– In this video, I wanna show you how to create an affiliate marketing website. I’m gonna show you everythingthat you need to know from start to finish. But before we do that, Iwanna tell you a little story, a story about AWP EagleViewer, just like you. His name is Carl. And back in 2017, he watched one of my videos, a video just like this one really. Cause I try and create videoslike this every single year, sometimes twice a year. But yeah, he watched the one I createdback in January, 2017. He watched the entirevideo from start to finish and he ended up creating anaffiliate marketing website. And it was at that point thathis life changed forever. You see, Carl used towork at a supermarket, nothing wrong with that. Of course, he had a reallygood job at the supermarket, but he knew thatsomething needed to change that his life wasn’t quitegoing in the direction that he wanted it to.The first site that Carl created, it wasn’t his best site.He’s honest about that. But it got him goingdown a different road. And, well, let me cutthis long story short, Carl now earns around $7,000 a month from his projects online. He recently sold one of hisaffiliate marketing websites for around $26,000. And, well, he now documents all this and talks about it and shares his ideas on his very own YouTube channel. And that all started from watching a video just like this one you’reabout to watch right now. So, if you’re looking tochange your life like Carl, then this might be the video that does it.I suggest you watch thevideo all the way to the end. It is quite a long video. So, you might have to doit in a couple of sessions. You might wanna set itup on a separate screen so that you can work on your computer. Maybe watch it on your phone or an iPad or something like that. If you need to jump backand forth through the video, there are timestampsbelow in the description. So, just click on them and you can get straightto the part that you want. So, let me introduce myself properly to those of you that are new here. My name is Alex. This is WP Eagle, and I’ve been doing YouTubefor a good few years. And my approach has always beenone of honesty and openness. I don’t have a course to sell. I don’t have anything to sell. I just wanna sharegood, honest information that helps people achieve their goals and change their life. So, let me give you an example of this. I created a video just like this one.I said I create one every single year. I did one back in 2019when I created this site, it’s called And of course, you canwatch the video right now. It’s still up there. And after I put the videoup and I launched the site, I then created videos like every month, sometimes more frequently than that, sharing everything that I did to the site, all the work that I did onthe site or the changes, all the content, I also shared all thetraffic the site was getting, all the analytics numbers. And of course, I sharedall the earnings and yeah, you can watch all of those videos. In fact, I’ve put them allinto a YouTube playlist to make it really easy foryou to follow my journey. But basically, that site is now generating a healthy four-figures every single month.So, there’s some proof for you that the websites that Icreate in my tutorial videos, in tutorial videos just like this one that you’re watching right now. Those websites, they can generate apretty substantial income and they do work. And in fact, Best Roof Box is not the only case study that I’m sharing on YouTube. I’ve also got, which is all about thingswith wheels like trolleys and wheelbarrows and that kind of stuff. Well, yeah, I’ve got aplaylist on that site as well. It’s only about sixmonths old or so that one, but it’s already startingto bring in a bit of revenue from Amazon. As far as Best Roof Box goes as a project, I’m still working on it.And I’m actually confident that 2021 is gonna be afantastic year for that site. Our figures are up onlast year, traffic is up, revenue is up and we’re in winter. (chuckles) And that site does best in the summer. So, really looking forward to this summer, I also think that dueto travel restrictions and things like that, that it could do really well as people kind of haveto stay in their country and maybe go camping, that kind of thing. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to seeinghow that does in the summer.Then I’m probably gonnasell it in the winter and I’m hoping to getbetween %40,000 to $50,000 for that site. And of course, I’llshare all that with you. I’ll document the entire process and you can come alongwith me on that journey and see how it ends. But yeah, I’m confident that I’m gonnaget a good price for it. So, if you’re ready tostart that side hustle, if you’re ready to startmaking some money online, if you’re ready to become anaffiliate marketeer, marketer, marketeer, I never know how to say that, but if you wanna be an affiliateand earn some money online, well, I think we should get started. Roll the intro. (soft music) Okay. So before we go too much further, I think I need to be very clear on what an affiliate marketeer actually is and what affiliate marketing is. So as an affiliate, you are there to helppeople make a purchase. There are people outthere on the internet, they’re searching forinformation to help them. They are looking to buy something or they have an idea thatthey need to buy something, maybe to fix a problem.And we there as affiliates to help them, to provide information so that they’re thenable to make a purchase. So, let me give you a realworld example of this. I’m gonna use the site thatI mentioned, There are people out there in America that have a Subaru Outback car. It’s the only car I’m familiarwith cause I’m in the UK, but I know that there’s people in America that have that car.It’s a very popular car. And they run out of space. The boot is full as we’d say in the UK or the trunk is full asthey’d say in America.And they need some more room.So, they head over to Google and they type in roofbox for Subaru Outback, or what’s the best roofbox for a Subaru Outback? And they do that in Google. My site appears. And my article on that very thing appears, they click through and they can very clearly seewhich roof boxes are the best for the Subaru Outback. They then click through to Amazon using one of my special tracking links. And I’m gonna show you exactlyhow to set all those up in this video. They click through on oneof those special links, they make the purchaseand I earn a commission.And the great thing about Amazon is, I earn a commission oneverything they buy. So, if they add the roofbox along with a large TV, some hiking boots and a jacket,and maybe a fishing hat, I’ll get commission on all of that. So, that’s basically all there is to it. We’re just there to help people buy by providing some good information through the content on our websites. Now, you might be thinking, how enough do I come upwith an idea for a site? What niche should I go in? Or what niche should I go in depending on how you like to say it. Well, I’m also getting a few… I’ve got a full video onexactly how to choose a niche or a niche. So, if you’re not at that point yet and you’re still kind oftryna think about stuff that you wanna promote,do check out that video.All the videos and everything I talk about is all in the description and where I can, I’ll put cards up there so youcan just give them a click. So yeah, if you’re not sure on the niche that you’re gonna wannacreate a site around, you go check out that video. You might also be thinking, well, how on earth can Icome up with content, ideas? How can I write content? Howcan I get content created? I’ve got you covered. I’ve got a video on that too. Again, you’ll find linksto it in the description. I’ll talk about content a little bit later in this video too. Now, affiliate marketing isnot a get-rich-quick scheme. Many gurus and people on the internet that often have courses to sell might imply that it’s somethingthat works quite quickly and that you can start makingmoney online overnight. And before you know it,by the end of the week, you’ll be driving a Lamborghini.- Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. – Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Affiliate marketing isa long-term project. Let’s say long term, 12months, maybe 24 months. And you’re gonna put the effort in now and do a lot of work now, and then you’re gonnaget paid in the future. So, it’s different to working a job where you do a day’s work and then you get paidat the end of the day or at the end of the week.With affiliate marketing, you’re gonna put a lot of work in now and then you’re gonnaget paid in the future over and over again. It’s a bit like being a farmer. You got to put the work in inthe spring and in the summer, and then by the autumn or by the fall, that’s when you get paid. I’m not quite sure when actually farmers dotheir harvest and stuff, but I think it works like that. Basically what I’m saying is, you gotta plant the seeds now,you’ve gotta tend the seeds, you’ve gotta water them.You’ve gotta look after yourplants and they will grow. And you put the work in, they will grow big and strong and healthy and then you will get paidhandsomely in the future. So yeah, you gotta approach affiliate marketing as a long-term project. And you’ve also gotta keep in mind that there is gonna be some work involved, maybe quite a bit of work because you’ve got to create the site which I’m gonna helpyou with in this video. You’ve then also gotto create some content. Even though there is quitea bit of work involved, the good thing is, is that once you’ve created a site and you know what you’re doing and you’ve created some content and you know what you’redoing on that front, you will be able to outsource a lot of it.So for example, now I get all of mycontent written by writers. I just give them a brief andthey create the content for me. I get the content addedto my sites by my editor. So, I’m kinda hands-off.So, once you get to a point where you’ve got some income coming in and you know what you’re doing, you will be able to scale this up and outsource a lot of the tasks. Now, I absolutely love affiliate marketing and I always choose it overthings like drop shipping and e-commerce, which are otherways of making money online. And the reason why Ilove affiliate marketing is that you don’t haveto worry about customers or customer service, because you’re just referring people to companies like Amazon.And I will say there arelots of affiliate programmes out there, not just Amazon although Amazonis a great place to start. So yeah, you don’t haveto worry about customers. You don’t have to worryabout stock or inventory. You don’t have to worry about shipping, all that kind of stuff. That’s a bit of a headache. With affiliate marketing, you’re basically just doing the marketing part of a business. You don’t have to worryabout all the other stuff. And that’s why I love it because I like to have plenty of time.I like to spend time with my family. And once you start bringingin like customers and stock, that’s gonna just eat away at your time. So, that is why affiliate marketing is always my number one choice when it comes to making money online. Of course, you can monetizeyour sites in other ways. So for example, on, the main source of income is from Amazon and is from affiliate marketing. But I’ve also got some ads on there too, and they generate a reasonable income too.So, you can diversify, you can have multiple income streams all off the one website. So, let me just explain exactly what we’re gonnabe covering in this video. We’re gonna be coveringhow to get a domain name and your hosting, hosting is how you set upa website on the internet. You need to go with a hosting company and they basically get you up and running and look after your website. And I’m also gonna be givingyou some tips and ideas on how to choose a domain name. Domain name is your dotcom or your dot-net or your dotbiz, oryeah, your dot whatever. I’m gonna show you youhow to create the site.And we’re gonna be using WordPress and a fantastic drag and drop builder, which is called Thrive. It’s my new favouriteWordPress theme and plugin , allows you to create somefantastic-looking sites. It’s got some fantastic templates. It’s really easy to use. It’sdrag and drop, as I said. And yeah, I absolutely love it. Let me show you how toadd content to your site. And I’m gonna show you how to make that content look amazing. We’re gonna be usingtables and adding images and buttons, and it’s justgonna look absolutely beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I’m gonna be showing you how to make sure the sitelooks beautiful on tablets and on mobile devices. I’m gonna be coveringsome of the legal pages. So, how you can get afantastic privacy policy or is it privacy policy? I never know. And also how to get someterms and conditions and set up a cookie policywith a cookie opt-in thingy, Bobby, basically all the legal stuff. I’m gonna show you how tosubmit the site to Google and do some basic SEO, because we’re gonna be generating the majority of our traffic from Google.I’m gonna show you how toset up Google Analytics. And this is a great way to track all the visitors on your site, see where they’re coming from, how long they spend on the site,how many of them there are, and allow you to make somereally insightful decisions about the way that youmanage your website. Finally, I’m gonna show you how to makeyour website run really fast, because it’s really importantthat your site loads quickly, you don’t want peoplecoming through to your site and then having to wait for pages to load. And from a Google andfrom an SEO point of view, and in terms of gettingranked on the search engines, speed is quite important. So yeah. Find a part of thevideo I’m gonna show you how to make sure the site runs super fast. So that’s the bulk of it. There are loads of other bitsand bobs within the video.Like I’m gonna show you howto create a logo for your site using a fantastic free graphics package. I’m gonna show you how tocreate lovely featured images for your blog posts sothey really stand out. And yeah, I’m basically gonna cover everything. And I’m here for you. I run a live stream twice a week now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where you can drop by,you can ask me questions. I do try and answer all the questions that I get on the live stream, and we can talk about your site. But if you’d rather not do it in public, you can also email me. I’ll put my email address down there and also in the description, just drop me an email withyour questions and your queries and I will try to replyto as many as I can. There’s also the commentssection below this video.I do read all the comments that I get and I try to apply to as many as I can. So yeah, if you’ve got anyquestions or you need some help, I will be there for you. I willtry and help as best I can. Now, we’re about readyto jump on the computer and get started. The first thing we’re gonnado is get a domain name and get our hosts set up. And you’re gonna need tospend a little bit of money to get these things. I’m afraid that hosting anddomain names, they’re not free. And if they are free, they’re probably not verygood and should be avoided. So yeah, you are gonna need tospend a little bit of money. Like all good businesses, you do need to invest alittle bit to get it started.But I’ve managed tosecure a fantastic offer with one of my favouritehosting companies, HostArmada. I’ve got a coupon code which I’m gonna sharewith you in a few moments. So hopefully, it won’t break the bank. You need to budget around $5a month or so for your hosting and your domain name. And that should be enoughto get you started. Obviously when you start, itstarts to get a bit busier and you’re getting allthat traffic coming in and you need a really fast,super performance kind of site because you’ve got so much traffic, then you might wanna upgrade, but to start with $5 amonth should be about right. We’re also gonna be usingThrive themes, as I mentioned, and there is a cost for that, that comes in around at $19 a month. So think, as a ballpark figure, if you budget around $25a month to $30 a month, then that should coverall your initial costs to get the site set up. So, let’s jump on thecomputer, let’s get started.I wish you the best of luck.I’m sure you can do this. I really hope that this videois the video that you watch, that changes the direction of your life. As I said, I’m here for you. If you need help, leave a comment below and Iwill try and help you out. But with all that said, let’s get on the computer and let’s create anaffiliate marketing website. (soft music) The first thing we need todo is set up our hosting and our domain name. A domain name isbasically what people type into their web browserto access your website.The most common one is dotcom. But you can get lots of otherdifferent extensions now like .beer and, .net, .org, dot whatever. There really is quitea few to choose from. Your hosting is basically where you hire a little bit of a serverfrom a hosting company, and they make sure thatyour website’s online and that people can access it. You’re gonna need both of these things in order to get yourwebsite up and running. The hosting company that I’mgonna recommend to you today is this one, it’s HostArmada. They did well in a recent test that I did where I tried out a fewdifferent hosting companies, checked out their speed and their support and all that kind of stuff.And yeah, HostArmada did really well. I’m gonna put a link up toHostArmada now in account, you’ll also find a link inthe description to this video. It is an affiliate link. So, if you click through and buy your hosting from HostArmada, I will earn a commission. So, there’s no extra cost for you. In fact, I’ve got a discount voucherthat I’m gonna share with you in a moment that will giveyou a fantastic 75% off your hosting and they offerfree domain name as well. So, if you haven’t got a domain name, you can get one for free right now. If you have got a domainname, that’s fine as well. We can use that and I’llshow you how to set that up in a moment.So, click on the linkand come through to here, which is HostArmada. They will have differentdiscounts and offers on the home page dependingon the time of year at the moment, I’m looking at the Christmas one. But I’d say I’ve got a codethat I’m gonna share with you in a moment that willgive you a better discount than what you see here. Let’s take a look attheir plans and pricing and click on that plansand pricing button there. And then again, we’re gonnago for the shared hosting, which is perfect ifyou’re just starting out.And they’ve got three differentlevels, got Start Dock, they’ve got the Web Warp andthey’ve got the Speed Reaper. I think the Web Warp is probablythe best value for money. You get unlimited websites,you get loads of storage, you get a faster server,but it’s really up to you. If money is tight, then maybe the Start Dockmight be the best one for you, but you can only havethe one website on that.So, it depends on your ambitions and how many websitesyou’re thinking of creating. You can, of course, change your plan later if you need to go up or down. All of the plans includethat free domain name. So anyway, let’s go for Web Warp. I’m gonna click order now. And then it’s gonna askus about our domain name. So, if you want a brand new domain name, just simply type it in here. So, alexisbrandnewdomainnameand then click check, and it will tell you ifit’s available or not, it is available. Perfect. And then you click continue. I’m not actually gonna registera domain name right now because I’ve got one thatI’m gonna be using today. Type in the domain name that you want here and then you can change theextension by clicking here. As I said, there are loads of differentextensions to choose from. I’m kind of old-fashionedand I like a .com, but you can go for whatever you like.There’s ones from different countries, different extensions here fordifferent types of things. So, you choose one that you’d like. Just a few tips on choosing a domain name. You’re gonna wanna think about how big your site is gonna get. And the domain names thatI’ve been using in the past, things like bestroofbox.comand, which is what we’re gonnabe using in this video. They’re kind of restrictive. With, I can really only talkabout pressure washers, which is fine because I’ve got lots of contentideas for pressure washers. But if you’re thinkingof going kind of broader, you wanna have a big sitewith lots of content, then maybe go for somethinga little bit more generic, like alexscleaningtipsor’s probably already gone that one, but you get the idea. So, have a think aboutthe domain name you want, whether you wanna go kind of broadened with a more brand-able domain name or whether you wanna go morespecific with a domain name, with the actual keywords of the products within the domain name. Now, as I said, I’ve already got a domain name registered. So, I’m gonna come down here and click, I’ll use my existing domainand update my name servers type in my domain name,which is bestpressurewasher and then over here, it’, type com in there.Click use domain. I’ve chosen the existing domain. Let’s go. On this page, we get tochoose our billing cycle. So, have a think about this,because the thing with hosting, and this is the same regardless of the companythat you choose to go with, it’s gonna go up on the renewal. It’s just the way it works. They always kind of getyou in with a low price.So then when it comes to renewal,the price always goes up. So, my advice to you is,you need to choose a term that’s as long as you can afford, because that way, you’ll kind of lock in thatreally low monthly charge, for me at the moment it’s 469 a month. But that last should be lessonce I put my discount code in. So yeah, here, I mean, ifyou can only go for annually, if you can only affordannually, that’s fine. Just go for annually. But if you can affordright now a little bit more to get the best value, payfor as long as possible.Next, we get to choose your data centre. So, you’re gonna wannachoose a data centre that says near to the audience that you’re targeting as possible. So, if you’re gonna begoing for the U.S. market, choose one of these North America servers, my site is gonna begone for North America. So, I’m gonna choose New York. I guess it doesn’t really matter where in North America it is. Yeah, New York sounds fine. That’s near New York, isn’t it? But obviously if you’regonna be targeting Europe, you may wanna choose London or Frankfurt and then there’s some other options here, Australia and Asia.So, let’s click preview order. So, here’s the finalpage in the shopping cart where I can confirm my order. This is for three years worth of hosting. If you’re gonna be registeringthat free domain name, that will also appear here for free. I think when it comes to domain names, they offer a privacyservice for a few dollars which you may want to take.When you register a domain name, your information likeyour name and address is publicly available on the internet. So, you might wanna hide that. And that’s what thatprivacy service is for. I use a private service on all my domains, and I think for the fewdollars that it is is worth it just to keep your details hidden. But of course, that’s entirely up to you. Hey, we’ve got our discount code. It’s already applied thisfestive December code, but I’ve got a code thatwill give you even more off. So, whatever offer you got in here, you’re gonna want to click remove. And then in this box type in WPEAGLE75, can you guess whatdiscount you’re gonna get? That’s it, it’s 75% off.I should just say thatthat’s an affiliate coupon. So, if you use it, Iwill earn a commission. Thank you very much. If youdo, I really appreciate it. It helps me to create these videos. So, total due today for freeyears of hosting is $140, which for three yearsis actually a bargain. It’s a really good price. So, let’s click checkout. Now, we’ve got a big form to fill in here. So, you’re gonna wanna putin all the usual stuff, your name, address, email,all that kind of thing. And then down here, you candecide how you wanna pay, whether it be credit card or with PayPal.And just gonna want to click this box here to agree terms serviceand then click checkout. I’m not gonna fill inall this form right now cause that’ll just be boring. So yeah, that’s what you gotta do. Click checkout, andyou should be all done. Once you are, you’ll get an email and that’llhave all the information that you need to set up your website. So, let me fill in this formand then we’ll continue. So, I finished ordering my hosting. I’ve just had the confirmationemail come in and here it is. It’s got all the details thatI need to get up and running. Now, if you’ve just registered adomain name with HostArmada, that might take a littlewhile just to go through for it to be registered and for that change togo around the world.So, you might need tojust wait a few hours for that to happen. If you’ve got a domainname already registered, I’m gonna show you right nowhow to point that domain name at your new HostArmada hosting. I’m gonna do it as well on my domain name. So, let’s just have a look at this email. So, we’ve got our logindetails for the control panel. That’s where we basicallycan manage all our hosting. We’ve got some server information here, which we’re gonna needyour FTP details here and your email settings. And that’s it. So, let me set up my domain name. As I just said, if you just registeredone with HostArmada, you don’t need to do this step. And in fact, you can skip it. I’ll put a time up on the screen now that will jump you forward and you can carry onsetting up your website.But if you’ve got a domain name registered with someoneelse, maybe with GoDaddy, maybe with Namecheap, maybe with NameStar, maybe with someoneelse, we’ll set that up. Now, the process is the same for all of those differentdomain name registrars. So, let me get my domain name set up. And this is for all you guys that have already got adomain name registered. You need to head over to yourdomain registration company. My domain name is registered with GoDaddy. So, I’m going to gointo my GoDaddy account. I’m gonna get to my products. So, here are my domain names. I’m gonna find the one that I want, to go into here. The search box that will helpbestpressure, there it is. So, you’re gonna wanna do the same. Maybe with GoDaddy, maybeyou or someone else, but basically just find the domain name that you’re using today. The one that you typed intoHostArmada when you signed up and find it within yourdomain name registrar, and then go into the settingsand look for the name servers or the DNS settings.Let’s scroll down this link here, manage DNS. Scroll down again. We’ve got the name servers. So, I’m gonna click changeinto my own name servers, and then I’m just gonna copyand paste them from the email. So, here’s the first one, paste that in there. Here is the second one. Nice that it, click save. Yes, I consent. So, I need to verify myidentity or something, but I’ll do that. I’m sureyou won’t get that message. And there we go. That’s all done. It might take a fewmoments to come through. Let me just refresh. Yeah, they’re there. So, now if I open a new tab and head over, okay. It’s not quite workingyet.There’s nothing there. But once that DNS change has taken effect, then I should see something here rather than an error message or possibly you’re gettingyour domain registrars holding page. So, just wait a few moments. DNS changes do take a little while. You might need to clear yourcache in your web browser if you need to. If you don’t know how to do that, I’ll put a link to avideo in the description where you can see how toclear your browser cache. Hopefully, you won’t need to do that. Hopefully within a few moments, you can just come to your website, type it in or click refreshand something should appear. So, I’m gonna wait and we’lldo a quick edit in the video and I’ll come back when it’s all ready. (soft music) So after a few hours, I refresh the page and tarah, I see the HostArmada holding page. So, that means that domain is now pointing at our new HostArmada hosting. And we’re ready to startcreating our website. If it hasn’t happened for you yet, maybe just wait a little while longer.If that hasn’t happened within 24 hours, then you might wanna reachout to HostArmada support, but I’m sure you’d be fine. One other point to note, I’ve got this padlock, which is great. Shows the connection is secure. That took a little whilelonger to kick in as well. So, when I first refreshed, it said the site wasinsecure or not secure.But the right word is there. But yeah, wait a little while longer than it basically gets the SSL certificate and it’s all good to go. So, the next thing we needto do is instal WordPress onto our hosting. To do that, I’m gonnago back into the email, all the details about my hosting. I click on the controlpanel, URL and login. There we go. It’s logged in automatically because I’d saved the passwordin my password manager. So, let’s get WordPressinstalled, is really easy. Todo! That’d be overwhelmed by this rathertechie-looking control panel. There’s a lot of stuff in here but you’re not gonnaneed any of it really.You might wanna set up your email if you wanna use email with your domain. But for WordPress, you just scroll down until youget to the software section, which is here. And then we can see WordPressmanager by Softaculuos, this thing here, the one with the big W that’swhat you want, click that, then click instal. Let’s just double check this stuff here. Choose the version 5.5.3 is fine. That’s the latest version, I think. This is all good for the domain there. You don’t want anythingin the directory box, give it a name. You might change this later, put the .com, why not? Then a little description, I’m gonna put actuallypressurewasherbuyersguides.This description isn’t really used much, but I think it’s worth filling it in. Next, we’ve got our admin account. So, this is the account thatyou’re gonna be logging in to WordPress with, not the account that you’dlog into HostArmada with. This username you use forWordPress is different. So, fill this in with somethingthat you are gonna remember. I recommend that you don’tuse a username of admin, put something else in there. So, I might do some wpeagle. Next, you need to put a password in. Obviously give something secure. You can click this little key over here and it will generate one for you. So, I’m gonna do that. I’mobviously gonna blur it out. It’s a lot. I don’t trust you. I’m sure it’ll be fine, butyou can’t be too careful. I copy out to my clipboard. So, I’ve got it. I click hide actually thatI don’t need to blur. Do I? Then in here, we needto enter an admin email. So, put my email address.Now, you wanna use anemail that obviously works because WordPress is gonna send you stuff. That’s well done. Select language, English is perfect. Don’t wanna instal any of these plugins and we don’t need any of this stuff. The themes, what’s an advanced? Yeah. We don’t mess with that. And let’s leave that. And then let’s click instal. You can stick your email address in here and it will send you anemail with all the details which might be quite useful. So, let’s click instal. And now it’s doing its thing. So, that seems to have worked. You can find out by goingover to the website, doing a refresh, a littlebit of cache there. So, that’s why it wasshowing the HostArmada page. But now, once I refresh,you can see WordPress. We’ll see a default WordPress. We’re gonna make itlook a whole lot better. But yeah, it’s installed. Just go back to this pageor another link here, which is this one. This is basically our WordPress admin.This is where we’re gonnado all of the things that we need to do to WordPress. It’s very easy to remember. It’s basically your domain name/wp-admin. So, a couple of other things to do and then we’re ready to instal Thrive, which is gonna give usall our functionality and allow us to start creating the website and putting content onand all that good stuff.I think we should run these updates because it’s good to keepyour WordPress up to date. It’s good to keep your pluginsand everything up to date, mainly for security reasons. So, let’s click up here onthis little spinny thing. It says an updated versionof WordPress is available. Let’s click update now. if you don’t have the update icon and the two little spinning arrows at the top of your WordPress, then that probably just means that you haven’t got anyupdates to do right now. So, that’s good. Lucky you. But I’d imagine that you will have it because most WordPress installations are a little bit out ofdate when you do them. So yeah, you’re gonnaneed to run the updates. There we go. Nice. Well done. That was pretty quick. There’s still three more updates and they’re just these themes down here, which we’re not actually gonna use. But again, I think it’s a goodidea to keep them up to date. So, I’m just gonna select all of them and click update themes. There we go. All done.So, back to the dashboardand we’re almost ready. Just one last step. I’m justgonna update my permalinks, which is basically the structureof the pages and the posts on the site, the structureof the URLs, I should say. So, that’s the thing that people type in obviously to access pages and posts and stuff on your website. To do that, we go into settings downhere and then permalinks and we go down to custom structure, scoop out this. Structure I like to use iscategory and then post name. So, just clicked on these two things here has added it in here, and then I’m gonna clicksave changes and that’s it. That’s gonna visit the site. There it is in all its glory. The next step is to instal Thrive and get this site looking really nice and then start working on it, put the home page together, add content and all that good stuff. So, well done for getting this far. Let’s continue. (soft music) So, the next step is to instalthe fantastic Thrive themes.The reason why I’ve gone for Thrive themes is, well, because it’s fantastic. And it’s my new favourite theme and plugin and website builder. I used to use elementor a lot. I still love elementor, but Thrive themes is just perfect for an affiliate marketing website. The reason why I say that is because what we knowit’s got the usual stuff that you’d expect from afantastic WordPress theme and plugin and page builder. You get the drag and drop functionality, is really easy to use. Very intuitive. It’s got loads of built-inblocks and templates and widgets. So, you can get a websiteI’m running really quickly, which we’re gonna do in a few moments and you’ll see how quickyou can get stuff built. But yeah, what makes this stand outfrom some of the others is that it’s got somevery specific elements that you can add to your content that just worked really well in terms of affiliate marketing. So, it’s got like a pros and cons widget when you’re doing a productreview or a product comparison.And it’s got a whole loadof content-based elements basically. And it makes your contentstand out from everyone else’s because people tend tojust add a bit of text, maybe add a few images to their content. But with Thrive, if you can, say, add loads of other things thatmake your content really rich and make it reallygood, make it stand out, make it different, make it pop. So, that’s why I love Thrive. I will, of course, be gettinginto a lot more detail on all of those things whenwe come to building a site and when we come to add content. I’m gonna put a link up now in a card, you also find a link in the description. It is an affiliate link. So, I will earn a commissionif you click that link and make a purchase, which I hope you do, because you’re gonna need it in order to follow therest of this tutorial. I really appreciate it ifyou use my affiliate links, it really does help me out.In terms of purchasingThrive, you got two options. You can either becomea Thrive themes member, which I highly recommend because you get accessto all of their plugins and you can instal them onup to 25 different websites, just click on this big button and I’ll show you exactly what you get. You get all this stuff here, you get the Thrive Architectand the theme builder, which is what we’re gonna be using to create our site today.But then you get all theseother bells and whistles that you can use in the future. If you want to like this Thrive Leads that helps you collect email addresses when you want to build up your email list. Get a quiz builder if youhappen to wanna add a quiz or you get an ultimatum plugin, which, as a countdown, andall this stuff as well, which is all really good. Let me just click secure my membership. And we’re kind of looking atthe cost. So, yes, $19 a month. So not a lot, hopefullywithin a few months, every six months, your site will be bringingin kind of revenue anyway. So, that will cover. That is built annually. It’s 228 for the annual payment.And as I said, you getaccess to all the plugins. You get access to the Thrive theme-builder and you get to instalit on up to 25 websites. So, now once you’ve got thiswebsite set up and running and it’s starting to take off and you’re starting tothink about other websites, you won’t need to pay anything.You’ll be ready to go. They do have a quarterly option as well. So yeah, I highlyrecommend the membership. But if you don’t fancy beingon a subscription type system, you can, just scroll back to the top. You can just purchase theproducts individually. So, you click on thelittle a square thing. Well, I don’t know whatyou call that menu. A little square thing. And here are the individual products. The two that we’re gonnabe using, as I’ve said, is the Theme Builder and the Architect. And we won’t need any of these other ones, but these other ones areincluded in the membership. So, you might want them later, like this membership plugin, for example.But yeah, so these twoplugins are what you need or this theme and this plugin. If we click through, here’s the Thrive themebuilder, click the yes button. So yeah, it’s 97 for theone licence for one website. So, that’s the firstthing you’re gonna need, the Thrive theme-builder. And then the other thing you’re gonna need is the Thrive Architect, which is basically what youuse to create your content. One is to create the theme and basically the look andfeel the head of the footer, all that kind of stuff for your website.Then the Architect is to make your content and add your content andmaking it really good. Is it just explained. And this one, the Architectis 67 for the one licence. So, 67 plus 97, a bit of quick maths,gives us a total of $164 if you wanna buy it as a one-off. So, get yourself a licencefor Thrive Architect and Thrive theme-builder. And then once you’ve done that, we can instal them both onto our hosting and onto our WordPress. So, if you purchase your Thrive Themes, either on a membershipor as a one-off payment, when you do that, you getaccess to the member dashboard, which looks a bit like this. And what we need to do toinstal Thrive onto our website is download and instal theThrive product manager plugin, which is right here.So, I’mjust gonna click on this link. It’s gonna save that tomy computer, like that. And then we need to instalit onto our website. So, let’s go back to thetab with the website in. I’m already logged into WordPress earlier. Let me go here and go to dashboard. Let me go to plugins and add new. Then up here, there’s upload plugin. And then here is choose file. And I’m gonna select thefile I just downloaded. It’s called Thrive product manager, click open and click instal now. Then activate. And that’s installed and activated. So, we’ve got a new option down here now called Product Manager. Let’s just click on thatand we need to log in to our Thrive Themes account. I’ve already got thatinformation to hand or in fact, I think if you’re alreadylogged in, like I am, it should just do it.Oh, it has. Perfect. Obviously, depending onwhich option you went for, it’s gonna determine what you’ve got here so that we’re able to instalwhatever products we want. We need to instal with Thrive Architect. And then if you scroll down, you’ll see the ThriveTheme builder themes, and we’ve got Shapeshift here. We need that too. So, tick that. And I think that’s everything. Yeah. So, let’s click instal and licence. And it’s gonna do that. There we go. It didn’t takevery long and it’s all done. So, if we click this button here, it’ll take us to thetheme-builder dashboard. And now we’re ready tostart creating our website. It’s got a wizard here tokind of help us do that. But before we go through this wizard, I think we need a logo, andmaybe you need a logo too. If you’ve already got one, that’s fine. You can skip the next bit. But for those of you thatdon’t have a logo like me, I think we should design well right now.I’m gonna show you how you can do that in the next part of the video, really easily and really quickly. So, let’s get a logo designed. (soft music) To create our logo, we’re gonna be using thisfantastic bit of online software. It’s called Canva. I’ll put a link up now in a card. You’ll also find a linkin the description.That is an affiliate link. So, if you click through and sign up, I will earn a commission. Now, Canva is free and you can do it a lotwith the free version. They do have a pro version as well that gives you access tostock images and stock icons and a whole load of other stuffthat you might find useful. Although I was usingCanva for free for ages, it does a lot the free version. So, you may not need to upgrade to pro. But yeah, I appreciateif you use that link, I will get a commission,say, if you upgrade to pro. And yeah, really appreciate it. We are gonna be using Canvaa few times in this video, we’re gonna be usingit now to do our logo, but we’re also gonna be using it to design our featuredimages for our content and maybe for some Pinterest pins, that kind of stuff as well.It’s a really useful toolto have in your toolbox. And since I’ve started using Canva, I’ve basically not gotany need for Photoshop. And I do use Photoshop a little bit, but generally, I can do everythingI need to do with Canva. It’s got a whole loadof different templates for all sorts of different things. As you can see, we’ve gotlogos, Instagram posts, presentations, posters, flyers,videos, all sorts of things. And it’s really easy touse, this tool, really easy. But let’s do our logo. You gonna come up hereand click create design, and then I’m gonna gofor custom dimensions. And size I’m gonna create my logo is gonna be 500 wide by 250 high. Click create new design,there’s our blank Canva. So, what I want I is anice little pressure washer kind of icon sort of thing. And then the words,bestpressurewasher next to it. So, let’s get our pressure washer icon.So, in Canva Eagle, all these things down this left-hand side, I’m gonna go to elementsand I’m gonna type in, oh, you can see I’ve already done it. I did do a little bit of research before I started recording. I’m gonna type pressure washer in and it’s brought up all thesereally cool little icons. Now, the ones that comeup with the little pro and the crown, they’re pro. So, you need to be aprocess driver for them. But there are some free ones, that’s free. There are a few free ones. Okay. That one’s a free one. But it’s gonna depend onyour niche or your niche. That’s gonna determine obviously which icons and things you need. Of course, you could just graban icon from another website. Maybe there’s some freeicon sites that you know, I mean, and most of these are pro, apart from that one, which that would work, wouldn’t it? Now, which one do I like? I quite like this one. I kind of like the one with the guy, but it looks like a pressurewasher cleaning company sort of logo, don’t you think? I like this one.That one’s okay. Now, we are able to recover these. So, don’t worry too much about the colour that’s showing up in here. So many to choose from. So, I’m gonna go for that one at the top. I think I’m gonna go for this one here so that you can drag that over. Make it a bit bigger. Then I’m gonna add some texts here. Then we’ll do the colouring in a minute. So, I’m gonna click text over here. Just choose something from here. Or you can just choose the text up here, and we can obviously customiseit when we’ve added it. Loads of different font, styles and ideas. I like this. I’ll put that one over there. Don’t need this Angelo Brewing. So, these two elements,they’re grouped together. So, if I come up here and click ungroup, I can then just click on that, click on the trash canup here, get rid of that. See this pink line is coming out? Let’s just kind of show methat it’s lined up nicely with this.Let’s just change this text, just gonna highlight it and type in best. There we go. I’m guessing it should probablybe a similar kind of height, so we can just drag the corn up. Similar kind of heightto the pressure washer. Let’s move them over a little bit there. We get a little bit big up. Here we go. Too bad. So, let’s do some colours. I think we need it blue. Well, I like that kind of blue. That’s good. And don’t think if we need tomake this different colours, maybe if I do the whole thing,but would that be too blue? Let’s have a look. Maybe if I make thebest, a different colour. So, of course, whenyou’re designing a logo, you just got to play aroundand try different things.Here we go. Look at that. So, (indistinct) in there. Now, for sure you can’t kindof recolor different areas in this icon. So, if you want to date,you would need find shops, something like that, but I’mhappy with it being blue. I think this logo actually looks all right with the red and the blue. It looks quite professional. So, we’ll go with this. Now, I’m wondering if we shouldprobably just fill the space a little more.So, let’s just make this a bit bigger. It’s gonna have a lot ofwhite space around it. Might this take us throughit again, is it gonna fit? I think so. More space there. Perfect. So, here’s my logo all done. I’m gonna call this BestPressure Washer logo. And now this is gonna be the retina logo. So, things like Macs and otherdevices have retina screens, which are very, very high resolution. Now, older computersand some other devices have low resolution screens. And basically what I’m tryna get at is you need two versions of your logo, one for the high res screens and one for the lower res screen. So, this is gonna befor the high res screen, the 500 by 250. So, I’m gonna name thislogo at the top here Best Pressure Washer Logo. And then I’m gonna add @2X I don’t know why it’s @2X, but it’s kind of astandard for retina logo.So, that’s good. And then I’m gonna download it by clicking this download button. Now, if you wanna have a transparentbackground for your logo, that’s fine. Just tick this button hereand then save it as a PNG. I’m gonna save it as a JPEG, which doesn’t have atransparent background. But I’ve got a feeling,which I don’t know yet cause I haven’t done thewebsite, but I’ve got a feeling that the top of my websitewill have a white background as well. So, it’ll be fine. And the quality of 80 is fine. Click download, save to the computer.So, saving that. Perfect. So, now I’m gonna make the logo for the lower resolution screen. So, I’m gonna get backto the home of Canva. Scroll down. It’s this one here. It’sjust generating the preview. I’m gonna click on thefree little dots here. I’m gonna go make acopy and rename this one to be Best Pressure WasherLogo without the @2X. Let’s go in here. There it is. So, up here is resize. Then in here, before I change the value, I’m gonna click the little padlock so that they’re locked together. I’m gonna have the size.So I’m gonna change the 500 to 250 and it’s gonna automaticallychange the height there to 125. Then I click resize. There we go. Then I’m gonna download again as a JPEG, download. Perfect. So, we’ve designed our logo.We’ve got two versions. We’ve got a high res one.We’ve got a normal one and we can now go back to ourwebsite, start working on it. We’ve also kind of got a colour scheme because you’re probablygonna wanna base the colours on your website on the coloursthat you’ve got on your logo. So, now actually might be a good idea.Oh, what have I done? I messed up my logo. Now might be a good idea to makea copy of these colour codes or make a note of it. So, let’s do that now. I’m gonna write them down. I put my pen in my handnow. So the blue is this, this code here is calleda hex colour code. Every colour that’s used on a computer has its own unique colour code.004AAD and the red is bright red. That is FF1616. So, I’ll probably usethose as the colour scheme on my website. Perfect. So yeah, let’s move on to next part. And we’ll go back into WordPress and start running through the wizard. (soft music) So, I’m back on the theme builder wizard. If you close this pageor you lost it, whatever, you wanna get back here, just log into your WordPress at wpadmin or your domain name/wpaminif you don’t have an admin That’ll take you to the WordPressdashboard, this page here.Then if you get on a sidethrough Thrive dashboard and then into Thrive theme-builder, you’re back on this wizard. Now, we’ve got our logoand our colour scheme. We can work our way through this. Let’s click get started to get started. First up is the logo. What about this recommended size? I’ve already given you a perfect size. Click on where it says your logo and then you can upload from your computer by clicking on select files here.I’m gonna upload the @2Xone, the nice high res one. Then you wanna come down thebottom here, click select. There it is. Let’s click choosing continue. Next we go brand colour. So, to change that. Justclick on the colour. Now, I’ve got my colour codes right here that I made a note off from Canva or consignment to this hex box. The blue was 004AAD.Click apply. There we go. There’s ourblue. Choosing continue. Here’s our header, is looking good. Now, Thrive has got anumber of different headers. See them all in here. So, you can choose one of these or you can actually just edit it, which we can do in a momentto make your own header. So, choose one of these if you like these, I mean, these are all good. But I’ll show you how tocustomise it in a minute. We’ll just customise this one. So, let’s go choose and continue. Next is the footer. Again, up here, you got aload of different footers that you can select. Whoa, so many lovelyphotos to choose from. I do want one with a bitof column, a few columns, quite like this one actually. I’m not gonna have the address there. I’m gonna have my affiliate disclosure.Let’s go in like columns too. Perfect. So, we’ll customise it oredit it up a bit later. Chrome always changed hermind. Like she was well, I for one as can you, so don’tworry too much at this point. Let’s go choose and continue. Now is asking you, “What do you wannadisplay on your homepage?” We’re gonna choose froma ready-made home page. I mean, you can justdisplay your blog posts, which is kind of fine aswell for a affiliate site. But I think this one will giveus a lot more flexibility.We can make it look really good. So let’s go with choosefrom ready-made home pages. So, it stuck this one, itwas just a lovely home page, but it’s more for a business. So, let’s go up here again andchoose one of the home pages. Of course, you can choosewhichever you like. And of course, we can customise these up as much as we like as well. I’m gonna go for this one,the content focus one, and we will change this all in a moment. That’s perfect.It’s gonna be fantastic.Let’s go choose and continue. So, this is our blog posts. So, this is the actual content pages. Content is gonna be added to blog posts. And then you also have pages which are for more staticcontent, like your About Us, Contact Us, those kinds of pages. So, we’ve got a few options up here. I think I want one with a sidebar. Good to put your ads andstuff down the sidebar and other things.So again, just choosewhichever one you like. I mean, Thrive has got so manyfantastic templates. That one’s got a video. I don’t have any video content right now. I think I’m gonna go for thisfull width featured image with sidebar. That one is looking good. Now, actually this one, this one. I’m not sure about havingthe text over the image cause it depends on what images I use. So, I’m gonna go with this one,featured image with sidebar. Let’s take a look. I think it’s gonna be perfect. Perfect. Let’s go choose and continue. Now, here is our blog posts list, which is the kind of category pages. Although I’m not gonna probably use these. I’m probably gonna createmy own category style pages, which of course, I’ll show you in thevideo a little bit later.But yeah, you could chooseone of these if you like, but I say I’m not gonnabe using one of these. So for now, let’s just go with this one. That’s fine. And the next is page. So, this is for your pages, asyou set things like About Us, that kind of stuff. So, we’ve got blankpage here, default page. I’m just gonna have a blankpage and we’ll change it later.Choose and continue. Now it’s asking whichmenus do you want to use in the headers and footers? I don’t think we’ve got any menu set up. So, I’m gonna just say I will choose later I need to add menus on my site. So, there we go. Let’s have a look at the site. Wow. Got a bit of work to dostill, but it’s gonna be fine. So, really looking really nice. So, just to finish off this section, I’m gonna change this header. I mean, an (indistinct). I just need to change this button. I wanna add a searchinstead of the button. So, to change it, I’m gonna click up here where it says edit with Thrive Architect and then click on the header. Let me click on edit header. Then this is a one big custom menu. So, I’m just gonnaclick on that like this. And I’m gonna click onthe trash can over here to get rid of it.We’ve got an empty column. Then on this right-hand panel,we can add our elements, click on the little plus. All these wonderfulthings that we can add. I’m gonna put the custom menu back and I’m gonna choose a different one. I go for the simple dropdownor a standard dropdown, I should say. Loads of different menus to choose from. So, I’m gonna go for this first one, nice and clear and crisp and clean. Perfect. And what I’m gonna do isI’m gonna add a search to the right of it.So, I’m gonna come up hereagain to the little plus, type in search, drag it over here. And you can see that little arrow that shows you where you can drop it, really easy, drag and drop into place and put it over here tothe right, like that. It’s looking good. We can resize just bydragging that like that, plenty of room for this navigation. Though not gonna have toomuch in it, I don’t think. But that’s fine. This search box, we can change as well. All these options over here, click on this default template, you can choose whichsearch you would like.That one, let’s have a look. That’s kind of round one, search 10 that is. We’re on this one. Search one, could havesomething like this. That’s nice. Ala, I’m liking that. Make it a little bit bigger. Perfect. Just click on it again. Got a few other options that I can adjust. So, here we’ve got the button layout. You can have just the icon or just text. I quite like both I think. I like both. Here we can adjust on whichcontent is gonna have come up in the search results. Now, I just want posts to come up because the bulk of mycontent is gonna be posts.I don’t really wantAbout Us pages and stuff coming up in here. So, I’m gonna click the little trashcan. I should say dustbin. In the UK, we don’t have trash cans. But yeah, let’s remove that page. Perfect. Here you got a few other optionsyou can play around with, the width and stuff, the size, and that’s absolutely fine. We’ll come and play withthis menu a bit more when we’ve added a bit of a content so that we can kind of seewhat we’re dealing with. There’s a whole host of other options if you you want to playaround with options like the margins and stuff, but I think it’s looking good. Oh, now I can’t get this back on 20. Oh yeah, I can. Perfect. I think it is good. But yeah, there is tonnesof options in there. Should you wish to play around with the drop shadow on there, you can adjust it. What colour is that? Okay. It’s black, butit’s on a pasty of 18.Put that up to a hundred, then I got a serious shadow going on, but that’s too much shadow. I put on 15. Perfect. Apply. Well, maybe I could even add a blue shadow that we’ve got our theme colours here. Do you need to set mysecondary red colour, but I’ll do a little blue theme colour. How’s that looking? Let’s have a look. Quite like it. Quite like it. So yeah, that’s the header done. Well done for getting this far. Doing really well. Next up, I’m gonnaactually add some content. I’m gonna add some articles to the site and then we’ll comeback and do the homepage and change this menu andall that kind of stuff. But yeah, next thing, it’s agood idea to add some content, just so that we’ve got an idea on what that looks like and itkind of helps lay stuff out. So yeah, that’s whatwe’re going to do next.(soft music) So, this part of the video, we’re gonna be addingsome content to the site, as just said, it’s a reallygood thing to do quite early on when you’re developing your sites so that you can lay it all out nicely. Now, before we get into the content, you’re gonna wanna sign upas an Amazon affiliate now probably if you haven’t done so already, because you’re gonna needaccess to your affiliate links. So to do that, you obviouslyneed to head over to Amazon. The Amazon that you gonna be promoting, for this site, is The way you’re gonna wanna do is scroll all the way down to the bottom. And there is this linkhere, become an affiliate. Give that a click. And this is where you sign up. Basically you click this button, you sign in with your Amazon account, and then you basically just go through and fill out this form.It’s pretty simple. You just got to add your name and address. You need to list off your URLs. I think they gonna askyou a couple of questions about how you’re gonna promote the site. So, you’re gonna promoteit with content and SEO and that kind of stuff. And then you’re done. And then you’ll be givenaccess to the affiliate tools straight away that will generate links and all the rest of it.It is only when you startsending traffic over to Amazon and when you start generating some sales, it’s at that point that Amazon will come and take a look at your site and then you’ll beofficially kind of approved, good to go, or you’ll be rejected. But hopefully, if you’ve followed my guide and followed thistutorial, you’ll be fine. Now, you might be thinkingof promoting another company. I think Amazon’s a greatplace to start if you’re new, but if you’ve got another company in mind, where you don’t wanna promoteAmazon for whatever reason, that’s fine. The process is gonna bepretty much the same. It’s just about inserting affiliate links. Now, most companies do offeran affiliate programme. So, let me just thinkof one random,, which I know is a bigseller in the States.They used to do roof boxes and things. If you scroll down to thebottom, looking the footer, generally you will find a linkto their affiliate programme. So, here it is and you click that. And then you sign up, there’sa link there to apply. But yeah, if you knewI’d recommend Amazon, Amazon is great because youget a high conversion rate, the commission rates aren’t great, but generally, people do buy from Amazon. They’ve got an account it’svery easy for them to buy. You get commissioned on everything, not just a production promoting. I think Amazon’s a great place to start.So, go and sign up as anAmazon affiliate right now if you’ve not done so already and then we’ll carry onadding content to the site. Hopefully you’ve gotsome ideas for content. I’ve got a few videos on my channel around how to come upwith ideas for content and how to get content written. I’ll put links to those inthe description of this video. So, scroll down, you’ll find them. But basically I’ll just summarise it now. The best way to find ideasfor content is on Google. So, if you head over to Google, now, ideally the Googlefor whatever country it is you’re targeting. And you may need to use a VPN if you’re, for example, in the UK and you wanna look at Google, a VPN is the best way to do that. Again, I’ll put some linksin the description too. I’ll put a link in thedescription to the VPN I use. It’s a free one. It’s pretty handy.But this example, I won’t bother. I’ll just show you how it works. It’s the same regardless ofthe Google that you’re on. So, basically, you justwanna start typing stuff in that’s connected to your niche or niche. And I’m gonna type in pressure washer. And then scroll down and the section you’relooking for is this, the people also ask, it’s got some great questions in here. And what we’re gonna try anddo is answer these questions in a concise and useful way. It’s basically anaffiliate marketing website is just there to helppeople make a purchase. So, we’ve got this one here. What is the best pressurewasher for home use? Is it okay to wash yourcar with a pressure washer? Is it worth getting a pressure washer? So, these all look pretty good.Is pressure washing bad for concrete? And you’ll notice thata lot of these articles, they don’t actually answerthe question that well, so this one is, is pressurewashing bad for concrete? And there’s kind of, Google’s found this kind of bit of content within this larger article. Let’s have a look at it, which is all on pressure washing tips. But we might do betterif we write an article that’s specifically around, is pressure washing bad for concrete? Or if we just create awashing concrete guide and then have a sectionthat’s got a subheading of this pressure washing bath concrete. There’s a good chance we can outrank this. This article is already coming up. And the great thing withthis question section is the more you click, the more questionsGoogle’s gonna give to you.Another place you can get some ideas is down the bottom of Google, where you’ve got the searches related to, give you some ideas. And the other thing I like to do is what’s called the alphabet method where you type in somewords related to your niche and then you just start putting in letters and see what comes up. So, pressure washer,accessories, attachments, attachment for hose, adjustablepressure accessories. So, there’s some ideas there. There’s some there. But then yeah, just make a note of these, put them in your spreadsheet.I always like to go forthe best sort of terms. So, best pressure, I’mgonna type pressure. There’s a few suggestions coming up here. You can see that I’ve donesome a bit of research before I recorded. But yeah, best pressure washer for, and then again, use the alphabet method A. These are all fantastic ideas for content. Best pressure washerfor a woman to use. Hmm. I’m sure women can useany pressure washer. I don’t think there’s anyspecific ones for them. So yeah, these are all ideas for content. And yeah, to check thecompetition, just do a search. Is that your best pressurewasher for domestic use? And then if we just scroll down, so the first article coming up here is the best pressure washers to buy.Again, there’s no mentionthere of domestic use. These are just kind of generic articles. So, if we write a specific article around the best pressurewasher for domestic use or for homes, I mean, the two are prettyquite interchangeable and Google is smart enough to know that domestic use is the same as home use. So, use a combinationof both of those words within an article pretty, quite well. It is a good chance that wewill outrank these articles because we are more specific. And that’s really whatthe plan is with content, fill in the gaps, be more specific when it comesto answering the questions people are typing into Google. And then even without any link-building, we should be able to rank for those terms. Just one last tip or bit of advice. If you wanna find out thekind of keyword volumes or a rough indication, I shouldsay of the keyword volume. So, that’s the number of peoplethat are actually searching for a particular thing every month.There’s a cool little toolcalled Keywords Everywhere. I’ve got it installed in Chrome here. You can look up datafrom different countries. And if I turned that on, you have to pay forthese kinds of credits, which aren’t very expensive to use. It used to be free. It’s not anymore. But just refresh this page with it on, it will give me the volume.It says zero a month, which I don’t believe actually. I don’t actually believe that because if it was zero a month, then Google probably wouldn’thave had it as a suggestion. So, don’t worry about the zero per month. You can still write content. But down here, it’ll give us some relatedkeywords, some other stuff. And these do have a little bit of volume. So, take these numbers witha very big pinch of salt and just use them as an idea in terms of what kind of volume it is. It might be a way of prioritising which articles youpublished first possibly. It says best pressure under ahundred, under a hundred what? I guess dollars.Has a 70 per month volume. But here we can see, and Ibet this is an affiliate site. They have actually answeredit very specifically, look best pressurewashers under a hundred. They’ve basicallyanswered to their ranking where you wanna have a quicklook at this affiliate site. Hi, did I take my colour scheme? Gone for the red andblue as well? Nevermind. Yes. And affiliate site. But we’re gonna do waybetter than this one. Don’t worry about that. The eight is half a bettermethod 4G, got to cleaning.Look at that again. There is no article coming up. Amazon is the first two links here. Google would much ratherserve up an article that’s full of useful information about the best pressure washers for gutter cleaning for sure. So, what I do is I get these ideas. I’m gonna tell you thatgutter cleaning one. That’s a good idea. Then I’ve got that one.You use your cursor keys, you can kind of addthem to this search box and it makes it easier to copy and paste. You can’t copy and pastefrom this dropdown. So, I’m gonna stick that in here. Guess what? Not pasting out. You’ll notice that Idon’t over edit my videos. Anything that doesn’t quite go to plan I tend to leave it in.I think it’s useful. By the way, if you’d likea copy of this spreadsheet, you’ll find a link in thedescription of this video. It’s a Google Doc. I’ll give you read-onlyaccess to my template. If you wanna then start editing it, what you need to do is gofile and then make a copy.And then you can addit to your Google Docs. And then you can playaround with it as you like. Now, in terms of gettingarticles written, I use writers. I pay for writers tocreate the content for me because I’m not a very good writer and I just don’t seem tohave time or inclination to write my content. Now, generally, if you get a good writer, they will do a lot of the workfor you in terms of research and all that kind of stuff. You just need to givethem a bit of a guide. And all I do is give themthis spreadsheet to be fair. I say, here’s what I want written on.I put their names over here in this column and tell them what the title is gonna be. So for this one, it wouldbe best pressure washers. I don’t think the plural is a big deal. There’s not a lot of differencefrom best pressure washer and best pressure washersfor gutter cleaning APICS. So, like that. Could even do it mixed up this way. So, like that. As long as we’ve still gotthat search term in the title, even though I’ve changed it to a plural, I think that’s fine. That’swhat we’re looking for. And then what I also dois I give them an idea in terms of the productsthat I want them to insert. So, I’ll do my own littlebit of research on Amazon. And then I’ll put them in here so that they know whichproducts to talk about within the article, but you don’t always have to do that. It depends on the writer.Sometimes if you get a writerthat’s up for going on Amazon and doing the researchthemselves, that’s fine too. And you can even give people access to your Amazon affiliate account so that they can generate their own links or links for you, I should say. So, all these links inthe spreadsheet here. They’re all my affiliate links so they can just drop themstraight into the article when they’re writing it. You’ll find some linksto a couple of videos below this video in the description to some videos I’vedone on creating content and hiring writers and that kind of thing. Also some links to some siteswhere you can find writers. Upwork is a good one. You can try Fiverr. I’ve used Chemical Textin.They’re really good. BKA Content, also good. And what I’ve found is that once you startworking with writers, you’ll start to learn which ones you have agood relationship with, which ones deliver good quality content and then you can start to negotiate rates and that kind of thingbased on your volumes.Now, I’ve had some of thesearticles already written and ready to go. So, let’s add one to the site, insert this one here, the Aluminium sitingpressure washer guide. But before we do that, we’re gonna need to add some categories. So, let’s go back tothe site. Looking good. And you’ve got to carefullythink about your categories. So, categories are whereyou put your posts. It’s kind of a nice wayof organising your posts and hopefully, it should be fairly logical when you look at your nichewhere content should sit.So, for this site, I’ve got acouple of ideas for categories and you can have subcategories, which I’ll show you in a second. So, to create your categories, you’d go into posts and then categories. And then I’m gonna havetwo main categories. I’d have buyer’s guides, but you’re gonna be thekind of affiliate content, commercial content maybeis one way of saying it, buyer intent content, I don’t know. These are gonna be the onesthat really have to sell stuff. So, the best pressure washerfor cleaning guttering, that would be a buyer’s guide.And then the other maincategory I’m gonna add, let’s just add this. So, you just type in the nameand click add new category. And then the next I’m gonnaadd is beginner’s guides. And this is gonna havemore informational content. So, how to clean aluminiumsiding with a pressure washer. What is a good PSI for pressure washer, those kinds of informational articles that may be don’t have alink to Amazon in them. That’s gonna be beginner’s guides. Oh, I’ve just noticed I haven’tput the S on the end there. I can do a quick edit thenjust click quick edit on the S. Perfect. So, now I’m gonna add somesubcategories below these ones. I only need a couple, just to kind of organise allthe content in a logical way. So again, into add category up here, it’s gonna go pressure washers. It’s gonna go onto thebuyer’s guides, that one. There we go. Then next we’re gonna go forpressure washer accessories, of course, you can add new categories. You can change them andall that kind of stuff.Later on as you kind of create content, you may need to add new categories. I wouldn’t mess with them too much once you’ve added a lot of content, that would just be a bit of a nightmare because these categories dohave an effect on the URLs, which is the links to your content. So, you wanna try and getit right clear in your mind, how your structure is gonna be before you add too much content. But yeah, again, this one’sgonna go into buyer’s guides. That’s at that. Then underneath beginner’s guides, I’m gonna have cleaning guide. I need the word guides. Again, I think I’m justgonna have a cleaning, change that to beginner’s guides.Then next one I’m gonna haveis just for pressure washers. That’s fine. Perfect. So, now we’ve got some categoriesto add some content to, so, I think we should add some content. So, I brought up this article here, which was written forme a little while back by one of my writers, it’s the Aluminium SidingPressure Washer Guide. So, we’re gonna add this. I’m just gonna check it,oh, well, I have checked it. I’m just thinking I might rename it actually so that it fitsin with our cleaning guides a little better. So, I’m gonna change it to How to Clean Aluminium Sidingwith a Pressure Washer Guide. Although is an informational guide, I have got a few little links to a few of the pressure washers here. I’ve noticed that my writerhasn’t actually inserted my affiliate links. Nevermind. I’ll show youhow to do that in a moment. It will be useful to show you anyway. So, before we add the article, I’m just wanna get hold of aimage for the featured image which is the big image thatgoes at the top of the content.So again, I’m gonna jump into Canva, create a new design, custom dimensions and thesize for the featured image. Well, it can be whatever you like really, but I’m gonna go for50500, create new design. And then what I’m gonna dois try and find a photo, got this kind of stockphoto library within Canva. I think you will need the pro version in order to access these photos. You may have a photoalready that you can use, which is great. You can just drag and dropphotos from your computer into Canva or you can useit to upload area over here. Other stock photo servicesI recommend, iStock photos, really good. Adobe Stock is also good, you’ll find links to all ofthose in the description. But let’s type in pressure washer. Let’s see what we get.Oh, some good ones here. Now, I need someonecleaning some aluminium. I don’t know how to spell it. Is that it? Yeah, it is. Well, should I say aluminiumfor my American friends? Not quite what I’m after, but maybe that’s a bit specific.Oh, what’s this guy doing here? That looks like aluminiumsiding, do you think? We might get away with that. Let’s just have a quick look on iStock. There might be something better. Aluminium siding pressure washer. I spelled my aluminium wrong. Didn’t I? No. Okay. What kind of siding is that? Okay, so there’s notmuch better on iStock, let’s get back to Canva. Let me just put sidings here again. Same stuff. This guy is aluminium. Think, oh, I like this one. That looks perfect.That guy up on the roof. Let’s go with that. So, we’ll get rid ofthis one and drag it out. We’ll make it nice and big. I think it would add a little bit of text. Why not? So, let’s get a text, probably keep it in line with our logo. So, let’s use this one again. Let’s put in how to clean, I’m gonna have to reducethe size. That’s fine. Aluminium siding. I don’t think I need to add to.What I’m gonna do isactually I’m gonna add pressure washer guide here. That’d be good. Pressure washer guide. Perfect. It is a little big. So, I think if I just dropthis number here down a little. Perfect. Thinking they mightneed to go to the right, let’s click on these littledots, justification over there. I knew, that one there,that can go over as well. It’s looking good. Now, you can do someother really funky stuff. So, if I click on that imagethat got these effects, and we can make that pop. That looks nice. Do you think that looks nice? Colour you wanna go for. Mustard, blush, lavender. That’s too much now. Cherry. Should I use an effect? I don’t know. I kinda like it because itmakes it less stock photo-wy. That makes sense. But the guy kind of disappears our way. He’s not as clear as I thought. Love these effects. I could sit here all day justclicking on these effects. What the heck? We’ll go forsomething bright and funky. Let’s be funky. Let’s go for mustard.Click apply. Now, we’ve got a lovelyfeatured image for our post. There’s also effectsand things on the text I should show you as well. You can lift it up and showwhat I actually did that, but it’s useful sometimes. Anyway, let’s go with that. Looking nice. Though I’m actually thinking that maybe that should be on one line, like that a little bit bigger. That looks better. Download JPEG. That’s all fine. Download to computer. I’m gonna name it the same as the article. I can just copy it. It’s good for SEO and stuff. There we go. So, now we get back to ourwebsite and add the content. So, I’m back on the website.Let’s add our content. I’m gonna go up to new and then post. What I’m gonna do is I’mgonna add the title here.Copy and paste. I don’t evenknow if I need the word guide. Actually, I’ll take that off. Come down here to categories. I’m gonna add it to the beginner’s guide cleaning category, that. And down here, I’m gonnaadd the featured image. So, I’m gonna click setfeatured image, upload files, select files, select the file or the imageI just created in Canva. Why that Grammarly thingsthat I was gonna… And then click set featured image. Then I’m gonna click publish. And now I’m gonna jumpinto the Thrive Architect. This is the WordPress kind ofdefault editor, which is fine, but to do all the really coolstuff, we need to use Thrive.So, click this biggreen button at the top. There we go. So, it’s kinda showing methe squashed up version because I’ve got this articleover here, but that’s fine. That’s fine. Down here, we can actuallysee what it’s gonna look like on things like tablets and phones. Ah, so what a phone, it’s kind of cutting offmy image a little bit. We can edit this templatereally easy to come over here to this and switch tothe Thrive Theme builder. Just adjust it now beforewe get too much further. It looks good on that one. I mean, that looks good. It looks good on tablet, just on phone. It’s cutting it off. So, I’m gonna click on this content box. Then I’m gonna bring out this menu again. We’re gonna need that. And we’ve got some options here. And so, this is allaround this top bit here, this featured image content box, and I’ll show you how to editthe other elements as well. It’s pretty simple.You just click on them. But yeah, let’s get thislooking okay on a mobile so it’s not cutting off the text there.So, I’m gonna go into background style. Let me click on here, which is the image. And let’s play aroundwith this image display. Let’s try and contain. Ah, there we go. That looks better. Not quite as high, but atleast we all the texts. So, that’s fine. Let’s click apply. That’s done. And that would apply to all ofthe blog posts going forward. Now, so you can’t editthese other elements. So, you’ve got this stuff here. I don’t really want this authorimage and all that stuff. I don’t want that. Andlet’s get rid of that.And there’s a column, I don’t want that. I don’t want the author. Now, the date, I don’t know. We’ve got to up here and get rid of it. Tags, I might use tags. I’ll leave tags there. Social sharing. That’s fine. So, this element here is the content area, is gonna pull in the contentfrom the WordPress editor, the editor I just showed you before we click through to Thrive. You can’t remove it, but it won’t show because Ihaven’t got any content added to that editor.And we’re gonna be addingall the content with Thrive. So, don’t worry aboutthat. Let’s go past it. Here’s an about the authorbox. I don’t want that. Comment section. That’s fine. Here is the sidebar. And I think we’ll do thesidebar a bit later on. So, let’s click save work. I wanna see what it lookslike on desktop, looks good. Tablet is fine. Mobile is fine. So, let’s add this content. Now we’ve got thetemplate all ready to go. So, I’m gonna switch backto the Thrive Architect. So, I click on this little icon up here. And here we go. So, let’s start by addingthis pros and cons. We’ve got these pros and consat the top of this article. Bring that across a little bit. We’ve got a bit more room. So, if we come up here, westart adding different elements, click on little plus, I’m gonna go into block and we can filter theblocks as it’s saying here. So, I want content blocksbecause we’re adding content, all these cool things.There’s actually a whole loadof pros and cons elements that we can use. Just choose whichever one we like. I like this blue one, or that one’s good too. But as you got the pressurewasher, blue vibe going on, let’s go with the blue. Now, they’re stacked on top of each other because of the size of the browser here, but if make it a little bit wider, they do sit next to eachother.That looks good. So, now we can just copy and paste. So, it’s gonna come over here, highlight that, clickon here, paste it in. And this one and this one, don’t need this one so I can just click it and then click on the trashcan. This one, don’t need that one. Don’t need that one. Justthis one, copy and paste. There’s the pros and cons. Now this conclusion section, I do quite like it. I’m wondering if I could maybe drop this, this kind of opening acouple of paragraphs in, change it to summaryrather than conclusion. I think that will read better. And I’m gonna scoop upthis, copy and paste. Very nice. So, next we’ve got sometexts and some bullet points. So, let’s do that. So, I need a H2A, with a header. So, I’m gonna pop open the elements. I’m gonna grab the textblock and drag that in here. Copy this, paste it in. That brought over some styling from Word, which probably isn’t a pro.I think it’s just bolded it.Yeah, it’s fine. I don’t actually want to bold it cause I’m gonna make it a heading. So up here, we’ve got our text options. I’m gonna drop downwhere it says paragraph, I’m gonna select H2 or heading two. Nice, big heading. Then the thing I’m gonna dois I’m gonna add another text just below it. I’m gonna put thisstuff in, paste that in. Then we need like a bulletpoint or numbered points. So, come over here to add a new element. Let’s move this out the way.Then up here where it sayssearch and a typing list, there’s a few different list options. There’s a numbered list, drop that in. Here’s our numbered list. It’s got a little bit toomuch space at the top. It’s gonna kind of likestick out a little bit from that paragraph. So I’m just gonna adjust that. And by coming down here, going to layout and positionthis margin at the top, I think I’m gonna bring that down to zero.So, I’ll just hold iton my left mouse button and then just moving upand down to adjust that. I think that will be better. And again, at the bottom,I’m gonna take that 20 off. We adjust it later ifit looks a bit weird. Then I need to do somecopying and pasting. So let’s copy number one in. Number two, three.I need a new element. Ithink if I just press enter, I’ll get a new one. There we go. Copy that, paste in. So, there we go. That’s our bullet points. Let’s add this last bit of text. So again, I’m gonna grab atext with Git or texts element. I think I’m gonna make this bold as we’re talking aboutthe pressure washers. Now, before we get to this bit, what I wanna do is add a table showing off these pressure washers. I think that’d be nice tohave a table right here.And we can do tables with Thrive, I’m gonna show you how to do that. And then afterwards, I’ll also quickly recommend another plugin that I like to use for Amazon tables. So yeah, let’s do a table. Now, before you startputting your table together, you’re gonna wanna make surethat you’ve got some data about the products thatyou’re gonna be talking about, that you can put into the table. So, if I just scroll down,I’ve got that I did earlier for the free productsfeatured in this article. So, I’ve just gone over to Amazon. I made a note of thepressure, gallons per minute, tank size, length ofhose power kind of thing.So, you’re gonna wanna lookfor some useful information about the products thatyou’re promoting and yeah. Put together a table. Now to add the table, comeup to the elements again and just do a search for table. Here we go. Drag that here. Some lovely templates to choose from. Of course, they’re allcompletely customizable. So, choose whatever you like. I think something like thismight work well. Let’s try that. So, I just clicked it. Perfect. You can just click to start editing. So, I want it to look like this table. By the way, this table hereis actually been put together with the plugin AAWP, which as I said, I was gonna tell you aboutafter I’ve done this table, but hey, I’ll talk to you about it. Now, you find a link toit in the description. It’s a premium pluginthat you can instal in. It allows you to createtables using Amazon products. I mean, you still have topopulate a lot of the data yourself.It can pull down theimage though, pricing, couple other things using the Amazon API in order to get access to the Amazon API, which is basically, I say, just a way of pullingstuff down dynamically from Amazon intrasite. To gain access to the API, you need to have made atleast free qualifying sales through Amazon for your affiliate account. So, if you’re just startingout, don’t worry about it. If you’ve already got some sales and you don’t have site API, you might wanna go check it out.So, there’s a link toit in the description. There’s also a link to a video that I did a little while back where Ishow you how to create tables with it. Tables do look really good.They look like this one. I’ll put in my Word document here. But we can make good lookingtables with Thrive anyway. So, just think about it. Anyway,I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s get this table done. So, in here let’s type in image.I don’t even need image inthere. We know what an image is. Then I’m not gonna product one,product two, product three, or maybe I could. Let’s put an image. Let’s put the images in so that we can (indistinct) within search. And so, to put these images in, I’m gonna use the Amazon site Stripe. I’m gonna head over to because I’m obviouslytargeting the U.S.Market. So, I need to purchase from rather than Amazon credit UK. Now, make sure you add an address. It can be a fake address, of course, but a real address for someoneelse maybe if it’s not yours in the country that you’researching for products around. So, I’ve got an address here in New York, only because if you’ve gotyour UK or some other country addressing here, then you might not see all the products cause Amazon will kind of tailor it to the ones that areshipping to your location.So, let’s type in Sun Joe SPX3000. There it is. That one. Definitely the one. So, we have this bar across the top because we’re affiliates. It gives us access to thelinks and everything we need. So, I’m gonna take theimage or click on image. I’m gonna for large. I’m just gonna copy this bit of code. In fact, you wanna make sure that you’vegot the right tracking ID selected as well. And to copy the bit of code,get back to the website, then what we’re gonna do, I’m gonna add, again, let’s move this texting other way, gonna add some HTML or custom HTML. So, there’s this little elementhere called custom HTML. Stick that above that. Then I’m gonna paste thatsite Stripe code in here.This has got the image andthis got a link for Amazon for the product with all myaffiliate tracking stuff in it. So, it’s good to go. Click save. There’s the image. But I can change thistext here just by going in and highlighting andtyping Sun Joe SPX3000. Perfect. Okay. We need to actually do these then we just type in product. Now, this column isn’tactually quite wide enough, so let’s adjust that. So, I need to edit the table. So again, easy to collect stuff by going across the top here, I’m gonna click table. I’m gonna click managecells, click on this one, click manage cells again. Then we’ve got this column width here. So, let’s make this a bit widerso we can get our stuff in. A hundred pixels probably about right. Here’s some of the options here. If you want to edit table, insert columns, that kind of stuff. Let’s click close. That’s fine. Let’s do thenext one which is pressure.Still not quite wide enough. Maybe what I’ll do is I’lljust decrease the font on these a little bitand get that down to 16. It’s better. Gallon, gallons per minute. That’s already on 16. They’re all 16. That’s good. Tank size. Thinking I need to make thiscolumn a little bit wider. Just let’s do that again. Go to table, manage cells, click here. Manage cells again. What do you think? I thinkI’m gonna go for 150. 150 is good. Perfect. Now, we are gonna needto add a few more rows. Two more, three more in fact. Let’s go for three more. So, I’m gonna make sure I’m clicked down on this bottom one then I’mgonna go insert row after, there we go. And again and again. Perfect. Okay. So, that’s all done. Let’s click close. We can just edit these sales by clicking. What’s the next one? Length of hose power. This one, I don’t actuallywanna put anything cause it’s gonna be an Amazonlink on the bottom here.So, let’s just fill in this data. I’ll do a quick edit. Youdon’t have to watch me do that. Okay, there we go. I’ve copied and pasted everything. I’ve removed that product name. And now I’ve realisedI’ve got the print name in this column. So, these things that reallyam just clicking on them and deleting. So finally, let’s add the link to Amazon. To do that, I’m gonna add a button here. So, I’m gonna come up toelements, to search button, put that in there, put check price on Amazon,a little bit big the button. So, let’s adjust the size of it. Decrease the font. 10, line height is too muchand bring that down to one. Letter spacing is… Let’s put that down to zero. I can increase the font again I think now. We have 16. Let’s click on handjust to edit the button. We’ll show about the blue forthe button. Let’s click here.I think I’m gonna go for a green. Green is always good for a button. Something like that. Wanna add a little icon. I wanna add the little shopping cart. I click on the icon. I can change it. Search for cart. Okay, with that one. Perfect. So, I’m gonna click backon the button again. I think this button isa little bit too big, so let’s adjust it tothe layout and position. We can reduce some of this padding. So, it’s currently all on 18, click on that button again. I’m gonna do is I’mgonna click this padlock so I can adjust them all together.Then bring it down to eight. I think that’s better.So, let’s add the link. Let me go back to main options. (indistinct) this target URL. We want it as a no-followand as an open in new tab, then back to Amazon, clickon text for the site Stripe, go to full link. It’s veryimportant to use the full link. Otherwise, it can bedifficult to update your links in the future if you need to, for example, if you sold your site. Copy that to the clipboardand paste that in and let’s save them previous. Let’s take a look at howit’s coming together.Then I am gonna take the tags out. In fact, let me add some tags. So, then we’ll do that a second. But anyway, look, pros and cons looking nice.The summary looking nice. Heading, good. I don’t know if that mightbe better bolded, this table. Starting to come togethervery nicely indeed. So, let me just showyou how to add some tags just so that this bitdoesn’t look a bit stupid. I’m gonna edit posts. You basically add tagswithin the WordPress editor, not the Thrive. So, click edit posts there and then down this righthand side, we’ve got tags. I’m gonna give a tag of siding aluminium and cleaning guide. Tags that you use to group stuff together and you can use them for filters and for searching in the future. So, use relevant tags, but not too many. Click update.Take a look. Looks better. So, what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna populatethe rest of this table, do a quick edit and then we’ll carry on and add some more stuff. Okay. ,So the table isall done. Looking good. I just wanna show you a quick thing that I’ve done with these buttons because this button doesn’tlook that great on a mobile. Let me just show you. Actually it looks okay there because of the little trick I’ve done, I’m gonna show you. So, what I’ve actually done is I’ve created a separatebutton for mobiles, I’ll show you how I’ve done that.You go into this responsive section when you’re editing anelement, like a button. Yeah. These options here, where you can decide whetherit’s a visible on a desktop, on a tablet or on a mobile. Remember, it’s set tomobile only, this button. Just slide that across. I canshow you the other buttons. So, this is the desktop button and it’s set to be justvisible on a desktop and on a tablet. You can see that down here. So, all I did was I duplicated the button, now using this little button here that it would duplicate the button. Duplicated it. I reduced the font sizethen on the copied button and removed the icon and set this top one, this desktop one just toshow on desktops and tablets and then this bottom one,just to show on mobiles. And that’s it. So, if you’re wondering whyyour button looks a bit weird on a mobile, excuse, you need to do this little step and turn that off nowand then we can see that. It looks perfect on both.So, let’s carry on withthis fantastic article. Next, I’ve got some information about the individual products. So, let’s add that rightnow. I just got out there. I don’t know why I did that, but I’m just checking ifeverything was still there. It still is. So, I’m gonna insert the image, the site Stripe image from Amazon for each of these products. I’m gonna show you how I’mgonna do that right now. What I’ll do is I’m gonnaadd some text just here.I’m gonna add the title. Copy that. Okay. Let’s let’s paste that in. I’m gonna do a paste to match style, just cause I don’t wannabring anything over from Word, any formatting. Okay. There it is. I’m gonna make this a H3 maybe. Let me just check what otherheadings we’re running here. Got an H2 there. That’s perfect. So yeah, these are H3. Then what I’m gonna do rather than paste this text into here, I’m gonna add another text widget and it’ll all become clear in a second as to why I’m doing that. And then what I’m gonna dois I’m gonna put the first couple of paragraphs into this one. There we meet, willbecome clear, like that. Because what I wannado is stick the image. Maybe another cool little button here too. So, to do that, what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna add a HTML block called, I shouldn’tsay block, HTML element because we’re gonna becopying and pasting some HTML from Amazon.I’m gonna drop that overhere to the right of the text like that. Then let’s go into Amazon. So yeah, what I’m gonna dois I’m gonna get the image by coming up here, again, image large andgrab this code here. Copy that into clipboard. I’m gonna stick that in here. Paste it in. Beautiful, slightly over to the left, you could come over here, you’ve got this alignment here. You can pop it over to the middle or even put over to theright. That might be better. And then I can adjust thiscolumn by just dragging. I’m gonna put it. And I think it’s probably good. 65-ish, 66-ish, 6634. Perfect. And then I’m gonna stickanother little button here. So, I’m just gonna take care of this one. Just gonna duplicate it isthe right product, yeah, Sun Joe. Just drag that down here. There we go. Perfect. So, you see why I addedthese paragraphs here is because I want to add some more. That’s gonna kind of wrap around that.I may have added too much texts. I think that’s fine. Yeah, that’s fine. What did I end up with? 7030. 7030 we’ll go with. Of course, you can just drag stuff around, play around with it as you like, get it looking as sweet as you want. (indistinct) the rest of this content. They’re gonna add anothertext, just under here. See? So, that’s gonna go all the way across. That’s good. Slightly more space therethough between this paragraph, that paragraph in there. So, I don’t think I shouldmess with that too much. Could just reduce this marginhere, putting it down to zero. That looks about right. We’ll review it in a minute. So, there we go. That’s that texts. We’ve got this here. The things we like, the things we don’t like. I think there’s a fantastic block to that. So, let’s have a look. Go into blocks. Can use a pros and cons block again. I think this will beperfect. This one here. Here we go. So, I don’t want this bit oftext here.Get rid of that. We’ll change this to things we like and this things we don’t like. And then a little bit of copy and pasting. We’ve got in here, like that. Perfect. I need this one. Yep. That’s it. Don’t need these, just delete them. I’m just selecting and pressing backspace. Get rid of it. Perfect. It’s looking good. I don’t think we need this conclusion. Get rid of that. So, that’s our firstproduct, the pressure Joe. Perfect. So, I’ve got a few others to add. Bring that over. Few others,got three other products. We’ve got a bit of blurb and we’ve got thefrequently asked questions. So, let me just quicklyadd these other products. (indistinct) exactly the same process that I’ve just been through. Adding the text, adding theimage, adding the button. Yeah, let me add themand then we’ll carry on. Okay. So, I’ve added allthe products to the article. I actually realised that there was a product missing off the table. Thought of that as well. The Simpson, a gas powered, let’s say petrol for thoseof you in the UK, yeah.Gas powered pressurewasher. So, I’ve added that. And then here are all the products with the lovely things welike and things we don’t like and the images and the buttons and yeah, it’s looking really good. So, we got left to do nowis this bit of blurb here. So, I wanna make this look really nice. So, we need to add aheader. So, let’s edit. We’re gonna edit with Thrive Architect There’s gonna be some copying and pasting. So, let’s scroll down here. I’m gonna add text. By the way, little tip here, you can pin the little elementsthat you use all the time. I’ve pinned the custom HTML one up here. That’s what I use for site Stripe images, that kind of thing. But yeah, the ones that you’vefind that you’re using a lot, pin them up on top for easy access. Let’s copy this in. It’s gonna highlight that. I’m gonna paste and match style. Then I’m gonna make it a H2.I’m just gonna scoop all this up. I think all this can probablyactually go in the same one cause there are a lot to it. There we go. I’m gonna makethese H3 or heading three. Now, of course, I couldprobably add some extra images maybe to the jazz is up, butI don’t have any (indistinct). So, we’ll leave it for now. Frequently asked questions. There we go. Like this H3, there should be a H. Oh no, that is H3. Perfect final verdict, H2. So that’s about done, I think. Okay. There’s one finalthing that I wanna add to this bit of content andthat is a table of contents. It’s a good thing to have. We’ll slot it in hereunderneath this lovely summary.So, up to the elements andlet’s search for table. There it is. Table of contents. Let’s drag it down here. Go to choice of different tables. Oh, lovely. Wow. So many tables of content. I’m gonna go for this simple looking one. It looks fine. There we go. I think I’d like it a bit wider. And I think I’d like itcollapsed as a default state. So last down here, let’s adjust the width. To do that, we go into this button, edit table of contents, go toallow and position this width. I’m just gonna click on this little cross to change it to auto. That makes it the fullwidth. Let’s click done. Let’s click save. And I think this article is all done. I’m gonna click save and preview. Actually, that’d be better. Let’s take a look. Okay.Featured image, got sites, we’ve got the pros and cons. We’ve got the summary. We’vegot the table of contents. We’ve got drop thatdown there. Looks good. There’s a table. There’s our products. There’s the things we likeand the things we don’t like, then there’s the restof the blurb down there. So yeah, it’s done. Ithink it’s as good as done. Of course, you can alwaysrevisit it in the future, make it even better. So, what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna add some more content, I’ve got about threeor four other articles that I’m gonna add. To make it easy to add those, I’m gonna save a couple ofthese elements as templates so I can just drop theminto future articles and just quickly edit them, just the content within themrather than all the styling.I’m thinking about the table mainly, but maybe this pros and cons as well. So, to save an element asa template for future use, you need to go back into Thrive Architect and then you just select the element. I want the whole thing here. So, it’s this whole, ah, yeah. Summary and pros and cons block together. There’s a little pictureof floppy disc here which I think is a weirdicon to use in 2020, because most people probably don’t know what a floppy disc is. Anyone probably underthe age of 30 doesn’t. But anyway, let’s click on that flip. Then we can save thatas the pros and cons. You can have a categoryif you want, that’s great.Category (indistinct) content templates. Perfect. Then we’ll click save new template. Here we go. I’m gonna dothe same on the tables. I’ve got this ready to go. Of course, when I insertit into other posts, I will have to change the products, but the layout andeverything is done for me. By the way, on the table, Ishould probably mention this. I noticed it when I was addingthis Simpson that I forgot, these coloured lines onthis particular template, you might be wondering howon earth do I change them.Well, you have to go into manage cells, select the one you wanna change. And then you click manage cells again, and then you go to shadowand then in a shadow, there is the colour there. So, if you’re wondering,yeah, sorry I digress. But yeah, again, I’ll just save this as aproduct comparison table. Again, we’ll put it in thecontent templates and save. So, I’ve got me templates now. I’m gonna go off andadd some more content. I’ll see you in a moment. I’ve added five pieces ofcontent to the website. Look, best pressure washer for boats. We’ve got best pressurewashers for $100, $200, best pressure washers from $100, $300. Electric pressure washers andhow to clean aluminium siding.Of course, which was theone I added originally. So, now what we’re gonna do is just finish off these posts. We’re gonna make an editto the actual post template so that it will make achange to all of these posts and subsequent posts thatwe add in the future. Before we do that, I just wannaquickly show you this post. And these ones, I’ve used AAWP, which I think I mentioned earlier, it’s a fantastic plugin and you can use it tocreate tables like this, and it creates them using the Amazon API. So, these images and these buttons, and a few other bits and bobs. We’ll pull down using the Amazon API, which is basically just a wayof getting data from Amazon and putting it into your website. Now, I’m not gonna do afull tutorial right now on this plugin, but you’ll find a link in the description to a video that I did awhile back all about AAWP and how to use it andall that kind of stuff.So, go check it out. You’ll also find a link toAAWP down there as well. So, what we need to do is weneed to edit this sidebar, put something down here, put my picture, a littleblurb, that kind of thing. I’m also gonna put a affiliatedisclosure or disclaimer, very important thing to have. So, we’ll do that now. So, what we need to do isedit the post template. So, if you wanna edit with Thrive rather than going intothe Thrive Architect, which is for the content,the actual article. If we go to this one, the theme template, we can change those things. So, let’s start by addingan affiliate disclaimer and affiliate disclosure.Amazonsay you need one of these. You just got to make it clear that you’re gonna earn some money if someone clicks oneof your affiliate links and makes a purchase. So, we should add it justabove this post title. So, I’m gonna come over here, got a plus at an elementand within our building bugs down the bottom here, we’ve got this styled box andthat’s what I’m gonna go for. I’m gonna drop that there. I mean, you can put it where you want, but it has to be obvious,people can’t miss it. You can’t hide it somewhere. You can’t have it the bottom of the post, needs to be somewhere there at the top.So, I’m gonna put it right at the top to make sure no one misses it. Okay. We’ve got loads oflovely designs in here. Oh, one just looks like a note, green one there’s all right.That’s all right there. Ooh, that’s perfect. Look at that. It’s like a post-it note, but yeah, you can choosewhichever one you’d like. I’m gonna go for the post-it note. Now, I’ve got some texts that you can use. You can copy it off my website.I’ve got it in my clipboard. So, I’m just gonna paste it in. This bit actually is going to be a title. Let’s get that. Put thatthrough to copy paste. There we go.That’s it. So, this will appear on all of the posts as part of the template. Then that’s fine. You can’t miss that. So, let’s have a look at this sidebar. I mean, you probably change the sidebar as you work on the site, you might wanna add adsor whatever you like. I like a lot of theelements. I like the search. I think it’s good to have a search. I’m gonna move that to the top.Let’s go up and I’ll putthat right at the top. Oh, there we go. I know we have a search here, but don’t miss that oncethey’ve scrolled down, actually, I’m gonna put itbelow the button in here. Hey, we can have something up About Us. Hello. My name is Alex and I have been trolling the internet to find you the best pressure washers. So you can put whatever you like. So next, let’s change thisimage. Let’s gonna click on it. I’ve got an image, a squareimage of me on my computer. So, I’m gonna come overhere, click on this, which is the image.It’s already that there. So, let’s click it again and then we can upload from our computer. There I am. Can reposition if need be, that’s fine. Let me click apply. I’m not gonna use this email box just yet. So, just delete that. Don’t have any social mediaprofiles, but if you do, you can just click on hereand you can edit these so you can add different links.But yeah, I don’t have any social profiles for this site just yet. So, let’s get rid of that. Now this latest post, we canadjust that if you click here, get it edit design, or you can choose a new template up here. So, I wanna go for something which has got the featured image. We can always edit anywayand create it our own. Let’s just go for thissupine, click replace.Okay. Needs a little bit of a design work on it. Let’s reduce number ofcolumns down to one over here. That’s looking better already. So, the image is a littlebit blurry in the… I’m not sure about allthis text and stuff. So, let’s see what we cando and come over here, click edit design, click on the featured image first. I want the image size to be full-size, that makes it look abit crisper and cleaner. That’s good. Category, do we need to category? I don’t think so. I just wantthe featured images really. Don’t wanna post content. I guess we could have the textfor screen readers and stuff. They can’t read images. So, maybe the text is a good idea, but let’s make it a bitsmaller. Just click on it there. And we got the line spacing there, which is a little bit toohigh. Put that down to zero. Oh, he’s got another line height here.I think let’s just takethat down. There we go. That’s 0.5. We go. Maybe the font does needto be a little bit bigger. Let’s have a look. Let’s drag that up. Okay. That’s not a (indistinct)band. I wanna be on 16. Perfect. Let’s get rid of this read more. We don’t need that. All right, that’s looking good. Now, let’s just click done. Let’s just do a save andpreview. Let’s have a look at it. So, here we go. Here is our post. There’s our affiliatemessage. I like that. I don’t think it’s too big. It’s too big? I don’t know.We’ll leave it for now. Here’s our sidebar. Looking good. Here’s the latest post edit. Really nice. And click on the image togo through to the post. And featured images.Looking good on there. Let’s just got this last bithere, which is the categories, which I don’t think we need right now. I wanna keep the sidebar nice and clear because I’m gonna be addingsome ads and things later on. I don’t think we need that. So, let’s just get rid of that. Let’s get back into themetemplate for the post, scroll down. Let’s get ridof this dynamic style list. That’s perfect. Of course, we can increasethe number of posts that show here, you just click on it, it’s set to show six at the moment, you can increase that. Of course, you’ve got fivebits of content on here. So the five, one, two,three, four, five.Yeah. When I add some more, obviously for now. Let’s just save work, very important, and maybe save and preview. There we go. So, that’sour content all done, looking real nice. Isn’t it beautiful? So next up, we’re gonnado the category pages, basically the pages that we’regonna add to this navigation. So, they’re gonna bebased on the categories that I’ve added the content to. So, I’ve got buyers guides,got cleaning guides. I’m gonna create some lovely pages that show off the content. Well done if you’ve got this far, you’re doing really well.But yeah, let’s carry on. (soft music) So, earlier in the videowe created some categories.Do you remember somecategories for our posts? So, what I wanna do nowis create some pages that represent these categories. So, we can take a look at them. They don’t look that great. I mean, they’re not bad. They’re not bad, but I think we coulddo better with a page. Talking about it, this oneis gonna look very similar. I mean, they’re the kind of fine, but the images getting cut off and stuff, then they need a little bit of work. So, what we do is I’mgonna create some pages that are gonna kind of be these categories that then I’m gonna redirectthese categories to the pages. I know that sounded a littlebit technical, but don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine.So, let’s create our pages first. We’re gonna create pagesfor the main category. So, that’s buyer’s guidesand beginner’s guide. So, let’s go to new page, buyer’s guides. Let’s publish that. Now, let’s jump into Thrive Architect. We’re gonna go for prebuilt landing page company to Shapeshift theme. And, oh, we can choose from any of these.So, I like this first one, but of course, you can choosewhichever one you like. So, just click that. And here we go, we can now start editing. So, I need to put some blurb in here, like that blight like this blue text here. And it’s just change that to pressure… Oh, it’s not really what I want. Pressure buyer’s guides. I wanna make it blue. I’mjust gonna highlight it.Come up here, click the blue, apply. Perfect. Let’s just change thispressure washer buyer guides to find the perfect washer for you. Well, we used the wordwasher too many times. Then this text can a bit moreblurb. Think of something. We have researched hundreds of products, hundreds maybe a littlebit of an exaggeration, but now the more content Iadd might make it that number. Hundreds of products,let’s say pressure washers. So, you don’t have to. Ah, I wanna get the keyword in again, expertly written. So, you can find the perfect product quickly and easily. I mean,it’s kind of fluffy, isn’t it? But it’s all right for now.Let’s make this blue. Now, I’m not sure I want this button. So, I think we’ll get rid of the button. Now here, we need a lovely image, we have a lovely image. So, if I click over here,go to background style. This image is I neededsomething kind of square that jumped into Canva, create a you design, a custom dimensions. I recognise 600 by 600should probably be fine. That’s square. Then let’s go to photos,search for pressure washers. And we just got to find something nice. These are all kind of decking related. I must do an article on decking soon. Mud on roof is quite good. That’s kind of cool. I’ve that one. They’reall good. Aren’t they? Well, that’s kind of stylish with the sun in the background. That one’s pretty good aswell with him doing the car. Let’s go for the one withthe sun in the background. Looks classy. There it is. I like it. So, let’s download it. JPEG, (indistinct) thequality down a little bit. The smaller the images are and file size the faster your website will load.So, it’s quite importantto get your images as small as they can be withoutcompromising quality too much. This is the best pressurewasher buyers guides. Try and use keywords where you can and images that are relevant to the page, you’re gonna be adding the image to. Let’s go back to Thrive. Let’s come over here,click on the current image, click on it again, go toupload and find the file. I just done it. And here it is. Perfect. Insert. Can reposition if need be. But I think that’s about good. There are some other optionshere. You can do (indistinct). Nope. That’s not right. Actually. It’s not quite square. Is it? I guess that doesn’t matter. The cover, it looks fine. Apply. Let’s save. We should alwayssave on a regular basis, just in case. Perfect. So, here we’re gonnahave our two categories and then we’ll probably getrid of some of this down and if we need all of it,but let’s have a look.So here, let’s set this postlist first to be the right one, we click on it, go to postlist, go to filter posts. So, we wanna display posts.We wanna add some filtering. I wanna filter by category and I want it to justshow the buyer’s guides, not quite sure which one’s, which hasn’t showed them tome in a hierarchical way. Easy for me to say. Well, I know it’s the one that’s got, I think four posts in it. So, let’s see what happenswhen we go for this one, save and close.There we go. We’re gonna need to editthis design a little bit so that the image looks good. I think also wanna probablydrop that date or not. It’s really up to you. Depends how often you’regonna be adding content. If you’re not gonna beadding content that often or maybe you’ve gotevergreen sort of content. You’re probably gonna lose the date, but anyway, let’s click edit design. Well, I’m gonna ditch the date. So, I’m just gonna click on that and then click on the littletrashcan, get rid of that. So, now we want to adjustthe kind of fill of this, whatever it’s called. So, let’s just click onthe background image here. Then it should be ableto just change this. Nope, let’s cancel. Click it again. Then contain. There we go. That’s default. Nope. We won’t contain for sure.You can click here to kindof adjust the position if you want a top or bottom. I’m gonna reduce this bit ofspace that we’ve got here. I’ll leave it in the middle and we’ll reduce the space around it. Let’s click apply. To adjust that space, we go to layout and position this here, which is a bit of padding.So, gonna click on that andthen hold down my left click and just move up and down to adjust that. Then here, we’ve got this height thatsets a minimum of 200 pixels. If we get rid of thatand click on the cross, it will just be automatic.And then it will okay. Be far too small. So, I guess we all gonnaneed to set a height senate, so we just bring that up again. And it looks like it’s fitting exactly. 132, is it 131? 132, I think is about right. There we go. Let’s click done. I think we should just havea quick preview actually. Let’s go save and preview. Wow. Looking nice. Then if we click load more, we get more. I need to add a bit more content really. I’m happy with that. We need to just change this text and then we need to workon the rest of the page. So, let’s go back in, editwith Thrive Architect. Okay. Let’s scroll downand we need to change here. We have that, it’s just put buyer’s guide. And then here, then here,let’s just change this text, pressure washer buyer’s guides, regardless, let me just put some blurb.I’ll fast forward the video. Their guide has been a blurb. So, this one is going tobe basically the same, but it’s gonna be fullthe other subcategory, which is pressure washer accessories, which I don’t think I’veactually got content for at the moment, but not to worry. So, let me just quickly do that. I’m gonna just do exactly what I just did. So, I’ve added the second category. There were no posts to display yet because I haven’t got any accessories buyer’s guides written. So, can I get them createdas soon as possible and get those added justa quick note on content and how much content you needbefore you launch your site. I recommend you add at least 20, maybe 30 posts beforeyou make the site live, just so they can launch. And it’s fairly well populated, quite well filled out and Google has got somecontent to get its teeth into. Anyway, let’s carry on and finish offthis fantastic category page. So, I don’t need anymore of these category or subcategory sections cause you might…It depends on your content andthe structure of your site, but I don’t need them. So, let’s go back in tothe Thrive Architect. Let’s get rid of them. Take a look at the otherelements on the page. So, on those two, I don’t want this one. So, I’m gonna come uphere, click the trashcan, dust bin, I should say,or we say in the UK. And then we’ve got this section here, now with this one, I’m gonna link throughto the beginner’s guides. The other page, whichI haven’t yet created. So, we’ll have to do a comeback and update the link, but let’s put some blurb here. New pressure washing. No, no, no, no, no. New to pressure washing. I didn’t think pressure washing should actually have capital letters here, but I’m not very good at writing English. Don’t panic. Our beginner’s guideswill teach you everything you need to know to get to start cleaning. Maybe I don’t need any more words. Let’s just get rid of that. Then this, I’m gonna change it to browsebeginner’s guide and so on.That looks perfect. And we need a lovely image here. I’ll close Canva. You know how the Canvas thing works? Let me just do a quick editand I’ll look up an image. There we go. That’s perfect. Have downloaded it. Let’s add it. So, click on this column,go to background style, click on this, which is theimage that’s already there. Click on this and then upload files and then find the file onyour computer. Here it is. Just a pressure washer doing it stuff. Beautiful. I need to reposition. I think that’s perfect. Let’s click apply. There we go. Then here, we just got this final thing, which is gonna show all thearticles in the category and then we’ve got the latest articles. So, let’s get it all finished.So, let’s do this first. I mean, this is not too bad, but we need to get theseimages looking good. They’re being cut off at the moment.A little bit of texthere that needs adding. Let’s change this text first. Browse all our pressurewasher buyer’s guide. That we’ll do. I can maybe fill out in anothertime. I need to do it now. So, let’s get this lookinga little bit better. What we need to do isadjust the images here, trying to click on that. Come here to post list. I’mgonna go to edit design. I’m gonna click on the image here where it says content box. Scroll down. I’m gonna go to a background style. Here’s the image here. It’s currently set for animage display of cover, I’m gonna change that to contain.There we go. Now it’s not cutting offthe edges. Click apply. But this box now is a little bit too big. So, I’m gonna go two main options. Well, this minimum heighthere, I’m gonna adjust this, slide it down. I wanna get it so that it’s just right. So, I’m just moving it around just so that it kind offits exactly on the width and the height. Seems to be around 50. Have to just gonna use myarrow keys or just type it. Let’s type it. Not seven, 58. 58 is perfect. That’s fine. Let’s click done. Now, you might be thinkingthis is a little bit too small. I think they’re okay. But you can adjust if youwanted them to be bigger, you could just reduce this columns number. You would then have to adjustthe height and thing again, but I’m happy with five. I’m happy with five. Ithink that looks fine. Okay. And then down here,we’ve got the latest articles. This is just pullingin the latest articles. Let me just see whereit’s pulling them in from.We’re gonna go to filter posts. Okay. It’s bringing inall of the latest posts. I’m gonna add a filter sothat it just adds posts from this category, which is,of course, the buyer’s guides. So, let’s go add rule, category, display results that brings for at least one of these categories, add, and it’s buyer’sguides. So, we close. And we need to just change this image. I guess I kinda need toknow what size it is. I can’t find, let me just… A handy little tool within Chrome. If you right click and go inspect, you can then hover over things and it will tell you the size of them. Like that one is 518 by 428. Okay. So, let’s go to Canva.Let’s close that. Start a new one. And when you create a design, create a design, let me kick that again. So, it was… What was it? 518, 428. My memory is terrible. 518, 428. Perfect. And then into photos, let’s look for some pressure washer stuff. This one’s pretty good. We’lluse that one before this. It looks familiar. Maybe we’ll have any ofthese are good. Aren’t they? I like the fence one there.That’s good. We’ll go with that. Fill that like that. Yeah. Fine. Download it as a JPEG. Just bring the quality down a little bit. Cause I want the file size to be small, click download. I’m gonna call it buyer’sguides latest articles. Just so it matches with thesection I’m adding it to. That’s fine. Okay. Let’s go back to thesite and closing space. Now I just click on thislittle crossover here. So, I’m gonna click on theimage. Go to background style, click on the image here. Click on the image here. Click upload, select files. And here it is here. Global of images, (laughs) just like a muzzle and some clean word, but I guess that’s fine.And then insert, can reposition this, but it needs because it fits exactly. Click apply and click save work. Now, she looks a little bit grainy. I think maybe I might’veturned down the quality a little bit too much on here. I’m wondering if it needs tobe just a little bit bigger, just so that it kind of hasa bit of room to play with. So, let’s go for 600 by 450. There we go. That’s all good. I’m gonna download it alittle bit high quality, we’ll go over 70. I do wanna replace. Thank you. There we go. Let’s try again. Still looks a little bit grainy, kind of reposition it. Yeah, fine. We’ll go with that.So, that is the silopage or the category page or whatever you wanna call it done for the pressure washer buyer’s guides. I think we should have a quick look at it. Let’s go down here andgo save and preview. Yeah. I’d used the kid one before. So, you need some contentfor the accessories. Perfect. So, what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna save this as a template so that I can easily createcategory pages going forward. Cause I need to create onenow for my beginner’s guides. So, let’s jump back in, so, edit with Thrive Architect. So what I’m gonna dois I’m gonna come over to the little cog over here,go to save landing page, then call it category pageor call it whatever you like. Of course, you can have tags if you want. I don’t wanna tag, click save template. Perfect. So, we’ve got it saved as a template. Let’s go and create ourbeginner’s guide page. So to do that, let me just close this. Don’t need this. Go back here. Oh, this is already on add new page, but let me just take youback to the dashboard so you know what we’re doing.So up here, we’ve got thenew, I’m gonna go new page, call it beginner’s guides. I’m gonna click publish. Perfect. I’m gonna go tolaunch Thrive Architect. Okay. I’m gonna for prebuiltlanding page then down here, we’ve got my save landingpage templates or whatever. There it is. Looking nice. Give that a click andthen apply a template.Doesn’t have a headeror footer at the moment. So, we’ll need to do thatwhen it can come up here, click on the page with a little cog and just kind of clickon the eyeball there to get that header. And then down the bottom, I think we want the footer here then if we want that bottom bit, let me, I’m gonna think of that yet. So, let’s not worry about that. So, perfect. So, what I’m gonna do is I’mjust gonna work through this. Just change it to be beginner’s guides and then we’ll crack onwith the rest of the site. So, you all I’m gonna bedoing is you’re changing this so that it filters fromthe right category. So this one, it might be,let’s get rid of this. I haven’t got muchcontent on at the moment obviously to play with, do have a cleaning guide.So, let me just add that, save and close. You get the idea. I’lldo a quick edit and yeah, as I say the (indistinct). So, there we go. Got this page all done. Does need a bit more contentin order to fill it out. So, I’m gonna get that content written and published as soon as I can. But yeah, I’ve noticed onelittle thing that we need to fix. And that is this. So, widgetslike this recent post one, they’re pulling througha little kind of snippet of the article. And because I’ve gotthe pros and cons thing at the top of the article,it just looks a bit weird. So, we need to kind of writeour own little excerpts as they’re called for these articles just so this makes sense. Let me show you how to do that. Pretty worth doing actuallywhen you add the content, I should have done it earlier maybe, but hey, hope we’ll be fine.So, I’m just gonna click through and I’m gonna edit the post, so, edit with Thrive Architect. Then I click up here onthe post to the little cog, then in here, where it’s got post content, I’m going to go in. And from here, I’m not gonna actuallyclick on edit with Thrive. I’m gonna click on it, just to edit post, take it into the WordPress default editor and down the right hand side here, I’ve got this bit here that says exit. So here we can write what we like. So, something that looks nice. Nothing too long just a few words. And that’s what’s gonna appear on those kind of lists of posts. Say something like learnhow to clean aluminium, aluminium? Aluminium. I don’t why I’ve given it a capital. Does it need to capital? I don’t think it needs to. why is it saying it’s spelled wrong? That’s definitely how you spell it out. Aluminium. Like this. It’s like that. Which means it’s spelled wrongup here as well.Isn’t it? Well, anyone tell me this. Aluminium. Aluminium. That’s better. I might have to just adjustthe link of the post as well, which would be yeah, permalink. Get that right. Perfect. Okay. So, let’s back to this expert. Learn how to clean Aluminium,. Sorry, I’m gonna give it a capital. Aluminium looks like a wordthat deserves a capital. Something like that. Ithink we fine. Click update. Perfect. So, let me just go straightback to the beginner’s guides. So now when we look at the list, oh, let me just refresh.It’s still not showing it. Let me just edit and check that this hasgot the right setting. Click there. Click edit design. This needs to be set to exit look. Perfect. Perfect. So, that’s that done. Let’s just go save and preview. Let’s go down. That looks good. So, I’m gonna need to do thesame for the buyer’s guides. Let’s just take a look to these. Yeah, none of these aremaking sense either. Oh, why is it notletting me click through? Okay.Let’s just see what’s going on here. So, editing the pagewith Thrive Architect. Let’s click on this. I think it could be thislink entire item content. Let’s just turn that offand then all that means is that you have to justclick on the title I think, doesn’t make much difference,but hopefully it fix it. And the other thing we needto do is just edit the design and change this to exit. And these are actually making sense. Now, did I set of exit on these? Maybe. Maybe I’ve already done it. Perfect. Let’s click done.Let’s click save and preview. There we go. There we’re good. Now we have it. Let mejust see if I have that. So, it might be it’s pulling it in. Automatically, I can’t remember. I added these articles. Oh, there we go. Yeah, the expert is set. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. So, what we need to do now is this menu. Let me start addingsome things to this menu like the two pages that we just set up. So to do that, we’re gonnacome up here, click customise, go to menus, gonna create new menu.I’m gonna call it main menu. I’m gonna set the location as primary, gonna click next. I’m gonna click add items and then I’m gonna addthe beginner’s guides and the buyer’s guides. Perfect. Then I’m gonna click publish. That should have done it. Let’s click the cross and have a look. Okay. It’s not a paid. So, we may just need to edit this header. Let’s go to edit with Thrive Architect. I’m gonna click on the header up here. I’m gonna click edit header over here. Click on this menu, custom menu. It was currently setto menu sources custom. Let’s just set it to main menu. There we go. Perfect. Save. Pretty well add a fewother things along here. Maybe a Contact Us or something like that, but that’s fine for now. So, let’s just save and preview. Refresh, and there we go. Is there. We can click through.So good. So, I think the nextthing we should move on to is the home page. Soyeah, let’s do that next. (soft music) So, let’s get this home page all done. Once we’ve done that,we’ll start to fill up. We’re making some realprogress with the site. So, we’ve got this that webought in earlier, which is fine, is fine. I mean, these wouldneed adjusting or whatever. Too keen on this big thing that makes my image look a bit weird. I like this. I’m bringingthis out with this. But yeah, let’s work through it and I’ll show you how youcan bring in more blocks and just kind of make it your own. So, let’s go with this thing up here, edit with Thrive Architect.So, I’m gonna get rid of this topic first cause I’m not gonna be collectingemail addresses just yet. I mean, I could of course,just get rid of this and add a button or something, but I wanna try something different. So, I’m just gonna remove this. Come over here, clickon the little trashcan. I’m gonna click on thisplus to add a block. I’m gonna go and look at the hero areas. Cause I think that’s whatyou call the (indistinct). That’s up to the hero area. Got quite a few nice ones. Now I like this, this onehere with the gradient. It’s got a nice blue to it. I guess it’s the same blueas this. It should be. So, what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna add a nice image here. So, let’s do that now. Let’s do that with Canva. So in Canva, I’m gonnacreate a new design. I’m gonna do custom dimensions. I’m gonna go for 1400 by 800, seems to be a prettygood size for that unit.Here we go. And then I’mgonna go into photos. I’m gonna use this one here. I look earlier for agood photo that I like, went for this one. It’s part of the canvas proiStock photography library, lined that up. That’s about right. Let’s go download JPEG and download. Call it pressure washer hero. Go back here. Make sure that I’ve selected this area.I think I have. Then downthe left hand side here, I’m gonna go to background style. This photo here is what we wanna change. I’m just gonna click on that. Click on it again here, goto upload, select files. Find the image on mycomputer is right there. Pressure washer hero, give it a click and thenclick insert into post. There it is. Beautiful. Come over here. Click apply. You can reposition move alittle dragon around like that if you want to.Click apply. And that is good. And I mean of course, we can change this text, expert guides. Expert pressure washer guides, and articles, something like that. Best pressure washer for your needs and learn how to clean anything with it safely and easily, something like that. And then here, I wannahave two buttons really. Cause I wanna have one linkit to beginner’s guide one linked to buyer’s guides. So, I can do this one. Buyer’s guides. Just click on the texts to edit it. I’m gonna click here to adjust the link. Let’s go to the main options, target URL. I started typing in buyer’sguides. It should come up. There it is. I like that. Perfect. And I said, I want a copy of this button because I want to have to.I want it to side by side. So, what I’m gonna do actually is I’m gonna add some columns. To do that, I’m gonna comeover here to the little plus on the top right. And select columns. Drag that over, drop that in below the text, say I want two columns.I’ll put you there. And then I’m gonna duplicateyou by clicking on that. Take your copy and put inside the column, change this to beginner’s guides, the IDs, can’t spell guides. And then we can grab holdof this little line here and just adjust that. I think some thing likethat might be okay, 60, 40 but we’ll have a look in a second. Let’s click preview and thensee what that looks like. Why is it? Oh, hang on. Maybe I need to justclick save. Let’s save. And now let’s refresh the preview. Let me close that. Try again. Preview. Okay. It’s gone right over there,which I don’t want that really. So, what I’m gonna dois click on the block and then we untick this and tick this. We can adjust some thingsprobably about 1,024 is about right actually,maybe a little bit more.Let’s go for 1145, save work. Let’s just click preview again. Refresh. That’s better. That’ll do it. I mean, I canplay around with that all day, but let’s move on. Okay. Close the preview. Let’s scroll down. So, this recent posting, I’m not a big fan of this big thing, so yeah, I’m gonna get rid of that. In fact, I might justditch this entire section by clicking on the trash. I like this. Don’t know where to start, but I’m gonna move thatdown I think a little bit, move it down out of the way.I want it down in the bottom of the page. I’m just gonna drag itdown here somewhere. So, to add a minute there,let’s go back to the top. I like this. I do like this, so I can change this to something like latestpressure washer articles. It’s about the latest… Find out about pressurewashers and how to use them. Perfect. So, I like this, this post thing. Let’s just see what it’s bringing in. Like it’s on filter posts. It’s bringing in all of the posts, which is, that’s absolutely fine. Got Lily’s shoe with thesize of the thumbnails again. So, let’s fix that. So, I’m gonna go to editdesign and a scroll down. I’m gonna background style. I feel I need to click on theactual image. There we go. Background style is there. I’m gonna click on whereit says featured image. I’m gonna adjust the imagedisplay to be contain. Better. Click apply. Then I got what I need to doon the hover state as well.So at the top here, we’vegot this state normal. If we change it to hover, so it’s like when someone hovers on it. Click on this again, click on the featuredimage, switch it to contain, click apply. It was already uncontained. That’s weird. And while it seems to fix it, (laughs) so yeah, you’ve got thisthing where you can adjust it for the different states.There we go.That’s fine. Now I just wanna adjust the height. So, I’m gonna go to main options. Adjust this minimum height. Bring that down to where it’sjust fitting nicely, I think. Is it 198? Is it 200? I think it’s 198. That’s perfect. Okay. Let’s click done. That’s nice. This bit herewhere it says category one. I mean, if I had a lot of content, I’d probably break it down by categories, but at the moment, I haven’t. So, for now, I’m justgonna have it all in one. So, let’s just changethis to buyer’s guides and beginner’s guides. Still icon is a pie chart. Not really relevant. Let’s click on it and click change icon. Just wanna kind of documentarticley sort of thing. That was a pressure washer. Is there… Let’s have a look.No. Is there a waterdroplet? That’d be cool. Yeah, that. I like that. Perfect. So, that’s section done? Yeah. All the rest of this stuff, I mean, the different layouts for again, showing off your latestconcept, which is fine. I mean, you choose whichever one you like, but I’m gonna get rid of them. And let’s say if I had a lotof content, I might do this. And in the future whenI’ve got low content, I may kind of break this downand have lots of sections for the different bits of content. But for now, I’m gonnaput it all in the trash. Bye-bye. Get out of here. See you later. Okay. About the author,is good. I like that. I’m gonna change it to About Us.And then hi, I’m Alex. And then of course, I needto put some blurb here, but I’m not gonna makeyou watch me struggle to come up with some text there. I’ll think of that in a minute. This image I’ve alreadygot an image on here of me so I can just click here, find me, insert, and then I can adjustthis shape, grabbing this and put that up there. Make that a bit bigger like that. There we go. Social media, I might leave that other, I do need to set up the social media, but for now, I can leave it. Testimonials. I mean, I don’t have any, but you could maybe make some up. Maybe you probably shouldn’tdo that. Let’s get rid of this. I haven’t got the email signup. Again, in the future, I might think aboutcollecting email addresses though I’m quite sure what Icould offer people just yet. If I had like a fantastic 20-pageguide on pressure washers, I could maybe offerthat for free in return for an email address,but I don’t right now.So, let’s drop this. Of course, I can alwaysadd any of these elements back again. You just click on the blockerthen they’re all in here. You just click on one and itwill put it back in for you. So, let’s send that to thetrash and then I’ll keep this. Don’t know where to start. Explore our most popular articles, browse articles. Then I would link that offto one of the sections. Maybe link it off to the buyer’s guides. The ones where the money is. There we go. Okay,let’s change this image. Can we go to Canva? And let’s create a design. I think I’m gonna gofor something quite big.Let’s go for 900, 600. I think the bigger, the better, I mean, can we just resize it later? Create new design. Let’s find a nice photoof a pressure washer that we haven’t used before. So many pressure washer photos. Ooh, that one’s a bit different. Isn’t it? It’s got a cleaner. Let’s put that on somethinga little bit different. Mix it up a bit. Download it as a JPEG. I’m gonna call it a pressurewasher home page bottom area.(laughs) Something like that.Call it whenever you like, then come back to the site, click on it. Then go to background style,click on the image here, click on it here, go to upload. Select the file. This one here, insert into post. Perfect. Click apply, click save. And I think that’s thehome base done for now. I mean, of course, it’sgonna be an ever evolving and improving page as Icontinue to work on the site even after launch. Let’s just have a quicklook, let’s have a preview. There we go. Top’s looking good. Our latest articles likewater droplets. Fantastic. And there’s me. I need to do this Latin. I’ll do that later on. And there’s that. Wow, there we go. That’s the homepage. Well done. (soft music) This part of the video, we’re gonna be adding a few more pages.These are pages thatyou’ve really gotta have, not particularly exciting or interesting. Things like the About Us, the Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and also a cookie pop up thing policy. Those annoying things that yousee when you go to websites. So, you have to have becauseof Europe or whatever, we’re gonna be adding all of them. So, to add a new page, ifyou wanna add any new pages, just come up to new and then go to page. So, let’s start with About Us. Put About Us, then publish. There we go. Now I’mgonna switch to Thrive. Let’s spend too much time on this so you can go in as deep as you like. Now, there isn’t any pre-built pages, I don’t think for About Us, but there is some blocks andthat’s what we’re gonna use. So, I’m gonna go normalpage. I’m gonna come up here, choose a block. I’m gonna go for themeblocks and then I’m going to, well, you can search up there or you can come to hearabout, or this team bit here.They’re all really good. So, you maybe have acombination like that one, which is sort of like theone we got on the home page, then down here. Yeah, down here. We’ll have another one.So, up here again, block. Then let’s add team one. This is quite nice. This isquite nice too with the blue. Go here. There we go. Then obviously, you’d fillit all out with information. Now, I don’t have a teamas such for this website, but I do have some writers that I use and I do have an editor.So, I’ll put that information here and anyone else that happensto help me on the site, I’ll get a picture andstick them in here as well if they’re okay with that, which I’m sure they will be up here. You obviously write about yourself and you might need toelaborate on a few bits and just kind of say that you’re into whatever it is you’re writing about and that you do lots ofresearch and all the rest of it. You may, of course, oneof assuming a pen name and that’s fine too. So use a different name andjust have a stock picture of someone. And that way, you can kind ofkeep your identity private. So, I will update this page later. Of course, it’s very easy to edit. Just use your Thrive. I’ll just come here and editall the things as usual, replace the images. But I’m gonna go away now andget some pictures of my team and fill it all out.Okay. So the About Us pages, we’ll done populated it with some words. I’ve also put these words on the homepage. Remember had that batter’s box, so I’d not populated thisone. Let me show you. So yeah, I’ve added the words here. And I did a link through to the About Us. Yeah, I’d done some blurb and I did…My team members tookout one of the columns cause there was four columns.Just wanted the three. These are actuallypeople that work with me. So, it’s all good that youwere helping me with this site. So, I wanna quickly show youhow the columns thing works. So yeah, there was four here. All I did was come over here. You can select the differentelements across top.Very useful to rememberthat, of course, top. But if you take out the content box, you can then take outthe column like that. Pretty simple. Ofcourse, you got undo here if you need to putanything back. There we go. So, that’s the About Us all done. So, the next time we’lldo a Contact Us page. Just want a very simple form and you could add your phonenumber, all that kind of stuff, but I’m not gonna on this affiliate site, just a form just in casepeople wanna send me a message. So again, I’m gonna go new page, go to Contact Us, then publish. Then I’m gonna go launch Thrive Architect, then normal page again,then up to the blocks.And there are someblocks around a contact. So, I’m gonna go to a theme and scroll down and thenthere’s a whole contact section and you can just drop these blocks in, whichever ones you like. This one’s quite nice,but I just want a form. So, I’m just gonna go with this. Love to talk to youabout pressure washers. Perfect. In fact, I want this tobe a little bit wider, just a little bit.So, I’m gonna go into layout and position then put this max width of 30. I’m just gonna put that up a bit 50. That looks better. I’m gonna edit the actual form bit. Just click on it and you canadd different fields here. Say for example, you wanted to add a websiteor a phone number box, just click add new and youcan choose the field type.A phone is fine. And then just put an example for them. Apply and you can drag them around. I shouldn’t put a label line. Did I? Show label. That’s what we need. Perfect. So, that’s the form. You can connect it through to something. So, it could just send itstraight through to your email by selecting email. you can set who it goes to andall the stuff that gets sent, or you can have some other connection. If you go to the API dashboard, you can connect it to all sortsof things, these apps here, but you probably just don’twanna send it to your email. So, that’s that. That’s basically all I’mgonna do on the contact page. Of course, you can drop inany blocks or any elements you like if you wanna putmore information, but for me, the form is fine. Let’s click save.Save and preview. Even let’s have a look at it. There we go. Perfect. Okay. Next up, we’regonna do some legal stuff. You gotta do it to make sure site legit. Google likes it whenyou’re all above board. So yeah, I’m talking aboutprivacy policy, privacy policy, however you like to say it. How do you say? I dunno. Privacy policy and we’regonna do a cookie thing, annoying cookie thing andlet stuff now to do it.I’m gonna use a servicethat I really like. And well, I recommend itbecause I like it and I use it and it kind of makes things easier. Pretty sure it covers you for legal stuff, covers you better than anything else. So, what I’m talking aboutit’s called ear bender. I don’t know even how to say it, but you’ll find a linkto it in the description. It’s an affiliate link. Thankyou very much if you use it, there is a small feefor using the service. Let’s say it’s worth it. Just to make sure that you’re covered. If you haven’t got anyspare cash right now, you could obviously maybe waituntil you’d get some money coming in and then go for it. Or you could find a kind ofgeneric privacy policy out there on the web and justcopy and paste that in.But that’s a little bit risky. Not that I’ve ever heardanyone getting in trouble for not having a privacy policy or having an incorrect privacypolicy, but you never know. Anyway, let me just quicklyshow you how this works. So, let me (indistinct) mydashboard. I’m already signed up. What I’m gonna do is I’mgonna click start generating, so website. Type in the website, best pressure washer,typed it in correctly, generating. So, I wanna go do my privacyand cookie policy first. Click generate now. It’s just thinking about it. There we go. So, what we need to do isjust add all the services that we’re gonna be using on the website. So, it’s really easy,just click add service. So, we’ve got the mostfrequent services here. We’ve got all of these services here, so pretty much anythingyou’re running on the website you can include. So contact form, we’vedefinitely got contact form. We’ve set up a minute ago. And you can add the personaldata you’re collecting. And I think it’s just a first name, last name. What else did we get? Email address. Was it phone number?Maybe. I’ll cover myself. I think it was. And well, and a message. Do you need to put thatin various types of data? No, I don’t think so. Then click save. Perfect. The other thing we’re gonna be using, which we’re gonna be addingshortly is Google Analytics. So, let’s add that. My analytics I think is Ireland.That’s fun. What wasspecified? Could kill off time. I’ve got no idea howlong it takes or lost. What else we got? Wegot Amazon, of course, Amazon affiliate. So, I’m gonna type in Amazon, Amazon affiliation, there we go. By the way, are you gonnado offer free service? Should have probably said that, but I don’t think it includesthings like Amazon affiliate. So, not gonna work for you. So there’s that? What else have we got? We’ve got the analytics,we’ve got the contact form. We got Amazon affiliation. I think that’s it for now. (indistinct) is I actually pretty good cause it will scan yoursite on a regular basis and let you know ifyou’re missing anything.We’ll go with those free for now. There they are. Can adjust this stuffif you need, all users, I think is fine. And then we’ll see if… I dunno what that is thatI need to have something about California people. So, now I need to put in my details. What? Doesn’t remember this from before. That’s my email address.I’ll put that in here. Let me just populate this. There we go. Got my nameand address in there. And that’s my company address by the way. It’s not my actual address, and then let’s click next. So yeah, this is what we’ve got. Perfect. Next again. So, now let’s do a couple of other things. We need a cookie policy aswell as click activate on that. That’s done. Now the terms of the terms and conditions, I got another company that I use for that because I think it’s better, which I’ll show you in a minute, but terms and conditions is pretty something you don’treally need to worry about.Anyway, let’s got to take meto the embedding instructions. Okay. Let me start from the top. Privacy and cookie policy, click embed. It takes you down to the bottom. Now, I like to go for theembed the text in the body. So, we got the privacypolicy and the cookie policy. So, I’m gonna just popback to the site quickly. I’m gonna create a new page. Let’s do the privacy first. Okay. Now, you can do it with Thrive,but you might not need to. Let’s just have a look. Do it this way. I’m just gonna copy this,this here, this JavaScript. And then I’m gonna comehere. I’m gonna go for HTML and paste it in like that. Just click preview. Let’s have a look. Perfect. Works fine. Close that. Let’s click publish. So that’s that.We can have a look at it if you want. Okay, let’s go new add page, cookie policy. Then back to each Embedderand then scroll down. Grab this one here. This cookie policy JavaScript, copy that. Click on the plus. I want custom HTML. Thisblock here, click here, paste it in and then publish,and then publish again. Perfect. Let’s view the page. Cookie policy all done. Very nice. Let’s go back to Embedder. That’s that done. Now, what I wanna do is addthe cookie solution now, which is the annoying pop-up that you get whenever you visit a sitenowadays, click generate now. Choose the colours you like. Quite like the light one actually. Then I think the rest is okay. I mean, you can adjust theposition like bottom like that, like that. I think like thatat the bottom is perfect. I like that. Click next. So to add it, we justneed to copy this code.I’m gonna click copy. There we go. And we need to add that to thehead, the head of the site. Very easy to do that with Thrive.Let’s go back to the site. Let’s go to the dashboard. Then we’re gonna go tothe Thrive dashboard. Then if we scroll down, we’ve got analytics and scripts here. We can click manage scripts. STEM, all we need to do is go add new. And then it’s got a boxfor the script here. We paste that in, give it a label so we know what it is. The embedder cookie except placement. We want it before the head. We’ll take it in all these like that. Then that should be done. And check it. If we visit the site, there it is. Look at that beautiful. Now, it’s currently linkingoff to this. Oh, which is fine. That’s fine. Works well. I guess you could link itthrough to the cookie policy on the site, but that’s fine. Click except it’s gone. Shouldn’t come back and bother us. So, that is the privacy andthe cookie policy all done.So, just wanna quickly touchon terms and conditions. I guess you need them.I’ve got on my sites. I’m a lawyer or anything, but yeah, that seems likea good thing to have. I get them from thiscompany here I think they’re betterthan the iBender ones. Cause this is specificfor affiliate websites, is 36 pounds, probably about $40.Something like that. I’ve already got this one ordered. Once you’ve ordered it, youcan come in and click edit. And then you basically just go through and add your company name or whatever. And all this other stuff, turnon the stuff that you want is to do with basically theuse of the website and covering if people try and hack yoursite and all that kind of thing. As I said before, I think the main reasonfor having these documents is because it makes your site look legit, both to visitors and to Google. And that’s obviously a good thing. Once you’ve done everything,you click save changes, then you can download it as a Word doc like that. Then if we open it, there it is. Just gonna copy this into my clipboard. And I’m gonna head back to thesite here, create a new page, call it terms and conditions. Then I’m just gonna paste it in. Don’t really need to use Thrive for it. You could do, but Idon’t think we need to. This should look fine. Let’s have a look.There we go. I might make that a heading. That would look nicer. Wouldn’t it. Let’s just edit the page again. This gonna make this H1 server click here. I’m transforming to aheading and go for H1, update. So, H1 is basically a header. It’s good to have headerswithin your content. It helps visitors and Google know what the document is about. So, H1 is the main title of the document and then your subheadingswould be H2, H3, etc. Anyway, let’s have a look at this. Click over here and here we go. Perfect. So, that’s the terms and conditions done. (soft music) So, now we’ve created those pages, we should probably linkto them from the menu zone and whatever. So, we’ve got a couple of options. We can add them to thismenu across the top. Although I wanna keep thiskind of nice and clean, but we can add a couple of things to that.And then we’ve also got thisfooter area with these links. So, we could mess around withthese and add links here. When in fact we need todo the footer anyway. So, let’s do that. But first off, I’ll showyou how to adjust this menu. I mean, we did it earliest.Hopefully, you remember. You come into here andyou can go to menus. Alternatively, you cango into the dashboard and go to appearance and menus. I like this way. This way is fine. So, here’s our menu. We’re just the beginner’sguide and buyer’s guides. And we could add theContact or the About Us. Maybe the About Us.Let’s add the About Us? There we go. And I think I’m also gonnaadd a link to the homepage.I think that’s alwaysa good thing to have. So, where is the home page? Is not that test time was whenI was playing around with. It must be this one, generated homepage. What a catchy name that is. So I can drop that down or I can rename it so that it says somethinga little bit more friendly. Of course, you can dragthem around to reorder. But I’m gonna put the buyer’s guides first cause I’ve got more of them at the moment. So, let’s save. Let’s gotake a look. Beautiful. Of course, we can adjustthis menu if we need to with Thrive Architect. If you wanna make it differentsides or just the spacing, maybe you want to add a few more items and need a bit more room. So, here we are. Let’sclick on the header, then click edit header.Then if you click here on the custom menu, you’ve got some options here. So, you’ve got thehorizontal spacing here. You can adjust that if you want it a littlebit closer together, that’d be a good thing. We set to six. You got some other options in here. You’ve got the lamb position. So, here we got Blake margins and I see can get it exactlywhere you want it all, left right centre line,whatever, there’s those options.If you want adjust the font, I think you need to justclick on the individual items and then we’ve got topography and then we can adjust like this. Think about 16, might be about right. 14, a little bit too small. That’s quite nice. Let me go with 16. Perfect.Tick done and click save. So, there’s the top menu. Let’s take a look at the footer now. Scroll down, got to the footer here. So, these links areautomatically generated. What I’m gonna do isjust create like a list with some icons and just add the manually, click on the footer, click edit footer. And so over here, and by the way, these are automatically generated or automatically populated. I should say, I’ll show you where wecan do that in a second. But let’s have a look over here. Yeah. I don’t want these elements. I’m gonna gonna take these off trash. And what I’m gonna add isthe lovely stylist, that. So on this side, I’m gonna have links tothe kind of normal pages.And then in this column here, I’m gonna add links to the legal stuff, the privacy and all that business. So, let’s start by addingon main category pages, the buyer’s guides andthe beginner’s guides. Buyer’s guides, like that. And then to add a link, it’s gonna highlight. To come up here, click on that chain,type in buyer’s guides. You should find it. There it is. Don’t open in a new tab. Insert. Perfect. Then the big beginner’s guides. Again, let’s highlight, click the chains, start typing it in. Perfect. Then we’ll add the About Us. We need capital U. I always (indistinct)looks a little weird, but I guess I’ve done a capital G there and I probably should. So, let’s link that through. Then finally, we should add the context. I’m just gonna duplicatethis one, clicking on this, Contact Us and then highlight it all. Click up here. Take that out and then type contact. Perfect. So, there we go. I wanna change this icon.So, let’s click that. What have we got? Let’s click change icon. 7,856 eye constitution.That’s quite a lot. I guessing like a bullet will be fine. We’ve got any bullets? We’ve got a classic thougharound, but I know what we need. We need the droplet thenwe, of course, we do. The water drop. Perfect. Beautiful. But we need itto be a different colour. Oh, I like these. Look at these. No, that’s too much, too much. It’s too much. Cancel that. I want the colour. So, let’sgo for the lovely blue. There we go. That’s perfect. I think there’s a little bittoo much space between them. That’s what I’m thinking. So, let me just check the layout here. We’ve got this bit of marginhere within the list item layer and position area. So, bring that down. I think zero is actually fine.We don’t need any margin. There we go. A little bit low down. Isn’t it? Actually, when I look at it, it’s not lined up with the logo there.So, let me just adjust that. So, let’s click on the style list. It was going on. It’s thisbit of margin at the top. So, it’s a bit of padding there. We’re gonna just both of these. Let’s bring this down to zero. That looks nearly about right. Let’s take out the padding to zero right? There we go. That looksmuch better. Perfect. Let’s do this other column as well. What I’m gonna do is I’m justgonna duplicate this list, style list like. It’sslated up at the top. Cause it’s hard to kind ofgrab hold of it down here.So, you come acrosstop, select style list. Let’s click the duplicatelike that. There we go. Then drag one of theothers, just drag that over. That’s fine. There we go. So on this side, they’re linked to those legalthings that we just did. So what we got? Let’s click that, we’vegot the privacy policy. Yep. Let’s just highlight it.Hang on. There we go. Highlights it all. Click on the link. Change it to privacy. There it is. Date. This one we’ll have as cookie policy. There we go. Okay, perfect. Again, let’s click on the chain. Let’s type in cookie. Perfect. This one will have histerms and conditions. I can spell it. That’d be better. Here we go. Again, let’shighlight the whole thing. Click on the chain. Perfect. I think that’s it. Isn’tit for the legal stuff? I think so. So, I’m just gonna take theseoff by clicking on the trash. There we go. Beautiful. So, let’s click done then save. I’m gonna do the rest of the photos. I’m just gonna basicallyadd a Amazon disclosure, disclaimer. Put there in a second. Before I do, I just wanna show you whereyou add this information so that it kind ofautomatically populates it. So, let’s come out and goback to the post editor. Then I click up here, go backinto the WordPress dashboard.Now, we’re gonna comeinto the Thrive dashboard, scroll down throughthis smart site section. Let’s go into there. Then here we can add someinformation for the global fields. So, it allows you to populatethings like your name, address, phone number, email address, can also link through tothese things which is handy, and your social media,just makes it a lot easier because then when you add asocial media button on a page or whatever, it would automatically bepointing to the right place.So, just come in here, click on the pencil and then you type in, take their, like that. I’m gonna have an address on here. Maybe set up an email address. You set up your email addresseswithin your hosting account. Okay. Privacy policy is a link,is it gonna let me search? No, I have to copy paste. Let’s open a new tab. Here we go. Let me just copy this link. And why is it privacy policy too? Was there already one in there? Okay. We should probably fix that.And that’s not a nice URL.Let’s click edit page. Get rid of that too, but it lets me. No, it’snot gonna let me okay. So, that must mean I’ve already got, Oh, I’ve already got a privacypolicy. That’s the problem. When that one was created, nevermind. Let’s get rid of it. So trash. And then allto use that URL again, I need to empty the trash andlet’s just get rid of that.So, now I should be able togo in and change that URL. Let’s go back in. Do a quick edit. Get that out of that. There we go. I’m just gonna have toupdate that filtering on. Why is this not gonna work?So, let’s just do that. We’ll be adding an SEO plugin shortly, which will automaticallymanage your redirect. So, if you happen to change URLs, it will automaticallyupdate and do redirects, but we will instal just yet. So, I’m gonna have to come in here. Just check that this link iscorrect on the privacy policy. Yeah, let’s do it two on it.Look, let’s get rid of that. Perfect. But you can see it’spopulating these things now with the stuff thatI’ve already filled in. Perfect. Do you want me to takea look? So, here we go. Let’s copy this. Just gonna highlight and copy. There we go. I have a disclaimer as such but terms and conditionswill certainly do. That’s not right. I needto copy the right link. Oh, and also, I’ve noticed that the footer is not right on here. We’ll fix that in a second. So, you got the rightfooter on the homepage. So, terms and conditions. Perfect. I haven’t got any ofthis stuff set up yet, but obviously when I do, I’ll add it here. So, let’s go back to thehomepage and close that tab. So, the home page is looking good, but we need to just edit these few things. So, I’ve got disclaimer,I’m gonna add here. So, let’s do that. Nowlet’s edit with Thrive. Scroll down. Let’s click on the footer.Let’s click edit footer. So, let me just checkthis image first off. It’s got this link here whichis not really what we want. Let’s going through toThrive. Let’s go to that. And I’m just gonna puta little slash there. Cause that’s where I’m gonnalink back to the homepage. I don’t want this hereand I don’t want this. I’m just gonna add some text here and it’s going to be anaffiliate disclosure, which I’m just gonna quicklygo and copy into my clipboard from one of my other sites. Okay? I’m gonna put a title, bold it up. And then I’ve got thetext in my clipboard, just paste it in.It’s a big space there. Let’s,have a look what’s going on. Is that the line height? Well, it could be. That’s fine. Of course, you can add whateveryou like to the footer, but keep it simple. Go with that. Let’s click done and save. So, that’s the foot are done. We just need to make surenow that it’s applied to every page and post on the site. So, I’m gonna jump back intothe WordPress dashboard.I’m gonna go to the Thrive dashboard and then I’m gonna gointo the feed options. I’m gonna go to footer, and up here, I’m gonna selectmy new photo, which is here. That’s it. And click choose. That’s done. Let’s just check. Everythingis looking all right. Yep. Let’s have a look homeone of these random pages. Yup. Yup. I don’t know.I’ve just noticed that… Why is it two buyer’s guides there? We’ll fix that in a second. Oh, beginner’s guides is notthe right one. Is that it? Change footer. There we go. Maybe I manually setit early or something. I’m not stretching it to full width. I think it looks betterwhen it’s not full width. It’s got a width of 1080 pixs. Can also quickly edit itI guess while I’m here. Get rid of that one. Let’s click save. So, let’s just check theother pages very quickly.About Us looking good,Contact Us, perfect. And I suppose you should lookat a piece of content as well. Let’s have a look at this one. Beautiful. So, it’s all done. (soft music) So, we’ve basically finished. The site is looking good. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You’ve done better than mostpeople that watch my videos. They don’t often get this far. And hopefully, you’ve got asite that you’re pleased with, that’s looking good andthat is ready to launch and ready to work on. Oh, there are a couple of little things that you might wanna do before you do that and we’re gonna do them right now. The first thing is we’re gonna check what the site lookslike on a mobile phone, on an iPhone, that kind of thing. We’re also gonna checkwhat it is like on a tablet because people are gonnabe visiting your site from those devices.And you’re gonna wanna make sure that it looks good on those just as good as it looks on the desktop. Second thing we’re gonnado is we’re gonna instal an SEO plugin and we’re gonnasubmit a site map to Google. This will help Google crawl the site and also give us some informationabout how well we’re doing on the search engines. Alongside that, we’re gonnainstal Google Analytics, which is a way oftracking all the visitors that come to your site and see how many people are you getting and where they’re coming from and as well, they really useful information. And the final thing is we’re gonna check how fast this site is loading. Faster the site loads, the better. You’ll do better on yoursearch and your rankings if you’ve got a fast site. And also just for visitor experience, it’s better to have a really fast site.So, we’re gonna try and speed up the site. And I’ve got a plugin thatI’m gonna use to do that. But anyway, let’s check whatit looks like on a mobile and on a tablet. You might call them cellphones in the states. Let’s click edit with Thrive. Down to the bottom, you’vegot these free little buttons that allow you to changehow the site looks. And it also allows you toedit based on the screen size, which is really cool. So, the menu has got intoa burger, which is good. It looks good. These buttonsaren’t quite right though. Are they? And up here, the search, Imean, it’s not a big deal, but you can’t see the words.So, let’s make a few adjustments. Let’s adjust the search box now . I’m gonna click edit header. I’m gonna make that a littlebit bigger on tablets. Let’s click done. Let’s click save. That’s better. Let’s adjust these buttons. Was thinking I just need tomake that a little bit wider on the tablets. Let’s say these changesshould only apply to tablets. Not other screen sizes. I think that’s about right. Looking good. Let’s scroll down. This all looks fine. Looking really nice. Looks good. Looks good. What has happened here? Thefooter has gone a bit weird. Let’s have a look at that. Click on that. Click edit footer. What is it? Is that…? Cause the line height’s zero. Okay. That’s let’s do that. That looks better. Very good. So, let’s click done. Let me get back to the topnow. Let’s just save actually. Always save regularly, is a good tip. Let’s have a look at the mobile. Otherwise scroll down to the footer. So, we’ll start at the top.Okay. Here we are. This is the mobile view. Looks good. Got the burger menu,got the big search box. Though it looks likethe not quite centred. I think I’d like them centred. Let’s click on it,let’s click edit header, click on the search. It’s a layout. Go to the alignment and go centre. That looks better. And here, I mean, that’sfine, the burger menu. So, in terms of these buttons, let’s click done on editing the header. So, in terms of thebuttons, I think again, I’d like them the same widthand I’d like them centred. Oh, I’m just showing someone the column. I need to actually clickon the button. There we go. Button. Perfect. And then we got main options and the we go size andI’m gonna centre that. The width is on auto, but I actually wannaknow what do we think? 90% looks good. Same with this one, centre 90. You see if we flick to thedesktop, desktop still as it was, tablet still as it was,the mobile is as it is.Perfect. Looking good. Okay. So looking at, I’ve just noticed thoughthat the image here is not the right one. Is the mountain. What’s that all about? Let’s see what’s going onin the background style. Click on here again. Imean, this is the right one. This one, there we go. That’s wider. I don’t knowwhy that wasn’t being applied. Was it right on the…? It’s okay on the tablet. Strange. Let’s have a look at the rest. Well, this is fine. Looking good. Perfect. So, you might wannago through your other pages during this process, just checking that everythinglooks good on a mobile and on a tablet and on a desktop. So yeah, that’s all done. So, the next thing I’m gonnado is set up Google Analytics and our SEO stuff.We’ll do analytics first cause it’s a useful thing to do first because it enables youto authenticate your site to a lot easier.It’ll make sense in a minute. (soft music) So, I’m gonna head overto Google Analytics. I’m just gonna search,right? Google Analytics. Give that a click. You will need a Googleaccount to access this. Now, it’s taking me straight in. If you haven’t got anything set up, you’ll be prompted to start creating it. I’ll show you what that looks like. I’ll create a new one rightnow. I’ve got into my admin. Then what I’m gonna dois create a property. Give it a name. Time is fine, currency is fine. Let’s click next, industry thing. I don’t know other. That one, don’t wanna tick them boxes. It’s web. Let’s click web, enter the URL.Of course, it’s Just type it again, butwith capital letters. And how it’s the measurement? Sounds good. Let’s go for it. Perfect. Create stream. So, we’re ready to go. Wejust need to do the tagging. So, we’ve got some tagging stuff here. I’m gonna use the global site tag. Just need to copy this, like that. Then we’ll go back to thesite, go into the dashboard, Thrive dashboard, scroll down, analytics and scripts. Same place that we put theiBender thing in earlier. Add new. Place it in, give it a label. Hey, you already knows what it is. Before the head, searchit into everything. Continue. I’m gonna move the Analytics 1 to the top. I think that’ll work better.So, there we go. That’s done. We can check it’s working. If we go to Google analyticsand go to the home, this user’s in the last 30 minutes thing.If we click view real time,then if we visit the site, like this, somethingshould happen in here. Oh, something’s happening already. I think that might’vebeen me just a minute ago. How quickly this comes through actually. Let’s click About Us and see what happens. About Us. It appears to be tracking becausesome stuff happening here. Oh, here we got it. There’s some stuff happening.So, the slight delay, but we can see some datacoming through now. Perfect. So, that’s Google Analytics. (soft music) Let’s move on to settingup Google webmaster console and our SEO plugin. Close down these tabs over here. Let me go into plugins.I’m gonna go to add new. Go to RankMath SEO, whichis my favourite SEO plugin. So, I’m just gonna typethat into the keyword books. There it is. Click instal now. Activate. So, we need to connect throughto our RankMath account. I already have one. You need to register. I’ll log in. There we go. Could decide what you’d like here.I like to go for advanced, but you might wanna go foreasy. Go through the wizard. So, let’s gonna be to importfrom the only one that’s here, which I wasn’t sure we had installed. Anyway, let’s click skip (indistinct). Not important now. isa other business website. Cool. There’s lots of things in here. Is there other? No. So, what can we go for here? Remember this option previously?It’s none of these things. No, none of these things. Okay. I’m just gonna leavethat as organisation. It’s gonna go organisation. Company, add a logo. We got a logo in here. That’s the logo. Perfect. Default social share image. I’m not gonna worry about that. So, now we can connect toGoogle. Let’s click on that. Need to sign in.You’ll needyour Google account again. Then need to give them access, already done it. Then the site is here. Not gonna do analytics aswe’ve already done that. And we haven’t got Ad Sense right now. That’s fine. Save and continue. Site maps and all this images, we don’t wanna include Thrivesymbols or Thrive light boxes. Just our posts and pages, can include categories. That’s fine. So, as I said earlier, the XML sitemap is a waythat we can tell Google all about the posts and pages on our site and help them index it. No follow external links. That’s pretty good thing to turn on, open external in a new tab.We know that’s good as well. Save and continue. Your site is ready. You cango into the advanced options if we like. Need role manager. For a full monitor, that’s a good thing. And redirections, want that on as well. So, I’ll continue. Schema type for posts is article, article type is article. Because there gonna be lotsof useful articles on site, of course. And for pages, it’s not an article, it’s non, there we go.So, Schema is a way of telling Google what a particular piece of content is, whether it’s an article,a recipe, whatever. There we go. That’s RankMath SEO set up. I’ve got some other videoson RankMath on the channel. I’ll put links to thosein the description, go into more detail on all this stuff. That should have set upour webmaster console. We can check that if we head over to that, I think it’s actuallycalled search console. I don’t know why I call itwebmaster console. They changed. The name is going to, butnevermind. Let’s get in. So, over here, I should be able to find best pressure washer. There it is. Already got some data comingin. We check the site maps. It’s there. Perfect. It says it couldn’t fetch,but I’m pretty sure it cannot. It’s pretty just a bit of adelay so it could not be read. Well, let’s check it ourselves. If we come back to oursite, and what’s the URL? Here.This one. I can type that in. Sitemap_index.xml. It’s there. That’s there. That’s fine. That’s the posts. That’s the pages. That’s the categories. Don’t know why that’s there.I thought I turned that off. Okay. That’s not working. So, then I turned thatoff within the RankMath. Let’s just double check that. So, if you wanna get back intoRankMath, it’s right here. Got site map settings. Thrive symbols. Yeah. Definitely off. Attachments is off. Pagesis on. Oh, gonna be fine. Just a little delay.Let’s just save changes. That’s the SEO done in thesite map and the analytics. Final thing is the speed of the site. (soft music) So, let’scheck the speed of the site. I mean, it feels pretty fast. I don’t notice it loadingslowly or anything like that, which is what I’d expect from HostArmada.They’re a really good, fast host. That’s why I recommend them. But let’s actually put a number on in and see how fast the site actually is. And there’s a couple of tools that I use. There’s a Google tool, whichis called Google page speed. Just search Google page speed. I would, of course, putlinks in the description. And here, you just kind of enter your URL. It’s gonna copy it. You know me, I’m lazy. Thenclick analyse and it goes away and it gives you a score out of 100 for both the mobile versionand the desktop version, and the closer to ahundred URL, the better.That was notoriously hard toget a good score on this tool. I will say that it’s actually 43 even though it’s red,is not actually too bad. I’ve seen a lot lower than that. Desktop, we’re up to 84, which is actually pretty good. And these things are green. It gives you some tips here in terms of how you can improve the speed. And I’m gonna share withyou a plug-in in a minute that I use that will helpimprove these scores. The other tool that I liketo test sites on is Gtmetrix. Let’s Google it.So, this one here. This gives you some differentinformation. I don’t know. I’m copying that again.It’s one in a couple dozen. It gives you some different information like how long it takes your site to load, that kind of thing. So… Can take a few moments for it to run. And here we go. So, largestcontent, full paint, which is a kind of metricon how fast the site loaded. 2.2 seconds. Performance, 17%, grade C. So I mean, we could dobetter than that for sure. So, I’m gonna instal the plugin and the plugin I’m gonnainstal is WP Rocket.I’ll put a link up on the screen. Now, you’ll also find alink in the description. It’s an affiliate link. Thankyou very much if you use it. I really recommend this plug in. I use it on pretty much all of my sites and it will make a bigdifference to the performance of your site. It’s really easy to use. And it doesn’t cost toomuch. It is a premium plugin, but yeah, $49 for one year. There are some free ones available. I’ll put links to those inthe description as well. Like WP fastest cash. They can help as well. But yeah,I’m gonna just download it. I’ll go into my account. Download, save and go back to thewebsite, go into the dashboard, close a few tabs. Let’s keepit tidy. Go to plug, add new. And that I’m gonna goupload plugin, choose file.Select the file, which isin here, there is WP Rocket. Then instal. It’s gonna upload it now. Then activate. Then we’re in. So, if we come down here, we’ve go to WP Rocket,let’s click on settings. Okay. So, that’s done. So, let’sjust check out the options. For cache, I wanna enableit for mobile devices. I don’t want caching forlogged in users.That’s fine. Let’s click save changes. Next we got file optimization. I want to minify CSS. It does warn me thatit could break things, but I’ll take my chances. I wanna combine. Again, I’ll take my chances. Once I optimise, I’m basicallygonna take all of these and this one, and this one,and this one, and this one, save changes. Again, basically turning everything on. And then if something breaks, I’ll go back and turn them offon my own and see what it is. For media, I want to enablelazy load and that one, I don’t wanna replace YouTube. I-frame with a preview image, that can really help speed your site.Add missing image, dimensions,not running any WP, also web piece stuff. So, I don’t need toworry about that for now. Next is preload. I want it to preload. So, that means it will create the cache. Cache is basically astored version of your site so it can load a lot quicker. Think of WordPress as it creates the page. every time someone looks at it, pulling information from the database, all that kind of thing. If you have a cache, it cuts all that out. We can tickle these things. Preload links here. I guess wecan have that. Save changes. And I think that’s about it. Don’t really need to messwith the advanced rules. Database is fine. Can use that if you wannaclean stuff up in the future, but it’s fine. So, I thinkwe should test the speed. So you remember on Google page speed, we had 84 for the desktop,43 for the mobile. Let’s run it again. Okay. So, we’ve hit 55 now on themobile and 92 on the desktop. That’s good. A lot of green here. Perfect. I’m sure this will actually improve over a little bit of time.Let’s just run it one more time see if we get a different figure, you often get a differentfigure every time you run it.And let’s run GTmetrix as well. That was a great seed. You remember it loadedin about two seconds? Well, let’s do another. See what Google alwaysdrop. Now 49 is here. I told you it changes. Stilla really good desktop speed. We do it one more time. Do not get obsessed withthe Google page speed score. It’s really hard to geta really high score. Dropping every time I do it.I don’t think I run it again. Okay. And then we move up to B and we’re loading inless than two seconds. Now, if I went throughand optimise some images, that kind of thing, I’dprobably get a highest speed. I’m pretty sure the image thatI uploaded to the homepage or ,the pressure is biggerthan it needs to be.But for now I’m happy.I’m happy with that. So, that’s about it. We have created a fantastic site. I will, of course, be workingon the site as we go forward. I’ll be doing updates on the channel, but yeah, well done if you got this far, you’ve done amazingly. I hope your site is good. If you’ve got any questions, just leave them in thecomments below this video and I’ll help you. But in fact, let me do aquick transition over to me looking at the camera andwe’ll do a do an outro and I’ll talk about all that stuff there. But yeah, well done. Congratulations. You madeit to the end of the video. I hope you’ve been able tocreate a fantastic looking site and you’re now ready tocontinue working on it. Continue adding content. Andhopefully within a few months, some of those affiliatecommissions will start to come in. Now, I’ve got loads morevideos on my channel around things that I thinkyou’re gonna find interesting around creating content, aroundSEO, around getting traffic, all that stuff.I’ll put links to everythingthat I think will be useful for you in the descriptions. So, do check those out or just have a browse around the channel. I’m sure you’ll find something useful. Remember, I go live twice aweek, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’d be great to see you there. Come and join us. I dothings like site reviews, where I’ll take a look at your site and give you my honestopinion.You can also email me. My email address is downthere. Drop me an email, share your site with me. I’d love to see what you’ve created or if you got any questions, I’ll try and answer them as well. To make sure you don’t missout on any of that stuff and also to get notifiedwhen I do go live, for sure to be subscribed,you know where the button is, it’s down there somewhere.And yeah, if you got this far, I guess you liked the video. So, if you could click the light button, that really helps me out. But until next time, I think you need to probablygo and have a little lie down, maybe go and get yourselfsomething cold to drink. Pat yourself on the back.You’ve done really well. I say not many people make it this far. You are in probably 1%or 2% of all the viewers that get this far.So, congratulations. It shows what kind of personyou are and confident, that great things aregonna happen for you. But anyway, until next time.Bye for now. (soft music).

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