Internet Marketing: Choosing an Excellent Affiliate Marketing Product to Promote #2

hi my appoint is Charles Steve today we’re going to talk about affiliate commerce more specifically how to choose an excellent affiliate marketing program for you to promote now in a previous video I opened some cause why I like affiliate sell and today we’re going to take one of those reasons we’re going to build on that because i believe it’s a foundational abstraction in choosing a good product to promote the reason i’m talking about here is one of the things about affiliate commerce well cherish is we get to choose the best concoctions out there we get to choose products that are selling and it’s important those two things are very very important to choosing a good affiliate platform why do you want to sell the best stuff plainly your stability your reputation is at stake when your sell anything and a more practical reasonablenes is you know if something is a really good produce is fraught with good information it’s least likely that that’s going to get returned and you’re going to have to and the the developer of the product will have to issue a pay and your Commission will vaporize so I like to choose them down to sell the absolute best nonsense for those two reasons you know integrity and you know you get to keep your fund the second thing I’m talking about here is I like to choose commodities that are selling red-hot selling commodities now a lot of parties conventional wisdom sometimes says well if you’re choosing a product that’s selling real well you’re in a very competitive niche most likely and you know a lot of the conventional wisdom says we need to find less competitive niches well I don’t go along with that I believe that you fish where the fish are you drill where the lubricant is and what we’re doing here is we’re trying to make money if you want to be a less competitive niche you’ll sell a lot less stuff you’ll sell a lot less products if is in accordance with the competitive niche is bothersome to you let me just let me just say this I’ve said it before you can compete with anybody if number one you can follow instructions and we’ll talk a little bit later about a step-by-step plan that gives you those instructions so let’s get going with choosing great products you know when I when I think of what you know when I think of what I required when I want to be in business I want to promote affiliate product something like that I step back from the situation and I look at what what do one wants I did this a long time ago what do people want well I came up with this I think you’ll probably concur you may be thought of this maybe not people want one of three things or they want all of these three things they demand love they crave money and they demand state now sometimes parties will say to me well they crave i also demand recreational substance they demand you are familiar with games and things like that presentation and that’s true but principally enjoy fund and health are the three things that people are looking for so if that’s true and it is true how do we apply this to our affiliate sell business take for example love for the fleece you know we’ll only we’ll only throw a enjoy out there for the first thing I like to promote products not primarily not alone but I are happy to get the majority of members of my nonsense from clickbank clickbank has over 10,000 concoctions and fused to do a investigation on clickbank for the under these three categories you’re going to find a lot of stuff to do with adore and adventure now what are the one of the favourite ones right now you find beings and this will always be popular you find people looking forward to that special person their soul mate you know everybody’s looking for somebody and you likewise find people trying to get back together with their ex sweetheart or lover or spouse or whatever now let me ask you something if somebody wants to find somebody to cherish someday their kindred spirit they want to do it next week or next month or do they want to do it now and the time I’m making here is we’re looking for the best products we’re looking for commodities that people are seeking out with some importance okay now this is not new either when somebody is looking for a commodity on you know romance or say health for example is let’s just toss out another example here let’s say we have a 14 time aged girl who comes home and he’s got some acne he’s got some hickeys on his face he says mama you know the kids are teasing me again is there any road I can get rid of this acne and the mom wanted to be a good momma she’s going to try her best to find a solution to this now when they go into the marketplace looking for a answer the acne problem is there some seriousnes attached to that and the answer to that is yes so we’re looking for good makes we’re looking for favourite commodities that are selling but more important we’re looking for concoctions that people are seeking out with some need let me see if we can draw a differentiate here you know a same to more conventional wisdom in business and says that we should probably sell things we should sell things that we have obsession about or that we you know is maybe one of our hobbies that we know some trash about it I don’t are not in accordance with that but let’s just take a look at at trawl when I was a kid I was really into fishing and I’m still into a little of that you know now but I have never seen anybody that had to have that had a sense of urgency about used to go and buying a spool of ten pound test line you appreciate what I’m saying here now awarded the fishing you know fishing the hobby the sport of fishing there’s billions and billions and billions of dollars sold in fishing gear every year but very little of that I’d have to say is bought with that ability of urgency when what you know when people shop they travel you know they kind of plan it out when we’re talking about the urgency I’m talking about here with love and adventure and money these kind of things they people really really wanted to go so we’re going to suggest is if you restrain this in mind you can go to clickbank and clickbank has you know a half a dozen or more specific categories of components of products that they’re selling money and jobs obviously one state and beauty is certainly one and as far as the romance thing there’s a duet other there’s a pair exes iety i forget the other one that that clickbank is showing but you’ll have no trouble locate products on romance and enjoy okay now in closing here on this this is very simple I represent beings make a big deal out of finding the right niche conclusion the title concoction if you’re seeing a commodity that people want again people want and will only repeat it again they require enjoy they crave my and they require good health you look in those categories and you you shrink those down to the ones that people are going to seek out with some need that’s the most important thing and picking a great affiliate product to promote now there’s a duo other things that you’re going to want to do but they kind of fall in line if you got something that on Clickbank that’s in that like I like to look in the top 10 I might go into the transcend 20 but i’m probably going to stick in the top 10 favourite products that you know in the category i’m looking for and when you do that you’re going to the other to the other couple things i advocate you look for apparently you’re looking for a high commission frequency and you’re looking for a make that has a great marketings sheet but that kind of comes with the territory if they’re in the top 10 if you’re in the top ten cellars in that category opportunities are really good they’re going to have a great kabab they may have a great sales sheet now i want to before we close this i want to get back to event because i’m kind of going against the grain now a lot of people say you don’t want to be in the top 10 and another thing about you know about clickbank is i’m not going to go through all the stats but there’s one stat that kind of gets a lot of attention and it gets it I think it’s illustrated improperly incorrectly a lot every time you listen soul talk about gravity they is a different definition of it what I look at gravitation is is a very simple definition high gravity conveys high sales and high auctions is where I want to be so I’m looking for a high gravity I’m not going to give you figures on that you figure that out for yourself if it’s a kind of product you want to promote and it’s in the top ten chances are the sales are really good with that ok now let’s just get back we’ll revisit this idea one more time before before i get to get finished with this video now we’re talking about high-pitched marketings high-pitched gravity we’re talking about event and I’ve already said in this video and in previous videos you can compete with anybody if you can follow instructions on my website affiliate supernaturals com I evaluate a business plan a business marketing plan specifically designed for affiliate commerce that simply kicks but I’ve not discovers anything like this in the lat shaft in eight years I can she in eight years I’ve not hear such a thorough well written business plan giving you a step-by-step way to go through affiliate marketing it truly opened my hearts to the whole business and the thing I one of the things I really like probably thing I like most about it is there are a lot of free traffic programmes in this business plan affiliate miracles comm check it out i’ve written a review of this thing it’s on the breast sheet you can’t miss it there’s a lot of other good informed of this website as well I admire you singing in here and I look forward to talking to you in the next video we got a lot of good substance coming so stick around I think you’re going to like what you construe thanks and we’ll see you next time bye

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