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Hey, how you doing this is Dan froelke with Dan Froelke dot com and In this video, I want to share with you my number one strategy to perform more affiliate auctions Online now I’ve been using this strategy for years when I understand better it And I implemented this very simple strategy it increased my online marketings Dramatically, and I want to share it with you in this video so what I want you to do now I’ve got a little rendition for you to watch and this strategy is called USP a unique selling Proposition all right, so I’m gonna explain to it exactly what that is And I’m gonna show you some examples – so here you go with a little presentation Hey, everybody. This is Dan froelke with Dan Froelke fleck com and I want to talk to you today about USP it implies unique selling Proposition and this video is for anyone who’s in the home based business industry Affiliate marketing or CPA alright, and it’s gonna really help you out, so you know pay close attention to What I’m about to say here because so I originated this video to show you a strategy that I’ve been using For a very long time now, and it’s a strategy to get beings to sign up with you Versus other parties okay in the same opportunity so when I first started to implement this strategy It it literally exploded my income Alright, and you know it’s it define me apart from others who were sell the same opportunity And and you know what that’s what it’s all about in this home-based business industry because to be honest with you And you know I’m keeping it real here.We are all competing with each other right? Extremely if you’re in the same opportunity we’re all vie with each other and I know that some governors don’t want you to hear that but but it’s true, and I’m going to keep this video very real very fresh and You know there’s there’s gonna be a couple things that is likely to might step on a few toes a duo things that I say that That might harass a few presidents out there, but hey You know I just want to keep it real for you guys Okay, and I’m not gonna employed a lot of flub in this video and I’m not gonna tell you you know how I’m here to invigorate you and You know inspire you to take action and all that because I think there’s enough that crap out there Right now, but I’m here to show you accurately my policies On how I become a very successful top earner in The jobs that I’ve chosen to align myself with and I too want to show you how to become Ruthless in your online market and you’re going to hear a lot of me about that about being ruthless your online Marketing in the following financial year because I’m really gonna concentrate on that, and I’m really going to show you precisely my strategies and And again how I’ve become a top earner And I truly want you to become ruthless in your online commerce now I’m not saying I want you to become a ruthless person because that would be bad if you ever searched up the word ruthless Then you know we don’t want you to be rude or cocky or anything like that however I’m is about to be I’m gonna show you how to become ruthless in your online market Now this strategy that I’m about to show you is optional.I’m sure you can stir sales in The in the business that you’re in without this strategy in fact. I’m sure of it all right nonetheless This is a more advanced strategy and for those who really want to push further implementing this strategy will Hugely increase your success. I predict you on that one. Okay, so let’s are going to the little presentation now that I get going for you and There we go okay.What is a USP a Unique Selling Proposition it’s anything Completely unique to you as a sponsor or referrer That specifies you apart from others. Okay, so in other words. What can you volunteer your prospects as positive incentives? So they will join you over someone else? Yep, I said the word Incentive now a lot of supervisors don’t like that. Oh boy. I don’t render incentives. I don’t know for that trash You know that’s that’s unethical you know what I say B.S.All title all the top leaders offer unique selling propositions all right and you know I’m gonna show you some examples and And you just have to ask yourself. Why should that promise assemble you okay? What okay? Extremely if you’re an opportunity with with thousands of other refers in there okay thousands of other Referrers, I should say in there, right Why should they join you why? All privilege, you have to create a unique selling Proposition to put in front of these people so they meet you rather than someone else, that’s the bottom line That’s real. Talk okay, and The minute you understand this I swear to you, and you implement this you will get more auctions than others dissolve of legend age. If you look at all the exceed earners including myself they all use some sort of unique selling overture okay, even the enormous chaps Frank Kern Ray Higdon all those chaps use some kind of unique selling hypothesi Okay, examples of USP okay, so it could be a team training site or a squad set Facebook page I see about a lot of that right now And I’ve got my own squad teaching site to help parties learn at their own pace And it actually facilitates me out I set a lot of my the resources available to in there because I you are familiar with I get a lot of people asking me questions When they affiliate me so all I do all I do is plug them in into my crew educate website And it has all my reserves it has policies like this in there in fact this training Is is in there and anyone who joins me in? Any one of my you know brooks of income I’ve got three of them I’ve had the the same three for a very long time now Anyone who joins me I push them in to my crew train locate, so That is specific to me so I can offer that to people as an incentive to join me rather than someone else all right and This one right here.You could do co-op advertising and and I have that as well and What you do you can set up a co-op for your unit all right? And so we are to be able to articulated their advertising on autopilot you can help them out that nature you can offer a sales funnel or a arrangement, and I do that as well with one of my One of my opportunities you can do that okay and lastly you can offer unique bonuses and I do this Too I meet a lot of people offering bonuses, which is great and that’s you know that’s another unique selling proposition I picture a lot of parties on jvzoo you are familiar with I check the top earners.They always have unique and bonuses, so you know when you buy this produce you get all these bonuses and And again once you understand this strategy, and you implement it You’re gonna be very surprised. How it’s going to help you out, okay, so Right now let’s look at some examples that I have okay everybody I’m going to show you some USP precedents that I use and these letting me to stand out from everyone else in the possibilities of that I am promoting and Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what I signify So I’m going to just going to show you time some examples of what I’m referring to when I say unique selling Propositions alright so what you’re looking at right here. Is is my team training site? So anyone who joins me in Any one of the three opportunities that that I’m promoting, they will get access to this site right here, and it has all my riches all my policies all my training including this one regarding the unique selling propositions and all that stuff.All my rehearsal is right inside this members domain right here and You’re gonna get access to that free of charge so this sets me apart From a lot of parties all right, and and you are familiar with and if you’re interested in join me And you have access to this okay, you’re gonna have your own USP okay Cuz you in it in turn could use this as well with your potentials right so you’re gonna Have your own unique selling overture right here, so regardless. I don’t want to go through all these tabs We’re gonna go through this quickly. I likewise have a Team co-op that you’ll meet on some other sheets here, so you know here again.It’s just an added bonus Then I offer people who join me and I have some other bonuses in now, too So you know I have a lot of unique selling overtures, and it really really Facilitates you out, okay, so I’ve got this let’s take a look at this one This site here now this sales page. I established myself and it’s and it’s around a variety of unique Selling hypothesis, okay, I have them all jam-packed in here so as “youre seeing” I can create Capture sheets and sales pages for people who join me alright. And that that you are familiar with defines me apart. I have all kinds of bonuses right here right and That that’s also a great USP right All kinds of bonuses and I even caused a whole you know that this is huge, more This sets me apart as well, so anyway.I don’t wanna go into this, but I I originated a whole offline version of this Platform you are familiar with which which helps people help people make money offline with this this particular program Alright, so I’ve got this and and so you can see what I want about unique selling Overtures one more really quickly here. I appointed this sheet, and I have Here’s an example right here all partners who team up me will receive okay? So we have you know all kinds of things that are gonna help my parties Who attach me my you know my squad members who join me? These are all gonna help them have success and again I’ve got my weekly crew co-op now, so So there you go so you know that those are just examples of what I use and As soon as I understood this concept it actually helps you out it certainly did and I’m not I’m not blowing smoke alright, so I hope that members can experienced that video on my unique selling propositions, and which is what you USPs are and Main thing I want to get across that you know anything that’ll help your prospects its auctions or some kind of training Or anything like that you can use that as a unique selling proposition so if you got some enjoyment out of this if you learn something Please give me a thumbs up on this video.I would really appreciate it and thanks for watching this video I know there’s a bazillion videos out there, and I appreciate you you watching quarry. And if you have not yet to subscribe I would appreciate it if you’d agree To my channel because I have some great upcoming videos like I’m gonna upload them very shortly on how to be ruthless in your online marketing and These videos like this one are gonna be raw Straightforward, and there’s gonna be no fluff, and I’m just gonna tell you how it is and that’s that okay? This is Dan froelke. Have a great marketing day !.

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