Make $300 TODAY Using Tea! (Make Huge Money With Affiliate Marketing & Tea In 2022!)

ah guys I imbibe about two to three bowls of tea every day but you want to know what is better than that it is actually making money from these different tea symbols now I want to quickly show you an interesting statistic the world tea market is evaluated at virtually 200 billion US dollars in 2020 and is expected to rise more than 318 billion dollars by 2025 tia was apparently around for tons of centuries and we are going to use a brand new website it gets about 25.6 million views every month and it just go from here and all the traffic will get 44 of the traffic from the United Position secondly five percentage from UK and thirdly Canada at 4.96 so that makes the three best countries where this traffic comes from is from first nature country so this is a excellent opportunity to capitalize on this billion dollar tea industry over here and we’re getting tons of traffic from these third world countries over here and i want to show you something this little landing page here what I’m actually going to give you I’m not going through the hassle of not going todesign it for you in this video I’ ve already done it , now I’m just going to give it to you so if you want this make sure keep it coming looking how this platform sheet has made me over 200 to 300 a epoch with the tea manufacture still further and I too want to let you in on something there are actually two ways we can go make money from this yes we are going to make money with affiliate sell, but there is a second route we can go make money on dues monthly fees from this locate we are going to be using so how it acts if you affix regular content I’m going to show you now how to replica and paste without genuinely do the work people actually is committed to your brook and you offer a monthly subscription for it so it’s a perfect room to go passive income let me show you here on the screen when you start small and get 50 customers a month at let’s say seven dolla r per month each, it’s 290 dollars per month you’ll realize if you grow over the months and years and you get 100 customers it’s 580 a few months 800 customers is 4 600 per month let’s say you have up to 10,000 scaled readers in the next year or two it’s now 57,000 every single month and 50,000 readers is 289, 000 a month so it shows you if you’re actually stimulating consistent endeavor with it you can grow to a few thousand subscribers I imply I have my YouTube ripen direct to 130 000 subscribers in two years it can easily be done in less than a year if you really pay attention to this and fixed yourself this goal but now before we start with this video I want you to go down and sign in on this YouTube channel with the ruby-red notification counterbalance that I can send you a personal message every time I upload an epic video just like this one too observes under your favorite path to make money online is it PayPal fund affiliate market fell busines dr on ship swap statement below so I know what kind of content you guys want to see so hopefully I can go and make money online and go interesting videos on that topic follow me also on instagram about here you can see from my sell arises you my own personal life-time be going along with likewise learn some of my podcast material and you can send me personalized words over there without further ado and with that said, let’s go straight into the strategy we are going to start with the affiliate commerce programme firstly, so we move on to here as they actually have some perfect tea commodities ready to go for us that we are going to sell to make money so you can click on the signaling sound button go to the top right here and enter your country’s given name in name phone number continue to terms and conuit expenditures and you will be able to log in across there once you have done so you will be logged in to your dashboard now you can see all the various different categories on the left nt here but what you want to do is you precisely want to skip the process, save season and run pursuing really in the search bar click on search and over here you will see all the affiliate marketing commodities relative to tea we now have here is the natural power complement for women we have a harmonium sleep support the top sleep supplement on cb and all day slimming tea now which is my favorite product conclude is because it compensates the best boards well it offer well i convey i would rather originate 109 per auction if only$ 46 per marketing and it is also the third highest ranked product for the search term t so what you can go do is you want to go and click on this website above you will see what is actually ready for your arrive page where you can go and buy the slimming tea so most people will really click on order now and they can go and add to their basket and you will get a commission here of 109 per marketing you see now that we have our make we want is now going create a page it looks like this, the reason we want to create a page that looks like it is because we want to collect emails and lists on our land sheet because it ever dallies a big 20 to 30 to sometimes even to 40 percentage additional conversion rate when done affiliate marketing because when people click on your sheet they want to look at your commodity and they click off “theyre not” interested and you do not have their specify or collectemail there no way to contact them or re-target them while if you obtain an email and they then sounds down the sheet is not interested in your commodity last-minute you can still send them a series of emails granting coupons that significance affording gives additional bonuses to lure them back to your make to get that sale and after eventually realizing that hundred dollar committee so that’s why I always go and design these kind of pages but in this video today I decided I’m going to give this sheet for you so gebr uik it well use it in the programme and see how much fund you can make off of this if you want to get it landing page is all i would appreciate leave a like below explain below you are ready and too make sure you follow my direct with the notification clock on and then I will reply to your mentions with the link to this page now, is now going do those three things so I can go and get your page once you have moored or clicked on that link it will be presented an journalist kind of a pulpit like this you simply want to go and click save here opposite so we can go start page directly you will see when i click save it will take about five ten seconds click on it will tell you do you want to publish the site click on it is good and it will actually give you a public link to this site for good anyone on the internet to access, follow this link or click on go to site it will open it up in a brand-new invoice and h ier are you able assure waiting for it to upload, your arrival page is here, so formerly this is ready, we can go copy this arrival sheet and you want to come here website now and I’m going to divulge it in a bit but merely make sure to keep watching so you can understand it first before i register you this site look now this website bribe beings for what these people are writing here everyone is paid this person is talking about beloved columnist and professor george saunders presents a master class in storytelling and the workmanship of short fiction with these unique educational sub-stacks so his storeys are all about fictional narrations and he has thousands of subscribers at six dollars a month so let’s go work out what he is deserving let’s say he proliferated 2,000 readers by six he deserves at least 12,000 a month from his small story club now and writes tiny fictional tales , now you can go and make money from the subscription based writing scaffold and get subscribers on your material and you can actually run make money from the affiliate commerce material so let’s say out of these 2,000 readers 10 beings buy your produce per month so let’s go 10 multiply 109 it’s an extra 1090 dollars only in affirmative sell auctions above your subscription sales every month so you can see how it offer real passive income if you scroll down a bit more, you can see some of the other generators here and the most interesting part is they actually have a calculator on the screen where you can go calculate what you can earn so I make if you start from small-minded 50 readers question five dollars a month you can two hundred and start makethree dollars every month just for 50 parties now remember you can also proceed sell affiliate products so it can scale up to four or five hundred dollars a few months from your first month then from there you proportion up to 100 you can scale up to 400 and then you can scale into the thousand scale where you four or start readying kfive digits per month and then of course to get six digits anywhere between twenty thousand customers or more than fifty thousand subscribers at five dollars per month is two hundred and two thousand uh dollars per month if you really want to maximize your subscription based on 75 dollars per month you can reach$ 3.2 million at 50,000 subscribers but I do not recommend inviting 75 per month, I is not foresee anyone would subscribe for it offer merely the smallest fee and try to get the most sign ups as possible, then just wanted to you sounds start writing right at the top right here so we can start writing for you can either log in or time relation your chatter report so i’m going to log in with my call history and i’m going to meet you on the dashboard it will take you then after a organize your brochure page you time want to enter an interesting publication name of your affix then I simply affix your benefits of potions which is quite a cool name then you have to be from the hostess benefits of various drinks around the world so if you want to get aninteresting name you can go to google and really search for business name generator click on feed tons in relations now you can literally simply nature in, let me show you let’s got to get to click on t or tap only t click on generate and you can go copy any of these tea experts tea breakfast tea progress tea experience t obtain all these lists over here you can go and use for your berth of yes “when youre ready” you can click on extend continue now croak create your first upright click on skip for your mailing list because we are going to use for our mailing list not um mailchimp or small letters merely click on skip over here and you want if you want to add readers you are eligible to do what i’m going to click on save on click on let’s do it so we can add our first announce from here we want to create a new announce click on the large-scale pink brand-new upright button on the top right of your brand-new page here us can register the subtitle designation over and then the title or the whole body of our section to get content is actually really easy look really now we are going to get to Google and we can go and type benefits of tea or whatever cup you use and we want to go and choice for example this first one just open a few invoices uh 10 evidence-based health benefits of black tea so we can go open uh this has anti-toxin and we can go through a pair speak of these benefits can give heart a raise regenerate can bad lower they are all cholesterol before we just go copy and paste it clearly we can not go and do it simply because this article probably has copyright and we can not go emulate and plagiarism other people’s work we should go use it but set it in our own paroles but I’m going to show you a what you can call anartificial intelligence or robot it’s going to get it on for you so you can go and copy this whole article as it might be just going to copy the first five or right click reproduce then come over to this tool called now write now it is a very new artificial intelligence tool on the internet where you can write yourown essays and it are creating it for you will click’ a button automatically generates Facebook ads automated Amazon ads ai article notions over here we want to reformulate the extend usecontent now just to let you know I am not affiliated with this website I procreate no boards on promoting them on me direct I use this tool myself and I simply recommend it because it’s really good click on content rephrase now paste all your material now um as “youre seeing”, good as you can see you can only do thousands and thousands of utterances at a time so what i indicate you do is just come back to the article um of your follow first follow the preamble just the prologue and you are just going to have to do section by region and then redo here click on reformulate inh aged here you can see it is now reworded in your own words so we can go copy this and we can now go over to our journalist about this we can paste it as our description and then what we want to do is just copy this deed and adhesive it our name now perfect and now we can press enter enter and let’s go copy colon point number one we are just going to copy until the end of it and before number two come back to content rephrase on write sonic replace your content and click on reformulate content start follow again number one come back to your section only over here and paste this number one perfectly and let’s go enter enter come back to your commodity and duplicate number two and it’s as easy as this and you are just going to do it until amount ten supersede your material here click on reformulate content again and here “you know youre going” copy number two so we can copy this is coming to article only character number two click on enter and glue it now before we go paste it just like we m oet go and complete our affiliate join so remember this landing page now I gave you earlier in this video now when people land on this and enroll their email address to go and grab them t you saved them email when they click on this button it will make them to your affiliate link to this product here so we have to go copythe shoring page now and we are going to click on our essay now and one wishes to give your sections the working day slimming otherwise over here and merely paste your connection now foreground it and exactly add your association here just like you can enter your url, click on link so now you have a link to your bring sheet now when people click onyour relate “you know youre going” retrieve tons of email customers on your email register where you can compile an part email order and then you have your entire article here that proposals quality what you want to do now I recommend affixing two to three times a week you can go d oen ten evidence-based health facts of coffee of orange liquor of apple juice of any guzzle you want can really originate content about anything in any niche I merely suck and tea because it is quite a big industry at the moment when you are ready, can you go and click publish now and we want to go select this post is for everyone allow mentions from anyone you can send emails to everyone and then schedule a time to email and publish “when youre ready”, are you able clink send to everyone here and such articles will send to your entire subscriber list where then where they pay likewise a monthly fee to be a part of this so you can see here guys my clause is now published what you need to do now is just preserve announcing this constantly natural site will bring traffic to your essay you can also create a goInstagram feed page of two different crews you can go and create a tick browse a Facebook group will promote on for example weight loss Facebook radicals a inferno p perhaps people who want to lose weight with this tea product and give them literally just 10 proof located health benefits of black tea go and open appraise on facebook radicals get parties to is committed to your sub stack here is this place we were used to design it is called so you’re going to come over to subtax on google click on subtape now and yes you can start, so this is this site here so you want to go and get tons of free traffic while subtape brings you a lot of traffic extremely but what i’m going to do is i’m going to help you with tons of traffic i’ve got a whole affiliate sell playlist on my youtube path with some of my best traffic procedures i’ve made all the time in the last three four years that i’ve affiliated marketing done now there are more than 300 videos in this playlist worth more than thousands of dollars i learned this app at invest a great deal of fund on trends now you can get it all completely free now r on YouTube, so make sure you go and click on this playlist here and I’ll told you there

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