Make $100 a Day Sending Emails (How to Build a List for Affiliate Marketing)

How to procreate $100 a daylight mailing emails?( lively electronic music) Hey, this is Peng Joon here, and today, I’m gonna be showing you how you can utilize email marketing infused with affiliate marketing and how you are eligible to literally form $100 a date conservatively. Truth is, I’m prettymuch lowballing here. Again, when I put out numerals like that, it’s highly scalable. Could be $1,000 a date moving email, $10,000 a era transporting emails, and if you’re new to this, I is clear that that soundsa little bit ludicrous, but let’s talk aboutsomething that I rightfully believe is achievable to anybody, and it’s realistic, that is plausible, $100 a day.So how does that actually work? In this affiliatemarketing training succession, you would have seen inthe previous videos, one of the things that talkedabout is the importance of building a listing, givingaway something for free, so that parties would giveyou their reputation and email, and we’ve also fixed howthe size and the relationship of the email roll that you have would determine your monthly income. So if you wanted to manufacture $100 a day, or, on average, $3,000 a month, that meansyou need to have a list and a goal of 3,000 people in your email inventory, and in fact, most recently, I comes within the framework of a open, one of the biggest propels inthe internet marketing world-wide, promoting this volume calledTraffic Secret, and on day one of the launching, we didover $10,000 in sales communicating one email out, and I eventually becamethe number one affiliate for that open as well, and a big part that gave us a huge advantage that contributed us to eventually become number one affiliate, was because we had a list.We had a list of subscribersand a roster of admirers, and what if having thatlist and structure listing was a huge part that willenable you to stimulate $100 a daytime? Now how do you actuallymake the $100 dollars per day? In terms of promoting a commodity. There’s two things that needs to happen that we’ve also establishedin our previous videos, okay? We talked about how you needto be able to build that roll. And you build that listby either appointing content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, right? So who are currently you’re building such lists, and you’re sending people tothis sheet to build this list, and then you monetizeby promoting a product. This could be a physicalproduct in Amazon, this could be a digitalproduct in ClickBank, this could be a service, thiscould be a software, right? So, if we wanted to promotewhatever product that is, we’ve talked about the advantages of having something that’s recurring.Now, you could be in atotally different industry, but it doesn’t matter, okay? So let’s say, for clarity purposes, let’s just say the productthat you’re promoting is a product that gaveyou a $50 commission. So let’s say this is your trimmed, whether it’s a physical make, digital concoctions, application, you get 50 horses everytime you make a sale. So what does this represent? It be interpreted to mean that to do $100 a era, you need to have two auctions. Now, how do “youve had” two salesdaily by sending an email out that enables you to have two marketings? Well, the way to start thinking about this is you’re probablythinking, well, Peng Joon, I don’t have anybody in my email roster. So how can I draw two marketings a daytime if I’ve got nobody in my roll right now? So let’s talk about how youstart build this list’ movement that’s what enables you to get that $100, $300, $1,000 a day.Now to understand this nextpart, we need to understand that in order for us tostart developing material, there are these differentlevels of awareness, okay? So, before we startrunning ads on Facebook, before we start creating YouTube videos, before we start posting on Instagram, and start routing peopleover to this page, where we’re capture their details, it is essential to firstly understandthis level of awareness in order for it to determineour content strategy. Let’s do a few differentexamples through different niches so that you can start seeinghow you can apply this. So, the pattern I will useis the example that I exploit for one of such products that I promote, which is ClickFunnels. I see I’m really startingutilizing this precedent a whole lot more, andClickFunnels is a software, right? So ClickFunnels fees meabout $40 every single month as long as the personcontinues being a member.So they’ve got two different toll spots, but the most common pricepoints, their $97 rate extent, where they will pay about $40 as long as this personcontinues being a member. Level of awareness symbolizes at this rank, this is when they are most aware. Now most aware meansthey know who you are, they know you exist, they’reaware of the product, they bought the commodity. That is most aware. Over here, at the beginning, thisis when they are unaware. Now how you talk to these audience versus how you talk to these audience, when you send them here to your page, is going to be very different. It’s going to dictate whattype of content you appoint. So let’s talk about what does that mean? Unaware means they’re not even aware that there’s a problem to begin with. Let me give you an example of unaware.Unaware would be like3 0 years ago, everybody, well, most people in theworld, would be unaware that it’s possible to send this thing called an email to somebody else, where they are unable to receivea sense instantaneously. And they’re not, peopleare not even “ve been thinking about” that 30 years ago, because they don’t even know that there’s a problem andthat there’s a solution to it’ cause they just don’tknow what they don’t know.That’s obliviou. 30 several years ago, the peoplethat was living here on Earth would be unaware to the internet. They don’t know that there’s a problem, they don’t know there’sa solution, that one day, there used to be the solution, that people can receivemessages instantly. So for example, let’s say, I want to promote a weightloss make in the keto infinite. So let’s say I wanted topromote that keto commodity. There’s a lot of beings thatdon’t know keto makes, or ketosis, even exists. So if I were to talk to those people, what would that pieceof content sound like? Perhaps it would be how eatingfat is in the interests of you, right? So , now, if I caused thispiece of content on Facebook, of how eating fat isgood for you, guess what? A person that’s scrolling on Facebook, they’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and then all of a sudden, bam, they receive a video or a pole that says how gobbling fats are actually good for you.Now it’s like, huh, what does that planned? So now, I’m talking abouthow there are good fatties and bad solids, and now I’mintroducing them to the world of the keto diet, so that, eventually, at the end of the video, Isay something along the lines of, hey, if you obtained thisvideo beneficial, right now, I’m giving away a free cheatsheet on seven extraordinary nutrients that’s high-pitched in overweight, butwith actually good fat that you want to add to your daily diet. If you would like to downloadthis free cheat sheet, all you need to do ishead over to this page to get this free resource, right? So now all the persons who I’m doing, I’m sending beings over, people that is initially unaware that this thing even exists. So ask yourself if thatperson is not even aware that there is a problem, how do you speak to them? Now this is just the first level.The second one is wherethey are problem aware. So when it comes to problemaware, this is when they know there’s a problem, but theydon’t know what the mixture is. So for example, let’s sayif I am selling a software that helps people build salesprocesses online, let’s say, again, because this is the end result, I want to sell this softwareand get paid a commission, I need to start gettingpeople on this sheet. So let’s say I know that I’mcreating a piece of content, talking to real estate agents. Real estate agents, some of them, they’re aware of their own problems. What is the problem? They’re aware of that givingout pamphlets and flyers in a mall is not working. They’re aware of the problemof cold calling parties on the phone is not working, but they don’t know what the answer is. They just know what the problem is, and the problem is whatthey’re currently doing is not working. So if I want to get get people on this sheet, I need to start recollecting, how would I need to talk to them here? So what the hell is this sheet look like? This sheet would be like, attending, real estate agent, free practise revealshow to get conducts online without knocking on openings, without cold calling, without dedicating out any flyers, enter your name and email to get access to thisfree training, right? So let’s say that this is the page that I want to send beings to.Then, I gotta ask myself, what is the step before that that needs to happen, where it would be talkingabout the problem, which would be, hey, if youare a real estate agent, a network marketer, aninsurance agent, and currently, you’re giving out flyers, you’re knocking on entrances, you’re cold calling, you already know that this currently isn’t working. The question is, whatis working right now? Now what if you couldactually get pass online and alter these leadings into sales? Now whether you’re a real estate agent, whether it’s a network purveyor, how do you actually stimulate that happen? You form that happen by having some kind of sales process online tohelp you get more pass, to alter these leads to sales.So now I’m educating them, and then the call to action of oh if you wouldlike to unlock a free rehearsal that I time did, so that you can discover how you can no longer coldcall, then knock on entrances and harass friends and family, then thought over to, enter your name and email to open this free training. So notice what I’m doing. I’m now constructing this list, because with this list, I can now nurture them, continue to give them value, and once a while, promotethis product through my email. You’ve heard me say this. It’s not about persuadingsomebody from a no to a yes. Affiliate marketing is justthinking about what is something that requires minimalpersuasion that these people are gonna buy anyway? And that’s how you startreverse engineering, okay? So such is parties that’saware of the problem, and that’s how I startcreating content differently to target these people.Now in every singlemarket, there’s also people who are aware of the problem, but they are not yet solution aware, which is the next level of awareness. These are people who are problem aware, they know there’s a problem. They know that there’s a solution, but they don’t knowwhich solution to go for. So these are the peoplethat, if I were to come back to this example here, onlinemarketing, these are the people that know, ogle, I knowthat smacking on doorways and applying out flyers andcold calling isn’t working. I know that I need to go online.That’s what I it is necessary do. I need to start beingable to get leads-in online, but there are so manydifferent commodities out there. There’s like, I know there’s a solution.I’m aware that thesolution is going online. I don’t know which one to go for. So, again, if I wanted tospeak to that gathering, I need to start asking myself, how do I generate content for that kind of people, so that I’m constantlysending commerce from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, it couldbe TikTok, could be whatever, could be a Facebook ad, to this page now, because if you’re not building a roster, you’re not house a business. So, $100 a daylight, again, precisely remember, it’s a list of 3,000 parties, give or make. Would be higher if yourrelationship with them is better, lower if you’re in amarket that isn’t related, if it’s more like a diversion, which isn’t more of apainful type of topic.It really depends, right? So, these are peoplethat’s solution aware. Over here, you have thepeople that is product aware. Now what does that planned? Product aware conveys, justthink of it as when you go to the supermarket, and you’rethinking of which toothpaste to get, you’re aware that ifyou don’t brushing your teeth, your cheek is gonna stink, and you’re gonna have issues with the dentist, so you’reaware of the problem. You know that the solutionis to brush your teeth daily after each banquet, you’reaware of the product, you know that there’s allthese different firebrands, there’s Colgate, Darlie, there’s all these other brands, right? You’re thinking aboutwhich products to get. That’s the level you’re atwhen you go to the supermarket, thinking about which toothpaste to get. So same thing here. If, let’s say, I am promotinga produce in the online world, a software like ClickFunnelsor whatever, I also know that there are parties at the present stage where they’re question aware, they know that the solution is to go online, they’re awareof the differences between commodities and the different business out there.So I wanna ask myself, sowhat are they searching for? This is when somebody willbe thinking like ClickFunnels versus opponent honour, versus Kajabi, versus Leadpages, versus Infusionsoft. So this is when I can create content to target people on this stage, okay? So this will be more likepeople that is searching for ClickFunnels review, right? Which, by the way, was oneof the strategies that I did for that Traffic Secrets start. When Russell Brunsonlaunched Traffic Secrets, one of the strategies that we exercised, that enabled us to win thatcontest, was to go for keywords like Traffic Mystery, that’sone, and you’ll notice that I did a entire YouTubeseries, 10 videos in total, where every single title in the video had the keyword Traffic Secret in there.Why? Because I know that whenhe propelled the book, there’s going to be a lot of pursuings because of the keyword Traffic Secrets. Now Traffic Mystery is targeting people that is product aware. What else? I also ranked on the firstpage, number 1 on Google, for the keyword Traffic Mystery Bonus. I know that there’ll be a lot of people that’s thinking about buyingthe book, but they want to see, where can I get enormous bonuses from, okay? So , now, people that’s make aware, I’m also creating andtargeting and I formed a page that captures people’s appoint andemail that is at this statu, where they know that there’s a problem, they know that there’s a answer, which is get more traffic, they know that Traffic Secret is a great product thatcan help them get there, and they’re not just thinking, whom should I get it from that’s gonna give me amazing bonuses? So that’s why we createdcontent and a homepage that grades on the first sheet for people that is product aware.That is how we started thinkingabout beings at this degree. They’re probably searchingfor commodity figure discus. They’re one stair away frombuying, from obtaining, and this is a buyer keyword, right? And if you start creatingcontent that does beings in here, you now send people over to a sheet where they enter your name and email, you develop that relationship with them because you’re giving them importance, you’re install arelationship with them, and eventually, guess what? You make an offer to a produce, and that’s how “youre starting” making money by sending out simpleemails, but in order for you to make money moving simple emails, at literally a move of a button, and I know when people say, oh, push button sounds likesome get rich quick thing, literally, that’s how it wields. That’s how we become the top affiliate for this type of contest, by understanding this prototype, and by understanding thisone, this framework over here. Now, as ever, this is gonnabe a fullfledged playlist. I’d love to know what isyour biggest takeaway. We are giving out $100, andyou would be in, literally, you’ll be able to stand achance to win $100 sent to you via PayPal just by lettingus know what you learned.Do bang the like button ifyou noticed appreciate in this video. It does help the channel out a little and subscribe to thischannel for more videos just like this one. This is Peng Joon here and Iwill see you in the next video ..

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