Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Over? The Real Truth

So many of you have probably seen the recent change with Amazon associate’s program, where they virtually flogged their board frequencies. And many of you havebeen asking about this and I told a few cases of you that I wouldn’t be making a video on it because I didn’t think it was a big deal. However, after envisioning all of the brand-new Clickbaitthemed videos on YouTube, I think there is a ton ofmisinformation out there about what’s really going on and what your strategy should be. So in today’s video, I’m going to cut directly to the chase and share with you guysthe real information that you need to know about the situation, starting with what thefacts are that happened.What are possible alternatives? Should you need them? I’ll talk about this later in the video, what my personal courseof action is going to be in response to this change and lastly, why this deepen is actually going to likely lead to most of us originating more fund with theAmazon affiliates curriculum. Hi, everyone and welcomeback to another video. If you’re brand-new now, my reputation is Greg and I like to talk about online entrepreneurship andsharing the important resources available I choose I had along my travel. So if you’re interestedin making money online, feel free to look around the channel and consider agreeing. All right, so let’s diveright into this video, starting out with the firstsection of this video, which is going to talk about the facts of what happened with theAmazon associates planned. So, all of this began on April 14 th, 2020, Amazon sent out one of theirroutine emails that says, “Hey, there was a change to the program.” And generally this is justsmall things that were prepared. However, if you clicked on the link that brought you to the changesand you read through it, you construed that there wasactually a pretty big change.What this email send on the 14 th was that effective in seven days, which is April 21 st, the rates in the following categories are going to be changed. So, I’ll go ahead and put agraph up on the screen now and you can see thecategories who were adversely affected, what their percentage ofcommission was before the modify. And now after April 21 st, 2020, what their percentage of commission will be after the vary. Now, something that’sreally important to note is that not all categorieswere aftermath in this change. Now, as it stands right now, this reform is only effective for the United Mood Amazon marketplace. Now, the last thing inthis happening division is that this is not the first timethat this has happened. Back in 2017, there was anotherhuge change to the program. People were announcing it, the Amazon apocalypse and back in 2017, they madesome big changes to the policy. One of them, if I can remember correctly was the cookie was 60 periods previously. So, when someone clicks your link, anything they buy in the next 60 daytimes, you get a commission on, as you guys know nowwith the current program, there’s only a 24 hour cookie.So when they click your tie-up, anything they buy in thenext 24 hours or one day, you get board on. So as you can see, therewere some big alters that have happened in the previous years. However, considering thefact of such a situation, back in 2017, when the it’s happened, most people thought that thiswas the end of the program. And since then parties havebeen inducing more than ever on the Amazon affiliate program. And I’m going to explain why this happens later on in this video. So those are the facts of the situation and now I wanna briefly talk about if you need them, whatare potential alternatives to the Amazon associate program? First off, we just need to understand that as the content creator ofaffiliate marketing content, we are flexible. We can choose to monetize our material, however we want. What that means is if youhave Amazon affiliate ties, you can easily barter outthose Amazon affiliate links with other affiliate links at any time. This is legitimately as simpleas going through your commodity and swapping out theAmazon affiliate been linked to your new affiliate connections. Now, I wanna be clear the alternatives I’m about to give you arejust if you need them, wait till last-minute in this video and explain why you maynot wanna change out your Amazon affiliate links.So the first large-hearted alternative you have here are niche specific marts. For speciman, if you were selling any furniture niche on Amazon, your previous board before this conversion was8 %, which is amazing, after this alter is 3 %. Now, since that is a pretty big drop, you may be looking for an alternative of how you can swap outyour Amazon affiliate been linked to something else. By going to a niche specific marketplace, for example, for furniture, you may go to, is probably the largest online retailer of furniture. Although Amazon sellseverything, including furniture, Wayfair specializes on furniture and that’s all that they sell.They are an authority in the infinite, the government has full credibility and parties won’t beafraid to induce acquires from Wayfair because of all of that. With that being said, theaffiliate planned for Wayfair is a 7% standard commissionwith a seven daylight cookie space. When you compare that to whatyou used to have on Amazon, which was an 8% commissionwith a one day cookie window and now a 3% fee witha one day cookie window, Wayfair looks pretty good. Now keep in mind, that’snot just furniture, you can do this for anycategory that you’re in.Now, the second alternative, which is one of my favorites is going direct to theseller or car manufacturers. If you were in a specific niche and you work with a specific product, you can go to whoever realise that produce or sells that concoction and see if they have an affiliate program. Now, most of the time you can type in the name of that company or website and then affiliateprogram right into Google and you’ll be able to link straight-shooting to their affiliate programand apply from there. Now, if for some reason itdoesn’t come up on Google, you can go to theirhomepage of their website, ringlet to the bottomand normally you’ll watch an affiliates button in their footer. Lastly, if you can’t findan affiliate platform at all for the company that you reallywant to work with directly, you can shoot them an emailand reach out to them.I have absolutely seen in the past that they do not advertisetheir affiliate curriculum for some of these companies because they only want to reach out to specific affiliateswho they wanna work with. So if you shoot them an email and you reach out to them firstly, they may be able to sharethat planned with you, although it’s not publicly advertised. So with that said, thoseare the two big-hearted alternatives that you have for swapping out your Amazon affiliatelinks should you need them. Stick around a littlebit further in this video because I might talk you out of swapping your Amazonaffiliate associations absolutely because I think that this change is going to lead to parties, realizing more money with Amazonassociates than before. Alright , now I’d like to get into what my personal course of action is going to be in response to this change.Feel free to use the same strategy. This is what I’m personally doing and I hope it’s valuablesharing it with you guys. First things firstly, all of my locates that haveAmazon accompanies on them, I’m going to be keeping allof those associations on my websites. Additionally, I’m goingto be continuing to create and change brand-new Amazon affiliate websites. Quite frankly, I’m going tobe set even more resources into creating and growingthese websites even faster and I’ll explain why ina couple of hours here.The next thing I’m going to be doing is taking a hard-bitten lookat all of my websites and analyzing what opportunities I could use to diversify themonetization on these sites. For any affiliate marketingwebsite that you have, you don’t wanna have allof your eggs in one basket for how you’re making money on that site.With that tell me anything, I already have most ofthese on all of my areas. Nonetheless, I’m going to be going through all of my places one by one and realizing how I can add in the following. In addition to standard affiliatemarketing on the website, writing content and puttingin affiliate produces I’m are concentrated on where I canadd in ad seat to the website, downloadable information products, routes, affiliate link to other directions that I don’t own, but I know are good courses, niche specific photograph on involve parts and even selling leads.Those are just the main ways of monetizing your website. Those are the big ones I focus on going through all of my places and just know that youdon’t have to focus solely on affiliate commerce articles. To give you a excellent lesson, the other day, I was watching a video from a chap who ownssoccer reviews for you. It’s a YouTube channel and too an internet site. Now months ago, beforethis Amazon accompanieds statu even happened, he was talking about howhe was monetizing his websites and where “hes seen” a good opportunity. He was doing the traditionalsoccer recollects articles, where he was reviewing soccer cleats. But as he was doing this, he saw that one of the more popular cleats that came out had shoelacesthat were tearing. He encountered the opportunity to create shoelaces that were labelled from his website, sell them at an affordable frequency and obtain the profit margin on all of those shoelace marketings. This is a way of creating a product, promote on your website, where you already have targeted niche pertained traffic coming in and using that as your pulpit to establish sales on that product.Now, apparently that exampleis with a physical produce and not a digital commodity. However, there are ways to automate this. You can dropship those concoctions from the manufacturer to the customer and you don’t have toactually hold inventory and go to the post officeand ship it out yourself. So maintain all of these things in head and remember, most importantly, the content that you have on your niche affiliate marketing website is where the ethic is coming from.You can easily switch out the links. You can easily contributed more monetization ways and means to your website but it’s the content that’sgoing to be bringing in the targeted traffic to your place. Now, let’s get into the section that I think is the mostimportant for this video. And that is why I think thischange on Amazon affiliates is going to lead to parties determining more fund than before. Now, the vast majority of beings are saying, “Thecommission rate went down, “so we need to leave Amazon accompanies “and find other alternatives.” However, you have toconsider the bigger picture and not just focus onthe commission rates. When you look at Amazon’s growth and Amazon sales year over year, more beings are getting more pleasant and inducing more purchaseson Amazon than ever before.What this mean for us is that it’s not justabout the commission rate. It’s about the commission rate, the conversion rate and the ordering quality. Those three things areextremely important. In addition to keepingthose three things in spirit, keep in mind that you’regoing to get commission on the secondary marketings. So for example, let’s say that you attached person over to Amazon on an affiliate link to soccer cleats. Well, let’s say thatthey didn’t actually buy those football cleats, but within 24 hours, they bought a $300 Dyson vacuum cleaner and maybe even a soccergoal for their backyard.Keep in thinker that not onlywill you still get commission on those two obtains but you’re going to get commission on their respective commissionrates in their lists. So, even though they are your specific niche category was affected by this modify, all of these secondary buys is in their other categories. Now, for some of you who arenewer to Amazon accompanieds, you may not know this, but typically about 50% or more, I’ve seen all the wayup to 80% on websites, of the items that you get commissioned on are secondary purchases.They’re not actually the topics that you is in relation to people on Amazon. This directly explains why back in 2017, Amazon reduced the windowfrom something like 60 daylights to only 24 hours. Because in the last few years, parties have been buying so much more and so much more frequently on Amazon. Now, additionally, another gigantic reason that I’m staying in this end, why I’m making more locates than ever is because I feel challenger is going to drop drastically. As you guys have seenjust as well as I have, all over YouTube are tons of videos saying that, “The program is dead. “You shouldn’t be using it anymore. “The commission charges have dropped.” Think about how many people, this is going to scare off and ward off from actuallymaking a brand-new site. Additionally, people whohave started recently and started to grow their site but haven’t seen it grow to big-hearted quantities, will be more inclined to quit on that site and leant it in the past because they have an excuse to now.For those of you who have started building these places before, you know how hard-bitten this actually is, creating articles that aregood content and related is not easy work. So, when people aregiven a reason to quit, almost all cases will make the easy way out. But if I can give you any suggestion, it is to remember that thishas happened in the past and since then people ought to have seeing more coin on Amazon accompanies planned. So with that said, eventhough commission rates for some categories are down, I would not be surprised at all, if generally, over thenext couple of years, people who are still in theAmazon associates platform are fixing more than they are now.The last-place thing I wanna leave you guys with is just a mantra to rememberas we’re going through this, when the going gets tough, the hard go over there. I actually foster you to be part of the tough that get going rather than the victim that says, “It’s all over, I have to quit “and just go back andfind something different.” So chaps, that’s it for this video, hopefully this has brought you some straight appreciate on the topic and hopefully keeps youin an confident mindset so you can continue to create and flourish your online business. I certainly hope that sharing my personal strategy with you guys on this situation helps you guys. And if you have any questions, let me know down in the comments.I’ll link up a coupleof videos for you guys in regards to affiliate marketing that I recall will be useful assets at this point in time. And as you go through those, let me know in comments, if you have questions on those as well. All title, guys, that’s ithope you enjoyed this one and I will be seeingyou in the next video ..


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