One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) Make $100 A Day As A ClickFunnels Affiliate

– Hey, my identify isRussell Brunson and I want to welcomeyou to my canal. I am so excited tohave you here today, and I’m making this videobecause I was looking online, and there’s a whole bunchof parties that have videos to talk about how tomake $100 in a era. And I was watching abunch of these videos to see what parties are learning. It kind of drove me crazy. Some parties had thesecomplex programs that were like, these huge, elaborated things. I was like, there’s no way thatis even physically possible for the average human. And the other side, they have these plans that are so simple, like, thatwould never actually cultivate. And I went truly, really stymie andI started visualizing, what would I tell someone, if my mummy or mybrother or my sister, someone I lovewas sitting here, and they weredesperately looking like, I need a hundred horses a day.What should I is being done? I was like, what wouldI actually tell them? And so, that’s the wholepremise of this video. What would I tell my momor my brother or somebody, if they needed tomake $ 100 in a epoch. Okay? And so, kind of what I wanna do, I wanna take you backin time a little bit. If you don’t know who I am, I’m the founder of a softwarecompany announced ClickFunnels. And ClickFunnels is areally powerful tool. It helps peoplebuild marketings pours. The difficulty is a lotof people, at first, don’t know what asales pour is.They’re completely flustered. And so, we started building abunch of education and things to teach parties howto build funnels. In point, one of our besteducation commodities is this one. It’s called The OneFunnel Away Challenge. You probably identify thewebsite now, behind me. I say website,’ causesome of you guys don’t know what a pour is yet, but this is thefunnel that sells The One Funnel Away Challenge. Now, I’m not here todayto pitch you on that, but I demand you to understand, that this is ourtraining package. It’s huge, it comes withbooks and mp3 musicians, and a entire knot of training programs, as well as a 30 -daylive training program that drills people on how touse and how to create a funnel for their business.And, it’s one of the mostpowerful training tools we have. And, it’s so potent, in fact, that I actually devote affiliates $100 for every single one of these caskets theygive away, okay? So, it actually, if yougo to, and you sign up, it expenses $100 to get the kit, but I pay affiliatesthe entire $100. So, I would tell my wifeor my sister or my friend, or whoever’s doing this, I’dsay, go to One Funnel Away, clink right here on thistab that says Affiliate, and become an affiliate, and then tell people tosign up for these new challenges. Every person ratifies up for thechallenge, they pay me $100, and then I utter that $100 directly to the person who exactly ratified them up. Okay? So, what’s powerfulabout this, is, you can literally go down thestreet to businesses and say, hey, what’s your entanglement presenceright now, and they’re like, I have a website, or Ihave whatever, and say, do you now you shouldactually use a funnel? And they’re like, what’s a pour? And I’m like, oh, the pour is the greatestthing in the world.Come do this training, it’s 100 bucks, and over 30 eras you’llbe training over 30 daylights, exactly how to thebuild the pour and opening it for yourspecific business. You tell a businessowner that they sign up, you get the entireenrollment fee. That $100 vanishes immediately to you, they get this hugekit in the mail, and they get a 30 -dayone-on-one coaching program, it’s actually notone-on-one, it’s one on numerous, it’s a group coachingprogram, sorry, that’s really, really, powerful, it helps them toget a funnel constructed, and opening the sideof their corporation. Okay? And so, that’s what I would do, I’d tell my mommy, my sister, whoever, this is how you go and start seeing $100 a day. It’s very simple, it’stelling beings about the One Funnel Away challenge, coming them to createtheir very first funnel, and they have success with that, and you get paid $ 100 for present them theeducation they need to actually get started. And so, that’s it. It’s not complicated. You don’t have togo build the pour, you don’t have togo and do something that doesn’t actually work.All you got to do is just tellpeople about this challenge, and you manufacture $100 for everysingle person that ratifies up. that’s it. It’s so simple, it’s so easy, and it’s somethingthat anybody can do. So, if you want tomake $100 a daytime, the most effective way is got to go, and tell 10 beings about theOne Funnel Away Challenge, if you get one outof 10 to sign up, thunder, you’ve made 100 bucks.And, right now, this pagecurrently converts at about 10%, it’s about one out of every1 0 people that smacked this sheet, end up signing upfor the challenge. That symbolizes encounter ten people, tell them about these new challenges, thunder. Now, I’m asking you, do you think you couldcontact ten people in a epoch? That’s like, 1.5 parties an hour, if you work an 8 hour date. Okay, all you do istell 10 parties about us, 1.5 people per hour, and over a daylight reporting period, you should have atleast one person sign up for the challenge, and, if so, you’vemade 100 bucks.And if not, lead tella couple more parties. That’s the superpower behind theOne Funnel Away Challenge, and it’s exactlywhat I would tell you if “youre gonna” sittingwith me right now. You want to realise 100 bucks aday, this is the easiest way, is, give people thiseducation program, and you must pay $ 100 for everysingle person that signs up. So, I hope that helped. If you like this video, please comment, share. Tell other beings about it, and, what I recommend, is, go to, click on the Affiliate Tab, and get started today ..

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