Online Marketing Tools | What Tools You ACTUALLY Need For Affiliate Marketing!

– So you wanna build an online business, and you continue hearing about all these tools and things that people aretelling you you should have. But what do you actually is necessary to have, and what are just nice to have’s? Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and in this video, I’mgonna break it down for you, what are the actual corethings that you need to have to build a successful online business, and what are the toolsthat you can layer on later that are just nice to have’s and not essential to your success? Now, as a general rule, you get what you pay for. Yes, many of these things, you can find some sort of freeversion online somewhere, but you get what you pay for. It’s often very difficultto use to get it to do what you want it to do, not terribly user friendly, and it’s gonna take a lotmore of your time to use it. So I most suggest that youactually pay for some tools.They’re not expensive. It’s a business. Consider this like your lightbill or your heating invoice or something if you had aphysical business location. These are the core things that you need, monthly expenses that you shouldplan for in your business. Another reason thatyou wanna pay for implements instead of using justkind of the free trash you can hodge podge togetheris that it looks really hokey. If person hears you onlineand they go through your sheets and they do the differentthings, become an audience member and a pas for you and everything else, they’re gonna be able to tellthat you’re using free tools. They often have differentstamps and things on them, and you’re not gonna look professional. So you wanna present yourselfas a professional online, so emphatically exactly pay for the tools.I’m gonna give you the threethings that you need to have and the three thingsthat are nice to have, what they are in general, how they labor, and then likewise our recommended programs that we use in our own business. So I will have the linksdown in the description, they are affiliate associations, so that you can check out the individual platforms, thetools, if that’s something that you are activelylooking for in your business.Now, let’s start with theneeds to have, need have’s. Now let’s start offwith the need to have’s. So, number 1, most crucial, guys, email autoresponder. An email autoresponderis a tool that allows you to email a bunch of beings at once. This is essential, becauseeven if you have an audience on YouTube, on Instagram, Twitter, wherever, Facebook, you don’t own those social media accounts.They can be gone in an instant, and poof, your businesswould be gone as well. You wanna build an email listso that you can still continue to reach out to that gathering. You own your email list. No one’s gonna take it away from you. You can continue to marketto those people to give content and cost to them, butalso provide offers to them, and you can make a lot of money exactly leveraging your email directory. And yes, there are somefree implements that you can get started with; however, Iwould caution you against that. I used to select a systemthat fulfills your needs as a rookie but likewise dishes you as you change and get morecomplex in your business. Todd and I started offwith something pretty basic with AWeber and intent upswitching to Infusionsoft for more complicated stuff we had to do, and now we are finally on ActiveCampaign, and it’s not an easy thing to change formerly you’re established.It takes a lot of time, irritation, and exertion to get swapped over, soI would choose something like ActiveCampaign that canserve you well as a fledgling and also has the advanced functionality that you’re gonna need long-term. And that’s exactly why we like it. ActiveCampaign is ourrecommended email autoresponder because it’s very simple to use. I’ve never gone throughany of the tutorials, and I send emails every day. It’s very simple to usefrom an enduser perspective, but it also has labels and automated stuff that you would normallyjust see in something like Infusionsoft, whichhas a very high price tag. ActiveCampaign is much more inexpensive. So ActiveCampaign is a greattool to use in particular because it’s gonna beeasy at the start, and it’s gonna allow you tohave the advanced functionality. It’s gonna be there for youwhen you’re ready for it. Tool number two that youneed to have to build a successful online businessis some sort of tool or software to createcustomizable capture pages.Landing pages, precede sheets, whatever you call it, you need to be able toeasily create a web page that parties put in theircontact information into, refer and email minimum. Sometimes we may ask for phone number or some additional questions, but that’s the basic, and that’s how you’re goingto building your email index. People put in theirinformation on these sheets, and then they get added toyour email roster on the backend. Now, why do you wantcustomizable capture sheets, something that you canedit and modify yourself? Because you need togive a intellect for people to give you their emailaddress, but you don’t just say, hey, gimme your email address online, and people only flock toyou and give it to you , no.You need to give them quality, something that they’re actually interested in, inexchange for their email address. So if you’re offeringsome sort of diet programme or exercise scheme, thenyou could perhaps tell on some recipes or precisely aone-day meal prep guide or something like thatthat they are unable to download online for free as away to generate conducts. So you need a behavior tocreate a page, set it up so they can actually get that information.And if you’re working with a great system, affiliate marketingsystem, that does require good capture sheets foryou and everything else and gives you your ownleads, they don’t obstruct’ em for themselves, then I wouldstill suggest and argue that you still need your owncustomizable capture pages to really is a success ,’ stimulate you wanna integrate yourself into those done-for-you pours. You wanna customize the first and second pageto be specific to you. Because your audience began to it, they wanna told you in it. So you compose the landingpage, the page that people actually settled their informationin, cause that yourself.Then you’d go onto somethinglike a bridge sheet, where perhaps you’re doingan preamble video, short-lived little excerpt sayinghi, and then telling them what they’re gonna hear on the next page. But people who have madeit big-hearted on online sell, they computed those additional little bits. Yeah, it made a little of setup, yes, they needed their own tool to do it, and you’re gonna get biggerresults when you do it this way.You’re going to create more success. So we have two systemsthat we its utilization and recommend for customizable captivate sheets, and depending on whereyou are in your wander, one will fit you better than the other. If you’re more advanced in your market or you’ve got already greattraining that is teaching you exactly what to do inyour internet marketing, then something like ClickFunnels would be a great option for you. Their capture pages arereally simple and easy to put together, and it acts enormous. Now, if you are still learning how to become an online marketer, then we would suggestsomething like MyLeadSystemPRO. They have customizable capture sheets in addition to being able to a wholebunch of other substance. They include thecustomizable capture pages, plus they have the trainingthat you’re gonna need that’s gonna actuallywalk you through exactly how to become a successfulinternet marketer , not just training on creating moves or captivate pages, but actual learn on everything relatedto internet commerce. So if you’re at thebeginning of your expedition, still learning, we would really propose MyLeadSystemPRO, MLSP, as your implement that you use forcustomizable captivate pages.Now, tool count threethat you have to have is then your leadmagnet, your make magnet. So this could be a PDF, a video, something that you originate yourself, or there’s trash that youcan actually purchase online and get the rights tothat you can offer beings. So in that example I usedpreviously, your main offer is an exercise program orsome sort of meal program. Then a good lead-in magnet, something you give away for free in exchange for theiremail address, could be something like one day ofmeal prepping directions, right, how to meal prep day one, how to go to the grocerystore and make good decisions, the 10 things you need toget out of your house today if you wanna lose 12 pounds inthe next month, or whatever, something that fits your audience.Someone who’s interestedin that guide magnet, is likely to be interestedin whatever your offer is. So it needs to be congruent and make sense to what your end goal is, what you want them to buy. You can create something like this yourself consuming Canva, free tool online. We’ve got all kinds oftutorials on how to do it. I’ll make sure there aninfo placard here for you on one of our tutorials that learn Canva. We can do a little bit of research online, come up with some greatinformation that beings in your target audiencewould be interested in, employed it together in a delightful PDFdownload that they can access, or you can shoot videos. You can do that as well andprovide it in a video format. It’s totally up to you, butyou need some sort of value that you are offering inexchange for their information.That is how you build an email list. So these three things: anemail autoresponder organisation, customizable capturepages and pass magnets, how is that gonna work together? Well, wherever you end upmaking your marker online, whether that’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, you’re going to offersomething of value for free, your produce magnet, in exchangefor their contact information. Well, in order to collecttheir contact information and to give them the contribute magnet, you’re going to needcustomizable capture pages.Once they opt into thosecustomizable capture pages, they then get added to youremail autoresponder list. And from there, you’re gonnacontinue to market to them, afford them evaluate long-term, creating a really loyal audience and raving fans and returning clients. Now, some of the nice to have’s: number one, your own website. For us, it’s Your own website is great because again, all of the social mediaaccounts can disappear at a moment’s notice, andso having your own website is your own real estate onlinethat nobody can take away. So it’s always a good theme to have.Do you need it to get started? No. I know a lot of peoplewho’ve made a lot of money who don’t have websites. You can do it withouthaving your own website. However, long-term, you shouldplan to have it in the end. When I say website, I’mreally wanting a blog, something that offer appreciate, great information to your target audience. It’s another way to build an audience, hire an public, andto sell to that audience, obtain leads-in, build youremail schedule, and make offers. Tool number two that’s a nice to have is a Facebook Messenger bot, something like ManyChat, which is what we use. Facebook Messenger bots are great. It’s very similar to what youwould do with an email list.You’re building a index ofpeople that you can message. Nonetheless, we ever build itsecondary to our email register. Email is first for us, ever, and I recommend it for you aswell, because you own it. It can’t be taken away from you. ManyChat is great. There’s really high openrates, necessitating when you send the themes to parties, alot more parties will open it if it’s transmitted through Facebook Messenger than they will an email, soit’s a great thing to have. However, if Facebook stops giving beings have Messenger bots, it’s gone in an instant, and if that’s the only thing you’ve built in your business, you’rereally in trouble.So that’s why we always show doing that as a secondary thing. It’s something that you can add long-term. It’s a great tool to use. It’s a great thing to useto build your business. However, it’s a nice tohave and not a is necessary to have. You are to be able get signedup with ManyChat for free, but once you stumbled so many subscribers, then they start charging you, and it goes up and up as yourlist preserves originating with them.If you wanna actually envision whata Messenger bot looks like or how it manipulates, justhead over to our fan sheet on Facebook, Todd and LeahRae, toddandleahrae, and then click the Send Messagebutton and just say hello. You’ll get added to our structure, and you can start receiving senses from us throughMessenger abusing ManyChat. So we use this to send parties our material whenever we’re creating YouTubevideos that are published, when we’re offering webinarsand doing different things. We leverage our listing to do that. Now, implement list threeis also a great tool, but not something it is necessary to at the beginning, a webinar busines. Personally, we useEasyWebinar, because it has great customer service andeverything that we need. Now, a webinar serviceis just gonna give you a platform to actually hold webinars, whether they’re live or automated.Webinars can be used toprovide valuable train, live shops, engagements, whatever, to your existingcustomers or team members, but they can also be usedas a highway to procreate more marketings. Todd and I leverage webinarsa lot for making money. They are very, very effective, but you’re not gonna wanna dothat at the very beginning. Leverage the done for you trash, whatever’s coming with your system, your affiliate commerce curriculum, whatever you’re workingwith for constituting those auctions. You don’t need to startdoing webinars straight off. That’s a skill thatyou can learn later on, and then you’ll need a webinar service in order to actually do those webinars.Now, with these six gratuities sorted into collections of what you actually needand what you will need last-minute,( Leah screams) I hope that you is my finding that supportive and that you understand that we really merely wannaset you up for success. If you’re serious aboutbuilding an online business, you definitely want toclick the link at the top of the description for some huge prepare that’s gonna help you be successful building your onlinebusiness as soon as possible. Now, please note thatwe are rooting for you. We are here to help youcreate the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if you’re new to thechannel, you’re gonna have to subscribe so thatwe can help you do that. Say hi in specific comments so we can welcome you to the community. Again, this is LeahRaefrom Head over to this nextvideo, and I’ll see you soon ..

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