Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2021 – Can you Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog?

Are you even allowed to use direct affiliatelinks on Pinterest? That’s one of the questions I get very often aboutaffiliate marketing on Pinterest. Can you use Amazon affiliate connects on Pinterest? How do you do the affiliate revealing to be safe? Which other affiliate networks youcan use on Pinterest? So many questions! And in this video I goes to show you whatyou should do with the fill links to increase your affiliate income withPinterest free traffic.Hi! I’m Anastasia of’m a Pinterest marketing expert. And if you want to learn more about Pinteresttraffic, subscribe to my path. Click that Bell button to get notifications, and check my canal every Thursday because that’s when I publish newPinterest gratuities. And before we move into any details, I want to answer a verycommon question about affiliate market on Pinterest. People often askme: can I make money on Pinterest with affiliate connections if I don’t have anywebsite? And in theory, you can because your links “il be going” immediately to the siteof the product you are trying to sell as an affiliate.But, in reality, you willfind out that most of the affiliate planneds will require a website uponregistration. So you will be filling out lotions to join any affiliateprogram or system and on the majority of members of them you will have to provide a website. Somenetworks probably will allow you to add links to your social media sketches andin this case Pinterest would work perhaps. But simply be prepared that mostof the affiliate programs will require a domain, a website. Another thing you needto check out as soon as you connect any affiliate platform is whether or not theyallow using direct associations from social media. for example I’m showing you one ofthe affiliate networks I’m working with it’s called ShareASale.It has productsfrom many different niches. As “youre seeing”, all the categories here. And if youdon’t know where to start and how to find huge affiliate offersyou could start now on ShareASale. Because it’s a very big network, and mostprobably we’ll find something that suits youraudience in your niche. And once you are accepted to ShareASale network, youwill have to apply for each individual affiliate program separately. So youdon’t have access to all of them by default, exactly by joining ShareASale, okay? And before applying, you are eligible to open each specific curriculum and read their Termsand Conditions. Some of the programme will specific focus on affiliate attaches insocial media but I have to warn you that not all the programs even mention thisrule about social media. For example for this particular product in their Termsof Service they say clearly: social media promotionon Facebook Twitter and other social media platforms is granted but you needto follow several general rules.And if you read carefully what they miss fromyou here, they’re just saying that you are welcome to use affiliate associates onyour Facebook, Twitter details and other social media platforms. So, you can use iton your accountings but you are prohibited from posting these affiliate associations onPicMonkey’s social media histories that that then wouldn’t make sense to go toto to the official page of a PicMonkey and post and post to your affiliatelinks there that doesn’t make any sense. So that’s the only settle! So mostly youcan use for this program and there are many other products that are clearlystating that you can use social media connects. Now let me show you how you cancreate a pin with a direct affiliate association and I will maintain show you thisexample from ShareASale.So we’re going to first upload the rod persona onPinterest so we’re going to upload this pin, add a rod description, bolt titlefirst, then pin description with all the keywords we’re trying to target withthis pin and with related hashtags of course, and one of the hashtags will be #affiliate. You could also use a hashtag #sponsored or hashtag #ad – this is fordisclosure because Pinterest is following FTC guidelines.It’s a common practice on the Internet that you have to make a disclosure.Inthis case, you’re just put these hashtags. And I wouldn’t recommend doingthis mindlessly! You have to actually do the keyword research and add all thekeywords related to the product you’re advertising. Otherwise, your bolt has verylittle chances to generate a lot of clicks. If you want to learn how to dokeyword research on Pinterest, I “ve got another” video about it. You’ll need toclick on this info icon on the top right corner to open that video and watch itlater.I too have Pinterest SEO Traffic Mystery Course for those of you who wantto dive truly deep into all the rules of search engine optimization forPinterest platform solely. These approaches will assist you germinate organictraffic, propose “youre going to have to” do the manipulate but you don’t need any ad budgetfor this traffic. And to finish the creation of this pin we need to add adestination link so in our case it will be an affiliate direct link to theproduct we go to ShareASale and among the other links to the product I willcheck the default text link.You click here get the code and you choose selectURL only I facsimile that code and I will implant it here in the end link.Now, to save this bolt ideally you would have to create or previously have a boardthat has this precise prime keyword that you’re targeting. But since I’m justshowing you two examples I don’t have any card that are actually has the same keywordslike persona revising, epitome editing app in the title.So I will merely save it to oneof my to my biggest board where I save everything is attributable to my website. I’m gonnaclick publish. Now, let’s see what we have in this pin so here is the pin, and ifyou look down to the left you will see to the left corner you will see that thelink starts it’s an affiliate join and it goes to the PicMonkey website. So havingdirect connections from pins was one of the ways of using Pinterest for affiliatemarketing. And another way which could work even better in my opinion isby adding your affiliate connections on your website or your blog. I’m showing youhere an example of a announce about best gifts for Mother’s Day.As “youre seeing”, here in this blog post.You create a collection of immense giftideas and you explain why each of these talents is so amazing and thisprovides additional evaluate and constructs trust. So beings predict your positions and theyreally feel that they should try and they should go and buy that talent. Thesame applies to commodities like PicMonkey from my previous pattern. If you only addsend users like I testified you immediately to PicMonkey’s shoring sheet, peoplemight get interested but since they don’t know anything about the tool theywill just leave the site without buying. But if you send them to your blog postwhere you explain how to use PicMonkey and why the tool is so great, you’readding value.Let me depict you from this rod we’re going to this blog berth it’s along blog pos, t she has all the screenshots, all the instructions, it’s afull tutorial and she even has a video. So you’re adding evaluate and you’rebuilding trust So, changeovers are much higher in thiscase if “youre using” relations NOT direct links to to the products but to your blog post.But, of course, the second techniques when you’re creating a blog post or someinformation on your website it requires more cultivate from you so if you’re doubtingme you could just try both of these methods and see which labours very good I’msure that depending on the make price it can be easier or harder to sell withdirect affiliate joins it depends on the niche and on the types of produces thatyou are promoting with your affiliate helped you share it on Twitter Facebookand if you are new on my channel leave as a common agreed right there inthe comments below the video and I will

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