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[ Music] my difficult affiliate sell policy needed no responsibility you three can give a hundred dollars plus per date in affiliate market so i will release this video here and now so what i demand from you watch the video till the be brought to an end not missing any part of the trick or policy I am going to share with you and video today and you will definitely like that and you are able to precisely start promoting your concoctions or it is a subsidiary commodities from clickbank jvzoo where air plus or digital wd4 so you can basically use this strategy and exactly imitate it and then maximize the research results so hey guys my figure is after and you are watching get money and gimmicks the super and fascinating path on YouTube with free and blurred affiliate sell programmes every day, so let’s begins with the programme how it use and how the method i will show you now video will exclusively help you a lot and earn money right away from your area with your internet bond and laptop or pc, so let’s get started m et the strategy the first and most important thing is that you only need to login with ua favor affiliate network with it clickbank dd accumulation 24 or someone you like, whether you are willing to it or what is available in your country the next step is so that you need to log in to your sound bank account or affiliate structure so as soon as you sign up for it, you can simply go straight to the market now that you can see, let me just make it a little zoom for you to see here, formerly you click on it will see the primary sheet like this and you can simply click on this investigation icon here so just click on it, formerly you click here on the search bar you will see all the products available now that you can easily see here is the next step that you should just sort it by seriousnes see here the manner okay click just once on seriousnes you click on gravity above commodities will be on top tend on the clink bench or the money people buy and fund beings or affiliates are advertising d that make so we can see here these products we can let us make it good soon , now our scaffold is the first the product is truly on the click bench with 622 23 gravitation actually and that repays 137 dollars for sales actually and of course they’ a repeat too commissioning the next concoction will therefore be that the patronage keto diet or the clink bank it is also training courses and countless people are obtaining and then we have another like biopete it is a new produce but it is very tend and countless people are buying this commodity and the gravy team sodium at gravity actually the sales or the fiat they commit it is 173 dollars, that many are there and at the back they too have returning committees that we can earn time and time again money from this commodity so if you check another day it is offering freedom and the is another one product not related to weight loss but investigate is also a weight loss product so that wants countless pro dukte about this arethe cork multitudes it means so many commodities on the clickbank is tending what is coming in the category of weight loss is actually so loose weight is of the best product and it is popular and many beings are willing to buy it so we should do, we can simply choose one of these makes here and we can start promoting so if you are interested in one of commodity so I do not just want to tell you that you can start the product right away now or cCommon keto diet in this video you can simply prefer for yourself person you demand but it should be in this trending makes about weight loss so formerly you do that the next step is for us “that were going” simply experience the tropical generator that channel we can promote it so that would be basic instagram instagram is the best resource for us but wait a minute, we just do not want to use with like others we use like to then create an instagram account upload daily was necessary to it and then follow and follow parties out and then for example we had more followers or we shout for other beings or we send to other big influencers our connect we can promote and then we will pay them the money so no it’s not all about it so it’s something else and something unique approach I want to show you in this video so you not only have to look forfollowers you do not need to look like others influencers for example to precisely give you a call or something but that is basically the best strategy which we can simply use that if you look here, it’s one report with 72,000 partisans actually about weight loss and it’s another one with 560 66,000 adherents and it’s another one like weight loss gratuities are there with 23,39, 000 partisans so they only built notes so what do you think they built themselves actually promote them just like they do something else actually the deception is so here we will do it use the instagram accounts but basically before using the instagram account and how we can use it it would be better to go to this site immediately now is another site for social media marketers and other parties they can buy and buy other histories now so the trick that I share in this video which is really great the end of this vid or this video i goes to show you somebonus paces likewise that uxu can maximize and triple coin or triple x your uh your income actually so here you can see that it is the money parties they are buying accounts and sales account like spat of faction accountings for example ginseng impact details for example adventure uh notes for example well so these are the different details that people buy right here and they make a good amount of money out of it so you can see here there are hundreds and thousands different categories that people simply promote right here, but actually the government only looking for one category like instagram chronicles buy and sell craft we can easily click on it formerly you click on the index then we are able to simply open it for example instagram accounts only instagram comments instagram followers instagram and username mention for example likes mentions views and others but we do not need things we are able to simply look instagram- details, we are able to simply click on it, as soon as we click on it we will do it appreciate another sheet and this page we need to do the basic way you are entrusted with it and you want to promote your produces with it so you exactly click here can come to manufacture can you see here that this is it good in the industry, do you see here industry let me just make it zoom that you can understand what you see here industry and then you can simply click on it and you can simply any hand-picked list you want to promote with it or you have the product for it you are eligible to mostly only selectcategory here so once you select the category and then click on search button now right as soon as you click onthe exploration button then you can see all the latest instagram histories right here so this is one instagram account for example like 14 000 adherents who have their bytes and then there bought sold by 69 and it is another one with 1k followers but it is only sold at 25 so if you scroll down you will see an incredible number and stunning chronicles actually here for very best price actually and genuinely cheap toll like this You can see 10,000 admirers here and they are 49 planneds with 49 we are able have an instagram get account that each and everything with 10 000 followers good involvement active sheet instantaneou delivery special offer okay so and it is also authenticated report actually we can simply with 10 000 adherents exclusively through 49 and it is another account the same as 10 Only 10 000 adherents 49 so you can easily find others through inexpensive expenditure more, but I do not just want to establish the video longer, so I’ll only give an example like this for example if you precisely immediately please click here and buy now so you is impossible to buy, but before buying it for pursue, make sure it’s the verified accounting and their active parties commitments are there and it’s a railroad and trackers, so how can you do that, I’ll show you right away here so you can see here before just go buy this account by exactly click on buy now and the buy everything now option is likewise really great for example let me just click on that okay how to buy now okay so it’s really a safe channel on which you can also buy something like now okay so you see here is 49 and here you can see here insurance package for legal services that you can go just about it around you can simply click on the invoice now so as soon as you click on the checkout now give them you the options for example whatever the alternative you are interested in you can simply select it and then it is likely to be merely you can transfer the money like ascribe or debit card bank transfer cryptocurrency e-wallet credit card option gift card all other remittances like now for example US bank bank delivery bitcoin apple offer by bucket search ok checks immediately so it’s all different uh different pay techniques you can choose one of them and you can send the money the money does not depart directly to him actually so it will be in the middle once they just give you or deliver you the proposal and you then acquire it and confirm that and then you go to the next step to exhaust the amount so the site will exclusively secrete their amounts with once you confirm it so that is why it’s a safe channel to really buy an history here right okay so once you precisely uh before you buy the account you need to contact this person okay that you exactly need to have the link out there okay Instagram username or the link they can you supply what you can check that it’s a verified detail best partisans will follow or not okay so once they give you the accounts for example so we can simply see here that it’s the history or it’s the history okay now on s did not come from them so we can simply choose one of those things if we are to be able simply emulate it so formerly we facsimile, the next step is that you can simply go to google and really add and hit that cool okay you are eligible to simply see here and bite it well, so as soon as you type a little speck go into the google you will see right below here okay merely scroll down and a little that starts, and you can see here instagram engagement rate ok, simply click on it formerly you click note that you will see here that you can simply legislates your username now and then click on the check for repair as soon as you click on the check profile they simply demo you the engagement how many duties they have is 0.40 good, that’s not good connection not it is this example I time grabbed a random one from instagram is not leave this, something like it okay it is so one note, but you can do it simply start so to and it is another account that I once have weight loss s checkedgaps what this one is um weight loss diet tips what is this one, I really appeared out with 72,000 partisans I merely examined right here and they have 4.74 participation which is amazing participations engagement frequencies are more valuable than other partisans like and other nonsense so you need to focus on engagement rates well that you need to understand how money get or what percentage it actually is when you buy it it should be more than one or one point one or one point five to two percent you can just look for involvements, so if it’s load one percent like this one that is not good, good booking right here okay so this way you can simply checkengagement here and you can just click on it and you can start buying it once you buy it another step will too be there speciman that if you want to buy buy that account well and you can start promoting concoctions right away here and you can just use the link in the farmdescription like these people you do the same thing and you can just upload a random uh idols very and that action you can get more engagement and more marketings from it once “youve finished” promoting your makes about it, for example about histories actually what you bought, placed it the link in the description and you no longer demand for example that you want to promote, such a bonus tip-off will be there you can simply simply simulate your account means merely your chronicle and just go to the site like you see here precisely sign up now for a free detail here so formerly you register now then you will be able to addyou For pattern you can add your instagram chronicle simply now, once you have added your Instagram account here hereafter website you learn parties selling here really their instagram details like with 2k adherents with 130 dollars and 3 000 followers with 140 and for example 16 000 adherents with 340 dollars actually what a good deal of money is that you can earn money from it again, actually you sold for example what you bought through 49 here is the account and you can basically just sign on now so it can see you here it is 10,000 followers through 49 here but you are eligible to simply sell now you that the 10,000 partisans history is over there with numerous big money actually that you can also earn extra cash from this but it will be another category or another business you can find out the instagram details here is cheap with more admirers commitments and then you can sell it here website it is therefore is another coolest way to i will just tell you in a nutshell how it runs, the method the strategy basically simply comes right here on this area and simply for example the clickbank or any system encounter the products once now find out “theres going” to instagram uh or actually and simply research Instagram account for cheese that before obtain just seizure your link or username and come to the in in bit.go right here and check your username for example or look at your relate now right and formerly you are approved and they have morse actions you are able to simply buy and start your produce with that Instagram account as soon as you are just paid with it do not want to promote it, then grab your account here and then go to social media and affix it right away here and you can buy and you can double your coin right away here so that was the whole method in the whole strategy I was about to share with you in today’s video and you will definitely like that if you like the methodology used, press like button observe if you have any question or concern I can respond to it as quickly as possible if you have not yet subscribed to the channel please press the subscribe button and turn on the clock notification when we upload new video, you will be notified until the next brand video looks great with pleasant moments you

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