ofhow affiliate marketing works.So in front of me right now, this is Amazon Associate, which is basicallyAmazon’s affiliate program. And mostly what Amazon Associate is, is that Amazon as a platformis willing to pay you coin whenever you cite parties thatbuy nonsense on their website. Now, you will see thatAmazon, one of the ways they be turned into the topand biggest physical make platforms out there isbecause they literally sell everything, right, everything under the sun. The highway it use, if infact, after the whole COVID-1 9 crisis, Amazonjust trounced and changed one tonne of their affiliate committees. But you will see thatyou can promote anything that’s sold inside Amazon andthese are the pay outs right? If it’s luxury, beautythe payout charge is 10 %, music 5 %, physical diaries 4 %, Amazon kindle tablets 4 %, toys, furniture, Home Improvement 3 %. Now one of the biggestchanges was groceries and video games andhealthcare those change to 1% of a huge hit just about a week ago.And the reason is becausewith this whole crisis, these things are sellingoff the shelf easily regardless. So Amazon doesn’t reallyrequire affiliates to promote the products. But I’m here to showyou that there are a lot of different platformsjust like this out there. I’m gonna tread you throughthe different options to start giving you ideasif you’re a total apprentice on how this thing actually use. I’m gonna apply my whiteboard over here. What this necessitates is there arethese different pulpits. These pulpits could beselling physical makes, this could be like Amazonfor physical commodities. These “couldve been” platformslike ClickBank for digital produces, this couldbe different software he was able to you could promote a service. And I’m gonna be showingyou different sells, you could be promoting augments, you could promoting allthese different things.What happens is, theseplatforms are willing to pay you board. And what you wanna beable to do is to drive freight to these different programmes. Now, this could be from Facebook, this could be from YouTube, this could be from your email listing. This could be from Instagram. And whenever thathappens, these pulpits, if you mail traffic to these stages, if a sale is established, theywill offer you a commission. Now the commission will predominantly depend on whether it’s a physical produce, whether it’s a digitalproduct, how lucrative and what margins that commodity has. So in other words, if we were to go back to this initial example of Amazon, you could be promoting an Amazon product and this could be for example, let’s say recalling headphones.So let’s say I wanna reviewthis gamer headphones that is sold on Amazon. What I could be doing isI could have a very simple YouTube video that says Razor Kraken, -if that’s the model- Headphones Review. Right so I’m gonna be talking on YouTube pair of headphones andhow it enhances my gaming event, perhaps utilizeit while while I’m playing my favorite, you are familiar with, computergame that is popular today. And from the YouTube video, I could have description textbook that says, if youwanna get your order of your very own RazorHeadphones, you can get it from Amazon and Amazonwill give me a link.And if they buy, I get a percentage. This sample here is how youwould sell Amazon products. Now I’m gonna step youthrough the differences between groceries, different niches, and howyou can start utilizing this first patch now. So you’ll notice that first of all Amazon because it’s only thatbig and Amazon knows that they’ve got a ton ofloyal customers anyway. So you’ll notice that the percentage and the affiliatecommission’s isn’t that immense. And the reason for that isbecause it’s a physical make, they have to deal withwarehousing, shipping, production, assurance, all of that. And on top of that they’realready one of the biggest symbols in the world. So that’s why the commissionrate is pretty much gonna be much lower thanother platforms out there. What if I told you that there’s a lot of other stages out there? So like, first of all , notice one thing with affiliate sell, why is affiliate marketing a great model? It is because number one, you don’t have to deal with commodity creation.You once can sell branded produces commodities this isn’t some inexpensive commodity from China with no brand. You don’t have to deal with send. You don’t have to do fulfillment, you don’t have to deal with customer support. So the goal here is to start thinking about what various kinds of productsdo you wanna promote, in what market? So these are physical produces. This could also be digital products. This would be ClickBank. ClickBank is one of thelargest marts out there for digital commodities. These would be like intangible commodities. So implementing the next example now, you can actually promoteany digital make in any of these categories, right? Arts and entertainment, betting, business, cooking, E-business, employ, games, lettuce concoctions, parenting. If, let’s say I was an Instagramer, who is into fitness andI teach other beings how to get I don’t knowhow to build muscle and get six bundle abs andI’ve got this small Instagram following and I’m thinkingabout how to monetize my Instagram following.So what do I do withoutcreating any of my own make? I can go to a stage like ClickBank and I can go to their health and fitness and you’ll see thattheir health and fitness, there’s craving, charm, dental health, musing, Men’s Health, sleep andremedies and when I click on it over here, this isunder health and fitness. So under state and fitness, you will see that there are a lot of makes in here. All these different productsare the digital concoctions inside state and fitness. So from diabetes to the keto product and the numbers arepretty self explanatory. This means that on average, whenever you make a sale, you get $42 and 43 cents for this keto diet overhere, you must pay $ 45 whenever a sale is compiled, all these different makes Organifi, this is a physical produce, one of the first few actually successful productsin the physical produces sold on on ClickBank.So this signifies average dollars when you make a sale onaverage, you get about $ 76. And there are many different factors that I look at that you wanna be looking at when you’re thinking about promoting another person’s produce. I’m gonna go you throughthe different factors as well as we go deeper into this, but not all products are created equal and you really wanna be able to think about these different factors. Okay, let me walk youthrough exactly what he. Now when it comes to thinking about promoting productsand what type of products are you gonna be promoting theway I do it is number one, is this an easy sell? Okay, this the first thingI’m always thinking about.I’m always thinking about like, who are the people that I’m serving? What are productsthey’re gonna buy anyway, who are in need of minimal exhortation. You identify, good affiliatemarketing is not concerned with causing someone from a no to a yes. Good affiliate marketingis about making, who are beings that’s already saying yes? So they might as well buy the product that they’re gonna buyanyway, through my attach. As I am going through, you know, envisioning the person or persons that I wanna serve, these could be the peoplewho follow me on Instagram who’s into like, how to get six backpack abs and get their beach body.That’s, that’s the first one. What are things they’re gonna regardless? So these will be sub- soprobably supplements. These “couldve been” workout planned. These could be how toeat right recipes, right different things like that. I’m trying to enter the conversation that is already takingplace in their spirit, trying to think like my public. Okay, that’s number 1. Number two, needle tosay, does it genuinely assists them and add value andhelp them get the result that they wanna achieve? This goes without saying. You wanna be able topromote a quality product. The third thing that I will be thinking about is, is there somesort of high-pitched ticket? And the above reasons for that isbecause when I’m thinking about promoting a concoction, you’ll notice that in the example earlier on, on Amazon, even though they are I were to promotea product that you are familiar with, passes like 5% committees, this meant that if I were to promotea product that remunerates out $100 on Amazon, if I are set to get 10%, that makes I would get a $ 10 Commission.Now that’s 10%. You will see that most of the time over here, it’s like two to 5 %. Well, the very best thingabout Amazon is they pay out committees based on the checkout, but still even if it was, you are familiar with $ 1,000 checkout or$ 5 Checkout, you get 50 bucks how However if you promotesomething that is high ticket, let’s say on ClickBank that’s digital, you’ll see that a lot of thesedifferent products in here, they could give outpercentages of 75%, 65%, 87% . Now, and it’s very typicalfor a digital produce to be about 50% to about 75%. You’ll see it’s very, frequently occurring 75%. And the above reasons for thatis because when something is digital there’s no realcost accompanied to it. This is money that the product proprietor would not have generated. These are auctions thatwould not have generated if not for you as theaffiliate helping them generate the sale.So in many cases, ifit’s a digital concoction, it’s a very typical case that they pay out 50% committees. So if this was $ 100 produce, you will get paid say $50. So I’m always thinkingabout is there some sort of high-pitched ticket associated toit as well as high commissions? Because in order to generate large amounts of affiliate Commission’s everymonth, you’re gonna realize that it’s highway easierpromoting high ticket concoctions than low-spirited ticket concoctions. So I gonna be showing youmore examples as well. We’ll came to see you that in a few seconds, right? Which now makes us to number four. The next thing I’mthinking about is certainly, this probably the biggestone, but is there recurring? Can you actually promotesomething that spends you every single monththat as long as a person continues being a member? So to give you an example, this is ClickFunnels. Okay ClickFunnels is a software in fact, is a software that Ipersonally use to help me improved my arrival sheets, tohelp me move my numerals and there are many different software’s like ClickFunnels and you will see that ClickFunnels themselvesthey have an affiliate program, they have a4 0% recurring commission to their plans, so $97 and a $297 plan.So that intends if a personas long as they continue being a paid member at $97 a month you get paid about $38 and 50 cents per month as long as this person continues being a member. Think about how cool that is. And generally software’s a lot of them are recurring in nature anda lot of these different software’s they have an affiliate program. I’m gonna be showing you how I became, you are familiar with, I promote ClickFunnels as part of my business model.And I’ve never truly considered myself as an affiliate marketer, butI take affiliate marketing as part of my business model to generate side income on top ofwhat I am previously doing. So for example, thiswould be my ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard, andyou’ll notice that they compensate 40% commissions, right, recurring. So you’ll notice that on thetop left hand side over here, it actually says monthlyrecurring income, which is basically active customers periods the due extent. So every single month ClickFunnels repays me over $50,000 passive income regardless of whether I workon this business or not. Because most of thetime, whenever person or persons exploits a software, the software is good, a person’s if theirbusiness, their lead gen, their auctions largelydepends on the software, guess what, they’re not gonna cancel.So like for me, this issomething that is currently giving me passive about 600,000 in affiliate commissionsevery single year. So when you think about that? What if affiliate market and if you promotesomething that is recurring, what you’re really doingas well is you’re building a river of income, which is really an asset, like this account over here. The way I think aboutthis is, this is literally a$ 6 million asset that dedicates 60,000 in affiliate income every single month. So what does this mean foryou back to this point, right? If you wanna promote something that has come long term sustainability that’s truly passive, this over here is a huge gargantuan cause, right? Is it recurring in nature? And you’ll see that someproducts like participation websites has recurring, some commodities like software has returning, supplementsthere are a lot of different supplements where every single month they ship the supplements to the customer and they would pay you a commission whenever their subscriptionis still active.So these are just very common things that has gone reappearing embedded into it and something that youdefinitely wanna “ve been thinking about” when it comes to promoting. Another question that youmight be thinking about is well Peng Joon whatif I’m not certainly promoting like physical or digital? What is a service? What if I’m a service based industry? What if I’m a excursion blogger, and I wanna talk abouttravel from a blogger or from about lifestyle? What if I’m up in the financial service? Look, whether it’s creditrepair, credit cards, whether it’s lends, whether it’s travel guess what, they all havean affiliate platform. And all you need to do is literally nature in jaunt affiliate planned. So let’s say I am thinkingabout a certain market, all you need to do is form in your niche with the word affiliate program. So that’s all I’m doing right now I’m typing in wandering affiliate curriculum, I’m going into doing my due diligence, and I wanna meet like, whatthe commission structure is. So for example, one of the biggest travel sites out there, you’ll see that thelowest you can get is 25 %. But if you refer 501 reserves, you get 40%, right. TripAdvisor commission structure, right. So all these are probablysome of you might even have exercised before. Agoda has got a tiered fee, right? So same thing now with under 50 referrals get 35% referring over1 000 gets you the highest you have 60%. So notice that we all know that well for now, because of the whole virus thing. You know, sails arepretty much gonna be dead in the next one or two years but start “ve been thinking about” like allthese different things. Let’s say you are a Forex trader you wanna teach beings Forex. So same thing now typein Forex affiliate program and you will see that there’s ton of them. You exactly wanna be ableto do your due diligence best forex affiliate program of 2020 right and start experiencing. So these are different Forexplatforms now I has got no idea, I’m not a Forex trader, I don’t know if these pulpits are legit. But as I’m scrollingdown here, you can see like this platform presents up to $700. CPA stands for payment per acquisition. So if if you can get somebody to sign up for this platform, they offer you 700 bucks. So this is a financial market. So financial markets areusually a lot more lucrative. So you’ll see that these are the payouts. You have like $1,200. eToro happen to seetheir ads all the time. So start thinking about let’ssay if you’re in a market of credit mend, right, creditrepair affiliate platform, so this is where you start scouting and start thinking about what proposal do you wanna promotebased on the different criteria that we spoke? What are they? Ask yourself is it an easy sell? Does it genuinely help your audience? Does it give them value? Are you be allowed to gethigh ticket fees from it based on the percentage? Does it have reappearing?’ Cause if it gives itself and recurrent, that is how you can build a passive income Look, I have literally promotedproducts from 10 years ago.And some of theseproducts are still rendering me a commission till todaybecause of the repeat payment because of this product promotion that I did about a decade ago. So this is how youstart thinking about it. Now then I want to moveon to the strategy. What type of pages do you need to create? Because let’s face it, soright up to this point, we have identified okay, theseare the different platforms. This is how affiliate marketing employments. These are different factors that you wanna be thinking about. Let’s then talk aboutas a total rookie now, like how do you startpromoting these produces? So the method you startpromoting these produces is to add this additional layerthat I talked about earlier. Now that you have determined the volunteer, so the give that you wanna promote, again, these could be ondifferent scaffolds, right? This could be Amazon, this could be ClickBank, this could be Agoda, this could be a softwarelike ClickFunnels, whatever furnish you wanna sell. So before you promote the give, here’s how it should begin. And this is something thatis a mistake numerous affiliate purveyors do, especially if they’re new, which is basically promotingstraight to the offer.Which is what I participate a lot of people do. So for example, what I learn a lot of people do is they put up a YouTube video and on the YouTube video, they transport parties straight to whatever theoffer on the platform is, to the Amazon offer, to the ClickBank offer, to the software. And the problem withthat is if you’re doing that you’re not reallybuilding a business. That’s just arbitrage. And the truth is, you neverknow if that furnish modifications. That’s number 1. Amazon has changed their payout boards multiple times you wanna be in control of your business. And if you’re not house a register, you’re not structure a business. So step number one, youneed to build a page that helps you build a list.Now in sell, this is either known as an opt in page or a pressure page. So what is this? This is a simple, simple sheet that gets beings to entertheir name and email address when they land on this pagerather than sending beings and I’ll reveal you how to build these pages really, genuinely readily in a few seconds. So rather than promotingstraight to this product, right now, what you wannado is you wanna drive traffic to this page now first. Now, how do you drive traffic? Now I’ve got a lot of differenttraffic videos on my direct by now but this could be a Facebook ad. This could be a YouTubevideo where I’m talking about this commodity or throwing them evaluate where there’s a highly softcall to action that says hey, if you enjoyed thisvideo, and if you’re interested in this part that I’m talking about, you can actually get thisproduct immediately from Amazon. The items are in the link below, right? That could be from YouTube. It could be in my Instagram swipe up so I could be creating likean Instagram story that says, hey guys, right now, you’ll notice that I’ve been usingthis headphones a lot.And if you wanna utilizethe same headphones, all you need to do is swipeup on Instagram right now. And it will make you straightto Amazon to get this or whatever this could bethe product on ClickBank, this could be the application, right? It could be Instagram, it could be email. So understand that all these, are just different programmes based on where you thinkyour audience is hanging out, you’re gonna create content or feed ads to meet them at where they’re at. And again, that is atotally different topic for another day. Okay, you can watch all my other videos. If you haven’t watched ityet, make sure you binge watch my entire transaction sequences. There’s 10 full videos on 10 different traffic approaches that you could be utilizing. So I’ll focus this onaffiliate marketing for now. We’ll leave the linksto that entire playlist in description casket below. Now you’re sending traffic to this list. And now because you arebuilding a directory firstly from such lists because nowit is traffic that you own, this is yours this list belongs to you, you can be promoting anything you want.That is when you canpromote the affiliate render. Okay , now this affiliate offer, this could be the physical commodity, perhaps that is the digital make, this could be the service, perhaps that is the application , now you are in control, andyou can be marketing them anything it could be yourown product in future. And then once you promotethe affiliate furnish, that’s when you can continue building a relationship with them. And as long as you give them more value and you continue building a relationship, that is when you can sell them more nonsense. And that is when you can sellthem another affiliate make because now this thing belongs to you. Okay, so I wanna talk aboutthis portion over here because this is literallythe the most important piece. Okay, how do you buildthis list to really promote any affiliate present. So let me show you an example. We talked about ClickFunnels earlier. Inside ClickFunnels, itis basically a software and if you wanna getstarted with ClickFunnels I’ll leave that tie-up belowthis description container. Well to show you how simple it is for you to build your own pages.But let’s take a look atthese simple templates. And by the way, I’m also gonna be gifting you these templates thatyou can utilize yourself so that you can start buildingup these pages to promote your own affiliate offer. So let’s say you wanna promote this. Let me just take a random example. Okay, so let’s say my firstmarket was gratifying to gamers. Okay, so let’s say mobilegaming is huge right now. And I wanna be able to promote a keyboard let me utilize this as a prop. A keyboard for mobile gamers. So let’s say this akeyboard I encountered it on Amazon that could be plugged intoa mobile phone wirelessly, we’ll not plug into buthooked up wirelessly.And a person could play like Call of Duty on the keyboard orwhatever is hot right now. So let’s say in orderto sell this keyboard, I wanna be able to sendtraffic to my roll firstly. Okay, so what the hell is I do? This is called the opt in page, right? This is part here that we talked about. So in order to sell a keyboard, I wanna think about howcan I give them something that will enable me to promotethis keyboard later on? Inside ClickFunnels, whichI’ll send you the template for this as well can getstarted certainly readily. So I could say discover how mobile gamers get an unfair advantage working this one, simple one simple process.Using this one simple gimmick, expending this one simple hack, utilizing one of these simple technique. Okay, I contemplate I like the word hack, okay? Because that’s what gamerslike to use a lot, okay? How mobile gamers get an dishonest advantage exploiting this one simple hack. You’ll be surprised at howeffective this process is. Enter your honour andemail below the funnel. So maybe over here, thiscould be the picture of, you know, a popular gameor it could be me representing computer game, what would that be for you? So ask yourself a good secure that I commonly like touse to build my roll. Okay, retain we have thisstep over here is to think about the thing that I wanna sell. If that is the end result, how can I give value first, so that I can give themsomething it could be a free practise, a free plan, a free defraud sheet, a free template, a freespreadsheet, a free Mind Map, a free download, a free template.So let’s say I wanted tosell the light-green augment. If I wanted to sell greensupplement, it would be discover how I could fit into my old jeans again without starving myself, right. So I’ll really change this over here, right discover how I managedto fit into my old-fashioned jeans again without starving myself. So notice what I’m doing. This is a very simplecopywriting technique, which is how to generateresult that they want without why which is thething that they hate, it could be in a specific timeframe. Okay, so how to x withouty, or it could be also how to x in timeframe withoutdoing the thing that they hate. Okay, so this is a very, very good cookie cutter hook that you wanna startthinking about and to build this sheet to start drivingtraffic to this page instead.So if let’s say I wanted topromote that forex scaffold, so it would be like, discoverhow to generate consistent forex returns withoutunderstanding complicated math. Enter your mention and email belowto unlock this free training to unlock this free blueprint. If let’s say I wantedto promote a concoction on, let’s say, on how to get this flat belly. Okay, let’s say, I knowthat that’s world markets I wanna serve. So what would I do? It would be how to get the body of your dreams without givingup your favorite menus. And of course, I wouldjust change this image, you articulated an image of a freetemplate, a free work, a free swipe file of free, something that reaches it visual. And then you could saywhat you’re gonna learn.Okay, so this template, I’m gonna literally oversteps it to you. So that all you need todo is just click around, you’ll see it’s super simple. It’s what you see is what youget, there’s no programming. If you wanna have this two templates, I’m gonna send you twotemplates as a gift right below this YouTube description. So you can use any of these templates. I’ll give you a few. Pick the designs that youlike, but most importantly , notice what I’m doing here. These template is verysimple landing sheets to help you start building a listing. And this is how you startbuilding inventories strategically This is something that I did in order to promote other people’s makes. But I don’t only cast trafficto other people’s commodities, I always route beings andtraffic to my own landing page firstly, because when I improve such lists, this would be a listthat follows me for life.Does that make sense? So I’ll send you a few different instances. This entire template will beinside your detail as well. So that everything you need to do is reform the graphics if you choose to. But the entire architectureinfrastructure of the funnel in order to help youbuild a list is there. So this is how you startgetting into the affiliate game. And I think this is a goodplace to actually end this. I hope that from thisvideo, you’ll be able to see that big picture approach when it comes to affiliate marketing. So what do you need to do to get started genuinely to make this actionable? Don’t give this be yet anotherone of those countless videos that you watch get, you are familiar with, great insight but get absolutely nothing. Here’s what you need to do.Start off by understandinghow to use ClickFunnels. I talk a lot about that inmy other videos as well. But go ahead and claimyour free experiment note below as well as thetemplates that please give you. Number two, start thinkingabout what mart, what produce could be a physicalproduct, digital commodity, it could be a softwarethat you wanna promote. And then located upon thatstart build your directory and when you start building your inventory or the ground sheet, youstart construct your listing after that sending trafficinto that arrival sheet. If you want to discoverhow to take your traffic strategies to a whole newlevel make sure you watch my other playlist on traffic generation.But as always, if youfound price let me know in the comments below whatis your biggest takeaway and as always smash the like button, and this helps thechannel out a little and hit on subscribe formore videos like this one. This is Peng Joon signing out and I’ll see you in the next video ..


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