that we can promote their produce then earn a commission the customer will click on your affiliate relation lazada and your affiliate tie includes the cookie for lazada to check from you verify there accompany there your sales and board precisely click you are here now his enrollment does not have a BIR certificate if you have difficulty registering with the lazada affiliate curriculum there was still two websites that we can use to register we can register as a publisher there is lazada now that you can offer and he can do it Involve Asia let’s check here if you notice lazada has a high 6.3% commissioning let’s try Shopee if there is a Shopee Philippines Involve Asia let’s try he has Shopee we can now offer produces from Shoppe we can see click publisher let’s check here on facebook, we have a Facebook Page that sells this product I merely framed there in the Property URL below I’ll go to Mar Online Shoppe, I’ll frame the one that is easy to register with Involve Asia, let’s just wait for their permission for our property.The quality is a website or URL that I employed, this is the Mar Online Shoppe facebook page, I put it there for them to accept That’s how you gave Involve Asia, it’s easy to register, they will accept your Property. Let’s look at a new note in Involve Asia because I don’t use Involve Asia but now we’ll try to use it because there is an offer because he has Shopee Philippines. Let’s check. will our Property be accepted can we offer or can we buy apply our affiliate relation let’s check where our advertisement can be found it’s okay, I’ll explain to each one let’s check that, let’s just wait for our endorsement let’s just check if will they approve let’s try to message again let’s check that when the Property is approved then let’s check that nothing ng PH dito check natin yan balikan natin to mga nooice kapag na aprubahan ang ating Property nandito lang atin lang yan balikan pwedeng mag register dito sa Indoleads ito siya Indoleads Premium Affiliate Marketing Network mabilis din mag sign up dito ang ilagay mo dito mga nooice ay yan you threw or you check everything perhaps you want to have CPA Cost this is your check because you are going to Promotion you have to promote costs for installation merely taken to ensure that then pre cross-file then just follow you exactly fill in everything they need I already have an account with Indoleads let’s just check that now this is the dashboard of Indoleads so you can see that if you register nooice I will place I will throw the affiliate association in the description or in specific comments you register here and I did Slack communication implement that we will discuss here we will discuss you can join I will apply an Email where you can message the Email or on my Faceb ook Page I have a facebook sheet you will send your Email here i will invite you to Slack i will invite you to Slack this Slack this is just before you met Slack merely letter me on my Facebook Page I will put in the description Affiliate Link of this Indoleads I will put in the description or in specific comments if you have any questions simply letter my Slack this is the update on the Lazada Affiliate Program if you have difficulty registering because there is a BIR Certificate here in Involve Asia if we see that there is no BIR Certidicate can let’s register on their programme i will approve the website or asset it’s still pending I’ll merely update you when it’s active then we’ll start promoting I’ll likewise school you how to promote if you have questions again just observation below and on Slack I will be comprised of you there but you have to message on my Facebook Page as well as on Indoleads “were not receiving” BIR certifi cate you are eligible to register with each other when we are promoted to Indoleads these websites Affiliate Programs are trustworthy many Affiliates who cross-file here hope you can learn from this video on Lazada Affiliate Program Update 2021 if you have any questions please comment on below exactly send on the Facebook Page i will time put in the description if you want to join Slack merely letter on the facebook page so you can message your Email and so I can send you

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