Instagram [NUTRA CASE STUDY]: Zero to $80K in 10 Weeks | Paul Kalka, AWeurope 2019

how’s everyone? Everyone has a good start in Affiliate World I am really excited is today to meet and chat with everyone So let’s get started. So what we are going to say today is I mentioned a instance the beginning of this year. Its the internet fame I time banked in our affiliate project He is doing a good job as a traditional internet fame But I reassured him to enter the world of action sell Then cash in from his direct 0, with no affiliate sell experience at all Grow up to receive a bonus of $100,000 in commissioning within the three months This case study is really interesting, I am not happy to be able to share it with you today So who am I? My name is Paul, as Heath just said, I live in Austin, Texas.I work at Onnit That was complemented and carry-on nutrition companionship. Our goal is the whole team and optimization So “were having” numerous ways to use our add-on makes, some of the most popular products are Alpha Brain, which is an NSF guaranteed nootropic augment There are also whey protein, glutamine, creatine for NFL, NHL, NBA athletes. Our concoctions can cross a large part of the population. I have been participating in affiliate world for almost nine years. When I first started, I consumed a small coupon channel announced RetailMeNot. I started there, and by the time I left the company, we have 450 employees and we have already conducted an IPO So we can see the companys internal progress trajectory And its really great to understand the affiliate business from a canal position For the past 5 years or so, I have been an advertiser and worked for an agency for a while, and ran away as an OPM Different items. In the past two years at Onnit I too led their internet personality and affiliate programmes. Im very happy to talk to you today Onnit is an internet celebrity-driven busines, I dont know how many of you are familiar with this brand We completely use social media canals to deliver our knowledge through our own canals, But it will definitely be promoted through athletes and internet notoriety systems So we attach great importance to this channel, so I consider the world countries of influencers and the world of affiliates The compounding is very exciting for me because we are now turning to a device-driven, social media-driven world So I exactly would like to speak about the invention of influencer sell How do i see it and where i think it is going More and more internet personalities will post and promote uprights every day, and Im now in my Instagram feed every day Seeing more and more advertising descriptions, twice as many as a year ago This does not mean that it ever has an effect.A month or two months ago, there was a story about an internet celebrity with 2.6 million devotees She wanted to launch her own clothe brand, but she didnt even sell 36 short sleeves So as a action advertiser, I am still cautious about some influencers Some of them will ask to upright $5,000/ $10,000/ $15,000/ $20,000 at a time And I dont know what the return on my first ad buy will look like. In my opinion, its like a gamble. I actually try my best to push towards the effect or the effect angle I dont know if everyone wants to do this so that both parties are protected. At the same time, there was the fiasco of Fit Tea. Fit Tea is a brand that sells tea through Kendall Jenner It is a thing of the Kardashian house. This is the earliest case of patronizing posts on Instagram. It did introducing a lot of attention.Selling concoctions to enhance products for money “Its good”, but at Onnit, we must be pushing Make that are health and help achieve fitness destinations On median, the company will invest 10% more on the advertising costs of the Internet celebrities. At Onnit, our digits are similar, but we are very picky about who to choose. Some advisers is forecast that the figure may be higher, and 25% of the budget will be done by internet luminaries The total marketplace is expected to grow to 22.3 billion US dollars in a few years Users are actually particularly lowered to take action based on the posts of influencers So this market is very huge.However, sometimes it is difficult to road This is a problem for advertisers, I always want to see my push income How much is achieved through Internet personalities So when I talked about employing influencer marketing in Onnit, there will be many different people, athletes We cooperate with NFL and NBA jocks. Countless sizzling boasts likewise cooperate. So the world long-distance leading advocate Is one of our sponsored contestants and helps us post. And some interesting contestants We likewise collaborate with some actors, podcasts, and MMA boxers. We are a very important performance supplement company for MMA I will too find some comedians We will find them to achieve different aims, which can be to promote a brand-new commodity New sportswear, or give them use our label concoctions every day Some of our Internet fames, such as Demetrius Johnson, nicknamed “Mighty Mouse”, he is the 12 -time UFC lightweight boxing world champ He now plays for One World.He is also a very active anchor on Twich now Then e-sports is a big point that we are trying to get involved, so it just happened to have a crossover from UFC to Twitch Twitch is also a good internet luminary programme, numerous people dont realise it But each consumers playback day is longer than that of YouTube This is a very interesting stage for us. We working in collaboration with many beings, such as Ken Block He is a rally driver, the founder of DC Shoes, and he also has a great YouTube channel You can see him wandering in racing cars or doing a lot of other crazy moves inside, and he will mention us when he feels it. For example, when he was on the Tim Ferriss Show several months ago Speaking of his attire every morning, how did he maintain the best level in his own thread of hastening at persons under the age of 40? And the schedule is very well set, simply announce these things so that we can see Because of his huge fan base, his sales has been an increase a good deal We likewise working in collaboration with performers, such as Dominic Monaghan, who has played the Lord of the Rings and will too star in the brand-new Star Wars movie. He promotes more fitness makes We have a star product, his favorite Kettlebell Stormtrooper, so on Star Wars Day, he mailed us such an article Showing a little bit of his discipline process, the symbol is very good to connect like this We also have some niche plays, such as Gavin McClurg, he is a Red Bull Alpine Paraglider Challenge player He flies for 6 hours, and he is a little boring.He took a selfie with Alpha Brain Sticks This sacrifices us good promotional content Then we cooperated with some traditional fitness influencers, such as Eric Leija If you likewise like kettlebells, he is called @ PrimalSwoledior on Instagram, which is definitely worth following. You can see that his content is very detailed and he provided us with a lot of internal cloths And likewise sell concoctions through our relationship Just come to talk about our augment products and so on No internet luminary can compare to the next one, Joe Rogan is very popular One of his podcasts is at least quite popular in the United Government, which is The Joe Rogan Experience His symbol is almost synonymous with Onnit. Its really very, very good. He and Onnit have almost the same name. He is also a co-founder. UFC commentator, talk reveal humorist As long as he mentioned the products, you can all witness a big increase in sales We tell him to push a product, we can immediately find the website traffic doubled, triple, quadruple The strength that this one person can bring is incredible Sometimes its a little difficult to track because he and Onnit keep the same honour His podcast screen has become an emoji packet, you will sometimes see it on Reddit, Instagram, and the Internet He said ONNIT, you can get a 10% deduction with the system text ROGAN This is so much that we can’t coincide the sales volume it brings. Because this envision is often moved, countless people know this code So we have an analysis expert who plucked me out the data one day. Our 15.5% of changeovers come from the code command ROGAN. We like it very much, but when we think of it alone We feel that this number is really amazing I know there are many different ways to work with influencers A time-tested method is to exchange free concoctions for announcing This is a uniformly blamed fee.We clue agreements with athletes or internet fames and give them a one-time payment You can move various calculations, how much is a fan, or calculate a CPM We do almost everything. We still have the top two most, and we likewise make a lot of produce endowments We have also made a lot of one-time payments, free placement efforts to establish relationships with influencers This can last for a period of time, you connect a person with a firebrand We dont just wanted to do a one-off deal, merely one cooperation relationship Such projects are always restriction, so our ordinary affiliate looks like Many Instagram useds use our programme. I like it very much. The nature is very social now. We want to see that people are actually squandering this firebrand. Instagram leaves us a great opportunity to share what you are doing See what you are doing from person or persons point of view, what are you doing as a firebrand Then as long as you have an audience, try to make money from it You know that people are using the material we give to promote their brand Use the swipe button, consuming GIF animation, they made some photos of the studio in the morning Bring our MCT oil, or coffee, or evidence their exercising process, demonstrate our Alpha Brain Give them a custom-built system, use your upslide office, these are very useful Basically on a small scale, we can see a few sales a era and a few auctions a week People can make a little pocket money.We divide this project from hundreds of affiliates Expand to thousands of affiliates, through our affiliates, in this way We made a lot of coin But we are in Affiliate World, everyone wants to make money, is hoped that the government will sprinkle I considered that why you guys are here today to learn how we use the Instagram scaffold to expand User possession and expansion of commissions. Having said this, let’s start to look at the dispute analysis More about Instagram influencers, when I first encountered him He has about 400,000 love, and he has great interactions When I am looking for a new spouse, I will look at the average number of video ideas Or the average number of likes per affix, so I know that people can really see this content And notice what they are doing. He has a great interaction rate, about 5% The interaction rate of 500, 000 fans is very good. Like I said, he didnt have any channel marketing experience before He didnt know what channel marketing was, but when I obtain him, I told him I belonged to Onnit. My plan is to work with him, he is very excited because he made all his own textiles I know he suits us is a good one He “ve never” received any sponsorship, so this project is basically based on adoration Want to share what he affection, share material, pass information I think he is really very suitable for us When we first fit, he doesnt know what to do, I dont want to push him too tight Because I know that we still have a lot of area for exploitation, so he did a lot of work for my affiliates It is a low-intensity test. We have advertisements, some transport beings to our homepage, some are for them 10% off, this is our standard advertising bill, but he didnt mention anything in his berth Its not mentioned in any of his legends, precisely articulated a relate in his introduction, he has 400,000 followers He can generate a lot of traffic by mostly doing nothing Achieved 650 sounds in 3 weeks. Of route “were not receiving” auctions, but it’s really not mine Thats actually not my question, because I know he has an audience and know his The gathering will listen to what he says So after several email communication back and forth, we have a sales volume, I just said Let’s work harder with brand-new materials, and budgetary questions him to post all the articles Put it in the line on the right hand side, write Mr. Joe Rogan and he believes beings has certainly run Chasing the advertising sheet of this kettlebell, this material is simply a sit, very interesting and very exciting When someone is scrolling through Instagram information, they will stop, and then pay attention to this material Even if you know they still have a million other things to do Then he operated the circular several times. The ads Im talking about are actually original berths There is no payment behind this, he can get a lot of lure with this It has 1500 clinks and 50 sales.This substance made a lot of fund through his Instagram account in a few hours. It is no longer able even take a few hours. Little effort, I determined the lighter at the end This is something that I can do with my account I said, he thinks he can sell a lot of fitness equipment Joe Rogan likes kettlebells very much. After analyzing his marketings data, I is believed that he actually sold Its not a kettlebell, its not fitness equipment at all, but some of our adds-on One of these complements sells is a good one, our Alpha Brain We happen to have a low-risk, low-threshold free visitation push roll Our affiliates can also benefit a lot.So I suggest that we continue to move forward from now on So he came to originate information materials, which was the time when Aladdins movie was about to be liberated. He proposed some new textile anatomies for this advertisement He appointed Joey Diaz, one of our podcast sponsors, as Aladdin. Put him P paint P up, it is really great characterization textile Super attracts the user’s scrutiny. They all want to know what the hell is this Do you want to try Aljian brain medicine in an interview? Fulfill your wish! Its fun and timely, because this time Many people’s focus is on Aladdin.Say it again Trying for free is really a great offer on Instagram. Its also great for affiliates. The shift is very good. So in the fifth week of this project, he announced two different versions of information materials We have witnessed some growth. There were more than 12,000 clicks that week, and the ad single got a 5.5% conversion rate Also made a lot of coin. Earn 7,000 U.S. dollars in a week and the cost on it is 0 What he doesnt know is that he has not yet plowed his part public. 12,000 sounds are less than his entire audiences. 3 %, but reached a 5.5% alteration rate We know that people are very interested in this ad, and parties proselytize is a good one, so we know “Theres a lot” of office for rise in this advertisement How did we make love? We started putting some paying ads behind both types of ads Most of them are through Instagram fibs, and some are Instagram feed ads There are also some Facebook ads Identify the most successful materials and reuse them a bit, but the main thing is Use the same conventional conceptions, those substances, is significant and alluring The notion of the material to target those love of his page.We know that this opportunity still has a lot of office for growth He has 400,000 love and attracted many beings to achieve great success. He obstructs changing every week. I think that by the sixth week, he has 500,000 partisans on Instagram, so his sell dominance will be even stronger. By the end of his advertising mission, he should already have 750,000 devotees So he pinpoints the love on the page, and situates those fans who are very related to supplements For example, GNC, a pharmacy selling vitamins, didnt invest too much money in it He wasted about US $200 on three promote duties, and the cost of each click is really very low. As long as Facebook understands that the market will proselytize on this ad, its changeover rate will be extremely high He got a $10 CPA for this advertisement , good-for-nothing can are comparable to a crazy CPA.We cant pay people such a high CPA So numerous affiliate advertisements have gone to run health care produces, but he can still get 2 to 2.5 ages the return on this advertisement. So this I think we ran for about 3 to 3 and a half months We uttered crazy. In three months, human rights committee payed virtually $100,000, $97,000. 9,700 changeovers, this ad register is really crazy Earned so much better that where reference is first propelled this ad, he didnt tell me that he was on Saturday afternoon or Sunday Ads are also online. So I log into my computer on Monday morning As soon as I arrived at the office, I also received a call from the store asking me, Paul, what’s the matter? Our Alpha Brain has 1500 sales. What is going on? I told him what our pushing goal is like, and we placed this ad online Is this legal? Do we want to ship? These are great, the data that I have received is great Our brand-new client rate reached 88%. In the affiliate canal, this is my most important show This is the new patron of our label, they are all terribly sticky patrons Because he did so well, his account is integrated with his audience and our brand, which is for both of us It’s all a gold mine, it’s really incredible So today I have some tasks I want to share with you As an affiliate administrator, I ever tell my affiliates to understand your audience.I have already Tested many different horizontal spots, there are fashionistas, there are actors, there are musicians You have to know what beings will listen to and what people will respond to So if your audience is growing and your symbol is developing, understand the gathering that can give you What product or offer to promote is really important. You cant time discard things in the market and hope to succeed You “re going to have to” experiment. I guess direct sales may be very effective for him, and it is true But if “its not” a species of promotion, then he is not achieve such a big success So its also very important to understand what price targets your public will be voting in favour of Then use the material. If he doesnt use the brand material that his audience likes, I dont envision these will be effective There is required to be resources to induce interesting and inventive substances, but still within the meaning assigned by the brand Still have to have a relationship with the label you promote.This is very very important So parties with a large audience know that you have to choose the effect unit price It is still very important to pay a one-time consolidated payment I can find someone directly and ask him if he would like to run some ads for me Maybe pay $2,000/ $3,000/ $4,000, we might all conclude some money I may to be provided with some sales Its very important for us to make the path of performance marketing. We can all make a lot of fund in the end. This proves that you can bet on yourself and brand, and you will really succeeded. That’s it, I believe we should register the Q& A time See if anyone wants to ask questions, I will likewise chitchat with you now after the communication So if you cooperating with each other to an Internet celebrity, whatever it is you like is to exchange commodities for services, that is, you give them Give them products or pay them.Which one do you think is the best practice Because frequently, formerly they get the product They feel satisfied, and they dont have much motivation to promote the make. Even they wont get anything in the end, understand? I exactly want to know what you think about this approach because I have worked with countless style symbols That’s what they did. They transmit drapes and people wear them in their videos To be honest, sometimes it seems that they dont care So what is the right way to get them to encourage Internet luminaries to promote? Dont know it should be money? Is this what they want in the end? “Its certainly true it is” a good question. I make constructing a longer-term partnership is I generally prosecute the angle. Some people want us to sponsor They considered that our sponsorship expenses are unlimited and every athlete can get sponsorship Or everyone can be a sponsored influencer, but this is not the case, although we have different levels of sponsorship Sometimes it will be issued on the roll of brand-new product liberations Or is the monthly make rationing, and then and Combine affiliate projects.Tell them, hey, we can test this ad sheet I may be able to bring you some makes, if you do well here, we can continue to cooperate Continue to build relationships. Everyone likes free things, especially if they still like this brand So firstly do a little research on influencers, I think this is very important Some beings merely write emails and send them in bulk, they will send to a million different symbols Filter these out and look what they are promoting now Are they just mentioning the commodity? This may not be the most valuable cooperation Of route we still need to pay attention to those who do Send them a thank you email, send them a personal thank you letter, and give them a bit expressed appreciation for Seriously consider what to offer them.I pointed out that these can Help you improve long-term existing cooperation More popular personalities, do you generally contact their negotiators? How precisely did you contact them? good question. We are in contact from two sides Sometimes they will come to us. Sometimes we go to them. For me, I feel that those who want to reach bonds People who want to establish business relationships are better connected. I don’t mind working with an bureau The intermediary is also good. When an intermediary is necessary for many of them to establish a cooperative relationship When you need to talk about details, contracts, money, etc ., start looking for an intermediary It is also very important to establish long-term personal relationships with them outside of the label So do both. Even though it is resounds surprised Many of these people are very easy to contact, through DM, or they directly write the email address in the record I found that as an affiliate administrator, I’m like Follow them on the Internet like a private detective, and I will find the contact information, but both methods are okay. If you have some internet fame commerce plan, how do you subdivide it between big and small internet personalities Let me register you an example to illustrate For us, we have about 15 influencers, and we pay every month They make errands from us, and we also need about 10 influencers as a one-time payment Maybe every month, maybe every three months Then we need 130 or so are only for commodity exchange, we just separate the levels To be honest , not every internet notoriety at the paid tier will eventually become a big internet luminary There are some big internet luminaries that we dont often cooperating with each other to, but we do cooperate What we want to make sure is that they have a great time working with us. For us, we are like finding friends for the brand This is often the suit, but it will definitely be divided into different levels. Be sure to divide the sizing statu When we talk about big and small influencers, some influencers are on Instagram There are only about 5,000 love, and most of them can reach 1 million. Some of them are paid and some are not. Does this answer your question? Basically reacted, expressed appreciation for So now, do you think this brand of complements If direct sales, there will be good results? Which is better, $50 /$ 60 or free contest? This is a good question. The free experiment has a high conversion rate. It can’t be compared Buy it for$ 5, while the full-price bottle of Alpha Brain can be sold for $85. Plus shipping payments, its roughly $95. So for the first time purchasers We merely launched such a discount because it can really attract some People who are not familiar with or “re just trying” nootropic dopes from U.S. dollars So they can try a free vial test first.This is the purpose of this ad membrane This is not to say that full-price bottles “isnt gonna be” proselytized, but that the average conversion proportion is low The free tribulation transition proportion is 4% for the entire network, while the full cost bottle is about 2.5% to 3% These data are all affiliate data Have you paid bloggers to support their efforts to promote? Have you tested the data? Do you have cooperation? The first option, your publicizing spends $5,000/ $10,000 May be better for you Of route “were having”. We all do. They are very valuable Many people dont want to do aftermath cooperation, even for the purposes of the an audience Are very valuable, we are also very interested in testing, so we will sponsor some advertising We also sponsor bloggers, we patronize Instagram uprights, YouTube ads We have tested numerous audiences on different pulpits and I like channel cooperation very much Its because its a longer-term cooperative launching , not like a blogger One-time cooperation like push. I really need to see how the ROI on that traffic is Obviously, if it toils, we can articulated more on that channel This becomes a process back and forth but both are good Regarding tracking Internet notorieties, you said to use code, I too use a lot But is that the best way? Because obviously sometimes their admirers Will not use the code area to purchase.Yes , no, the system is a tested method Especially on Instagram, its been effective until its not working anymore. One thing I have been doing in recent years is to try my best Avoid consuming code, so as to situated some headache on our technical crew To build a landing page. Activate an advertising bill through a hop Instead of using the code command ROGAN, Joe Rogan squanders rogan. This has two advantages. You can still afford a 10% discount to an advertising bill, or merely give it free send You can do whatever you want, but we can also track clicks to move transition frequencies I think this is very valuable, because some people may not convert for the first time Maybe they wont proselytize during the referral window, but I can see these traffic, these traffic It enjoy the benefits us in many other courses. Maybe they will subscribe to promotional emails Maybe we will kept them in the repositioning pour on our Facebook, even if they Regardless of what we have obliged for announce acquires that become positive returns, I know that they have sent fairly traffic 315 00:31: 13,390 –> 00:31: 16,900 We is a well-known fact that we can benefit in many different ways So I will work with them again But the voucher code does have a little trouble.They do get the price difference. Like coupon locates Both are integrated locates. So even if we do use them, I dont like to use them as the preferred method Oh yes, I imply in our rush, we can assign a sub ID in our GA To trail the effect of those single-person influencers, and then we dont use Shopify, we use a CMS built by ourselves So that we can track the system recovery I dont know if Shopify does it Okay, that’s it Okay, once again applause to Paul !.

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