– In this video I’m gonna show you how you can start anaffiliate marketing website. In fact, I’m gonna show you more than just starting anaffiliate marketing website. I’m gonna show you how you can start an entire affiliate marketing business. I’m gonna start by showing you how to find a good niche orniche for your website. I’m then gonna show youhow to do some research and discover the best products to promote.I’m gonna take you through the process of becoming an affiliate. We’re gonna sign up with Amazon, but of course you could sign up with any retailer that you like. Once we’ve done that, I’m gonna show you how you can come up with ideasfor content for your website and content’s gonna be veryimportant as it’s content that’s gonna show up in Google when people are looking for help whenthey’re buying products.Then once you’ve got loadsof ideas for content, I’m gonna show you the bestway to get content written and also the best way toadd it to your website so that it does well on Google and brings in lots of traffic. Of course, I’m gonna show youhow to create the website too. I’m gonna show you everythingto do with creating the website including howto register a domain name, how to set up your website hosting, how to create the website using WordPress and in fact I’ve streamlined that entire process because I’m gonna give you the templates that I use on my affiliate marketingwebsites so that it gets you up and running reallyquickly and easily.To help you make thewebsite look really sweet, I’m gonna show you how you can create your own logo using some free software. So, you don’t have topay graphic designers or anything like that. You’ll be able to come up witha fantastic logo yourself. I’m also gonna show you how you can track all the visitors to your website. I’m gonna basically show you everything from start to finish. If you watch this entirevideo, by the end of it, you will be an affiliate marketeer with an affiliate marketing website.Now, you’re probably wondering how much can an affiliate marketingwebsite actually earn? Well, that’s quite a bigquestion and it depends on lots of different factors, but let me give you an example. I created a tutorialvideo just like this one. I think it was about 15 months ago. You’ll find a link to that video in the description to this video. It’s a very similar video to this. It’s a full up tutorialon how to create a website and the website that I created in that video is called It’s in the roof box nicheas you’d probably imagine. It looks just like this, very similar to thesite we’re making today. Since I launched that website, I have been doing work on it.I’ve been adding content and all that kinda stuff and in fact, I’ve documented everything that I’ve done to that site in a YouTubeplaylist which again, you’ll find a link to in the description. But anyway, to cut a long story short, that website is now generatinga really healthy income. Let me put the earningsup on the screen now. You can see the, from Amazon last month, it pulled in around $1,500. And on a few days last month, the site pulled in over $100 a day. So, that’s a pretty nice income and in fact that site isactually still growing. But let me be clear. Those earnings are just an example. I’m not guaranteeing that you’re gonna earn that kinda money. You may earn less, you might earn more. But the one thing youdo need to be aware of is that affiliate marketing isnot a get rich quick scheme.It’s a longterm project. You’re gonna need to put some hours in. You’re gonna need to do some work. But if you do that, there’s no reason why you won’t achieve some success. So, that site, as I just showedyou is about 15 months old. It started earning, Ithink after around four or five months after it went live.So, if you need money rightnow, if the wolf is at the door, then affiliate marketing is not for you. You need to think of someother way to make some money. This is a longterm plan. It’s gonna take maybe 12 months before you start earning some reasonable income. So, yeah, just keep that in mind. So, anyway, if you’re up for it and you’re up for putting in some work, I think we should rollthe intro and get started. Let’s go. (gentle music) Hello, It’s Alex here from WP Eagle. Hope you’re all well. Quick couple of thingsbefore we get started. The first is if you’renot already subscribed, why not do so right now? Just click the button below. Make sure you click the bellto be notified of new videos.I am gonna be doing more videos around the site that I create in this video, including sharing the latest earnings and the latest traffic numbers. So, you’re not gonna want to miss them. So, click that Subscribe button. And if you find this video useful, please click the Like buttonreally does help me out. So, the site I’m gonna be creating in this video looks just like this. It’s called You can go check it outright now if you like. It’s in the wheelbarrow niche.It’s only got a fewarticles on it right now, but I am gonna be working onit over the coming months. Now, a question that I get all the time is why would anyone visit an affiliate marketing website? Why wouldn’t they just go to Amazon or wherever directly andpurchase the products? Well, a lot of people do go to Amazon to purchase their productsdirectly and those people, they know exactly what they want. There’s a lot of people outthere that they kinda know that they want a product. They’ve got a need, butthey’re not quite sure what they need topurchase and that’s where an affiliate marketing website comes in. We take that person bythe hand and we guide them through the products andwe help them buy something. And that’s basically whataffiliate marketing is.We promote other people’s products and when someone buys thatproduct, we earn a commission. So, I’m gonna use my oldwebsite as an example, Let’s say that there’s someone out there, they like going fishing, butthey’re struggling to get all their fishing rods into their car. They’ve seen roof boxes onother cars and they’re thinking, “Well, maybe a roof box might be what I need for my fishing rod.” So, they head over to Amazon and they type in something like, I dunno, best roof box for fishing rods. And this is what Amazon returns to them. And as you can see, it’s not very useful. In fact, the products that come up, they’re not even a roof box. So, they’re still stuck. They still don’t know what to buy so they head over to Google. When they get to Google,they type in the same thing, best roof box for fishingrods and Google returns this.There’s a few ads across thetop, which they may click on, but not a lot of peopledo click on the ads. And then below that, thefirst listing that comes up is one of my articlesfrom “That looks interesting,” they think and they give it a click. And then within that article, I basically show themsome of the roof boxes that are good for fishing rods, share some of the specs and give a bit of information around the roof boxes and all that kinda stuff.And then when they click through, once they’ve decided onthe best roof box for them and make that purchase, I getmy commission from Amazon. Now, you’re probably thinking, “But Alex, how on earth did you come up with all these articles? I mean, do you have loads of roof boxes that you kind of review andthat you know all about?” Well, no. I’ve got one roof boxthat I have on my car.But in terms of puttingthe articles together, what I’ve been doing is I’ve been paying some writers to go and do loads of research on Amazonand other places around the internet and putting allthat information together and then writing these articles for me. So, you don’t actuallyneed all the products like around you to be ableto create the articles. Of course, if you do havesome of these products, then you can write even better articles and you can maybe createvideos and that kinda stuff, but it’s not essential. You can just do it by doingresearch on the internet. So, hopefully now you’re clear on how affiliate marketeers add value. They’re basically helpingpeople make a purchase and to do this, we have toadd content to our website. So, this could be in theform of articles or videos. I’m gonna be mainly showingyou how to create articles. I’m also gonna showyou how you can come up with some great ideas for articles, articles based around what people are actually looking for on Google, so that you can answer theirquestions and help them out.And that’s gonna be themain bulk of the work you’re gonna need to dobasically creating content for your website once it’s live. There’s two ways you can do this. You can either write it yourself, which you might want to doif you’ve got plenty of time. If you don’t have a lot oftime and you got some money, then you can use themoney to pay for writers. I’m gonna show you how to ordercontent from some writers. Now, speaking of money you are gonna have to make a small investment to get the website up and running. You’re gonna need a domain name and you’re gonna needsome website hosting.I’ve got a couple of companiesthat I’m gonna recommend to you in this video that can provide both of those services at a fantastic price. The domain name, whichis basically your .com or your,, whatever you fancy, that’s gonna come in ataround $9 for the year. That’s seven pounds if you’re in the UK.And the hosting is gonnabe around 6.99 a month. That’s in dollars whichis $84 for the year. If you’re in the UK that works out at around 8.99 a monthor 108 pounds for the year. So, not a huge investment to get your website up and running. To create the website, we’re gonna be usingWordPress and Elementor. And both of those things are free. Now I’ve also included acouple of premium plugins that I like to use on my websites. They add a few extra features. These are completely optional. If you don’t wanna use ’em, you can just removethem from your website. But if you do wanna use them, the two plugins are the Ultimate Addons for Elementor and Elementor Pro.If you do wanna use ’em, the cost for them is around $60 each. To help you get up and runningreally quickly and easily, I’m gonna provide you withsome tools and resources. I’ve got a template to get the website up and running really quickly. I’ve got a spreadsheet to help you find the perfect niche or niche, and also to help youplan out your articles. So, you can go get these things right now. They’re all on a page onmy website, It looks just like this. You’ll find a link to it inthe description to this video. All you need to do is pop your name and email address into the form. I will then send you an email which you just need to click that you wanna receive emails from me. It’s basically just an opt in. Then once you’ve done that,I’ll send you another email which contains all the resourcesand everything you need. So, yeah, I recommend you do that now because you’re gonna needthat stuff in a few moments. Again, of course, unsubscribefrom my email list once you’ve got all the stuff, but I’d love to have you aspart of my email community.I only send out an email once a week. And it’s just a veryshort email that basically just lets you know that I’m going live and gives you an updateon my latest video. That’s all. Nothing too much, but yeah. You can unsubscribe if you don’t want it. No hard feelings. So, hopefully you’re still with me and you’re ready to start youraffiliate marketing journey. You’re ready to becomean affiliate marketeer. The first thing we’re gonna do is find that perfect niche for our website and then we’re gonna start planning out some content and then we’regonna create the actual website. I wish you the best of luck. I’m here for you if you need me. Leave a comment below this video. I do read all the comments that I get. I’ll try to reply to asmany as I possibly can.You can also drop me an email if you like. My email address is [email protected] But yeah, that’s enoughlooking at my face. Let’s get on the computer, let’s get this website set up. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) So, the first thing we needto do is do some research. We need to get it clear in our mind what we’re gonna be doing. What niche is our site gonna be in? Or niche I should say maybefor my American viewers. We need to have a thinkabout the kinda products that we’re gonna be promoting. We need to take a look andsee what kind of articles we could write and the kinda things that people are searching for on Google and how we could answer their questions and deliver some good value to those people.So, I’m gonna start overat Amazon and in fact, I’ve got an easy spreadsheet. I say easy. It’s a spreadsheet that I put together and it makes this wholeprocess a little bit easier. Now, I’ve already kinda filled it in, but I’m gonna go through howI did this in a few moments. You can get a copy ofthis spreadsheet as well. It’s on Google Docs. I’ll put a link in thedescription of this video. Just give it a clickand then you can save it to your Google Docs I thinkand play around with it. But basically it takes intoaccount a few different factors when it comes to choosing a niche.Those factors are down the side here, so we’re gonna have a lookat the commission rates, which have changed recently. They are quite low, buthey, that doesn’t matter. We’ll still make some money. We need to look at the product price range ’cause obviously the higher the product, the more commission you’re gonna make, but obviously if theproduct is too expensive, then you might not sell many. So, you need to keep that in mind as well. We need to have a look if there’s any purchase driven questions on Google and I’ll go into that in a bit more detail in a moment. We need to see how muchcontent there is on Google at the moment to see ifwe can fill in some gaps. Basically gives us an idea of competition, and then the final questionis quite an important question and that’s whether youactually like the niche, if it’s gonna be somethingthat’s of interest to you, is it gonna be something that you’re gonna be able to work on or is it just too boring and dull that, yeah, you’re not gonna be able to work on it ’cause you’renot gonna have any motivation? So, let’s start with commission rate.Now, you can bring up commission rates. Here we go. I’ve got some here, bydoing a search on Google for Amazon Associates commission rates. Now, I’m gonna be targeting the site that I’m creating in this video to the UK. Couple of reasons why I’m gonna do that. The first is that the UK commission rates on Amazon are higher than commission rates. Second reason is I’m in the UK and I’m British and I speakand write British English. So, that’s a bit of a benefit for me. And while I may createa version of the site in the future,I mean, I’ve got the domain, although we’re gonna getonto domains in a minute. So, yeah, I’m gonna go for the UK. So, you should target whichever country you feel comfortable with. Of course, is very popular, but if you’re in a country that’s served by a different Amazon, then that might be where you wanna go and especially if you speak the language because there may be less competition.So, here are the Amazonfees for Amazon UK. Here are the fees in terms of what they’re gonna pay you from So, this is a good place to start because we can see thatthere’s a big difference. For example, video gamesis a 1% commission rate on Whereas something likekitchen or automotive is four and a half percent. So, that’s quite a big difference. So, our first thing todo is have a look here, see the kind of categories that you’re gonna wanna get into. Probably ones with highercommission rates, if I’m honest. So, looking here on the UK one, we can see that homeimprovement’s a good one, garden and lawn and garden’sa good one, seven and 8%. Anything hand made is 10%. And these up here, anythingin the fashion line, clothing and stuff currently paying 11%.So, that’s the first thingyou wanna keep in mind, what are the commission rates like? So, looking at these commission rates, I’m gonna go for products and a niche that is in either the home improvement, the home or the kitchen and dining, the patio lawn, garden, power hand tools, anything around here. Maybe outdoor recreationmight be okay as well. Industrial scientific products or sorry, business, basically anythingabout 5% is fine by me. I think that’s kinda my cutoff. I’m not gonna go below 5%. So, once we’ve decided on the categories, you can start having a look on Amazon.So, a good place to start isyou go down the side here. Scroll down a little bit andgo to the Full Shop Directory. It will show you all ofthe different categories and all the different types of products. Then basically you just wantto start clicking around. See if you see anythingthat might be of interest, might be a good opportunity. I’m obviously looking at because that’s the siteI’m gonna be promoting but if you’re gonna or amazon.d or some other Amazon youwanna be checking out the relevant one for you. So, garden was one that sprung to mind. Let’s have a look, garden and outdoors. What we got? So, we got gardening here. We’ve got a decking and fencing. Loads of different categories and we can actually seethem all down here as well.Let’s have a look at mowerand outdoor power tools. That might be interesting. Fairly high value. So we got mowers, generators. Mm, pressure washers. Now, these caught my eyeearlier and you’ll see, I’ve already populated with a few niches. But yeah, I was getting around and I saw the pressure washers and they’ve got a good commission rate ’cause they’re in garden and outdoors.So, it brings in 8% on40,000 or more, seven. So, what you want todo is start filling in once you start seeing a few products that might be of interest, startfilling in the spreadsheet, put the niche across the top, put the commission rate in here and I’ve set it so thatthe colours change. Green being a good thing, yellow being kind of it’s okayand red being not so good.So, you’re looking forniches that have mainly green to help you make your decision when it comes to choosing a niche. So yeah, pressure washerswas quite interesting. Good commission rates. Product range is prettygood in terms of price. Now, there wasn’t many purchasedriven questions on Google. So, let me just show you what that means. So, the way I find if there’s been any purchase driven questions on Google is you head over to Google (chuckles) and you do some searches. So, I might type in pressure washer. And then scroll down andlook at these questions that people are asking because these are the kind of questions that we’re gonna try and answer on our affiliate website. We’re gonna create contentto answer these questions. So, which is the bestpressure washer to buy? The other thing thatmade me slightly worried was that sites like theWirecutter were coming up.So, if you’re not familiarwith the Wirecutter it’s a really big affiliate site, it’s owned by the “NewYork Times,” I believe and if they’ve got the listing on Google, it’s gonna be quitehard to knock them off. But there is some interesting questions. That’s obviously an affiliatesite that’s coming up there. So, yeah, it wasn’t too bad. I see that there is some questions I could definitely write articles about. So it wasn’t too bad. So, I put not many, but itcould be somewhere around there. So, what you wanna do is type in the niche and then have a look and then you also wanna just start typing and see what other things will come up, so, best pressure washerand then put four, maybe then like, startgoing through the alphabets. A for a car, a patio, a womanto use around the house.In fact, it looks like thereis quite a few questions. So, maybe since I did the research there’s a few more coming up or maybe I just didn’t lookproperly the first time. There’s quite a few thingsyou could write about here. So, all of these questionsthat are coming up on Google, these are all ideas for articles and I’m gonna get to that in a second but, and I would start copyingthese into our spreadsheet and then we’ve got loads ofthings we can write about.In fact, there’s loads. I think it could be a reallygood niche pressure washing. I think maybe that’d be my next site. Look at all these. We could write loads of articlesand then if we take a look, maybe do a search for best pressure washer for exposed aggregate, there isn’t, I meanthere’s this article here, “How to Clean An ExposedAggregate Driveway,” what’s that say? “Without Causing Damage.” It’s an Australian post, Australian site.So, if I move in with aUK site, I might do okay. But there isn’t, I mean, thisvideo sort of answers it, but there isn’t an article that says, this is the best pressure washer for exposed aggregate really, is there? So, that’s an opportunityfor me to create an article. And in my past experience,I know that if I do that, there is a really goodchance that I will rank because as I say thereis a lot of competition. So, I’m actually gonna put this as a lots. How well does it serve a good content? Well, as I say, doinga search on that one, there wasn’t a lot. Let’s do a search for another one. For what else we got? For, what’s snow foam? Is that where you like spray a lot of foamy, snow type stuff? Weird, let’s have a look. Okay. So, here look, there is an article that does match pretty muchexactly what I typed in. So, it looks like anaffiliate site as well. That’s gonna be a little bit harder to rank for because there is some articles already answering it, but of course, if Iwrite a better article, it’s a good chance thatI could outrank them.So, yeah, I’m gonna put that it’s served content kinda a bit. Do I like it? Yeah, it’s okay. I think I could get into pressure washers. So, as I was looking around Amazon, I defined some other nichesthat looked quite interesting. There was slow cookers and wheelbarrows. Again, I found them just byclicking through the Amazon, where’s it gone? The Amazon categories and slow cookers is obviously in kitchenwhich is pretty high and wheelbarrows again is in garden.So, that’s a reasonablygood commission rate. I think I put six there, butlet me just double check. Lawn and garden isactually seven or eight. We’ll just do a search for wheelbarrows. Just check their department. Yeah, it’s in garden and outdoors. So, I don’t know why I put that, so, garden and outdoors is, I think, what? Seven or eight. Still yellow but seven is okay. Put a price range. Well, it varies. Some are like 40 something pound, but there are electricwheelbarrows actually. So, I’m gonna put that as a medium. Let’s have a look atsome questions on Google. So, again, I’ll just type in the niche. Let’s scroll down a little bit.See what questions come up. So, what is the best wheelbarrow? How do I choose a wheelbarrow? These are sort ofpurchase driven questions ’cause someone who searches for how do I choose a wheelbarrow is probably looking to buy one. In fact, all of theselook like they’re pretty much purchase drivenapart from maybe this one. They’re just looking for, someone looking just for a spelling thing. This one as well, probablynot purchase driven. Nor is that one. Someone’s already got a wheelbarrow when they’re asking that. But again, if we, I like the best one. Best wheelbarrow for and then just start going through the alphabet again.For allotment, for a woman, for the money, best wheelbarrow air compressor. Mm, interesting. And then B, for builders,for bad back, for barn. C for concrete, construction,cleaning stalls. Oo, blimey. Mixing concrete, movingconcrete, hauling concrete. D, E. There’s loads. And then again, I’ll be lookingto see what’s coming up. So, I did a search for bestwheelbarrow for elderly. There is an article therethat’s got the snippet. Then if you look down, there’sa Pinterest thing there. Not much really when it comes to articles on the bestwheelbarrows for elderly. So, I definitely could fill that gap. So, back to our spreadsheet. I’d say there is definitelysome purchase driven questions. I don’t think it’s served that well.I mean, I need to do more research and I did do some more research. I did it a little while ago, which is why I can’tquite remember what I did, but I don’t think there was much content. So, let’s do a few more searches. For horse. Oh. Horse manure. There’s a couple there forpoo picking (chuckles). Again, you go down to here and great way to find article ideas is just keep clicking on these questions and it keeps giving you loads of other ideas and questions that people have typed into Google. Best wheelbarrow forsix-year-old, for allotment. Not a lot coming up when it comes to allotment wheelbarrows either. So, what I would recommend that you do when you’re doing these searches on Google is just start copyingthese into your spreadsheet. I’ve got this other tab here. I’ve already started filling in. Yeah. Start pasting these in because these are gonna be what you use as inspiration and as ideas for yourcontent for your website.Got the status over here. So, you can keep an eye on everything in terms of getting it written. Now, I use writers for my content. I’m not very good at writing myself. I do write the odd article, but generally I outsource it. I’ve got a number ofdifferent writers that I use. Also use companies like I’ll show you They’re pretty good. You just order articles like this. Put your email address in,put some guidelines in. So, if I was to order an article, but I am gonna order some articles. I’m gonna order some articles for my site. You would take the idea. Like which is the best wheelbarrow? Now, I am gonna go forthe wheelbarrow niche. It’s mostly green. They’ve all got basically three greens. Wheelbarrows is kinda interesting. I do quite a bit of gardening.So, I’m gonna go for that. I think I am gonna do thepressure washer one as well, but not in this video because that looked pretty good as well. Feel free to copy my niches if you want. But then, you are gonnabe competing with me. So, keep that in mind. But I’m happy to share all my stuff and if you wanna copy it,then that’s up to you.I would recommend that youdon’t copy other people’s niches and find your own niche where it’s got plenty of open space andnot too much competition and you’re not competing withother internet marketers, especially those peoplethat are on YouTube like me. But that’s entirely up to you. So, yeah, you’d type in the subject. So what is the best wheelbarrow? You’d set a word count. Now, generally it depends on the subject, obviously if it’s like, howto boil an egg as a subject, you don’t need that many words, but for the best wheelbarrow, you’re probably gonna need a few.Maybe 2,000. Put some comments in there ifyou like and some keywords. Now, I don’t generallyworry about keywords ’cause they’re gonna write it around here and that is the keywordthat I’m gonna be targeting. That’s what I wanna come up for on Google. In terms of the general guidelines, you’re gonna wanna specify that they should include products from Amazon, from the correct Amazon. So, I’d put something like,please include relevant. Oh. I can’t spell at all. See, that’s why I write my own articles. From where relevant. Oh. Where you can. Somethin’ like that. Try and spell it right. Oh. Thank you. And you might want to givethem some more articles.Use bullet points, short paragraphs and clear headings. Now, I am actually prettybad at briefing my writers and even though I am bad atbriefing them they have still, usually, I’ll say usually they usually do deliver some really good work. So, put in here as muchdetail as you like. A good thing to do and practise is to write your own articles. The first couple, write them yourself so you got a good understanding of what you want and howyou want them structured and laid out and thenyou can obviously brief your writers with that information.So, I’m gonna order some articles. I’m gonna order some ofthese wheelbarrow articles. And yeah, we’re gonna be adding them to the site a bit later on in the video. So, hopefully you found thispart of the video useful. Do you get yourself acopy of this spreadsheet. As I say, you’ll find a link in the description to this video. Get over to Amazon, startlooking at some products, look at the commissionrates first of course, then get over to Google and start typing in some questions around the product.See what’s coming up. Start populating this spreadsheet and hopefully you’ll be able to choose a niche that works well for you. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) The first step when it comes to setting up a website is to register a domain name. If you’ve already got adomain name registered, that’s great. You can skip this part of the video. I’ll put a time up on the screen now. Just jump the video forward and you can crack on with the next step, which will be settingup your website hosting. If you haven’t got a domainname, then keep watching. A domain name is the address that people type into theirbrowser to access your website. The classic one is a .com, but there are loads of different types of domain names available nowadays like .net, .biz, .me, .online,.info, dot whatever, really. Now, I’m a bit old schoolwhen it comes to domain names and I really like having a .com.So, that’s what I’mgonna try and get today. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas as you can see on the screen now. I was also sent a load ofideas from a WP Eagle viewer because we’re talkingabout the wheelbarrow niche on my live stream the other week. By the way, if you’ve not beenon one of my live streams, you should join us. They’re usually on a Tuesday. And if you subscribe and click the bell, then you’ll be notified when I do go live. It’s great fun and we talkabout affiliate marketing and websites and all that kinda stuff.Be good to see you there. Anyway, so, here are my ideas. I quite like this one, WheelAlong. I also like WheelAbout. I like them because they’re kinda broad. It means that I can not onlytalk about wheelbarrows, but I can talk about trailers and trolleys all that kinda stuff too. Now, it’s not essential to include any keywords in the domain name. So, I don’t need or I mean, I can if I wantto, but it’s not essential. You can have a domain that’s a little bit more generic that doesn’t include keywords andbuild a brand around it. It’s entirely up to you. Back in the old days, keywords used to have quite a big effect.If they were in your domain name, they’d have a effect onyour search engine rankings, but that’s not the case anymore. So, keywords in the domain name is not as important as it was. I’m gonna be registeringmy domain name today with Namecheap who Iwould recommend to you. I’ll put a link up now in a card. It is an affiliate link. So, if you click through andbuy yourself a domain name, I will earn a commission.Thank you very much. I recommend that you keep allyour domain names separate from your hosting. I like to keep them all in one place and just have a dedicated company that looks after my domain names. I like Namecheap becausethey offer domains at a great price. They’ve got a good control panel and they just make it really easy. So, let’s get started. Basically you’ve just gottastart typing into this box the domain name that you want and looking at my list I think I’m gonna go for the It’s between theWheelAlong and WheelAbout. I’m not too sure which one I prefer. Maybe I’ll register both, I don’t know. Let’s go for I’m just gonna copy, paste it in. And let’s see if it’s available. It is. So, it’s just six pound 81 per year. I’m not quite sure whatthat is in dollars, probably around $8 or something isn’t it? It’s offering me some other domain names that I might be interested in, but no, we’ll just gofor the’s add to cart. It’s offering me some other stuff. I’m not gonna take any of this. We’re gonna host our websitewith a different company. I wouldn’t recommend that you use a domain name company for hosting. Generally, they’re notvery good at hosting. They’re better at doingtheir domain names, which is another reason why Ilike to keep things separate. So, we’ll be doing the hosting in a few moments with SiteGround, but for now let’s justorder this domain name. Six pounds 81 per year. ICANN fee of 14 pence. So, that’s a total ofseven pounds and a penny. Let’s view the cart. You get a free WhoisGuardwhich is really good. So, that basically hides your details ’cause people can look updomain name information, and if you don’t have this, they’ll be able to see your name and address and all that kinda stuff, which you probably don’t want.I’m gonna set it to auto renew because I always forgetto renew my domain names. And I think you get discounts if you go for a longer period, possibly. Let’s have a look. Yeah, it does work out slightly cheaper if you go for a slightly longer period. I’ll go for three years, why not? So, yeah, I’m not gonna gofor any of this other stuff.I’m just gonna click Confirm Order. Now, you’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one already. Enter a username, password, email address, all that kinda stuff. Click Create An Account. I’ve already got one soI’m just gonna log in. Okay, I’m logged in. So, the next page is this one where it’s just checking your details. Mine are all fine. So, you just need to double check that these are all correct.I’m sure they are because you probably just signed up and filled it in right now. If you scroll down, oo,I went a little too far, you can just double check that you’ve got your WhoisGuard switched on. It should be fine. And also save this configuration so that next time registered domain name, you don’t have to double check it all. And don’t worry aboutthe additional settings. So, let’s click Continue. Now you just need to enteryour payment details. You can pay with card or you can also pay with PayPal aswell, if you want to. So, let me just do all the payment stuff. Okay. So, I’ve done the payment stuff. It’s now processing myorder and we’re all done. I can do some stars. Yeah, I like it. Very nice. Very good. Oh, and this one as well.Yeah, I definitely recommend. Perfect. No, I don’t want to do that. No, thank you. There we go. So, the domain is all registered. It may take a couple of hours, whatever, just to kinda register and go through and all that kinda stuff. But that’s it. The domain’s registered. Let’s move on to the next step. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) Once you’ve got a domain name registered, the next step is to setup your web hosting. Basically web hosting is where your website is gonna live.You hire a little bit of a server from a company and they make sure that your website is online. I’m gonna be recommendingSiteGround today. I did a test recently on loads of different hosting companies. I tested things like performance, support, features, value for money and SiteGround came out on top and I use SiteGround for a number of my websites now. I’ve found them to be really, really good. They offer a few differentflavours of hosting, we’re gonna go for the WordPress hosting. It’s gonna make setting upour website a lot easier, basically means that WordPresswill be installed for us and all we need to do then is get the site up running and I’m gonna provide a template for you to dothat to make it even easier.So, I’ll put a link up toSiteGround now in a card, I’ll also put a link in thedescription to this video. The link is an affiliate link. So, I will earn acommission if you use it. I really appreciate it if you do. It helps me createvideos like this for free and I only recommendcompanies that I use myself. So, I’m not recommendingSiteGround for the commission. I’m recommending SiteGroundbecause they’re really good. So, let’s choose WordPress hosting. Click Get Started. There’s three different levels of hosting. I recommend the GrowBigwhich is the middle one.It’s great because you canhave unlimited websites. You get 20 gigabyte of web space and it’s suitable for websites with around 25,000 visits every month. If you’re on a bit of a budget, you can go for the startup one. It’s only 2.95 a month. That’s the special introductory price, but it only allows youto have one website. You can change your plan at any time. So, let’s click Get Plan. So, first off we need toenter our domain name.We’re not registering one. We’ve just done that if you watched the first step or you’vealready got one registered. So you need to click, Ialready have a domain name. Type the domain name in thatyou’ve already registered. Mine is of course Click Proceed. So, for step three of the order process, we need to enter our account information. So, enter your email addressand choose a password. Fill in all of your details in here and your payment information in here. Down here it’s already chosen our plan. It’s the GrowBig. You can change it here if you need to.Next option is the data centre. Now, I’d recommend thatyou choose a data centre that’s near to the visitorsthat you’re targeting. So, the site that I’m gonna be setting up is gonna be targeting people in the UK. That’s where I live. I’m gonna write all mycontent using British English. But if you’re targetingpeople for example in the USA, then choose the USA data centre. It will give those visitorsa better experience.The site will load fasterand all that kinda stuff. So, choose the data centrenearest to your visitors. So, I’m gonna set mine back to UK. The next option is the period. Got a choice of 12, 24 or 36 months. I’d avoid the one month trial. Not gonna be able to achieveanything in one month plus there’s a setup fee. So, that’s best avoided. And by the way, I’vebeen given these prices in pounds ’cause I’m in the UK. If you’re in America, thepricing is actually very similar. I think it’s 5.95 a month,$5.95 a month rather than 4.95. So, I think that worksout slightly cheaper if you’re in America. But yeah, SiteGround will adjust all the pricing depending on your location.Now, SiteGround offerthis introductory pricing of 4.95 in pounds or 5.95 in dollars. To make the most of this pricing because it jumps up afteryour initial period, I’d recommend that you go for as long as possible in terms of theperiod that you choose here. That way you’ll make the most out of that 4.95 or 5.95 per month price. So, yeah. Basically go for as long as you can afford and you’ll get the best value. So, I’m gonna choose 36months and that’s about it. You get free website file transfer, which you’re not gonna use. You don’t need the site scanner and you just need to tickthe terms and conditions box. And you can tick this one as well if you’d like to get SiteGround news and special offers by email.So, I’m gonna get all this completed and pay and then we’llmove on to the next step. Okay. So, I’m all signed up. I made my payment. My account was successfully created. I can get straight into the customer area by clicking on this button. I’ll also receive an emailshortly with all the details. So, let’s click Proceed to Customer Area and here we are in ourSiteGround dashboard. So, let’s finish offsetting up our website. To do that, we click onthis big orange button. And here we’re gonnaclick Start New Website. Let’s Click Select andthen choose WordPress. Now, it’s asking us to set up a login. This is the login forour WordPress websites. So, enter your emailaddress and a password. It can generate one if you want. Probably a good thing to do. So, I’m gonna do that now.Let’s click Generate. I’m gonna copy it to my clipboard. I’m gonna need it in a moment. And then click Continue. It’s asking if we wantthe SG Site Scanner, which we don’t, solet’s just click Finish. Now, while it’s doing that I’m actually just gonnapaste that password into my notepad so that I’vegot it in case I need it later. So, I’ve pasted that somewhere safe. I suggest you do the same. It says the site creationis taking longer than usual. Oh dear. So, I’ll get a confirmation email once the installation is complete. I’m not sure if you’re gonna get this. So, obviously maybe itdepends on how busy they are. So, let’s just wait for that email. So, it’s all done. It didn’t take very long at all. In fact it was pretty much instantaneous.I’ve now got this email. Hopefully you’ve got an emailas well that’s very similar. You need the email because it’s got the DNS servers in that we’re gonna use right now to point ourdomain at our new website. If you haven’t got the email yet you can access your DNS servers from within your SiteGround control panel. Just go into Site Toolsand you’ll find them here. So, let’s set our DNS servers. To do that you’ll need to log into your domain name providerinto their control panel. Obviously for me, it’s Namecheap. For you it might be someone else, but the process is the same.You’re basically looking foryour name server settings for your domain. So, let’s jump into Namecheap. I’m gonna do it in this tab here. So, I’m gonna go into myaccount and into the dashboard. Here’s my domain. We’ll go into Manage. As I say, it’d be the sameprocess with pretty much every domain name registrar. Maybe the buttons mightbe slightly different, but you’re looking to manage your domain and then you’re looking for name servers which we’ve got here.So, I’m gonna go for custom DNS. Then it’s given me twoboxes to add domain servers. So, I can just copy and paste them from the email from SiteGround or indeed from the controlpanel which I’ll do now. So, I’m just gonna get thefirst one, copy and paste. And this one copy and paste. And then I’m just gonnaclick the tick to finish. So, that’s gonna take a fewhours possibly to take effect. It says up here it mighttake up to 48 hours. So, I’m just gonna wait. Once it’s all done I’ll know because when I enter thedomain into my browser, I should see a website. At the moment when I type it in, I’m seeing the Namecheap page. So, once this changes to something else, probably be the WordPress page.I’ll be then ready tomove on to the next part, which would be installing theaffiliate marketing website template that I’m gonna provide you with. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) So, here we go. It didn’t take very long for the DNS and everything to switch over. And now when I go to, I can see this which is basically a basic WordPress installation. It means that SiteGroundhas instal WordPress. Everything is working, the DNS is working and we’re now ready to turn this into our affiliate marketing website. If you’ve not done so already, you’re gonna need to get the pack of goodies that I sent you via email, because you need basicallythe template of the site, which we’re gonna instalin this part of the video.So, head over to the post on There’s a link to it in thedescription of this video. It’ll be somewhere near the top. Be very easy to find. You’re not gonna miss it. You come over to a pagethat looks a bit like this. Might look a little bit different, ’cause I’m still working on it. But there will be a formthat looks like this. You need to put your namein and your email address.Then I’ll send you everythingyou need straightaway. So, go and that now if youhaven’t done so already. If you have then, well, let’smove on to the next part, where we’re gonna set up the site and instal our template and get it looking like theAmazon affiliate website that we want it to. So, hopefully you able to fill in your name and email address all okay and you received an emailfrom me and by the way, you probably had a first email when we had to opt in and then you got another email with all the stuff that I talked about in this video. If you don’t get theemail for whatever reason, just drop me a messageat [email protected] and I will try my best to make sure that you get everything you need. By the way, you can of course unsubscribe from my email list at any time. I only send that oneemail every single week just to let you know when I’m going live. So, hopefully not too much of an issue but if it is you can easily unsubscribe. Anyway, let’s get on with this website.So, hopefully you’ve downloaded a file. It looks like this, WPEagle website template. All you need to do is extractit by double clicking on it. I think that’s how you do it on a PC. That’s how I do it on my Mac. And then within that, there’s this folder and then in there there’s two files just to read me and then this Zip file. Don’t extract that one. That’s the one we’re gonna be uploading to the site in a moment to basically add my template and get the site looking as we want it to look. So, remember where this file is.And well, let’s go backto our WordPress website. So, to log in, you just simply add a slash and then WP admin to the end of your domain name andyou get a screen like this. Hopefully you made a noteof that WordPress password. Like I said, you should. If you didn’t, you can reset your password with this link here. You need to enter your email address. The email address that youentered when you set up the site. Then put that password andI’m just gonna paste it. I’m gonna tick remember me so I don’t have to log in all the time and then I’m gonna click login. So, it’s taken us to this page. You may see a SiteGroundwizard thing pop up. If you do, there’s a littleexit link at the bottom. So, or Skip or something like that. Click that. You don’t need to go for the wizard ’cause we’re not settingthis up from scratch.We’re gonna be installing my template. So, let’s do that now. So, we’re gonna go toplugins and then add new. Then when we come up tothe search box up here, type in wpvivid. It’s this one here, theblue cloud with the arrows. Click Instal Now. So, that’s installed. Let’s click Activate. Here we go. We’re into WP Vivid. So, what we’re gonna do is scroll down. We’re gonna go to Upload. And then we’re gonna select that file, the Zip file that I sent you via email that hopefully youdownloaded to your computer.Let’s click Select Files and then find it. Select that Zip file withthe funny, long name. Click Open and then press Upload. It’ll take a few moments. So, that’s all done and uploaded. Let’s click Okay up here and then let’s click Restore here, and then click Restore here. And then press Okay. Okay, that’s all finished. Didn’t take very long. Let’s press Okay. So, we now need to log in tothis WordPress installation. It’s different to theWordPress installation we just had because wejust restored the backup. So, that username andpassword that you had from SiteGround for WordPress,we don’t need that anymore. What we’re gonna log in here with is the username wpeagleviewer.And by the way, we’re gonna change this to something that you canremember in a few moments. And then the passwordis wp3agl3vi3w3r again, but all of the Es are threes. So, wp3agl3vi3w3r. You can of course findthis user and password over at in the post that’s all around this tutorial. So, let’s log in. So, here we are. We’re into our WordPress dashboard for our affiliate marketing website. We’ll have a look atthe front in a second. There’s a few more things we just need to do while we’re in here. First, as I just said, is we need to set up anew username and password.One that you can remember. Obviously you don’t wanna use this one because everyone else isgonna be using this one. So, yeah, not a good ideawhen it comes to security. So, we need to change thisas quickly as possible. So, we’re gonna go intoUsers and then All Users, and here we are. So, this is one we need to get rid of but before we do that,let’s create a new one. So, I go to Add New at the top, give it a username that you will remember. I’m gonna go with something like Eagle. Put your email address in. You’ll fill in yourfirst name and last name if you like and your website. You then, I can click Show Password and it will generate a password for you. You’re gonna want to make a note of that or put it intoyour password manager or whatever you use to keeptrack of your passwords. You then wanna set therole to administrator. You can un-tick the box tosend a new user an email, or course you can leavea ticked if you want and then you get an emailwith the details in.And then click Add New User. There we go. There’s our new account. Now, let’s delete this one. And in order to dothat, we need to log out and log in as our new accounts. So, we’re gonna comeup here and go log out. Type in the username of theaccount that I just created. It was Eagle if you remember. I’m gonna paste in that password ’cause it’s already in my clipboard. I’m gonna tick Remember Me so I don’t have to keep logging in all thetime and then click Login. Here we go. We’re back in as that new user. So, let’s go back into the users and then just delete this one. I was gonna ask what youwant to do with the content. Very important that you select to attribute all the content to you, the user name you just set up. You don’t wanna delete it, otherwise you’re gonna loseall the templates and stuff. So, make sure you clickattribute or content to and select your user name andthen click Confirm Deletion. There we go. We’re all done.We’re all secure. Only you know the password now. So, there’s just a coupleof other little things we need to do before wecan start customising the site and adding our content. The first is you’re gonna wannachange the name of the site. At the moment it’s calledFree Affiliate Blog Site. So, to adjust that you gointo settings and general. Give your site a title. What should we go for? Let’s spell it right. The Wheelbarrow Experts. Advice and buyers guides on wheelbarrows. You can put whatever you like in for your tagline and for your title. Doesn’t really show upthat much around the site but it’s a good thing tomake sure that it’s correct. Of course, you can adjust any of these other options if you like. I’m gonna leave them for now. So, that’s that done. The next thing is we’ve got a couple of premium plugins that I’ve added to the site because I really liked them.They’re really useful. So, if you wanna getupdates on those plugins, they will work as they arebut if you wanna get updates which I recommend because updates are generally security related. So, they’re very important. If you wanna get those updates and if you wanna get support, you will need to buy a licence. So, as I said, I’ve gottwo plugins running. The first is called UltimateAddons for Elementor, and basically I use that for all its extra Elementor widgets. It’s got one for the recent posts on the homepage andalso for product tables. It’s really good. You’ll find links to some videos on those things in the description. Let me just show you the website. If you wanna head overit’s’ll put that link up in a card now. You’ll also find the link inthe description of course. It is an affiliate link. So, I will get paid a commissionif you do order a licence. As I say I really recommend this plugin. It’s fantastic. It’s got loads of extras for Elementor. The price is just 69 fora for site, for one site.Yeah, 69. So, very good value. I’ve already got a code, my licence code. So, I’m gonna add that now. You need to buy one of these licences. Six to nine months is probablyfine and get your code. When you’ve got your code, you need to come into Settings Plugins and Installed Plugins. Sorry, not Settings Plugins, just Plugins. Plugins and Installed Plugins. And then scroll down and it’s here. Ultimate Addons for Elementor. Click Activate Your Licence. And then paste in your key. I happen to have my key in myclipboard ready to paste in. So, let’s paste that in now. Just press Command + V. I’m gonna blur it out course (chuckles).You need to get your own licence. Click Activate. There we go. The licence is active. So, let’s close that. The other plugin I’m runningon this site is Elementor Pro. This is probably more optional than UAE. I’m using a few features on it like the global templates is quite useful. So, it basically allows you to create something once and then easily use it around your site. Go and check it out. I’ll put a link to avideo in the description and that video is basically me talking about Elementor Pro andwhether it’s worth it or not.If you don’t want Elementor Pro, you can simply just come anddeactivate the plugin here. And I said, these plugins will work. They just won’t update automatically if you don’t have a licenceand strictly speaking, if you’re using a bit ofsoftware that requires a licence, then you should probably buy the licence. It’s just common courtesy. If you do wanna get yourself a licence, I will put a link up now. And again, you’ll findthe link in description. It’s basically The price for Elementor ifI remember, I think it’s 49. Yep, 49 for the year. You get the 50 pro widgetswhich are pretty cool, although I think thewidgets in Ultimate Addons, the plugin I just showed you a moment ago are actually better. You get 300 pro templates, which is cool if you wanna add some really nice looking pages. You get a theme builder so you can really customise thesite quite a bit further, and some other stuff. I’ve already got alicence for Elementor Pro.So, I’m gonna connect my site. Once you’ve made your purchase, you can come along and clickthis big button up here that says Connect and Activate, and we’re logged into Elementor. So, it’s good to go. Just need to click Activate. There we go. That’s active. So, I think we are now readyto start customising the site. What I’m gonna do in the next part of the video is add a logo. In fact, before that, I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna create a logo really easily.Then we’ll add thatlogo and we’ll customise the colours of the site and start thinking about changing the homepage. Before we do that, let’s just have a little look at the site. See how everything’s as it should be. There’s the homepage looking good. So, I said, we’re gonna change the logo and the colours in a moment. I have just noticed thatI’ve got a not secure error. So, that means that something on here is loading over into your connection.So, I better fix that just in case you guys have the same problem. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go to View and Developerand JavaScript console. Ah, there we go. It’s telling me there what’s insecure. Do you see that? So in the console it saysthe page, blah, blah, blah has loaded this image. Which is, I know which image it is. It’s the beach one, isn’t it? Yeah, that one.So, we can fix that. We can fix that really easily. And the way I’m gonna do that is I’m gonna edit thispage with Elementor. We’re gonna be doinglots more on this later. Elementor is how we’re gonnabe working on all of our pages. And it’s this image here. So, I’m just gonna come down to this. Right click on those sixlittle dots, go edit section.And in Style, here’s the image. I’m gonna remove the imageif I click on the bin. I mean, of course you’re gonna be swapping this image out anyway so it’s probably not such a big deal, but let’s just get it working for now. So, if you were to swap theimage for something else, you’d obviously upload a file. I’m just gonna select the image again. This should fix it like that. So, just inserted that,I’m gonna click Update. Now, let’s go take a look. Okay. So, now we’ve got the padlock. We’re all good. So, let’s move on to doing our logo. Well done if you’ve got thisfar, you’re doing really well. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) So, you site is gonna need a logo, something that looks nice andkind of shows off what you do.So, when it comes to getting a logo, I always like to make myself one. Of course, you could get agraphic designer to do you one, but that will cost moneyand take some time. We need to move fast and save some money. So, I’m gonna be recommendingthis graphic’s package. It’s called Canva. You can get it at can set up a free account and I love this piece of software. It’s fantastic for doingbasic graphic stuff. Thumbnails for videos,thumbnails for blog posts. Great for doing that. Basically you’ve got all these templates. I’ll just show you. So posters, logos. That’s what you’re looking at in a minute. Presentations, flyers,cards, infographics. It’s a really useful tool. So, you should definitely go and sign up at right now. And yeah, you can get allthe good stuff for free. They do have a premium version,but you might not need that. So, you can come in here andhave all these different logos. You can obviously searchbased around your niche, but there is loads of stuffto choose from as you can see. Now I have done a littlesearch and couldn’t find anything to do withwheelbarrows, if I’m honest.So, I’m gonna have to look elsewhere. Yeah, yeah. There’s no wheelbarrow thingsin Canva but that’s fine. I’ve got a few other resourcesthat I can draw from. And I am gonna be using Canva to actually put it alltogether in the end. So, the other place that I love is iStock and I’ll put a link up to iStock now, which is an affiliate link. Thank you very much if you use it.I’ve got a monthlysubscription with these guys and I use it for images. So, images that I wanna usein my articles and my content. And it’s got loads of stuff around pretty much anything that you can think of. But they also have vectorgraphics and stuff. So, I can see my recent searches. I’ve already done a littlebit of research on here. So, here we go. We’ve got loads ofdifferent wheelbarrow logos. We’ve got this one, thisone, this one, this one. I’m not too worried if there isn’t a text, ’cause I’m gonna addsome texts in a minute. I’ve got that one. That’s pretty cool. These ones, this one over here. So, I’ve got a few to choose from. I like this one. I think I like this one. Well, it’s this one or this one. They’re both good. I think this one ’causeit’s nice and simple. So, I’m already logged in.I have a subscription as I sayso I can just download this. I’m gonna download itas a big image in Excel that I can adjust the size in a minute. Confirm download. Let’s save it here, that’s fine. So, that’s saved. And then what I’m gonnado is I’m gonna drop that into Canva and put my logo together. So, I’m just gonna go create a design. It’s gonna be custom dimensions. And the ideal size for thelogo on the site is 500 x 243. And in fact, we’re gonna beadding two different sizes of logo because of retina screens, which you get on Appleproducts and other devices. So, basically high resolution screens. We need a high resolution logo and then we need a normal logo. It’s very simple.Don’t get worried. It’s really simple. So, to start off with we create a blank canvas of 500 x 243. Need to keep those dimensions in mind ’cause that’s the perfectsize for your logo too. Now I’m gonna upload the image that I just downloaded from iStock. So, I’m gonna click Upload. Here it is. Select the file. There it is. Now, I’m just gonna click on it. There we go and now I’mgonna make it a bit bigger. Maybe even a bit bigger than that.So, you can see it’s really easy, you just drag stuff around, grab hold of the corners tomake stuff bigger and smaller. It’s really great bit of software. That’s maybe a little bit too big. Now I’ve lost my corner. Let’s get that down a bit. There we go. I’m gonna put that over there. Then I’m gonna get some texts. So, up the side here,there’s this text area. Choose something that looks nice. Oh, I quite like that font. That might work. Yeah, we’ll go with that. And just gonna give that a click. Then bring this over here. You can see these pebble line and helps you line everything up. It’s kinda snapping so that it’s level. Then we can just starttyping Something like that. If we need this separate… Oh, maybe. You could have somethinglike Wheelbarrow Experts, like that.Or maybe I’ll just get rid of it. To get rid of it I need to un group because this bit of text and this bit of text are grouped together. So, let’s click Un-group. I can click this, click onthe dustbin and it’s gone. Centre this up. Thinking I’ll maybe makeit a little bit bigger. So, I just drag it up a bit. So, it’s about the samesize as the wheelbarrow. Maybe slightly too big now. I know it’s not, when I lineup there it looks a little, oh, that looks better. Is that better? That’s right. There we go. So, there we go, there’s a logo. That’ll be fine. Let’s go with this. So, to download it, wecome here, click Download. We’re gonna download it as a JPEG ’cause it’s a smaller file size.So adjust this quality if you like. Again, that’ll adjust the file size. Around 80% is generally all right but you might get away with less. Then I’m gonna click Download. Now, because this is gonna bethe big high res retina logo, what I’m gonna do is call it wheel, oh, if I can spell again. My typing is atrocious. Wheelalong logo. And then because it’s the big one, this is quite important,I need to add @2x. I don’t know why, it’sjust like a retina thing so that retina screens know that this logo is the high res one. Just go with it. Trust me on this. So, let’s click Save. There we go. That’s saved. So, what I’m gonna dobefore we come out of Canva is I’m just gonna resize thisso that it’s half the size. Save it again.So, then we’ve got twocopies of this logo, the high res one and the lower res one. So I’m gonna come and click Resize, and tick Custom Size. So, what I wanna do is reduce this by half before we make any changes make sure your little padlock is clicked if it wasn’t already. And let’s knock this down to 250, which of course is half of 500. It does the other one for me. Let’s click Copy and Resize. Why not? That way we’ll have twoimages within Canva. So, here is our smaller logo. Let’s download this one, again as a JPEG. Download. I’m just gonna callthis one wheelalonglogo, like that and then click Save. Perfect. So, now we’re ready toadd them to our website. So, let’s go back to the website. To change the logo weneed to go into Customise.Then we need to go into Site Identity, then Change Logo. So, I’m gonna upload the logos. In fact, I’m gonna uploadboth of them like that. Now we’ve got the @2x one selected. I’m actually gonna select the normal one. It should be able to work out the @2x one automatically. So, make sure that one selectedand click Select down here. It’s gonna ask if I wanna crop it.I’m not gonna crop anything. So, let’s click Skip Cropping. There we go. There’s our logo. That looks quite nice. I’m happy with that. Ah, now I forgot about the site icon which is the little thing that appears up in people’s browsers. So, we should probably do one of them. And it says site icon shouldbe squared at least 512 x 512. So, we can do that. We’ve got Canva. So, back to Canva andlet’s go back to home. Let’s create a design anddo custom dimensions again and type in those dimensions. 512 and 512. Create. And of course I’m just gonnause the little wheelbarrow. So, if I come down to uploads,it should still be there. There it is. Give it a click.Make it big. About there, I think. Yeah. And then let’s download it as a JPEG. Then download. I’m gonna call it favicon and save. And then we can come backto our website settings and go change image andthen upload our new favicon. There we go. So, let’s click Publish. And that’s our logo all done. So, what we’re gonna do next is start to make some changes to this homepage. So, that’s all ready andthen we’ll get onto changing these articles and addingsome of our own content. So, let’s customise the homepage. Let’s make it our own. There’s a few thingswe’re gonna wanna change. We’re gonna want to change this text here and maybe the button or just the colour. At the moment it links throughto one of the categories. But you can link it throughto wherever you like. I’m gonna change this video ’cause I don’t currently have anyvideos for this website just yet. So, until I do, I’m gonnachange this for a static image. I’ll find something over on iStock.This bit I’m not gonna mess with because it’s the latest articles. We’ll be adding somecontent a bit later on. When we do this, it’llautomatically update. I’ve got a couple moreboxes down the bottom that we can adjust, changethe image and change the text. So, we’re gonna be doing everything that we need to do within Elementor. So, let’s click Edit with Elementor. The first thing I’m gonnachange is this headline. So, I could just click on it and I have this panel over herewith everything I need.Then I’m just gonna change this. I’m just gonna clear this text out and put something inlike move things quickly. I should have probablyput some thought into this and easily with a, hang on, with the perfect wheelbarrow or trolley. That could probably be better but I can always change it later when I think of something better. I’m gonna bold a couple of words up. To do that, I’m just gonnaadd a little bold tag. To do that, I add a little pointy bracket with a B in it around the words. And then here is a pointybracket with a B in it but with a slash toshow that it’s the end. So, you now we’ve got a bold wheelbarrow. Let’s make a bold trolley too. There we go. And then we’ve got this Latin here that I need to think ofsomething to replace it with. So, let’s just do a quick edit and some text will magically appear. There we go. There’s some text.And as I say, I may change this later when I’ve put some thoughtinto it or I might ask one of my writers to comeup with something better. I’m not really good at choosing words or coming up with words if I’m honest. But you get the idea. That’s how you’re gonna change your text. And hopefully you’vecome up with something much better for your niche. So, let’s take a look at this button. So, just giving it a click and you’ll quickly pick upElementor, I’m sure of it. It’s really easy. You just literally click onthe things you wanna change. You get this panel down the left hand side with all the options and justwork your way through them.It really is super straightforwardand super easy to use. So, I’m pretty happy with the button. All I wanna do is change the colour. I may wanna change the text, but I might need to do that later ’cause I’m not quite sure whatcategories I’m gonna have. Probably gonna have abuyer’s guide to be fair. So, for now, let’s justchange the colours. So, I’m gonna go into Styleand here are all the colours. So, the background color’s currently this rather fetching pinky red colour, but I’m gonna go for green.It’s gonna be a definitegreen theme across the site, but the light green or darker green. Dark green, I guess is fine. Text white. Perfect. Got some options herein terms of your border. I don’t actually want a border. So, let’s just put that to none. That looks better. Here’s the border radius, whichis how round the button is. So, if you want it like less round, you can just like put this down like that. If you don’t want any roundness at all you can put it to zero. Yeah, I don’t mind a square button. I don’t mind the square button. Let’s get rid of the rounded corners. And yep, that’s it. That’s the button done. So, there we go. If we go back to the content to the bit of the pencil, it’s here. We can change the link. Well, I think that’s all about done. There are some other options in here and you get these options on all of the elements within Elementor. So, you’ve got things like motion effects, which I don’t use.I’m not a big fan of motion effects. You can adjust the backgroundso you can have an image. You can adjust some responsive settings. So, say you wanna hide iton a mobile or whatever you can do that in here. You’ve got some positioning things here. Generally, you’re probablynot gonna need to mess with, oo, where’s that gone? Not gonna need to mess with here. So, I’m just gonna leave all that as it is because it’s fine. So, let’s click Update. Gotta remember to click updateafter making any changes. That’s the left side done. Let’s take a look at this video. That’s my roof box videoon how to make the site, the original tutorial. So, we come up here and rightclick on the little pencil. Click Edit Video. You can’t just right click anywhere. Otherwise it brings upthese kinda YouTube things. So, you right click on thelittle pencil, edit video. And if you wanted to change the video, you could just stick anew YouTube link in here if you’ve got one to hand.As I said, I haven’tgot a video right now, so I’m just gonna remove it. So, right click again and click delete. What I am gonna do is add an image. So, I better go and get one quickly. Let’s head over to iStock. I think I’ve already added a link to the description ofthis video for iStock. So, be sure to go check it out. It is an affiliate link. Of course you can find loads of free images around the internet. I’ll put some links tothose as well down there. But let’s have a look for wheelbarrows. What we got? That’s quite nice. That’s good. I want something quite fun, I think. That’s practical, maybe not fun. It’s quite nice.All these images are good. That’s fine, I like that. Although, that is an oldbattered wheelbarrow. Probably not the kinda thing that I want ’cause promoting new stuff. Oh, this one here with thesetwo people is quite nice. We’ll go with that. Should we go for that? Let’s have a look. “Happy senior couple playing with a wheelbarrow in sunny day.” It should be on a sunnyday really, shouldn’t it? Anyway, let’s download. Let’s go for this. I’m gonna download the XL one. I’m gonna resize it in a moment. Let’s click Confirm and then Save. Here we go. Let’s take a look. Here we go. So, I’m gonna resize it in Photoshop. You could resize with any bit of software that you happen to have. So, I think the best sort ofsize for that area on the page, the homepage is around 600 x 430 ish. So, let’s do that.Let’s go image size 600 x 29. That’s not gonna quite be high enough. So, what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna do the height first and then I’m gonna cropthe width a little bit. Oh, they’ve gone tiny. Let’s go to View and 100%. There we go. I would say that learningsome basic graphic skills is really important when it comes to putting websites together because you’re gonnawant photos and images on your content and on your pages. So, being able to do some basic editing like cropping and resizing isa really useful skill to have.Now, of course I could probably use Canva, that free tool that I showed you earlier. I’m just kinda comfortable with Photoshop. So, let’s just crop it. So, I’m gonna go to Image, Canvas Size. Change this to pixels. And let’s say the width, I think around 600 is what you want. Yeah, it’s fine. There we go. So, let’s save this. You’ll knock the quality down a little bit so that the file size is smaller. It’s 113 kilobits. Still, or is it bytes? Kilobytes, kilobits, I don’t know. Still quite big, but it’ll be fine. We’ll see the smaller your images, the fast your website loadsand a faster website is good. Let’s call it wheelbarrowherohome. Something like that. I don’t know what that means really. It’s kind of a hero image I guess. Let’s go back to the site. And what I’m gonna do isI’m gonna come over here and grab the image widget or element, drop that on, click Choose Image, go to Upload Files, selectthe file and here it is open.There we go. Let’s click Update. Let’s take a look at the site. I think that looks all right. So, let’s close this. Let me just show youthe other two elements that we’re gonna change. So, this bit here is the about us text. So, I need to come upwith some words there. Breeze to change. You just come over here and type away. So, I’ll do that in a minute. You don’t need to see me dothat or watch me do that. And then this again is a big panel. There’s a few bits to it. There’s this heading. So, again, you can justclick and right click even and go Edit or just click on it and it appears over here. Then we’ve got this,which has a bit of text, got this which is a button.We’ve already looked at buttons. And then this image ispart of this section. So, if we come up to these six little dots and click oh, Edit Sectionand then go to Style, the image is here. So, I’m gonna need to findanother image on iStock. Probably a nice wheelbarrowimage again and change this. I mean, if you don’t wantthese elements on your page, you might want to lose ’em. You can just right click and delete, but I think I’m gonna keep ’em. So, let me write some aboutus text and change this bit. I’ll do it quick edit so you don’t need to watch me do all that. And well, yeah, I’llsee you in few moments. Okay, I’m just about doneediting the home image. There’s a couple of thingsI just wanted to mention. I’m still working on this text here. I’m struggling to think of stuff to write. I’m sure I’ll fill it hoursas I work on the site, I’ll have some more ideas. But anyway, this section here, so I’ve been changing the background.Just went in right click editsection and then in Style, as I showed you a momentago with the image, I’ve also changed this text and just by clicking on itand changing it in here, and this text here. However, as you can see, it’s quite difficult to read because this image is quite light. I really like the image, but yeah, it’s made this white text alittle bit difficult to read. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a little bit of a overlay over this image. Let me just show you what that is. So, yeah, edit sectionand then under Style, if we scroll down, we gotthis background overlay. So, you can basically put an image over the top or a colour over thetop of the background image.So, that’s what I wanna do. So, I’m gonna come in here andjust select black like that and then scroll down andhere we’ve got this opacity, which is basically how transparent is. Adjust this and you see the image is getting darker untilit goes completely black. So, somewhere in between and it just makes the text stand out a bit clearer. Like that. Perfect. So, yeah, that’s that. I need to change this button. I mean, Read Beginner’s Guide’s fine. I’m gonna take bestroof box out of the URL. And of course, if I change anything later when it comes to adding content, I need to come and update this link.And I’m just gonna getrid of the rounded corners because I got rid of the rounded corners on the one up at the top. Let’s keep things consistent. So, knock the border radius down to zero. No, this has got roundedcorners as well actually. Let’s get rid of those rounded corners. Let’s go Edit Section. Where would be the rounded corner? Probably in Style. Border maybe. Yeah. Get rid of this border radius. There, everything’s nice and square. Let’s click Update and have a look. Click on the little eye tohave a look at the changes. Yeah, I will add a bit more later. Mm, looking nice. Hey, what? Did I only square off one of the corners? Oh. Oh yeah, I did.Need to link the valuestogether with the chain. There we go. Now we’ve got four squared corners. Perfect. So, that’s good. So, I’m happy with the homepage for now. So, let’s move on. What I’m gonna do next isI’m gonna get the SEO plugin. SEO’s obviously searchengine optimization. We’re running the Rank Math SEO plugin and I just wanna getthat all up and running so that as we add morepages and bits of content we can optimise them andeverything on the way. Now, I’ve already installed the Rank Math for you onto your site. All you need to do is activate it. So, let’s do that right now. Let me get back to thedashboard and close that tab. Don’t need that. And here you’ll see RankMath, give that a click. You do need to activate. So, just click Activate. I’m already signed in.You might need to sign in if you don’t have a Rank Math account. You can do so with Facebookand things like that. And it says dual activate and yep. So, let’s start the wizard. Now, before my site was running Yoast SEO, which is what had to come up. It was also using the Redirections plugin. I would recommend that youimport this stuff for now.So, just go Start Import. Perfect. Click Continue. Now what sort of site is it? It’s a, oo, other business website. Business type? Organisation, that’s fine. Company name is WheelAlong. That logo’s fine. Can set a social share. Easy for me to say socialshare image if you want. I’m not gonna bother for now. Save and continue. Now I haven’t got GoogleSearch Console set up for this site just yet. So, I’m gonna skip this. We’ll do this later. Sitemaps map’s on, include images. Yep. All that’s fine. Save and continue. And all this is fine too. Save and continue. Then we’re ready. Let’s return to dashboard. So, that’s our SEO plugin. So that we are gonna be doing a bit more with it as we go forward. But let’s just go back to the homepage. We can go back this way and let’s just double check the SEO on the homepage. I’m gonna go edit with Elementor again. We should have a new panelnow on the left hand side, which will help us with SEO.Yep, here it is. So, let’s change it. Basically, you just wannainclude some keywords like wheelbarrow andtrolley buyers guides. Then the description down here. So, this gives you alittle preview up here of what it’s gonna looklike on Google and more. That will do for now. Let’s close that. You can add a focus keyword. This becomes more relevantwhen you’re adding content which we’ll get onto later, but I could just add knowwheelbarrow, something like that. So, once you’ve added your focus keyword, Rank Math will start to give you a score. The score is per page or per post. And my homepage at moment has got 82 out of 100 which is fine. As long as it’s green, you’re good. And when it comes to homepage, there’s only two importantelements, really. And that is the page titleand the meta-description, which you’ve alreadyset within the snippet. This panel really comes into its own when you’re addingcontent like your articles and your guides and that kinda stuff.Then you are gonna wanna go through and try and optimiseit as much as possible. So, as I said, the title isone of the most important. So, let’s just see what it’s given me in terms of advice on the title. Okay. It likes that the focus keywordis used at the beginning. It doesn’t contain a positiveor negative sentiment and it doesn’t containa power and if you want to find out what those are, you can just click on theselinks and it will tell you. Let’s see, we can add apositive sentiment word. We’ll just put something likefind the best or get the best. Best barrow for you. Bit too long. Maybe go for wheels. It is a little long.I’m not too worried thatit’s a little bit long. Let’s see if that’s fixed that problem. Yep. Oh, and the power word. What was the power then? I didn’t even know I added a power word. Let’s have a look. Best, I guess, is that a power word? Must be. Anyway, there we go. I’m not gonna obsess too much over it. I’m happy with that the way it’s… Click Update. So, as we’re working on pages, let me just quickly showyou a couple of other pages that you’re gonna wannalook at and make changes to. They are the about us and the contact us and also the privacy and cookie policy. The terms of service as well. Let me just show you how they work. Gonna exit to the dashboard. I’m gonna visit the site. So, the About Us page is this page. It’s currently got a video atthe top and a lump of text. Now you can of coursechange this with Elementor. Just click edit with Elementor and come in and you can change this video if you like. Just uses the UAE, oh, shush.The UAE widget. So, you just enter a YouTube link here. If you want to removeit, just come up here and right click and press Delete. Then change all this text. Now, I really need towrite my about us, don’t I? I haven’t done it yet (chuckles). So, when I do I’ll copyand paste that into here. There’s a couple of links as well, which you’re gonna wanna change, link it through to your categories. You might wanna do that once you’ve added all your content. So, that’s the About Us. Click Update. Review the page. So, let’s just scroll down. Let me show you these other pages. So, the terms of service, again, just a very simple page. You can get some terms of service if you haven’t got any already from this company called Docular. Just do a search for affiliate terms. So, it’s gonna be this one here, the affiliate websiteterms and conditions. If you got something like this, you’ll be be well and truly covered. So, generate your document and then you can come and pasteit in with Elementor. For the privacy and cookie policy I use a company calledbender Iubenda or Iubenda.I can’t remember how you pronounce it. You’ll find a link there to a video that’ll take you for exactly how you need to add your privacy and cookie policy. It is a paid for servicebut it’s really good and it just makes sure thatyou’re all covered legally. Of course, if you’ve already got your own privacy and cookie policy, you can just drop it in here. Again, you just edit the page. I don’t think this isactually an Elementor page.I think it’s just astandard WordPress page. So, yeah, you can justpaste it straight in. Probably doesn’t need Elementorfor these kinds of pages ’cause they’re so basic but of course, if you want to use Elementor, just click on the blue button. So, that’s those pages. Let’s just finish this section by talking about this menu across the top. So, to change this, you comeup here and you go into menus. Got a few different menus. We got a footer menu which is the one at the bottom of the page.And then we’ve got the main menu. So, if you come up hereand switch it to main menu, you click Select, here it is. And these are all the elements. You can drag them around ifyou wanna change the order. If you wanna remove something just click on that little arrowright here and click Remove. I’ll remove the link to the YouTube ’cause we haven’t got YouTube right now. If you wanna add something, say a post, a page or category, they’re all over here. You simply just tick the page, click Add to Menu and dragit to where you want it. So, that’s the menu andthen just press Save when you’ve finishedand let’s have a look. Should have removed that YouTube link. There we go. One other thing that youare gonna wanna change is this widget here. And to change that, in fact, to change any of these widgets, simply come up here, go to Widgets.And they’re over hereon the right hand side. So, this is the sidebar,which displays next to posts. And we’ll be having a look at that a bit later because we’regonna want to add our Ad Sense. And then here we’vegot the footer widgets. There are three of them. This is the footer one. So, these are the columns of the footer. Maybe if I open the front in another tab, it would be clearer. So, footer one, footer two, footer three. If you added a footer four, that would appear over here and these would get a little bit narrower. To edit the text, you justclick on the little arrow. Here it is. And you’re probably justgonna wanna change this bit, which is where you put your website name.So, is a participant, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You do need this message. It’s very important. So, let’s press Save. So, there we go. That’s all done. Let’s just have a look. Very good. So, let’s also just have alook at the Contact us page. It’s very simple page made with Elementor. I’m gonna change it. Just click Edit with Elementor. It uses the Elementor formwidget to send the messages. So, you are gonna wannacome in and adjust this.Let’s click on the pencil, edit form. That was a right click by the way. You got your fields here. You can change them if you like. Very easy. Drag them around, change thelabel, change the placeholder. This is probably enoughinformation for most sites but you might wanna add aphone number or whatever. You can just click AddItem to add another field. It’s got all sorts of differentfields available to you, and you are gonna wannachange this bit here ’cause in here is where you set the email address that theform sends messages to. So, you wanna put yourown email address in there otherwise I’m gonna end up getting all of your form messages whichwill be quite annoying actually. So, yeah. Do you come in and changethis email address.And when you’re done click Update. Okay. So, now I’m gonna go and get the privacy and cookie policy set up for this site. I’m also gonna add the termsof service from Docular. Thinking about it, I think that Iubenda might also offer a terms of service thing, but I think this is good anyway. And yeah, I’m gonna add to the privacy and cookie policy andthe terms of service. You don’t need to watch me do that. So, I should do a quick edit. Okay. So, that’s all done. I’ve also added this cookiea banner message thing, which you need if you’regetting any traffic from the EU and it’s really easy to do again with the Iubenda service. I’ve got a video on how to do it. You’ll find the link in the description and I’ll put an end capin the card if I can. If we scroll down, you can see here is thepolicy in all its glory.Again, you’ll find videos on exactly how I did this and the cookiebanner in the description. So, let’s move on. The next part of the video we’re gonna be adding the content thatI got written earlier. I’m gonna show you howto add the articles. We’re gonna be just editing these existing templatesthat we’ve got here. So, let’s do that now. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) Okay. So, before we add content to our website, which we’re gonna do in a few moments, you’re gonna want to makesure that you’re signed up as an affiliate with whoeveryou’re gonna be promoting.And in this example, I’m gonna be showing you how to promote Amazon. It’s a good place to start. So, I recommend that you get signed up. To sign up for Amazon, head over to the Amazonthat you wanna promote. So, maybe it’s Maybe it’s Maybe it’s There’s loads of Amazon’s out there. So, head to the one that you want to promote and scroll rightdown to the bottom of the site. And then there’s this link here that says Become an Affiliate. Give that a click. It’ll take you to a pagethat looks like this.Then you need to click Sign Up. They’re then gonna ask you to sign in with your Amazon account. So, do that. I’m sure you’ve got an Amazon account. If not, you’re gonnaneed to sign up for one, but I’m sure you’ve done someshopping on Amazon before. First bit is they’re gonna ask you about your basic information, your name, address, phonenumber and all that kinda stuff. So, fill all that in. Then click Next. On the next page they’re gonna ask for your website and where you’re gonna be promoting it.So, I’m just gonna add like that. Then click Next. It’s asking if they’re liketargeted at children under 13. Next is your profile. So, this is gonna be the tracking ID. Doesn’t really matterbut you can put something in there that means something to you. This is like the little tags that they use to track all your links. Write a little bit aboutwhat your website’s about. Buyer’s guides, et cetera, around whatever niche you’re in. Here again, we need to just select some topics that bestdescribe our website. So, it’s gonna be based onthe niche that you’ve chosen. For this one it would be,what on earth would it be? It would be outdoors, maybe? Let’s see anything elsethat kinda would fit. You can have a secondary topic as well.Maybe something likeother, nice and vague. Oh, you can add as manytopics as you like. Two is probably fine. Here you need to tick whichever products you’re gonna be promoting. You will have a rough ideaagain, based on your niche. So, for me it would be tools, auto and industrial I’d imagine. Home and garden, sports,outdoors, any of those. All good. Probably tick as manyas you can possibly deem to be relevant to your niche, and then we’re gonna selectwhat type our website is. So, it’s gonna be a content or niche website, possibly a blog. That looks good. Moving on. We’ve then got to decide how we’re gonna be driving trafficto our website and well, I can tell you how you’regonna be driving traffic.You’re gonna be using SEO. If you think you’re gonnabe using something else, then obviously tick it. But generally the traffic that I get to my sites is all from SEO,which is basically from Google. Next is how do you utilise your websites and apps to generate income? Well, you might want to putGoogle Ad Sense, ’cause yeah. Something that you can addto your site a bit later.And then obviously Amazon, I don’t know why it says Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site when you’ve got two options, but yet it’s Amazon Associatesgenerally, isn’t it? You’re not gonna be promoting anyone else. Of course, if you are then select it. I usually build links. It’s talking about addingaffiliate links to your content. So, it’s Blog Editor,WordPress, whatever type ad. How many unique visitors? Less than 500 becausethe site is brand new. What’s my primary reasonto get rich content? Of course you never say to monetize. And then finally it says, how did you hear about us? And it’s word of mouthbecause I told you about them. But I think you can putwhatever you like there. Next, enter this captureand tick that you agree. And then click Finish down here.I’m not gonna click Finishbecause I’ve already signed up and I think it’s gonna mess everything up if I try and sign up again. So, I’m not gonna do that right now. So, let’s go to the Affiliate dashboard. You get access to this assoon as you’ve signed up. Here we are, here’s the dashboard. This tells you all your earnings and all that kinda cool stuff. So, you’ll be given access to everything you need straight away interms of generating links, which we’ll be doing in a minute when we’re adding our content. And basically you get thisbar across the top of Amazon. So, whenever you want to promote something like this wonderful protective face piece, you got this bar across the top so you can generate alink by clicking on Text.And then click on Full Link,always click on Full Link. It’s just gonna makelife easier in the future if you need to change any of the links. And then you’ve got thislink here that you can copy and paste into your website, which we will be doing in a minute. But before that let me just quickly show you a couple otherthings within here.So, let’s say you getaccess to everything. Start adding the links to your website, which we’ll be doing in a moment and then when you startto get a few sales, which hopefully won’t take too long, then Amazon will come over and have a look at your site andcheck that it’s all okay and then let you know if you’ve been approved for the programme. Now, if for whatever reason you don’t get approved don’t panic. Simply take on board whatever they say, make some adjustments to thesite and then reapply again. You can just keep reapplying. All of the best affiliates that I know got rejected at some point. So, don’t worry too much. If you’re gonna be runningmultiple websites, which I do, then if you come up here,you’ve got this thing that says, Manage Tracking IDs.Give that a click. And then in here you can create as many tracking IDs as you’d like. I suggest you create one for each of the websites that you’re running. Just fill in the box, type in something that you’ll be able to recognise and that links back towhatever your site’s about. One other thing to note is ifyou are adding more websites, and thinking of promotingAmazon across multiple websites, just make sure that you list all those websites within your account.And you can do thatunder Account Settings. Edit your website and mobile app list. So, just make sure that you’vegot all your sites in here. So, I’ve got my three here. I’ve already added WheelAlong, which is the one we’reobviously creating right now. You just enter your URL and click Add. So, that’s about it when it comes to signing up as an AmazonAssociate or an Amazon affiliate. However you like to say it. One other thing I will say is don’t be tempted when you’vesigned up to test your links, to think, “Okay, I’m gonna add a link to something and thenI’m gonna click through, then I’m gonna buy it to see if I get a commission or whatever.” That’s a quick way to getkicked out of the programme because you’re not allowed to use these affiliate links for any of your own purchasing and you’re also not allowedto use them for friends, family, business associates, anyone that might actuallyknow you in real life.So, yeah, don’t be tempted to like give a link to your momor whatever and say, “Click through this andbuy something from Amazon.” Don’t do that. Amazon know. I don’t know whether it’s all the Alexa’s they’ve got all aroundthe world or whatever, but they know who your mom is and they know who your brother is and they know who your friends are. So, just don’t do it because, it’s weird. I’ve heard of Amazon Associates who have given a link tosome like random friend of theirs and Amazon still figured out that they were connected and they got kicked out of the programme.So, don’t test your links. Just put them on your site and then just wait forsome real sales to happen. Anyway, let’s get on and add some content. So, this part of the video I’m gonna be adding my content to the website. This is the content thatI researched earlier in the video and had writtenby a company called Textun. I’ve got it here in this word document. It’s ready to be copied andpasted into the website. It has got some links to Amazon in it, and we’re gonna be updating them with our affiliate links. Now, as I explained earlier, content is really, really important. It’s gonna be the mainway that your website gets traffic because each one of these articles ishopefully gonna get indexed by Google and come upfor different keywords and bring traffic to the site.So, when it comes to maintaining your site and working onyour site on a regular basis, the number one job is to keepcreating and adding content. If you keep doing thatand keep your website nice and fresh with new content, new relevant, high quality content, you will see yourtraffic grow and in turn, you’ll see your revenue grow. So, as I said, I’ve got the article in Word here ready to go. In fact, I’ve got four articles. I’m just gonna show youhow to add this first one and then I’ll do the rest myself. You don’t need to watchme add four articles. I’ll just show you howto add this first one. Now, before we get started, I like to get all my images ready to go. So, I’ve got featured images and then I’ve got somekinda more general images that I’m gonna drop withinthe article at certain places. Not quite sure where yet. Now when it comes to gettingimages, you got a few options. You have, of course, got iStockwhich I showed you earlier.I love iStock. Let me just bring it up. You do need a subscription or you need to pay for each image individually. I find the subscription works really well. And there is loads ofimages to choose from. And you know that if you use these images, then you’re licenced, then you’re not gonna get into trouble. Which kinda leads me onto the next bit. I have got a few other images. Let me just show you, thatI’ve taken from around the web, this one and this one. They’re not from iStock. And the way I found themis I went over to Google and I did a search forwheelbarrow or whatever. Went into images and then to make sure that I’m not breaching any licences I went to Tools, Usage Rightsand labelled for reuse. So, I should be okay to use these images.So, that’s a little tip therein terms of finding images. There are other free stockimage sites available like Pixabay is a good one. These are free. Let’s see what thewheelbarrows are like on here. Not bad. I’m not sure if I could use any of them. Maybe that one. Whoa, I like the exploding wheelbarrow. I might be able to do something with that. Anyway, yeah, checkout Pixabay. It’s a good place to findfree royalty free images. So, yeah, I’ve got my images. They’re ready to go.I’ve got these five here. I’ve got my featured images in here. So, the featured image isthe main image of the post. So, it’s like this one that’sgonna appear at the top, but it’s also the image that appears in the sidebar down there and across here. That’s called the featured image. The size of that image shouldbe 1,050 pixels x 501 pixels. Or thereabouts. That’s the size that I use. I think they look good at that size. I make sure that all thefeatured images are the same size so there’s some consistencyacross the site. You will of course findall the information that you need for imagesin the description and also on the blogpost over on One last image that I’vecreated is the Pinterest pin which is gonna go here. Let me show you what that looks like. Here we go. So, these are good ’cause they, well, they make your posts lookreally nice for a start, but people can then pinthem to Pinterest boards.I make a habit of pinning allmy stuff to my own pin boards. I think it’s good interms of generating links and possibly driving alittle bit of traffic. Now, I create this Pinterest graphic using a free piece of software called Canva. I’ve done a video on how I did that, well, actually it’spart of a larger video, but I’ll put a link in description to the exact point you need in that video where I talk about creating these pins and adding them to content. I’m not gonna go intoall that in this video ’cause I wanna keep thisvideo fairly short-ish. So, yeah, I’ve done a video on creating Pinterest graphics. With Canva it’s really, really easy. You just use the template, dropin your text, grab an image. And in fact, with Canva Pro you get some free stock imagery anyway, although you can create a graphicusing the free one anyway. So, that’s the Pinterest graphic. We’ve got everything we need.So, let’s get on andput this post together. I’m gonna change this one,start with this template here. So, the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into Edit Post rather than Edit with Elementor and the reason I’m doing that is because I wanna changethe title and the URL first. So, here we are in thedefault WordPress editors. Let’s change this title first. Get that out. Let’s go into Word. Let’s grab this. What should you look for in a wheelbarrow? There we go.And then I’m gonna change the permalink, which is the URL to be the same. The other thing I’m gonnacheck is the categories. Put my two categories. Of course you can change these if you like it to be whatever you’d like. You can do it in the WordPress backend under Posts and Categories. These are fine for me though. I’m gonna switch it tobeginners guides though, then I’m gonna click Update.Right, now that’s done I amgonna go into Elementor now. So, let’s click Edit with Elementor. And here we are, we’re in Elementor. So, let’s change thisfeatured image first. I’m gonna go into thelittle cog for the settings. Here’s the image. Gonna click choose image,gonna upload from my computer. It’s in here, featured images. What should you look for in a wheelbarrow? I like to name my images, basically the same aswhatever the article’s about. I think it’s good for SEO. So, let’s insert that. That hasn’t updated. Let’s click Update to force it to update. Okay, let’s Refresh the page (chuckles). I wanna see my new image. Ah, there we go.Perfect. Then this is added automatically. It’s a part of the global template. Very important to havethat for FCC guidelines and compliance and all that stuff. So, let’s start adding some text. That’s the first bit. I can get rid of all of this Latin. So, I’m just gonnaclick on this text area. In fact, I’m just gonnaselect all in that box. I did that by pressingControl + A or Command + A on a Mac and clear all that out. Then I’m gonna paste in my text. Think it needs a little space here. So we can just do all the work we need to do over on this left hand side. I think that’d look nice bold. I’m also gonna add my Pinterest graphic. So, to do that, I’m gonna cometo the very top of the text. Put my cursor here.I’m to go to Add Media. I’m gonna upload, select files, find my Pinterestgraphic which is in here. Drop that in. I’m gonna set it to rightalignment down here, and then insert into post. Oh, it’s way too big. That’s fine. Come over here again. Click on the image on this leftpanel, click on the pencil. Where it says size, I’mgonna go for a custom size and I’m gonna go for around 250. See what that looks like. That looks better. Ideally, I think I’d want ita similar height to the text.So, let’s make it a little bit smaller. Maybe 210. That’s okay. In fact, I think I need alittle space in this text. Let’s drop this down. There we go. That’s that top bit. What we got next? We’ve got, so Basic Types of Wheelbarrows. That’s our heading. So, let’s get a heading from over here. I’m gonna click on thelittle square thingy up here. Get heading, drop it in. Come over here, paste in the text. There’s our heading and thenwe’re gonna need a text box. So, let’s grab the texteditor, drop that there. Let’s come back into ourlist, scoop all this up. Copy, paste it in. Now, I’m not sure aboutthese bullet points.I think I’m gonna reformat it slightly and have some kind of subheadings. I think that actually might work better now I’m thinkin’ about it. So, let’s just delete this out. Let’s add some little headings. So, back here, let’s get a heading. I’m gonna make these a H3. Drop in that first heading,which was Electric Wheelbarrows. Of course, you can formatyour content however you like.Let’s get rid of that bullet point. You can add a link here. So, let’s check out that link. Where’s that going to? Let’s get the affiliate linkby coming up to the site. Let’s try clicking on Text, making sure that we’reon the right tracking ID, which is my wheelbarrow one. Click get link. I’m gonna go for full link. I recommend you do the same. It’s a lot easier to change the links if you need to going forward. Say, for example, you sellyour website or whatever and you need to change theIDs to the purchasers IDs or if you wanna change your IDs, it’s easier if you use the full link, in fact, well, it’s impossibleif you use that link. So, yeah, make sureyou use the full links.So, I’m gonna copy that to my clipboard. Go back to the site, dropthat into the link there. For link options I’m gonna have it open in a new window and add a no follow to it. Okay. Now what I might do isadd another link towards the bottom to the electric wheelbarrows ’cause it’s not obviousthat that is a link. I’ll show you what Imean by that in a moment. So, let’s add the rest of the text for electric wheelbarrows. Copied it to my clipboard. Let’s get a text editor widget. Paste it in. And it’s here I’m gonna add the link.So, view electric wheelbarrows on Amazon. I don’t know if I need that capital do I? Probably not. There we go. Now let’s make it a link. Just highlight it here. Click on the little chainfor inserting links. I’ve already got it in my clipboard. It’s the affiliate link. So, paste that in. Let me go to the options. I’m gonna add link in a new tab and add relationship, no follow. Perfect. So, there we go. We’ve got our links.Got our text. Let’s add the next one. So, I want a similar size heading. So, I could just duplicate this. Right click on the pencil, select Duplicate, drag that down to here. What’s the next one? Highbred modern wheelbarrows. Paste it in. Let’s get the link. So, let’s get the link. Make sure we’re on theright tracking thing. There we go. Copy to clipboard. Paste it in here. It should have rememberedmy options, which it has.Perfect. Then let’s get the text editor. There we go. Let’s scoop up the rest of the text. Put our link at the bottom. Few electric, oh, what am I doing? Not electric, hybrid. Let’s add the affiliate link. I think I need to go and copy it again ’cause I copied that text. Copy to clipboard and then coming here, highlight the text, click on the chain. Paste it in. Link options. New tab. No follow. There we go. So, we got one more left to add. Let me just quickly do that. I’ll speed up time. So, there we go. We got our intro text,we got our first three kind of descriptionsabout the product types. While I was adding that bit of text I was thinking that maybe I might have overdone the affiliate links. I guess you don’t wanna havetoo many affiliate links.It might not look good in Google’s eyes. So, I’m thinking that these heading links, we probably don’t need ’em. Probably don’t need ’em becausewe’ve got the link here. So, I think I might just take them out. Now, I do like to keepthings in my videos. If I change my mind, if Imake a mistake or whatever, then I’ll probably just keep it in so that you can see how I work and it’s gonna be howyou work on your sites.You’re gonna do stuffand you’re gonna think, should I have done that? Maybe I’ll do it differently. It’s just the way it works. And I’ll try and keep as much of that in the video so that you can kinda see that it’s just normal. It’s normal to change your mind. It’s normal to make mistakesand that’s just how it is.So, what we got next? We’ve got another littleparagraph of text. So, let’s drop that in and probably just stick it into this text as a widget. So, just paste it in. There we go. Got some more texts that’s in a very similar sort of format to this. It’s a heading and then some subheadings. So, I’ll just add that now. Again, I’ll speed up time. It’s exactly the same process as this. So, you don’t need to watchme for 10 minutes doing that. So, yeah, through themagic of video editing, let’s fast forward time. Okay. That’s all added. Here it is. Looking good. I’m just gonna click updatein case anything happens. Make sure it’s all saved. So, the next part of the documentwe get into the products. So, I think it’s a good timenow to do this product table. So, this table is basedon my roof box website, which was the first affiliate website that I did using this kinda layout. So, I’m gonna make somechanges to this table but it’s gonna be similar in terms of the information I think.So, let’s have a lookat one of these products and see what informationwe need to include. I’m thinking we should probably base the table on some of the stuffthat we’ve said previously. So, we’ve mentioned handles, tyres, weight limit, material, volume. So, let’s go with that shall we? That sounds good. So, to edit this table,there’s a pencil here. Right click. Go Edit Table. This is the header kinda stuff here. Then we’ve got the tablecontent and stuff here. So, let’s do the header first. You can ignore that row. That basically just says, it’s a row. Then we’ve got a cell, whichis this blank one here. Then we’ve got another cell, which is the one that says volume. So, that’s the one we’re gonna change. So, I’m just gonna click it.Left click over here. And change the text. And yeah, I think we’llgo for cargo volume. I coulda probably have leftit at volume couldn’t I? But (chuckles) I’m just gonna copy that. I’m gonna have to come back in. I think I’ll maybe copy andpaste it from the Word document. That might be easier. So, it’s this cell here. Cargo volume. What was the next one? Load tub material. That’s quite a lot of words. Let’s see how that looks. It might be all right. Let’s get rid of that bullet point there. Very nice. Next one is gonna be weight limit. Of course your tables will be whatever you want them to be based on the products and things that you’re talking about. Weight limit. There we go. Tyres. Like that. And then this lastcolumn that says rating. I’m gonna get rid of that. Amazon have started to be alittle bit funny about ratings, especially if they look abit like the Amazon ratings, you’re basically not allowed to share Amazon ratings on your site. So, I don’t want any confusion.So, we’ll get rid of rating. Okay. So, that’s the headings done. Let’s add some products. So, I’m gonna come into table content. So, we’ve got a row, it’s this row here. Every time this row appears,it basically creates a new row. Then we got this cell withthe name of the product, an image and a link. So, in here we’ve got the product name and we’ve got an image. Now, the way I’ve done this image is probably a little bit naughty in terms of Amazon’s terms of service.They don’t like you linking images through to them thataren’t via SiteStripe. So, let’s try and convertit so that it’s compliant. I don’t want anyone to getin trouble with Amazon. So, what we’re gonna do isI’m gonna remove this image. I’ve gone to icon image,gonna click on the bin. Let’s put the rightname in for the product. It’s this product here, isn’t it? It’s a CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. Let’s just go for CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. That’s far too long for the table. So, I’m just gonna copy that. Put that in here. Let’s update the link with the text link. So, up here, make sure wegot the right tracking ID. Get link, full link and copy it. Paste it in here. Make sure we got it set to theright things, which we have. So, there’s that. We just need to get the image in now. So, let’s try a SiteStripe image. The way I’m gonna do that is I’m gonna go back to Amazon, gonna select Image. I’m gonna go for small.Then I’m gonna copy this code down here, come back to the websiteand I’m gonna paste it in underneath this text like that. Okay. I mean the image quality is not very good. That’s why I like to use my images, but as I say, it is a littlebit naughty to do that. If you wanna do it, it’s up to you, but I’d say Amazon aren’t happy with it. I’ve done it for ages. No one’s ever said anything. So, I don’t know. Now I would like tomake this image centred. So, to do that, you need to, well, let’s add a little bit of HTML.I’ll put the HTML youneed on the WP Eagle post. So, you’ll find thatlink in the description. Of course you’ve probably already seen it ’cause that’s where yousign up to get the email. That post there, you’llfind the code you need. I’ve got it in my clipboard. It’s basically this which is P style equals text line centre and it makes the image nice and centre. You do need to scrolldown to the bottom though and add a closing P. So, that’s like a littlesquare bracket, a slash, a P, and I don’t know, this triangle thing, whatever that is, the pointy bracket. I know that looks alittle bit complicated, but that’s the best way to do it if you’re gonna use the SiteStripe images. So, just before thecode that you pasted in, you add this P styleequals text line centre just so you can copy andpaste from Then at the end of the code, you need to add that little P closing tag.Anyway, so that’s the imageand the title of the product. Let’s move on. What’s the cargo volume? Let’s have a look. 65 litre. Perfect. The load tub material, what’s that? Galvanised steel. Perfect. Put that in here. The weight limit. What’s the weight limit? 60 kilogrammes. Drop that in there. Tyres are pneumatic, I think. Yeah. Let’s copy that. Only ’cause I can’t spell pneumatic. There we go. And then the handles plastic grips. Now this with the stars,this has got an image.So, you’re just gonna want to remove that. Make that a capital P. There we go. So, that’s the first product added. Let me close all thesetabs across the top. It’s getting a bit messy. And let me also do a video edit and I’ll add the rest of these products. Okay. So, I’ve got the table done. Got the products on there. Looking good. I should probably saythat this little element here is for mobile sites. Problem with tables is don’t always look that good on mobile devices. So, you can swipe thistable and I just wanted to put this above it so that it’s clear. This only shows on a mobile device and you can actually check what the site looks like with a mobile. Come down here to the responsivesection, click Mobile.And there we go. You get that littlefinger thing at the top and then people canswipe the table across. So, let’s finish off this article. It’s nearly done. Oh. We need to update this box. So, basically just need topick a couple of products. The largest in terms of capacity is the little trolley thing here. So, we’re gonna put that here. And the best overall is probably gonna be the CrazyGadget one’cause it’s in stock and it’s of the cheapest (chuckles). And lookin’ at the reviewsit’s done pretty well. So, let’s do that. Now, let’s update this little box. So the best… It’s not the 44 SUV roof box. It’s the best wheelbarrow. And then the best overall is here. Now, it looks a little bitcode-y, that’s ’cause it is. Let me make this box a bit bigger. So, what we need to do ischange this bit of text here. You see that? That’s the name, theSportRack Horizon Cargo. I don’t want to mess withthe rest of this code really ’cause it adds the nicelittle icons and stuff.There’s no other real easyway to do this, unfortunately. It’s just the way it is. So, let’s put the nameand then what was it? The old CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. Let me just type that in. I don’t know if we need toregister trademark thing. Probably not. CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. Like that. You can see that’s changed. I do need the Amazon Affiliate link, which I’ve got in my table. I can just copy out there. It’s in here. Copy that link. Of course you can get itfrom Amazon if that’s easier.Let’s come back in here. Just make it bigger. So, I’m gonna replace this link, which is the old affiliatelink to my roof box. I’ll take this, between thesetwo speech marks, all of this. So, we can take that out andthen paste in the new one. That’s that done. And then best for large capacity is gonna be the Wido, Wido? The Wido. I don’t know how you say that. The Wido 100 Litre Green 4Wheel thing, whatever it is. So, I can copy that from there or we can just jump backinto my Word document. I got it here.The Wido 4 Wheelbarrow cart. So, back here. I’m already here actually. Find the right spot. It’s just here. Like that and then we need the link. Let’s get it from Amazon this time. Let’s get the SiteStripelink from up here. Remember, always use the full link. Copy. Back to Elementor. Find the link which isbetween the speech marks here, goes all the way down to here. Make sure I’ve highlightedall of it like that. Paste it in. There we go. That’s that little box done. Let’s click Update. So, to finish off, let’smove that over a bit. I’ve got all my products to add down here, which is basically just a littlebit of copying and pasting.I’ve added this littlebit of text actually, which I didn’t mention and the heading just before the table. So, we’ve got this little bit of text and then I’ve dropped the table in so the table is kindof in this space here. And then we’re gonna moveinto the products in detail. So, I’ll do the first product to show you how I’m gonna do that. I’m also gonna finish the article off with a couple more images at the top ’cause it’s quite wordy up here.So, I’ve got a couple ofimages that I’m gonna drop in. In fact, we could do that now. I’ve got an electric wheelbarrow one. So, I’m just gonna comeup into the text box, gonna add media, upload file. Then I’m gonna find thefile on my computer. Here we go. Electric wheelbarrow. That’s cool, isn’t it? There we go. Now that’s far too big.So, come over here, clickon the little pencil. I clicked on the image first by the way. I’m gonna go for medium andwe’re gonna align right. There we go. Let’s add another image here. I’ve got a hybrid one. Again, find it on my computer. If you remember, I got withthese images ready earlier, makes it a lot easier than hunting around for images while you’re editing. Again, it’s big. Click on the image. Click on the pencil. We’ll go for medium again. Right hand side. Looking good. Last is this hill use, heavy duty thing. Whatever. There we go. Can also adjust the size here rather than going into the pencil. Streamline the workflow, why not? There we go. That’s nice. So, let’s have this product down here. I mean, I could add more images here of like tyres and the load tub, whatever. I think the more images the better, but for this example, let’s just crack on. So, the first product we’vegot is the CrazyGarage, CrazyGarage or CrazyGadget? So, let’s drop that in there. Let’s come into this text.I’m just gonna take all this text out. So, I’m just gonnahighlight the whole lot. I did a Command + A there on my Mac. It would be Control + A on a PC. Delete all that. I’m gonna find a video in a second on YouTube to put in here, but let’s copy this paste in. Copy this paste in? Copy this text in. Ah, I can’t talk. There we go. I’m gonna add a little button as well to Amazon in a moment. First, let’s add the SiteStripe image. So, let’s head over to Amazon. I’m just gonna do thatby clicking on this. Let’s get the image. Let’s get the large. Let’s copy the code into the clipboard. I’m gonna switch to text mode because when you’re copying code in, it’s a good idea to switch text mode.Paste that in. There’s the image. I’m then gonna go backto the visual editor, select the image and align to the right. Perfect. This text is a little bit heavy. It needs a bit of spacing. So, I’m just gonna drop a paragraph there, and then this last line is good to, let’s put that there like that. That looks better, doesn’t it? So, that’s the text all done. Let’s find a video. I said I was gonna dropa button in but actually, there’s already a button here. We’ll just change that. So, let’s see if we canfind a YouTube video on the CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. So, I’m gonna pop YouTube up. Search for, I think I’vealready got it on my clipboard. No. CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. Well, I can’t see a video. Let’s just get a littlebit more information. Maybe there isn’t any videos. I need to do one. No, there is no videos on the CrazyGadget. So, oh well. We’ll just have to take it out.So I can just right click and delete. I’m hoping there’s somevideos for the other products. What are the products have we got here? Let’s have a look while we’re here. The Walsall Heavy-Duty. For the next product we’re gonna add. Ah, there we go. There it is. Look. This one looks good. Doesn’t it? It looks kind of authentic. I’d rather steer away fromthese kind of screw fix and these are big shops. Tool stop. Let’s go for this one. It looks proper. Yeah.I like the armature, oh,five dislikes, nevermind. Poor old guy. But anyway, let’s add this to the site. I wanna just show you as an example how to add the YouTube video. So, all you need to do is get the link, I’ve just gotta share a copy of this link. Come back to Elementorand click on the YouTube, oh, either right clickon the YouTube widget and see you’ve got this link here. Just to paste it in. There we go. So, that’s the video for that one. No video for the top one. Nevermind. So, to update this button,it’s straightforward. You just wanna changethe text, which is here. So, check the latest price on the… Let’s delete that. On the CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow. Get your link from Amazon under Text. Get full link. Copy the link into your clipboard. Come back to the buttonand paste it in here. It’s already set to open a newwindow and add to no follow. So, that’s the first product. Shame there’s no video. Nevermind. Here’s the second one.I’ll just quickly show you this one. So, this is the WalsallHeavy-Duty of course. Pop that in the top there. You could add the affiliatelink here as well, but I don’t want to overdothe affiliate links. Let’s get rid of all this text. Let’s come to our Word documentand copy that chunk of text. Let’s get the SiteStripe image. So, I’m gonna come up here. Go to image, large.Let’s copy the code. Switch to the text editor, paste it in. Switch back to the visualeditor, click on the image. Right align. I think I wanna add alittle space in here. Like that. Perfect. We’ve already got the videoand let’s just do the button. Check the latest price on the… Let’s copy and paste thename, I’m being lazy. And then we’ll get our affiliate link. Come to Text.Full link, copy the linkand paste it in here. That’s two products done. Let me finish off the rest of, then I think we’re pretty much done. So, let me do a quick edit. Okay. All the products areadded and looking good. Didn’t all have videos onYouTube, but nevermind. Few of them did. So, I already got four products, so I don’t need this five template.So, just get rid of the whole section by clicking on the little cross like that, and also we got this little box which is useful if you need to make people aware ofsomething or whatever. I can’t actually see a use forit on this particular post. So, I’m gonna get rid of that as well. Let’s update and let’s take a look at the finished article. All I’m gonna do is I’mgonna come over here and click View Page. So, the table of contentshas populated itself nicely. Looking good. The affiliate disclosureobviously automatically inserted. Pinterest graphic looks nice. All these images that really good. All that’s good.There’s the in a hurry box. There’s our table, looking really nice. And then the products, wehave a few videos as well. So, that’s that article added. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do another little quick edit in the video and I’m gonna add the rest of the articles I’ve got. I’ve got another three articles to add. So, let me get them added,fill out the site a little bit. One other quick thing. Once you’ve made changes to all of the article templatesthat I provided you with, you are of course gonnawant to add more content because six articlesis not gonna be enough. I find the easiest way to do that is to make a copy of anexisting article and then just, change it, change the images, change the text and workthrough it that way, kinda similar to what we’ve been doing.The easiest way to make a copy of an article is simply browse the article that you want a copy. And then up the top here, there is a Copy to a New Draught button. Click that and takeyou to the edit screen, give it a new name, give it a new URL. Make sure you put itin the right category. Add a tag if you want to, and then click eitherSave Draught or Publish. It’s really up to you,how you like to work. And then obviously just click Edit withElementor and off you go. So, here we go. We’ve got an exact copy.Well, I should say actually, if you want any articlesto appear down here in the popular articlesection, it’s very easy to do. You just need to add a tag. The easiest way to do that is just to edit your post andyou’ve got tags down here on the right hand side. Add the tag popular. There it is. It popped up automatically. Click Update. Now, let’s take a look. Now it’s not there because it won’t show the article you’re looking at down here, if that makes sense. But if we look at thisarticle, there it is. You see? So, that’s pretty cool. So, yeah. Let me add the other three articles just to fill out the site a little bit. I’ll delete the articles that I don’t need ’cause of this there’ssix templates on there but I only need the four,so I’ll delete them. Again, very easy to delete an article. You just come in, go to EditPost and click Move to Trash.It doesn’t delete it permanently. It puts it in here in the trash can, so you can restore it if you need to. So, yeah, I like thoseother four articles. And then there’s justa few finishing touches and stuff to do to site. We need to hook up to Google Analytics. We need to submit to theGoogle Webmaster Console. We need to add some Ad Sense code here. So, I’ll show you how to sign up for Ad Sense and get that code.And then the site’s prettymuch ready to launch. I think it’s looking really nice. I’m really pleased with it. And yeah, I should probably fill out these pages as well withsomething that’s not Latin. So, yeah, let me go and do that. I like the articles andmaybe add some other bits of texts to these pages and then we’ll get onto the finishingtouches before launch. So, I’ve added the rest of the articles. I’ve only added three actually in total. I think that’s fine. I’ve added some text to the About Us page. Just some simple stuff and a picture of me next to a wheelbarrow, and obviously add to this as we go along. (upbeat music)(singer vocalising) So, the site is basically ready to launch. There’s a few little things that we need to do as I just mentioned. So, the first thing is I’mgonna turn off Maintenance Mode because the site is presentable now. It’s ready for the world. I’m not worried if someonecomes to take a look.I’m not worried if Googlecome and take a look, so I’m gonna come up hereand go to Maintenance Mode, and click Disabled andthen save all changes. You really need to do thisbefore we do the next bit, which is setting up AdSense and Analytics, just so that well,Google can come and take a look at your site ’cause they’re gonna need to for Ad Sense and for Analytics as well. It’s useful. So, let’s do those things now. Let’s do Google Analytics first. So, you need to headover to Google Analytics. You can just do a searchfor Google Analytics. First one that comes up. Then you need to sign up ifyou’re not done so already. I’m already signed up, and it’s brought me intolike the Analytics page. I’m looking at best roof box here, which is one of my otheraffiliate marketing websites. So, if you’ve already got an account, you’ll come into something like this.If you haven’t, then you’ll get straight into a wizard that looks just like this. Let me just click Create Property, which is what you’ll need to do if you already got an account and the wizard that you’llsee when you sign up, I think will be based in San Francisco. You wanna set up a webproperty, click Continue.Let me give it a name. So, mine is WheelAlong. Put the website URL in which is HTTPS. I don’t have a www. I’m just gonna copy and paste them. I’m so lazy. And that’s that one. Industry category. Well, it’s kinda of,what should we go for? I mean, I think other. I always go for other, keep it vague. Timezone. That’s fine. I’m actually on summertime right now. So, I’ll do that. And that’s it created. Now, we need to add this bit of code.There’s a couple of ways we can do that. I’m gonna use a plugin becauseit makes it kinda easy. And the plugin I’m gonna useis called Monster Insights. It’s free. Go back to my WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and then add new. Come up here, do a searchfor Monster Insights. This one here, click Instal Now. Then activate and there we go. It’s activated. It’s gonna try and sellme a Monster Insights Pro. Don’t really need that. So, this link across here says, “We highly recommend authenticatingwith Monster Insights.” So, let’s do that. We come down here, go to Insights. So, then Settings, and click Connect. So, you need to be logged into Google and all that stuff. Then allow you have this dropdown here where you need to select the correct site. It’s already chosen the right one for me. So, I’m gonna click Complete Connection. And then we’re done.We can check that it’sworking if we log out of our website because itdoesn’t track logged in users. So, let’s just go tothe homepage logged out and then go to our Analytics. Come to the Reports section down here, go to Real Time, go to Overview. And we should see that thereis one visitor on the site. It says zero. Hang on. Let me just click About. Let’s go into Beginners Guides. Oh, here we go. One user on the site. Beginner’s guide. See, it must be me. I don’t know where I am though, but yeah, that’s tracking because yeah,it’s detected that I’m on it. So, Analytics is working perfectly. So, now as visitors come to your site, Analytics will start collecting data and you’ve got a wholeload of great reports in here that will tell youwhere they’re coming from, how long they spend on thesite and loads of good stuff.I’ve got some videos onAnalytics on the channel, so do check them out. Okay. So, the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up Webmaster Console. So, this is a great way of telling Google all about your website and making sure that it’s being indexedcorrectly and all that kinda because the majority of your traffic is gonna be coming from organic search. So, it’s key that we getthis working correctly. So, I’m gonna type inWebmaster Console into Google, it’s the first one that comes up. It’s this one here and you click Sign In. So, I’m gonna sign inwith my Google account. And I’m in. I mean, I’ve alreadygot some sites on here, so this is best roof books, again. If you haven’t got any sites, you’ll be prompted to add one and it will look something like this.I’m gonna go down here to Add Property, which you’ll have to do ifyou’ve already got an account. I’m gonna go for URL prefix ’cause I find it easier to set up than this domain one. I’m gonna enter theURL which is of course, well let me just copy and paste. Oh, I’ve just noticed that my category up there says roof box. So, we’ll have to tweak that in a second. Oh, ghoul. We’ll do that in a second. Let me just copy this URL. Always noticing things afterI’ve launched, nevermind. I like to keep these little mistakes in. I think it’s helpful. So, there we go. We need to verify ownership.Now, because we’ve alreadygot Analytics set up we can do, or use, I should say, use the Analytics asour verification method. Oh, can’t talk. Let’s click Verify. So, I’m sure you’ve done your Analytics. Oh, it says it couldn’tfind any Google Analytics tracking codes on theindex page of your site. Hm. We just added it. Let me see what’s going on. What I’m gonna do is I’m justgonna log back into the site.Could be a cache problem. Let me just delete the cache. So, the cache is a stored copy of your website to make things run faster. But if you’ve addedbits of code and stuff, they may not be on the cached version. So, let’s try this again. Google Analytics. Verify. Yay! So, it’s worked that time, perfect. Let’s go to Property. So, this is gonna start collecting some data over the next day or so, but let’s submit a sitemap. So, a sitemap is like a document that shows or tells Google all the pages and basically all thecontent and everything you’ve got on your site. Now, the SEO plugin that you’vegot installed, Rank Math, generates a sitemap for you. So, let’s go and get it. Let me go into the dashboard. Go to Rank Math and then Sitemap Settings. Generally, all this will be fine. It’s gonna include yourposts and your pages. Media. Don’t really need media, so I’m not gonna include that and not categories and not tags. So, good. Go back to general. It says you can find your sitemap here. So, let’s give that a click.Here it is. This is what Google wants. Let’s copy this URL. And go back and paste itinto here and click Submit. It says success. So, that’s that bit done. So, let’s quickly just change that roof box referencethat I just noticed. It was on here, wasn’t it? On the categories. So, let’s go Edit Category. Also need to change this text. Okay. It’s in my Rank Math settings here. Let’s just get rid of that.Let’s change this to awheelbarrow beginner’s guide. That’s perfect. Let me get rid of descriptionfor now, I’ll add that later. So you’ll need to just double check yours hasn’t got any roof box references. Change this text as well. New to wheelbarrows guideswill help you get started. Of course, you’d add something far more creative andinteresting than that. I just wanna get it done. So, we got a little distractedthere, but nevermind. Perfect. So, we’ve done Analytics,we’ve done the sitemap. Let’s add our Ad Sense. So, I wouldn’t recommend that you add your Ad Sense untilyou’ve got a little bit of content and your site looks like it’s kind of finished and ready. Otherwise Google will reject you. Close these tabs. Keep it tidy. Open a new clean tab and justdo a search for Ad Sense. Now, I’m already signed up for Ad Sense. You will need to get started if you haven’t done so already. I’m just gonna sign inwith my Google account. Here we are. Got all me stats from all my sites and all that kinda stuff.Let’s go to Sites. Now, if you’ve got a new account, it will prompt you to add a site. If you’ve got an existing account, you need to come intoSites and click Add Site. Put the URL in. Oh. It’s not that. I thought I had it inmy clipboard (chuckles). There we go. Copy that. I’m not sure we actually need the HTTPS.Let’s just do that. So, now we need to addthis a little bit of code. I’m just gonna copy that. Come back into the dashboard. There’s a plugin that we’ve got installed that will help us do this. Find it under Settings. It’s called Insert Headers and Footers. Now, if there’s anything already in here, that’s gonna be my stuff. So, you probably want to take that out. So, let’s get rid of this Amazon script. I’ve got my Iubenda which is the privacy policy script in here. I’m gonna leave that. I’m gonna get rid of this top one because that’s my otherold sorry, Ad Sense script. So, you’re gonna wanna get rid of that. I’ll probably clear these out before I send the package out to you guys. But if there is anything in there you’re gonna wanna swapit out for your stuff. Paste that new bit of code in like that.So, that’s the bit I justcopied from Ad Sense. Click Save. That’s perfect. Go back to Ad Sense and click Submit. Let’s click Set Up Ads. Now, it’s gonna try and do automatic ads where it kind of sticksads wherever it pleases, which I don’t wanna do that. So, I’m gonna make surethere’s auto ads is off and then I’m gonna go close this. Go to Ad Unit or by adunit, gonna go Display Ads. I’m gonna chooseresponsive as the ad size. I’m gonna click Create. Oh, I need to name it. Let’s call it Side Bar Ads. WheelAlong. Click Create. Then I’m gonna grabthis or just click this, copy codes in a bit. Go back to the website and I’m gonna go into Appearance and Widgets. Now, there’s already a widgeton here or two in fact, these two, custom HTML and well, the same custom HTML advertisement. Advertisement, dependshow you like to say it. It’s got that littlemessage that I put in there. I’m just gonna take all that out, paste in, click Saveand same for this one.Paste, save. That should be it. Now Google are gonna comeand check out the site in a few days and then the ads will start appearing if they’re happy. You can you just doublecheck that it’s working. There’ll be like a yellowsquare there, I think. Yeah. That’s where the ads will start to show once we get approved by Google.But that’s about it. Now, of course, you’re gonna be working on the site over the coming months. The main thing you’re gonna want to do is just keep addingcontent as we did earlier, researching new contentideas and adding it. And if you keep doing thaton a continuous basis, within six months, you should start seeing some income if your niche is good and you’ve identified some good keywords. Within 12 months, the income should be a little bit more and then by, I don’t know, 18 months, maybe 24 months, this income should be reasonablysubstantial providing, as I say, you’re in a good niche and you’re creating some good content. Now of course, there’sa lot of ifs in this and not every affiliate site is a success, but I’m confident in you that you can do well and create some good content and that you’ve chosen a good niche. I wish you the best ofluck with your site.But let’s go back tomy face for the outro. Congratulations! You made it to the end of the video. Not many people get this far. So, you’re one of the fewthat have actually completed the video and hopefully you’vecreated a fantastic website. I’d love to take a lookat what you’ve created. Why not email me a link to your site to [email protected] and I’ll take a look and I’ll let you know what I think. Now, you probably need to lie down after watching that entirevideo or maybe a stiff drink, but just one last thing before you go. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so by clicking on my face. If you do fancy watching something else, then you can check out my vlog channel, just click on my other face. Or you can watch these videos which have been chosen specially for you.So, I hope you enjoy them. Again, well done on creating the site and I’ll see you in the comments..

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