Make Money Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest / Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

In this video, I’ll show you how to establish the entire $ 500 a era Passive Income Streams With Affiliate Marketing For Free With Pinterest I’ll show you how to get it on in time five easy paces but before proceeding please make sure To subscribe, like and tap the notification button so you won’t miss out on watching the next video How to make money online and don’t want to miss them Let’s get to work Well here’s what In today’s video I’ll show you two are the very best each type of affiliate concoctions to promote them In Pinterest 2 How To Use Hacking To Create Free Affiliate Marketing Paths Number three How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing Without a Website Number Four How to Create Video Going To Make Money Without Recording Anything At All And Number Five How To Increase Your referral commissionings with emails that you don’t have to write and will want to stay on End of this video because I’m going to introduce you to Pinterest as an Affiliate Marketing business For free, all you have to do is click one button and you can earn from affiliate commerce On Pinterest for free early in the day but wait for this video to end Find out exactly how to use it, let’s go ahead and turn to this method of making money with an affiliate fellowship Marketing to get an overview of the free final step Now, I’m going to get started and depict you the first steps The thing that will happen is to go to Pinterest and after that, we’ll create a Pinterest Pin Next we’ll create an intermediate sheet, then we’ll create a signup page Then we move on to the affiliate auctions funnel that contains the video, all of this will go to It happens automatically, and the reason there is an intermediate page and a subscription page is because we want to have Far beyond Pinterest Pinterest doesn’t like affiliate attaches so we want some space in between Before we continue, I want to give you a reason why we should or why you should expend Pinterest Now a lot of beings don’t know it but Pinterest is a search engine It is a visual search engine and is the third most important active monthly useds in the world 416 million third issue 71 of Pinterest users are female now numeral four in monthly scours Pinterest is 2 billion and number 5, so we’re doing all of this to capitalize on the potential customer favors Visual pursuits are not done by everyone, so you need to understand that some people do And some people don’t make the first step of choosing the best affiliate product to promote it I did.Did I opt Clickbank? There are a lot of reasons why I selected Clickbank, but I prefer The commodity is now the product you have selected for two reasons, one of which is It is the second best-selling product in the state and fitness industry and the second best-selling product under It has been used on Pinterest. Not numerous people advertise this produce on Pinterest Now make sure you understand this well, the reason why I too select this is because it contains The affiliate page, what is the affiliate page is basically a resource page this make is called An affiliated center for Diabetes Freedom of Diabetes such as the center or resource page is as follows There are a lot of things now that you can take advantage of, and they are pre-made videos and They are pre-written emails and many other things including keywords as you already know To promote this produce, this commodity offer$ 51 per auction, so it’s very easy to do 10 with Pinterest And there’s another gimmick I’ll share with you later to replicate this digit now We have chosen the make we want to promote , now is the time to move to the second step, which is Create the Pin that parties will be implemented by when searching for Pinterest so let’s go ahead and do that Now the best for you and it’s free announced Canva Canva because it’s really cool It has a lot of trash so what I’m going to do I’ll show you where to go Click on social media now and after that you are presented with all of this so you want to go Down then you can choose Pinterest for that when you click on this Ive everything will fit in here with Pinterest and you can make a pin very quickly.I organized a bolt and I want to tell you a little more about that, this is obviously for diabetes, so when people are Look at this what I call the appraise rod, what the importance bolt is is that you merely don’t have Click or know you click on it and then you end up with a blog or that website telling them Well there is a video route on discretion from diabetes, so to watch it, sounds this now and I’ll rise You can use it, or you can modify it, or you can use your own But it is very important to follow these instructions as you have got all of the things done I got it accurately from the Affiliate Network Riches sheet and it’s Clickbank at At the beginning of this video I “ve told you” that we are going to do affiliate commerce without Website If you scour Pinterest and do a search for example, you will find that most of these Pins direct it to a website and then you enter it and there is a website with long trash You have to create a blog and likewise create a blog in order to be able to do affiliate marketing Without a blog because this takes a long time extremely if you are in the affiliate sell land Beginner you probably don’t want to spend as much time trying to figure things out Create a website, create a blog, and write a lot of things so we have a better programme now Our strategy is to use hacks so that’s a very good way to get it on and it is Its completely free and a lot of people know nothing of a lot of affiliate marketers that don’t know a thing about it Underutilized so to speak so we’ll do it with a scaffold announced ConvertKit I’ll production Leave all information in the description area so that you can benefit from it and who you are What we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead because they have free substance and I’ll talk about it in a bit while, so we’ll establish whatever we can We’ll make the part funnel including the landing page intermediate page and proceed And relate it to our free email autoresponder and we’ll just go further Submit that video that we talked about, and I’ll show you all of that shortly So the first thing we want to do is click or espouse a good platform sheet or intermediate page So let’s go ahead and do that are currently, the best way to do it is to pick something A kind of clean that is not generate jumble as it does not have much color in it so this is the best one I would affection for an example and I’ll show you what the hell is do as you know now I am not logged in For anything though, I use ConvertKit for affiliate market and when going to the page I require you to end up in the same spot here and not ask you for anything Well, this info is going to be our middleware and I “ve told you” what is a bridging middleware The page is to bridge the gap between Pinterest for example and your affiliate attach whenever you are Are you the best because again Pinterest doesn’t like affiliate ties-in and sometimes They exactly block everything and penalize you for it so all you have to do is sound this if You don’t like it, you click on it and when you click on it go to replace it and then you press supersede You have several alternatives, one of which is that you can get or download your own image Or better hitherto, why don’t we have a stock photo Well, I’ve already picked the epitome now What happens is that it does not matter what kind of image you choose will fit perfectly And I varied this here and optimized this button, so when I click on that button, right Here it will make you to the next step and it is here and you have already done it They have already done all they have to do is framed their email address now what happens When they lay in their email address, it makes them to the video and I’ll show you exactly what I am Talking about this will make us to step number four of how to make money with an affiliate corporation Video without recording anything until d o you click on defining here now Put in your referral link and let me show you what happens when you arrange your referral join So when they click here this is what they’ll discover, well they start When you watch this video and then click on it, the video inside that video will now start playing Obviously, this is your link and this is where you put your joins under setup here You’re directing beings to go to the video when you click on that right step amount four Who’s writing an email cycle now don’t worry about it because I’ll go ahead and feed How to make love without writing a single email and we’ll go ahead and make love Very simple email sequence is imperative as it will follow automatically With your possible customer to remind them of your volunteer and build your sales most likely By make it automatically for you, let’s take a second break for anyone Thought it got a little complicated I have another free talent or free remuneration for you As you remember at the beginning of the video I mentioned that if you wait until the end For this video, I’ll give you a reward, so I made the decision to do the following points If you wait until the end, then I’ll go ahead and give your terminated inhibition Use for free includes an intermediate arrival sheet affiliate marketings page with a video And a pre-written email sequence I’ve done it all for you, all you have to do is One sound of a button and you can only import it into ConvertKit again your ConvertKit is free To use without doing it in case you want to do it this channel then this is for you But you have to wait until the end of this training so that I can tell you exactly how to get wise Okay, so let’s get back here now I demand you to remember something when you are certain Or employed these emails now, “youve got to” do a few things, one of which is that you have to Make sure you have your market connects, uh, irrespective of your affiliate Network you’re using If you don’t use Clickbank that’s okay because that’s okay For any type of affiliate network you simply opened, sound this, then you are eligible to set Your link Your referral link Don’t forget to do this and then constructed it for at least 7 Then you are eligible to specify exactly when to send it and then additionally in case you want to see it Preview your email, exactly sounds this and you can see that preview And you can see what a possible patron will get when they receive your email after this is done With this email, the email sequence likely to be as I mentioned, you must enter at least seven What I did next you have to go and tie everything together what I want by that The is that you should create automation so that your email cycle looks like This here will go into a cycle like when someone subscribes to the page Where to go, they receive an email, what kind of email has a pre-launch, you wait two Dates and then you send them uh something else that’s exactly what’s called an automatic cycle What you miss a potential purchaser to receive in their email now is one optional gradation that I will do We promote you to do this is to have a domain name and the reason for this will prove the trust of those Here they will have a URL provided by ConvertKit so they will be hosted On their scaffold but at the same time you want to trust so what I hint you get Your own domain name because you can do that with ConvertKit to other people when they get to Your middleware or signup sheet on which they see you as relied or they see you as relied This is optional, you don’t have to get it on if you don’t want it but in case you crave it I have a link to the link I’m using in the specific characteristics below as I has already mentioned I’m going to share a subterfuge we ever use and I’ve expended it with everyone Beings I’ve instructed which has now been over 2,400 people who never count on backbone Word-of-word if you are getting, let’s say the traffic is not getting it from precisely one generator Don’t rely on only one beginning and that’s what we’re doing here.What I’m going to do is I’ll do Show you exactly what we’re doing well now here’s the issue of trafficking your Pinterest traffic will come from And it will come from another source, which is something we ever do and use 24 hours in our targeted traffic In other paroles, people searching for our make, the produce I’m promoting, or Whoever promotes it, you want somebody else to do it extremely because if you simply rely on Pinterest is a fast way to get traffic, and it will make some time to get started What we do is we are using these two in terms of the traffic that we use Pinterest and the 24 hour transaction that I will do Share it with you Shortly you will go to the subscribe page in the middleware page and then go to Sales page let me move myself now and you go to the sales page and when you go to the sales page Hey all done so you can get two things at the same time now you can You’ll never learn so much better sales from such regions here than such regions At the beginning at a later time that can change or it is feasible equal itself so half from here is half of Here or maybe, later, really use the person who comes from Pinterest that is Something optional that I want to share with you because no one has seen this to me before Times ago as I mentioned before everyone wanted to sell you of course I don’t have a course now to sell All I have is some information and whether or not you use it, it’s up to you now If you are serious about success and would like additional assistant, I am ready to help you as long as “youre ever” Kindly help yourself now if you like the affiliate product I chose and you Ready to work on it and I’ll introduce and give you the pre-built design Fully automatic pour affiliate for free, I’ll too give you emails I wrote in advance which will save you a lot of time in exchange for doing it yourself I will too give you, as promises I will also give you the free ConvertKit detail With 1,000 readers I will also present you a free Canva pin template for you to use Now it’s all up to you whether you want to do it or not but since I do it It’s all for you for free, all I expect is something very simple first like a video Expressed support for my channel and play video games the notification now.Here’s the enjoyable component If you demand one click of the import button, whatever you have done is A move that includes a middleware marketings sheet with a video as well as an email sequence It is pre-written and all you have to do is go to the description area and search for My Pinterest Referral Suppression Now where reference is does, what will happen to me We’ll go ahead and appearance you that you’ll see something like this now, all you have to do is Click this and you are able to importation everything in this slope located here Includes everything we’ve talked about and make sure to import it and again this Free for you, it doesn’t provided free of charge anything so you can use this automation or not, it’s just that Up to you if you want to learn all about affiliate market click here if you want to know On the world’s best Affiliate, please click here and as always, I’ll see you at the top

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