JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Promote JVZoo Products 2020

welcome to my jvzoo affiliate sell marketingtutorial in this video I’m going to show you how to promote jvzoo products I’mhere logged into my JVzoo affiliate marketing dashboard and as you can seeI’ve just made a little bit bigger for you but if I choose four immediate times allthe time and I click refresh you can see my causes here I’ve constitute over onehundred and fiftyone thousand dollars on jvzoo promoting jvzoo concoctions youcan see one hundred and fifty one thousand eight hundred ninety sixdollars and sixty nine pennies here is also a listing of all the transactionsso you can see I’ve prepare eight thousand nine hundred and sixtytwo affiliatesales on jvzoo and you can see that I impel marketings regular sales of a variety ofdifferent products there is pin drill one click traffic final webinar kitso parcels and lots of different commodities that I stir roughly daily sales of so inthis video I’m going to show you everything that I have personally doneto achieve this hundred and fifty one thousand dollars in marketings on jvzoo alsoI actually have exploited the same methods to promote makes on a lot of differentnetworks for example on warrior plus if we look at my affiliate stats for alltime you will too see that I’ve earn close to a hundred thousand and salesand more plus I likewise promote concoctions on a ton of different other structures aswell so you going to learn all of these today in this tutorial I’m gonna showyou how to do it all using free congestion so you will not have to pay for ads soif you follow this jvzoo affiliate marketing lesson all of the sales thatyou’re going to make are going to be pure profit because there are no costsinvolved in promoting and getting those sales if you are new to my path myname is Greg Kononenko I am a fulltime affiliate marketer and on this YouTubechannel I published regular videos related to affiliate marketing bloggingand traffic generation click subscribe precisely below this videoalso make sure to enable all notifications so that you can getnotified when I upload my next video expressed appreciation for let’s get into it alrightlet’s begins with a very basic so the first thing that you’ll want to do isget your affiliate link so find the commodity and get your affiliate link sothat you can start promoting jvzoo commodities how do you do that well afteryou’ve cross-file on the JV zoo network you need to go into the affiliates menuand then find commodities sounds that alternative and that will open up a menu which willallow you to all of the products that are currentlylisted on jvzoo so here is this screen you can see there are tons of productsand there are many countless sheets there are tens of thousands of produces that Istood on here now I will show you a bit later on in the video I’m going to showyou how to find an frightening product that is pretty much guaranteed to convertreally well and induce you a lot of money but first let me show you and where toget your affiliate link so when you are find the produce you need to click whatis called request admirations so for example if I wanted to promote thisproduct here I would go request approval for animation student commercial requestapproval that will open up menu similar to this and you will need to apply foryour affiliate link because all of the dealers or the marketers that schedule theirproducts on jvzoo are relatively small vendors they’re frequently a onepersonteam or sort of a company that only has got a couple of beings working therewhat you will find is that you will need to request this allow and you willalso need to then contact the vendor to explain to them how you’re going topromote your this product on and how you going to send traffic so if I wanted topromote this commodity animation studio I would need to put in some informationabout myself now how I’m going to promote then clink this click I am NOT arobot and then click this button here saying asking sanction ok I’ll get intoit a little bit more later on in the video as we sort of going through theprocess but that’s the basic method of applying for your affiliate tie andafter you have been approved to get your affiliate link you would need to see forexample my pocketbook to promote this commodity explain there because I’ve promoted itin the past you really need to click this button now saying get tie-ups and thatwill open up this little dialog which will say your affiliate link so afteryou copyright you can time adopt it and like this highlight and sounds reproduce thisis essentially your affiliate tie-in so you can send all of the traffic throughthis affiliate link you can share this link on social media you can share it onyour website you are eligible to positioned it where you are miss and it as long as someone clicks onit they will be redirected by your affiliate link to the sales page of theproduct for example let’s insert it into the browser and see where it makes us soI’ve slipped this affiliate link here examine I’m just going to clickanta and I’m now in the incognito window you will see that it’s now loaded thesales page for the make and if imagine that I shared this association onsocial media or on my website or somewhere else and someone clicked onthis relation they would be redirected to this auctions page where they now can buythis product and you will too noting that if they click buy on one of the buybuttons on this product then you also see that now at the bottom on thecheckout sheet hopefully can see these people it’s not covered by my camera itsays here you have been referred by Gregg Kononenko and then there’s myaffiliate ID so this link basically allows the jvzoo arrangement to move thesale back to you and it will ascribe you with the affiliate auction after that saleactually happens okay so that’s the basic this is how you get your affiliatelink now let’s talk about how to find the best most extraordinary and highlyconverting commodities on jvzoo to promote so the first mode to find products topromote on jvzoo is through this page now so once again to get to it youwould go into affiliates and then find produces and this will give you all thedifferent information about all of the differences between presents that are currently liveon jvzoo so by default this sorted by the number of fakes sold and you canalso ascertain the launch date now and you can see that a lot of concoctions have beenlisted here since 2014 2015 2017 16 so quite a long time ago that they wentlive on jvzoo and some of these you will actuallynotice don’t even have active sales pages anymore so it’s always veryimportant as you’re looking for a product so to give you an example thisone here traffic Titan that launched in 2017 if we open up this product and wetry to view the sales page the sales page no longer exists so see it it justthe goes to this day job killer 1 this produce and 100 more for$ 1 it’s gotnothing really to do with traffic Titan having said that most of the productsthat are listed here if you glance by the number of produces sold they areactually active and you can definitely promote any of these products withoutany issues another benefit of promoting that all the products is that usually itmeans that they are well corroborated productsthat are very respectable for example these asked your application has beenaround for six years and it’s constantly updated and it’s a high quality softwarethat’s actually got a really good reputation in the marketplace likewisewith some of these other concoctions aren’t very well known them so this one use ion2. 0 that’s also a very high quality software and you can be certain that youwill get paid that your purchasers that you cite and that acquisition thissoftware won’t have any issues so this is how to find makes that havealready been launched on jvzoo you can also search by start dates so if youwant to promote something that’s a bit more recent you can click on the launchday to sort it in a different order and now it’s brought up everything by thelaunch date so most recent product so today is the first of June and you cansee everything that was launched on the 31 st of May or earlier not all productsas you can see actually make a lot of marketings countless commodities stir very few salesbut for example this one now looks a lot like the it’s just launched and it’s sellingquite well by the affiliates who are sending traffic to it the rest of themthat have been launched in the last few days has not been able to moved numerous auctions at all wecan certainly just go through a pagebypageand then sort of look at some of the products that have launched in the lastmonth or so and tried to find something that looks like it’s actually makinggood marketings for example there are a couple makes now that were launchedonly 27 or may actually looks like it’s the same product there’s two differentversions of it and JB’s also gives people some cool knowledge the number ofunits sold of course which is interesting but also it tells youconversion percentage and earnings per click and median expenditure which isimportant because that means that this product is see this video tea commercialso it’s converting about 11% of all visitors into auctions so if you sendtargeted traffic and I’m gonna show you how to get traffic later on in thisvideo if you mail targeted traffic to it youcan expect to make about 11 auctions for every 100 visitors that you send andthis numeral here it’s got it’s this is what’s called EPC an expert click so youcan expect on average for people who you be transmitted to originate 3 dollars and 50 pennies forevery clink that you send to this offer you’ll also notice that there issomething now announced funnel so move if I mouse over it this product has gotthe primary make as well as some upsells and you can oblige Commission’s on all ofthem you can see all the stats here so you can see that you I can’t really sortof mouse over actually let me merely do that okay so you can see that you canmake 75 percentage board on the main produce on the video t commerciallicense and then the rest of them you can spawn fifty percent on all of theupsells and some of the upsells are sixty seven hundred ninety seven dollarssixty seven dollars etc so all customers that you send in has got anopportunity to purchase more than just the central concoction and on average yourearnings per sound for the whole funnel eight dollars and 87 cents which isreally really good money I’m likewise going to show you another way to find greatproducts to promote so these are obviously all the jvzoo products thathave already been launched you can see them in jvzoo but you can also envision allof the products that have not even launched more on jvzoo and you can alsofind them on a website announced munch heart so munch Icom and if you scroll down youwill actually see this is kind of like a docket of all upcoming openings thatprofessional affiliate purveyors and digital vendors used to list theirlaunches upcoming openings as well as for affiliate marketers to schedule theirpromotions for the week or two or for the month onward so here you can see thisis the name of the launch the make who is launching it for example Joshuathreema he is launching this commodity announced X Pixley Pro on jvzoo on the 1stof June alright and he is listed it now on jvzoo for everybody to see in casepeople want to promote that they can promote it because frequently when productslaunch there is sort of special pricing certain kinds of rebates and maybe anaffiliate competition so often affiliates prefer to plan theirpromotions fired occurrences and then they come to lunch I to actually check forthose upcoming propels by the way chaps about a year ago I made a extremely indepthvideo on jvzoo affiliate market as well where I flooded a lot of theinformation about how to promote these upcoming launches a few different waysso I’m gonna employed a association now exactly check that there should be a card about heresomewhere above me and you can watch that video it’s actually going toor some information that you can use so if you haven’t seen that video hitherto thenplease watch it either now or after this video I’m likewise going to threw the link toit in the description below all right so now I’m going to show you how to promotethese concoctions I’m going to show you how to promote the existing concoctions thatare old and will launch several years ago as well as some of these upcomingproducts as well going to show you both methods so let’s take a look as anexample that this product here announced explain the reasons so we know it’s beenaround for six years we know it’s all 24,000 mimics which is a lot of saleswhat we don’t know though is how much interest this commodity has gone right nowso how much are parties experimenting into this product because what do beings dowhen they are interested in a particular product they usually jump online andthey start researching it right for example if I’m considering buyingexplain to you or if I’m considering buying a blue Yeti microphone I willusually try to read evaluations about it right I is the beginning typing in things likeblue Yeti further consideration and I will start decipher evaluates now on the figurehead pageand usually if I look at some of these reviews let’s say I see this review hereit appears interesting to me podcast inside again I click on now and I startreading this review you will notice that this owner of thiswebsite is actually selling this as an affiliate okay so this link here theblue Yeti microphone is actually an affiliate relate so if I speak the reviewand somewhere along the lines I decide to click on one of those affiliate linksand buy this see it says get a blue Yeti on Amazon then the owner of this websiteis going to get a commission because they’re an affiliate for Amazon they’regonna get a couple of percent commission for denote me to Amazon and me buyingthis commodity on Amazon so one of the easiest way to actually perform auctions onjvzoo is to do the same thing with the digitalproducts on the that I listed on jvzoo you can publish reviews and try to getyour reviews on page one I’m going to show you how to do that in really a secondbut that’s the basic concepts you’re trying to target people that areinterested in this product review and that’s why promoting concoctions that I’vehad a lot of sales is usually a very good idea because you know that they’vekind of go that buzz in the market you know they’re popular in the marketso precisely to illustrate that to you let’s see let’s start typing explain to youand we can see that actually there are google suggestions that are coming upfor illustrated you know there is explain to your login explain tutorialexplain to your reviews all right so there’s going to be a page with reviewsand most probably all of the people now on the figurehead sheet actually recognize ifyou are recognized drug critique I recognize social leading maniac I know thatthey are affiliates that are promoting these concoctions so let’s take a look atthis smoke recall for example they’d be get a lot of traffic you know somany beings are searching for interpreted you and yes sure as shooting it talks aboutexplained now and then at the bottom there is also the affiliate link sovisit official website check out excusing 4.0 you’ll notice that theseare essentially affiliate relations so if I imitate this connect let’s take a look it’sjust they’ve used link shortener virtually so this is their affiliatelink but it simply redirects from these to the JV zoo affiliate links to the salespage okay so this is how this website now dope review mostly makes moneytargets all of these calls showed your reviews people find this websitethey click through they read this review and they then click one of those buttonsvisit official website that opens it up redirects shoot the affiliate association andredirects to the sales page guess that’s the sales page for clarified you if Inow click on these get instant access and I try to buy one of them if we’reactually going to see at the bottom that I’ve been referred via an affiliate linkthen we’re going here and check out I can see that vendor and referral willreceive your message says referrer Hong Tran so hung trend must be theowner of that website narcotic its consideration of those website here and mostly guyswhat you want to do is you want to get onto page one with your review as welland I’m gonna show you how to do that now stepbystep so so far everything islooking really good for explained to it looks a lot like a pretty good product topromote but you know as a next stair you need to make sure that there is stillinterest ongoing interest in explained to because what if all these marketings weremade three four or five years ago and now nobody is actually searching forthis term the way to do this verify this would be to use GoogleTranslate strands google.com and then enter the name of the product explainedyou into the search box and you will see here interest over era so you can seein the past 12 months there is actually some interest some ongoing interest andexplained you now you want to make sure is that you’ve got a country that’sreasonably large enough United Regime is usually a good one to go with unlessyou’ve got a country specific product and here the period you want to choosefrom 2004 until present that will give us a really good idea of what’s beenhappening okay so now what we can see see we can see the complete picture now wecan see that around 2014 the interest was very high in clarified now and thenit’s been trending down so it’s not absolutely dead there is much work ofinterest in these but this makes us a much better picture than if we justchose the period from the over the past 12 months so we now know that thisproduct was very popular probably because it was shortly after launch butthere is still actually some ongoing interest and that means that there arepeople on an ongoing basis right now still typing in a lot of search termsrelating to explain their into Google which is good news for us what you wantto avoid is if there is a product that had some interest and now there is zerointerest don’t promote those because that means that now nobody is searchingfor them to give you that instance okay of a type of product not to promote isone of my previous starts we’ve closed that produce down because things getoutdated on the internet quite often and now this concoction is no longer relevantbut this is something that we was initiated in 2016 19 2015 2016 so you can seethere was a bit of a spike in interest to social freight alchemy you can seethere was that spike in 2015 then there have been a few more spikes but over thepast 12 or even 24 months there has been zero interest in our commodity okay sothis would be a pretty bad one to promote you might rank your review onpage one but it’s nobody sought for it then there is no point in doing itright okay so now let’s talk about the options to actually start gettingtraffic so they can start stimulating those auctions on jvzoo so the first option isfor you to publish recollects on your own website that would effectively meancreating a website same to a website that you can see here dye preview calmon your own domain creating that website and publishing discuss for explainedhere for any other type of product that you can possibly think of so smoke reviewcalm as a website you can see that they write a lot of reviews and guys theybe get so so much traffic and these traffic is super targeted probably onein ten people who demises up predict these reviews because they’re so interested inthe product that would be buying by this website tie so that’s that first optionI’m going to show you a bit more information about this but I only wantto outline the options first get when you’re on sitethe second one is to publish scrutinizes on medium so what is medium in case you’renot familiar with it medium is a website that allows otherpeople to affix content on it so very conveniently here if I go and type inexplain their review and I look through the top ten makes let’s see if any ofthem are published on medium.com okay there “theres going” so arise list twelve inGoogle organic search results this one here let me only make it a bit biggersee how it’s got medium.com explaining a video pioneer asses so someonepublished its consideration of the report on this website medium mollify it allows you to register onthis website and publish evaluates so you can see this was published in November2 014 okay and it’s a short review I imply it’s only a few cases sections but it isranking in Google and I is guaranteed under you that this would be going so somany visitors because illustrated there is as we watched a very popular search term andthey didn’t even have to create their own website they’re just basicallyregistered on medium.com and they produce this article which is very shortand this article has got at the end the link if I duplicate this tie-up okay you canmaybe see it in the bottom left of your screen or if I replica it now and justpaste it you can see that they’re just literally attaching right there jvzoo linkand they would be shaping sales just like that now why does this website rank sohighly well that is because this website is a awfully very respected domain if weanalyze medium.com in a giraffe’s tool we can see that this websitehas gone four hundred and three million backlinks and that it’s position for 42 million different keywords h4x rank is 79 meaning that it’ s number 79 websitein the world so if something like maybe Google is website number one a Wikipediaor something like that medium is numeral 79 by the strength of the domain soanything that you put on medium has got a very high chance of grading simplybecause the domain itself has come such a big massive Permission alreadyanother target where you can publish your reviews is on Google Sites I actuallyrecently reached made a video about how to publish recalls on Google Sites sothere’s going to be a card up here you can click on that and watch that videoin detail there’s also going to be a link in the description to that videobut let me show you simply the summing-up of it so let me show you the dominance ofGoogle Sites if we look for another produce so high traffic academy 2.0 if iif we search for that guess what is ranking as number one sites.google.comokay so and it’s free for you to open an note and create a website on sitesGoogle com it’s very quick and easy to create a reviews it’s again a verysimple re-examine merely text there is no images but these sites that are createdon sites.google.com they grade particularly very highly as you can see for yourselveshigh freight academy 2.0 examine on places that google chrome is grading as numberone and it’s grading that most is again because sites.google.com has gotmassive Authority seven hundred and twenty eight million backlinks it isranking for fifty six stage three million different organic keywords andthe reason is that undoubtedly belongs to Google so there’s already that attachedAuthority associated with google.com domain that helps your content rank andguess what for shown the review right now I’ve gone through the firstthree pages on Google and doesn’t seem like anyone has published a review forexplained here on google.com and merely to illustrate to you once again the powerof Google Sites if I thump enter on explaindio 2.0 revaluation which is aslightly different search term it’s a slightly different version of explaindioif we scroll down now guess what number three reaction sites.google.comexplain to you video developed 2.0 bonus as super shortparticle it’s only got few clauses and it’s ranking and it’s got the linkswe can see that they’ve also published a number of other assess affiliate Titanreview which if we check on Google they’re also ranking quite most theyare sort of on at the top of page two perhaps they just be too short butgenerally as you can see it’s proven that sites.google.com ranks terribly veryhighly and chaps get this it’s free to have sites.google.com you can create asmany websites as you want you are eligible to employed as numerous pages as you want to nice websiteso just go to sites.google.com if you don’t have an note hitherto and youcan start on your website they already come with prebuilt templates so it’svery very easy to publish your material there and i’m gonna reveal you how toactually create a review it really a little bit later on in this video aswell so that’s the first kind of three options to where to publish yourtextbased scrutinizes it’s on your own website on medium.com or on google sitethe 4th avenue for you to publish scrutinizes is youtube and it’s a particularly verygood stage of course the flaw is that you have to create a video butguess what you don’t have to be on camera there are a lot of very successfulyoutubers that are never even on camera and I’m gonna prove you a couple ofexamples if we foreman over to YouTube you can actually see that there are lots ofpeople searching for excused you on YouTube as well because YouTube isalmost as big-hearted a search engine as Google itself so if we type in explain to ourreview there are lots of people searching for explain their reviewsalready alright so explain the reasons a 4.0 examine which seems like the latestversion of shown here so you can see here that there are the surface videos hereare actually coming a lot of views so 3.4 thousand sentiments 3.9 thousand ends soall of these is just from beings announcing these reviews now you might think that3. 4 thousand opinions is not very many for YouTube because you used to seeingvideos with millions of views on YouTube the thing about it is that these areultra targeted views okay if you make a viral video about I don’t know let’s sayeven just about how to make money online and quickly mentionexplained your not many beings will buy merely a very low percentage willactually sounds the link and a very low percentage of parties are buybut from my experience I can tell you that if you produce such a targetedvideo which previously it has talked about interpreting 4.0 critique parties that aretyping in this search term people who are typing illustrating 4.0 discus theyalready want to buy they’re convinced that they want to buy they just wantsome confirmation so you know I’d say I don’t know exactly but I’d say anywherefrom three to five to maybe even 10% of people who are gonna watch this videomight end up buying it alright so the transitions or from viewsto conversions to auctions is actually very high for this type ofvideos I know from my personal experience even if really one percent ofthese viewers but converts into buyers which i think is actually probably a lothigher but three thousand four hundred proliferated by final one is thirty foursales from this multiplied by I speculate average Commission on sale was aboutfifty dollars so this video might have attained seventeen hundred dollars so far inone year and guess what it will continue impelling auctions over and over again and weused very conservative estimations we said about 1 per cent of viewersconverts into sales in reality it’s actually likely to be a lot higher thanthese and if you look at the structure of its consideration of the report then you will see thatit’s very simple I don’t think this person is even on camera okay there’snobody on camera it’s just walkthrough of the software it’s a three minutevideo threeminute video very quick to make and all it is is there’s just youknow the video for about explain to you and then at the bottom you’ve got boyexplain T or 4.0 yearly so this is the affiliate link and basically anyone whobuys this relate will end up making a commission for the owner of this channelAnthony kodi neeya so these are your different options for how to publishreviews and where to publish scrutinizes you’ve got your own website mediumGoogle Sites as well as YouTube why does this method actually work well becausethe challenger for these scrutinize category keywords is so low-pitched if we look at explainto your review we can see that keyword difficulty is just five which is verymeans that all of the websites now that are on page one then north highlyauthoritative websites you can actually see that from this that you can see thatsome websites with arena rank six and land rank zero and realm stray 13 andthen there’s another zero and here they’re the characteristics of websites thatmanaged to rank on page one so any decent website will have no problemsgetting on to page one at all that’s why we discover such a short section retain onmedium.com was eye an section that’s just twoparagraphs okay it was it was ranking so holland I can pretty much I canguarantee of course but I have high think we have sure-fire see if whoever iswatching this video right now guys and publishes a reasonable sized clause andexplain your review on medium.com they’ll outrank this existing onebecause this one is so short once you publicize a good sized commodity about athousand utterances you’ll actually have no problems getting onto page one becausemedium.com by default already has such a high authority it’s amount seventy ninewebsite on the planet okay so what do you need to do well you need to get youraffiliate link approved I touched on that a little bit earlier in the videobut virtually if you are not sure how to get your affiliate link this is whatyou need to do let’s say you wanted to get promoted for this product now videopal so you need to click request approval and after you’re on this pageyou will need to fill out this information so explain that you’re anaffiliate purveyor you know put in as much information as you want take all ofthese caskets and click asking approval button the reason why this is done likethis is because people on the other end they need to see who’s trying to promotetheir product and they will have an option of either slumping or approvingyour petition or maybe even simply ignoring you now I can tell you from my ownexperience because I’m both an affiliate and a vendor on jvzoo it’s a very goodidea for you to fill out a nice professional theme number 1 andnumber two to contact the marketers directly you know to contact thesepeople generally you want to get to the JV page this is kind of like theaffiliate intelligence sheet pinpoint the contact details so see it says contactus on skype contact assist vdeo para ir so you get different waysto get in touch with the marketer now if we check out this sheet now video pal JVthere will be information for you for how to get in touch with the merchants sohere at the bottom you can hopefully see this let me merely make this a little bitbigger so you can see this behind me alright you can see Skype of one vendortodd gross so you can contact them on skype and this is the second vendor forpune so i would recommend to add them onskype and explain to them that you’ve applied to promote give them your jvzooaffiliate ID explain how you’re going to promote them be very professional andask for the approval because oftentimes if you merely fill in this informationthe person doesn’t know you you’re not going to get approved after you havebeen approved this is when you can go in and actually get your link to promote aproduct on now don’t establish your review until you’ve got the approval because ifyou never get approved for some reason then you’ve squandered your time creatingthe review if you’ve never established a review for a concoction before it might bea little bit flustering in terms of what to do and what kind of information toinclude so the best advice that I can give you is to take a look at some ofthe other remembers so this person now doe preview comp is managing to grade fora lot of different reviews clearly he knows what he is doing and you can readthe review and check what he has written and then write the review that is verysimilar to this so you can see that his refresh is quite indepth and it’s got alot of information now so you can actually merely rewrite it in your ownwords or at least copy the structure or maybe even try to attain your reviewbetter and more indepth what you can do is speak maybe top five reviews from herefrom page one and get the best chips you know when you structure your review putthe structure and make it the best the most amazing review for interpreted youthat exists if your review is going to be longer than all of these otherreviews here on page one you’ll have a higher likelihood of grading above them inGoogle because Google wishes longform content okay so if you have a reviewthat’s got 2,000 names you generally will rank higher than a review that’sgot 500 1,000 messages that’s just how it manipulates soif you decide to publish your review on your own website then organize itsimilar to any of these websites they can see here maybe even make it betterand then make sure that you include the links to with that affiliate linkthey’re going to get from jvzoo make sure you include the links somewhere inthe text of your review you’re too most welcome to look at my website so withthat’s hustle soothe is one of my websites and if you type in I grade for a lot ofdifferent review calls if you type in affectionate recall for example you’ll bevery likely to find me here on page one and you can see how I have structured myreviews that will also give you an idea on what I do to grade my examine you cansee it’s a fairly short refresh but I had no problems at all ranking on page oneif you’re going to publish your review on sites.google.com then you can seesome of the examples of what parties write and publish a same thing onsites.google.com and likewise on medium just find the reviews on medium andstructure it in the same way that they do it there as well coming back to theexample with explain to your review if we go to page two so here I am on pagetwo if we open up this medium.com review of explain there you can see how sure itis if they wrote the review that is as high quality and as indepth as this onehere but they produced their own medium calm then it probably would have rankeda lot higher than page two I think that it would probably rank in the top threeor top five solutions on now this can also be a very profitable strategy foryou guys thank you so much for watching I really hope you experienced this jvzooaffiliate market lesson I’ve got two more videos for you on jvzoo andaffiliate marketing merely up now delight watch them next don’t miss those andmake sure that you are in favour of my channel and enable all notificationsthank you so much I’ll see you in the next video

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