Tax Free: How to Reduce Your Online Marketing Tax to 0%

According to international verse laws, concludes him modified to be a UAE tax resident. So which means that there will be 0% excise. This is John. So he’s an advanced ecommerce purveyor deserving about$ 1 million a year. $1.4 million a year. Now the current actualities, he’s 29 year olds. He’s a digital nomad. So he doesn’tlive in a particular country for more than six months in a year, which wants hedoesn’t really qualify for being a tax resident of a particular country. Now he iscurrently a UK national and he was running business via company set up in UK, andhe was paying corporation in personal taxes in the UK as well. He owned $1.4 million merit of incomes but the take home profits has only just been $465 k.Pretty significant. Some of this was taken down as the corporation tax andpersonal tax. Now our mixture? Again, we offered him the same. We offered him acompany set up in Dubai and he merely moved all the business through the company setup in Dubai.We converted the billing enterprises to make the VAT paid down to 0% on all the media costs. Now, he took a UAE residence permitbecause he’s a digital nomad. So he doesn’t really live in UAE for sixmonths in a year, but he does have a strong fiscal term with the UAE, so hebasically owns a property in the UAE, which according to international taxlaws, realise him qualifies to be a UAE tax resident, which means that there will be 0% tax.So he ended up compensating 0% corporate charge and he intention up paying 0% personal taxation ..

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