Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for WordPress Plugin & Theme Sellers – Part 1

Hi everyone, Im Ben from Freemius. Many years ago, my uncle Carl had a stall at the market where he sold all kinds of fruit and veggies. Whenever business was slow, he used to callhis friend, Steve, and asked about to hand out flyers around the market with a special discountfor whoever demonstrated it at the stop. For each flyer applied, uncle Carl paid a nickel to Steve.I think that was the time I was introducedto the concept of affiliate marketing. Setting up an relationship planned for yourplugin or topic can be a great way to boost revenue, ability up SEO, and improve your brand- but if not applied correctly, it might become a huge waste of time and money. In this three part video streak, Im goingto guide you through setting up an affiliate planned for your business, and share someof the best practices and difficulties so you can maximize your affiliate marketing capability. To keep track of this eventual guidebook, makesure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when each new videois released. Tells plug-in! I dont want to be a dream breaker, butmanaging an affiliate platform for your business requires term, struggle, and calmnes. Dont expect your bottom line to soar overnight. The best performing affiliate programs inthe WordPress space yield around ten percent of a business gross revenue. Even some WordPress companionships who have dedicatedpersonnel to manage their affiliate program only generate five percent of their salesfrom relationship annually. But that is NOT the real number of affiliation revenues.From that egregious count you need to subtractaffiliate commission, payout overheads, the time spent on representing these payouts, and the costof the relationship programme. All of that – before any taxes! Dont get me wrong, Im not trying toconvince you against exploiting affiliate market, its benefits are much more than really financial. I just crave you to understand how you can calculate Return on Investment or ROI realistically.After you become aware of all the math youneed to do, gives go through the reasons – other than revenue – to start your own affiliateprogram in the first place. First, your affiliates will use promotionalcontent to spread the word about your produce. Theyll write reviews and blog affixes talkingabout how huge your concoction is. They has essentially act like your ambassadorsbecause they have a financial incentive to do so. Another well-known benefit of affiliationis SEO, since your product and website address is being spread around the net. But, dont get your hopes up too much becauseaffiliates often must use special redirect links for their affiliate products, whichtrack referrals but dont give you the SEO juice you crave. The good word is that there are some waysto work around this issue. If you want to get all the technical details- check out our blog post on such matters. You can also use your affiliates to stimulateyour fellowships overall proliferation by linking to the free account of your product.If you render freemium plugins and topics, affiliates will be able to promote your free commodities which is much easier than promotingsomething that costs money, and receive their commission when denoted free useds upgrade to premium. When youre about to set-up your first affiliateprogram, one of the most important decisions to meet is where to host it. Countless WordPress ventures use a self-hostedsolution, but if we peek outside our own ecosystem, we can see that the vast majority of companiesare using SaaS affiliate programmes – what are called Affiliate Networks, similar tothe affiliate answer we offer to our partners for free when selling with Freemius. An affiliate structure that are linked affiliatemarketers and commodity owneds remove the hassle of dealing with different platforms for different commodities. Through a system that offers a large inventoryof plugins and topics, an affiliate of plugin X could easily become an affiliate of theme Y. Everybody benefits! Second, a ego hosted answer requires its own servers to run – which stimulates it more difficult for small businesses who exactly cant afford it or dont have the time to maintain something so complex. On a cloud based system, theres no needfor makes to manage the scaling of their affiliate planned – its all built right-intothe network.This entails any size business can start toenjoy the extra receipt that comes with affiliation without having to manage the infrastructure themselves. Third, it is much easier to defend yourselffrom affiliate fraud when using a shared structure. Well go in-depth about affiliate fraudin the third part of this video series, but in the meantime, Ill just say that whenyou use a self-hosted solution, you have to fight fraud yourself. On an affiliate system, however, an abusiveuser is gonna be signalled and removed by the community. To summing-up it up, there are a lot of goodreasons to use an affiliate system. The system effect enables developers to onboardas countless affiliates as they want the moment makes get started selling their product. Plus, makes can better defend themselvesagainst fraud and readily promote additional products within the network. This was our introduction to the exciting world of affiliation in the WordPress ecosystem. Part two of the sequence will be addressed with attractingaffiliate marketers, and place three will envelop the delicate, but significant, subject of avoidingaffiliate fraud.Subscribe to our YouTube channel, remain carolled, and see you next time !.

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