Marketers Say I’m Getting Clicks But No Sales | Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

Ah! There’s no fund. I get these messagesevery day from like billions of purveyors. Saying, “I’m getting clinks butI don’t have any sales.” Okay? And is just like, “How are all these people making all thismoney? ” Well, why? Why? Why? Why? Well, there’s 2 intellects. And I’m going to discuss withyou the 2 reasons why you might be getting sounds but no marketings. And there’s2 major reasons and I’ll dive into the sub concludes. But either they can’t buy orthey don’t want to buy.And I will be summarizing. If you’re a marketer, this is amust watch video. Because understanding why people are not buying from yourclicks is a huge thing. So, let’s dive into that. We’re going to go into all thedifferent sub rationales in this. And how you can fix them in this video, let’s getit. I signify, there’s nothing worse than having a money gun that like doesn’tshoot out any money. But we’re going to solve that. Okay? So, if you’rewondering why you’re getting clinks on your relations or Clickbank calls them hops.Or other affiliate networks call the, clicks. You know, whatever you want tocall them. But parties are clicking on your uprights or ads. But you’re not makingany coin from it, I’m going to be discussing exactly whythat may be happening. Okay, so the 2 major reasons that people are not buyingis obviously they just physically can’t or they don’t. Now, I recollect when I gotstarted in affiliate marketing, it was … It was really hard. It was back in 2009. There wasn’t a lot of instruction on how to do affiliate marketing.It’s beenkind of an underground industry until I really accompanied it out in the open inaround 2015. I had been among the first beings secreting training courses on howto do affiliate commerce. But when I got start in 2009, I was putting up ads oneof the first person to put up ads on Facebook which in retrospect I shouldhave been a multi-millionaire. But I precisely didn’t know how to get it to work. I’dput up this ad and it’s just one parties click on it and none would buy. And Ijust was scratching my thought. And I had no idea why. And it was so frustratingbecause I connected a CPA Network which was great. I was promoting reallyof offerings. I was direct link which was a big problem. But I was on Facebook. Iwas ahead of the veer in so many highways. I’d meet the cutting edge ofinformation on affiliate marketing. Had actually done my study, okay? I’ve always been a big book. I’ve always been a big researcher. And I gotto this point where I was just like, what’s going on? I couldn’t find any moreinformation past what I’d once find which is like CPA structures and not atthe time it was CPA networks.And then, I was also doing Facebook ads which waslike super new. And I merely it merely didn’t make any sense. And like I’m doing whateverybody says to do. CPA offers on Facebook. “Why the heck am i not gettingit to work? ” But there’s nobody for me to really talk to. Because i hadn’t … I didn’treally surrounded myself with a community of parties that would give methat advice and just say, “Dude, you’re … You know, all it would have taken is like … Dude, you have to use presale pages.” Right? That’s all it would have taken. It’s justgoing to a powwow or just assembling a meeting like load that fund. Time joininga set program like my s6-week course. Just having somebody to say, “Dude, you didn’t use presale page.” That’s all I needed at the time. But I didn’t havethat. I didn’t have any understanding.And I was so frustrated and I was all alone.And I was stone-broke and I was angry. And I exactly couldn’t get anything labour. I didn’tlike college. I didn’t like the number of jobs I was working. And none would tell me why.Now, this is the one of the reasons why I’m a huge proponent of trainingprograms and mentorships and going to gatherings and going to see affairs aroundaffiliate marketing. Because often seasons, when we’re we’ve been working hard andwere baffled and we’re all alone … And if you’re in the same boat as I was 10 years ago, category in “I’m in the same boat” or exactly nature in “same boat” in thecomments below.Or type and “I was there”; or “I am there”. Because that was reallyhard for me. I knew that I should probably be doing these things. But Ididn’t want to waste the money. I didn’t have to travel to a conferenceand or to join you know one of these meetings which cost about $100 a few months. I was forestalled. In retrospect, I would have accelerated mysuccess if I just taken the move and devoted that $100 a month tojoin that affiliate marketing forum. If I time spent that $1,000 dollars to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. And you know sign up for theaffiliate market powwow. If I exactly expended that you are familiar with 2 to 5 thousand dollars to join that developing planned and get that mentorship. If I’d reallyjust strain myself and withdraw that extra suggestion, I would have obligated that last 5yards. Right? The last-place 5 gardens when you’re playing football, that is thehardest. And it’s that last 5 gardens which “youve got to” do on your own. I canshow you everything. I can be demonstrated you the door. I can be demonstrated you almost everythingbut it’s free.It’s your job to step through. It’s your job to carry at thelast 5 gardens. I cannot physically give you a step by step to make a sale. I canget you 99% of the action there but I can’t make love for you. So, youhave to figure out the last 1% in any business on your own. If you’renot willing to do that, “youre gonna have to” precisely unsubscribe for this channel, study a undertaking, make some joyous pills and forget about trying to be an entrepreneur.Okay, so let’s go into the reasons why peoplecan’t buy. So, the above reasons people can’t buy is there’s a few cases, right? So, perhaps theydon’t have a credit card, okay? They don’t have a credit card to buy productsonline.Or whatever payment method, they don’t have a payment technique that workswith the affiliate. No, that’s a bit more advanced. But they don’t have a creditcard, they can’t buy products online. And there’s 7 billion people in theworld and most people in the world do not have credit cards, okay? You know, ifpeople are the wrong senility, right? If you’re trying to sell parties a produce andyou’re putting up ads that are showing to 13 -year olds. 13 -year oldscan’t buy produces online.Really, you know, they don’t have their own creditcard. Once again, that kind of goes back to this thing is if you’reputting up ads on YouTube and most of your ads are showing to 13 -yearolds most people on YouTube are 13 -years old. By the channel, if we have any 13 yearolds, character in “I’m a 13 -year old” in the comments. If we have any beings youngerthan 13 watching this video, let me know how old-time you are. I’d love to hear how oldyou are watching these videos. And why you’re watching them? And why you’reinterested in business. If you’re so eager, it’s kind of interesting to me. Ididn’t realize how many young people are on YouTube actually trying to learn howto make money. I think that’s awesome. And I thinkthat’s amazing. And if you put your mind to it, you’ll be a millionaire before you’re 21 years old, seriously.If you’re under 13 watching this and you stay focused which is going to be very hard for you. Have likehormones and like you know all these kind of like emotions and nonsense going on.But if “youre ever” 12 years old or 13 and you stay focus, you’re going to be sosuccessful. Precisely don’t let all those like passions and hormones get in the way.Girls, you are familiar with, all that stuff. Okay. So, wrong age.Another rationalization. Wrong country, okay? So , not all products … Like Clickbank for instance, yhey can’t process remittances from Nigeria. So, even if you were advertising to richpeople in Nigeria and there are plenty of rich people in Nigeria.By the way, Ilove Africans. I affection Nigerians. They precisely don’t workwith Clickbank. I don’t own the Clickbank. I’m not was supported by it. Whatever.So … But if they’re not … If you’re marketing to parties in Nigeria, theycan’t buy your product. So, it’s not that they don’t want to buy. It’s that theyjust can’t buy. The next intellect is quite obvious. If they just have no money, right? If mortal perhaps they have a credit card, they’re in the title country.They’re old enough I entail this isn’t really a problem as long as you have acredit card of the wrong country. But if we are really time don’t have the moneyto buy whatever product you’re selling them. My training produces started $1000. I’m releasing some cheaper ones sometime soon. But you know other commodities onClickbank might cost 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 dollars. But if they don’thave just enough coin on their credit card or on their credit limit to buy it, you won’t get the sale.So, for products like excavation, you want to target beings thathave money, right? You know, if beings are looking to start an online business tolearn from me. To learn in my 6-week training planned about paid trafficmethods. You need to have some money. To dissolve to do paid traffic, you likewise need tohave money to advertise on Google or Facebook. And if there are any otherreasons that you can think of why people, really can’t like physically can’t buysomething, let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything. Again, I want tomake clear. This is a community. We’re helping each other. This is the numberone money channel on YouTube for a reason it’s because we are helping eachother make money. Now, don’t buy. That the other reason. They don’t want to buy.They’re not interested enough to make a purchase.Now, why would people not want to buy? Why would people not be interested in buying? Now, the first thing is we could start at the ad, okay? And we could say the admessaging is incongruent, okay? Now, for example, if you put up an ad that says, “Hey! Check this out.Free money. Click here.” Okay? Great catchyheadline, right? Everybody misses free fund. But if anybody sounds that ad andthen does taken to my affiliate page, my affiliate sheet says registry now for atraining that will teach you how to create a six-figure side income, right? It doesn’t say free money. Right? If soul clicks a connect for free money, they require free money.They don’t want to sit through a civilize. They don’t wantto … Maybe they don’t want to earn six-figure income. They merely crave $100 topay for food. They exactly require $500 to pay their rent bill today that’s dueyesterday. So, the ad messaging needs to be congruent. If you’re putting up an ador a affix or a tweet or Instagram or specific comments or a YouTube video or whatever.And you were sending them to my relation, which says, you are familiar with, “sign up for thisfree training on how to start a business”, your meaning, your affix, your comment, yourYouTube video “re saying”, “Hey, click on the link to sign up for a free trainingto learn how to start an internet business.” Is this making sense? Okay.Free fund goes to training.Won’t work doesn’t matter how many parties you sendthere. Doesn’t matter how many clinks you get. You could get a million clicks andpeople do this to my locate. And they don’t work. Because they say free fund andthat. It’s not going to work. Whereas, if you say training, it’s going to work a lotbetter. Okay? So, if you say, “Sign up for a free practise learn how to make moneyonline” and you send them to my sheet, “free training make money online”, that will work far better than saying, “free money”, okay? So, ad messaging is in currently run.Another conclude is is maybe they weren’tpre-sold fairly, okay? Or you know, we would say not interested fairly, okay? Now, the above reasons they wouldn’t be interested is let’s say a putting up aGoogle ad. And you exclusively have one sentence to say something. You know, “Free traininglearn how to start an online business.” And you’re targeting people who arebroke and homeless. Okay? This destroy homeless person only has one hour a day, okay? Or maybe they have one hour a week to use a computer in their homelessshelter or something, right? Homeless beings are watching my videos.And if you are homeless, by the way, sort in homeless in the comments. I’d love toknow what percentage of my parties are homeless. It’s kind of funny. But if youonly have an hour a week to work on the computer in the homeless shelter, you cango through my part training and then you’d realize, “Oh, this makes more than acouple hours a week to actually do affiliate commerce. I’m going to need touse the computer more than an hour a week.” So, once again, you were kind ofconstrained.You’re mad, you could only say so much in the ad you couldn’t tellpeople how long they’d need to actually work to implement the system. But onceagain, you could pre sell them. You could use a pre auction page you could explainwhat the training goes over beforehand. And the more you can explain what theproduct includes and how the commodity use and all of that jazz within, beforeyou ever send somebody to your affiliate relation, the better.Way better. And thereason is is because then that person formerly they click on your tie, they knowall there is to know about the make. They maybe they know the pricing. Maybethey knew how much era it takes. Maybe they know everything they need to know.You’re mostly you’re doing sell you’re kind of selling. Your pre sellingthem on the commodity. So, that then when they click on your association, they’re alreadyinterested in buying. And this is one of the reasons why review blogs direct sowell.So, when individual searches for let’s say, “John Crestani review. Or JohnCrestani product to review. You encounter blogs, you experience a lot of blogs that say, “I recollected John Crestanis concoctions. And now my thoughts” And they’ll write 10 pages and only try googling this. And you’ll learn a 10 page blog. You’ll seeblogs with just tons of words and personas and information about my trainingcourses. And those bloggers, they have the highest conversion rates of reallyanybody. I make, it’s hard to get ranked on SEO. But it’s because that’s somebodywhen they click on their connection coming from that blog, they already have so muchinformation. They’re already awfully prepared and understand what the productis. They’re already and they’re just about to buy, okay? So, that’s the magic.So, make sure your ad messaging is congruent and to fix this is use pre sell pagesthe way to keep get people more interest is use pre sell sheets. You know a 10 pageblog announce is a lot. But that will get somebody, when soul clinks on youraffiliate tie-in from the end of the blog affix, they will be way more interested.Another action to do this without having a website is using Google Docs. So, youcould create a pre sale page in Google Docs. And you can check out the resourcesbelow this video, \ source. And if you look inthe Facebook method or the reddit programme, you’ll witness there’s a Google Doc pre-sellpage that you can use and modify and use for your own.Which will help pre sellpeople who want to click on your joins. So, those are the two main reasons whyyou’re getting sounds but zero auctions, okay? Make sure the people understand whythey’re clicking on your link. Make sure parties are prepared to go through thetraining. And the one thing for for my affiliate curriculum for example is thatit is a 1 hour prepare. So, coming parties prepared to watch a 1 hourtraining, you need to say, “This is a 1 hour discipline. Make sure you were in aquiet sit. Make sure you were on, you know, you’re not expend your telephone data.Make sure you’re on a laptop or a computer on a Wi-Fi connection.” Forpeople to be really go through your affiliate connects, they need to be on aWi-Fi connection on a laptop or desktop computer. Get beings readied before theyclick on your link to come to my affiliate exercise planned. In eachaffiliate curriculum is different. Each affiliate curriculum will have differentrequirements. But the more you can prepare them togo through the sales funnel of the affiliate link they click on, the betterand the more money you’ll make.Hope you experience this video. And if you’re lookingfor specific ways to do free traffic, make sure you check out my free trafficmethods playlist. I got a lot of programmes in therefor you to get traffic to your affiliate connects and start affiliate market tostart making money together. Again, I’m not here learn you. I’m here trying tohelp us both make money. Because the more fund you manufacture, the more fund I start. So, make sure you click Subscribe. Hit that notification bell. Join the money club. Soonce you agree, you can join the money club. It’s 50 bucks a few months and youget access to a lot more resources, a lot more groomings and some specific resettraining courses that I’ve developed in partnership. There older ones it’s not my most recentsuper affiliate system. That’s a much bigger investment. And also you geta lot of identification on my canal. Look forward to talking with you in thefuture. And as ever, go out and prosper.Take back hold. Don’t be a slave tothe system. Discontinue your job and live free ..

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