The 10 BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021 // How Much Do They Pay?

hey everybody this is robert blake helping you create something awesome today welcome back to the channel today we are going to round up the 10 best and high-pitched compensating affiliate sell curricula that i have been able to think of some of these are my personal favorites and yes i know i know everybody does these passive income and how to make money online videos the good news is i’m one of the only people who does these videos and then doesn’t sell you a 1 000 affiliate market track so you’re welcome and again i kid i kid divinity help us if “were losing” our sense of humor in 2020 right well like i said all joking aside i really do like this topic because it actually has impacted me uh when i was like a kid in my 20 s i used to make like six dollars an hour in the plaza back in my day everything was harder and we had to earn our fund the hard way by sitting in air conditioning in the plaza selling from the checkout like i’m playing with you guys again but i travelled from fixing like six dollars an hour as a violate college kid to being able in my 30 s over a decade later to be able to earn uh you know a six-figure income affiliate marketing played a role in that uh youtube played a role in that freelancing represented a role in that and of course online auctions frisked a role in that and so what i try to do with this youtube channel is i try to actually show you reasonable and practical things i did and tell you how long a good deal of this stuff takes what you have to invest up front because again there is a common sense approach to doing a good deal of this trash “theres no way” to make money in your sleep overnight it doesn’t happen it’s going to mean front loading try it’s going to planned make hard work now reaping benefit from it later that’s the way it labors so with that in subconsciou let’s jump into the video and get into my 10 best affiliate commerce planneds the ones that here i am thinking actually pay the best because i know that’s what you guys just came here for so affiliate program number one is teachable teachable as an online route and coaching scaffold i actually have a great relationship with them and i actually have some future commodities that i’m going to be using their scaffold to develop and what i will say about teachable is they have a 30 repetition fee planned this is actually really strong because you want those reappearing fees so you can start constituting more automated income something that feels a lot more passive formerly you breast loaded a little of work and the good news is that they actually have a 30 -day cookie window so anyone who has sounds on your affiliate link within a 30 -day period of them clicking you will actually get the commission for that you will get credit for that and since teachable’s um platform starts at 39 a month and goes all the way up to 499 dollars a month that is 30 committees is likely to be potent and that can add up also as somebody modernizes that means that your revenue is going to increase so is undoubtedly recommend that this be in your top listing if you’re looking for strong affiliate platforms that have a high payout affiliate program number two is amazon amazon does not offer recurring commissions and amazon commissions are between 1 percent and 10 depending on the product category and worse than that it is a 24 hour cookie that’s it so why do i recommend amazon there are two reasons one if somebody usages your amazon tie-up anything they purchase within that 24 hour period is actually weighed toward your commissions so that can actually be really useful if people are doing impulse buying that can add up for you the second thing is i think what’s underrated with amazon and i’ve done videos talking about the most wonderful tactics for this is that they offer bounty commissionings where they compensate you a flat proportion for beings signing up for free tribulations of things like audible and kindle as well as amazon prime with audible for example if any of you wanted to buy two audio books you could offer zero dollars and you could sign up for a free audible experiment you can actually use mine in the link down below when you sign up for that you’re going to get two audio records and you keep them forever even if you cancel audible before you start paying the 15 a month for it and so that is how the commission structure labor you can offer something that’s free that cost your audience zero dollars because they incentivize it it’s a good business simulation for them and you would get a five dollar bounty on audible and they have different ones for amazon primary for deliveries so someone can get 30 daylights of prime two-day free shipping and that could actually save them some fund and again if they sign up for these free inquiries you get a commission you get a bounty so between the facts of the case that in 24 hours the add to cart could just pile up and pile up and you could get really good commissions off of that you also have these reward programs and that’s why i think that amazon deserves to be on the roll for top 10 affiliate programs crowd three is bluehost bluehost is a web hosting firm so it’s for anyone who wants to start a wordpress blog or to build their own website it’s one of the website makes that i recommend and one of the hosting fellowships i recommend and our gathering does actually get a significant discount if you want to use our affiliate link to start your own website and do affiliate commerce but my move on that aside they volunteer 65 boards at the start and as you progress you can actually go to higher and higher tiers so that is the first set of good information here second laid of good report is there is a 45 cookie opening now so again someone clicks on that link even if they decide to buy 45 epoches out you are credited for that board and so these are not recurring fees there are network hosting fellowships that give those but the initial prize commissioning and the fact that you can move up in your tiering clears this so alluring that i think i have to recommend it to you and i think that when you look at all the web hosting fellowships out there all of them have good inspects all of them “ve got some bad” examines but if you look at it from the perspective of if you’re here in the us and you’re looking to offer somebody the opportunity to have us customer service then bluehost makes a lot of impression in matters of a entanglement hosting affiliate marriage affiliate platform count four is fiverr now i know i’ve made harsh videos four or five years ago about fiverr but the stage in the program has changed over the last four or five years i still have positives and negatives about it i have no shortage of things i can complain about when it is necessary to any online platform and that being said we’ve actually used it to outsource some certainly menial exercises so you are well aware my squad crew roberto “were having” employed parties on fiverr and on upwork before the reason that i think the fiverr affiliate program could be good for a lot of you is because there’s a lot of things i didn’t even know about this affiliate program um because i haven’t recommended it that way in the past i’ve just told beings how to become freelancers on fiverr and how to hire parties on fiverr i didn’t even actually consider the affiliate program and the thing about that is this if you know anybody that is trying to outsource undertakings and this is actually extremely profitable for like if you know people who are content makes on youtube or streamers on quiver and they need some practice task done if you actually pertain beings on fiverr you get a 10 bonu plus a 10 rev share with the fiverr hybrid platform so that’s actually really beneficial and if you know people who are trying to become freelancers if they go through any of the five or learn trends you get a 30 board on that and then they have the fiverr pro tier and with the fiverr pro tier you could be looking at i believe 10 to 50 bonus if anybody decides to hire someone on fiverr pro only depending on the price that you know we’re talking about for contracting their services so since they have a variety of renders that you can get commissions on with that i think it’s actually a pretty strong program and so i’m surely going to recommend you look into that as for fiverr it does have a 30 -day cookie so if somebody decides to look at outsourcing or learn to be a freelancer and they use your fiverr affiliate link then you get those bonus even if they do it within 30 periods of sounding so emphatically worth looking into affiliate marketing program number five is convertkit convertkit is an email sell application it’s software as a service and you know what that intends returning affiliate fees reappearing affiliate operations in perpetuity i love that so much because it’s again indeed automated at that point formerly you meet the sale then the income continues generating coming in and the good news with this is with email marketing when somebody’s email directory originates the amount of money they spend on that email list likewise germinates which wants this is one of the few affiliate programs that has repetition commissionings but also has a scalable upside and so with this one i actually use convertkit for my email market for uh the astonishing squad newsletter well use it for the email commerce in my business with breathtaking creator establishment and so i can tell you from experience the automation place of convertkit manufactures it worth it to anybody who buys it my good friend pat flynn from smart passive income actually is the one who gave me on to this and i was using mailchimp before that great software with a free tier but convertkit recently only started offering a free rank as well and they kind of use the dropbox model where if you denote parties then you get um you know higher levels while still within that free rank so this is actually something that i think is very powerful for you guys in terms of being able to generate you know close to truly passive income with recurring commissionings if you know anybody who’s in the online business infinite or needs to start a newsletter get them onto convertkit even the free version of convertkit can be powerful because if they proselytize you know pun planned over from the free version to the paid account you still get credit for those commissionings convertkit has a 30 -day cookie and it starts at 29 a month for the paid explanation so again if beings get in on the free copy not even a free test exactly the free edition of convertkit and then they move over to the paid account and as their schedule stretches the revenues and that 30 percent flourishes so again this definitely has earned its locate in my meridian 10 when it comes to affiliate marketing programs affiliate selling program figure six is kajabi which i actually use for my business astonishing founder academy uh kajabi has been great i’ve been using it since summertime of 2017 and we’ve actually done about approximately a one-fourth million in marketings since then so i’m really happy with it kajabi is for coaching tracks and body places and it’s probably the all-in-one platform there are a lot of these different stages like teachable but kajabi is the closest to being like an all-in-one inclusive and that’s why it’s also a little bit more expensive the good news for you is that that necessitates the 30 percentage returning committees are worth a little bit more someone going into the lowest tier on kajabi would resent would represent a about 45 a month recurring commission for you and if they ever modernize of course that digit increases so this is probably one of the better recurring affiliate platforms that exist right now hijabi is another program that has a 30 -day window in terms of the cookie but it also has another bonus that i have to tell you about that separates it from everyone else pretty much for approximately every 50 uh plus i believe it’s 50 and then 100 and so on uh for all these different ranks you actually get a 500 a month bonus and what that entails is if you signed off 50 people under you as an active kajabi affiliate as long as there are 50 active kajabi consumers who have signed up use your affiliate connect and they remain using kajabi as a service you would get a bonus of 500 a month additional on top of your regular 30 affiliate sales if you go to a hundred people a month they give you another 500 a month bonus so at that point you can see how this is one of the best affiliate programs out there right now if you are in the opening of helping people build online occupations this is really powerful and i clearly can recommend them uh and if you are trying to build your online business apparently you can use my kajabi link in the description down below and move me slightly closer to my 500 bonus the tesla awaits and again these are jokes i’m kind of making fun of make money online trash because divinity help us if we lose our sense of humor in 2020. Affiliate program number seven is wix wix is a direct challenger of squarespace they are one of the online website build implements that are for people who are non-tech savvy and i think that’s actually important to mention them well have had friends family and clients “whos been” worked both wix and squarespace wix obviously has the better affiliate program of the two but there are people who merely have a preference a primary speciman is that one of my cousins actually likes abusing squarespace you know he does some stuff with music and that’s what he employments but my sister actually promotes wix she didn’t like exploiting squarespace and she thought it was too complicated for her i feel like they’re about the same but people have their advantages with these and so uh if you know somebody that is not tech savvy but also wants to build a website maybe somebody who’s a material creator for example or somebody that’s a little bit older then i would definitely recommend wix as something that you could steer them toward wix also has a 100 bounty committee so it’s flat charge for their you know premium websites here is the funny thing though um i still have to confirm this but i believe that with their free websites if somebody alters to the premium and they sign on with your tie-in you still get that i have to confirm that but i believe that that’s the way that that works so even if they sign up and they get a free wix website if they go to fee i believe that you actually still get the commission for that now the other thing that you need to know about wix is you do need to know about the cookies wix like most of these programs has a 30 -day cookie window and when it comes to web hosting that’s what you should expect like i said bluehost has a 45 day opening so if you’re doing a web hosting roundup you should probably know which ones um have you know longer and shorter cookie windows because i think that’d be important to you but here’s something else you need to know is about their payout fee organizes theirs actually has a ceiling before you can get paid out it ought to have 300 that you’ve earned in fees before you can be paid out and that does roll over so don’t worry they’re not sustain your money from you when you are stumbled 300 you will be able to be paid out and so you need to know that before you start doing this affiliate program if you’re expecting to precisely be able to cash out on the first 100 it does not work that direction uh it’s not youtube where they do it at a hundred dollars it’s 300 so i thought it was just important that you know that in the details affiliate program number eight is sem rushed a great deal of you have probably never heard of this this is something that i actually used to use when i worked as an internet marketer at a company we actually still use it for my business today and a great deal of my buyers use it i recommend this to a lot of my business coaching clients because it’s one of the most powerful seo implements that has pretty much ever existed and the good news for you as affiliate marketers is that it has 40 percent fees that’s right it has 40 the committees and it has one other little absurd thing that i don’t know how they do it i don’t even know if this is like i don’t even know if this is accurate but like i don’t know how they do this sem move says that they have some absurd 10 -year cookie and i don’t know how you do that i i don’t understand it i’m just quoting you what the information says in my documents and what’s on their website here and so a 10 -year cookie there you go but 40 commissions and it is an seo tool i suggested that with a lot of these implements by the way if i haven’t said this up front before uh recommend tools that you actually use and that you have familiarity with and that you think are valuable to your gathering to your your customers to your purchasers um don’t do something time because it has a really great commission structure to it i think that that should go without saying but i’ve seen too many videos where people don’t call that out and so there you go do it the right way i’m gonna do a whole video about that let’s do a video on uh 10 affiliate commerce mistakes and that’s probably going to be like the first one that we go with but yeah check out sem rushed and see if it’s something that you can frankly recommend and if you like applying it affiliate marketing platform numeral nine is selfie selfie actually is really good for digital downloads my friend peter mckinnon uses it to actually sell his sound gists compresses his let’s presets for photographers and some of his other presets for adobe premiere writers uh like i said they have a 90 -day cookie which is awesome and so uh clearly useful if you know anybody that fixes digital assets just like some of our other affiliate programs including sem rush they have a recurring commission i’m not sure if i told you guys that the 40 on sem rush is returning sell fi has a 25 repetition commissioning and so um i think that this is another one of these really good options but the good news with selfie is it’s very affordable it’s very low hindrance to entry and so this is something i’m trying to get more material architects to do in addition to things like selling stock with teespring material creators could benefit by selling immediately to their audience and so if you can recommend selfie to some people that you know in that situation that want to sell digital downloads templates uh things like that then it can be really practical it can fit within their budget and can help them start making a little bit more money and so that’s why i recommend it and then with the recurring board structure i think that’s definitely a winning and it’s earned its place on this list and so lastly last and clearly not least affiliate commerce program list 10 uh the one that i’ve been the most successful with is tubebuddy tubebuddy for those of you don’t know is a youtube browser plug-in it’s a chrome plug-in that actually promotions not only with youtube seo but productivity and a lot of other great tools that merely save content inventors period i don’t know if you guys know this but literally for most content inventors maybe not for my mode of the information contained but for most content founders they put over an hour into every minute of footage that you interpret on a youtube video again people who don’t clear the style of content that i stimulate that being said tubebuddy is something i’ve been using and recommending for the last four years and as an affiliate i’ve done about a quarter billion dollars in affiliate commission sales with them “i know i m” a super affiliate uh deserving a 50 committee and they have this really great structure that allows you to earn 30 40 and 50 boards through tubebuddy and there are a lot of details now to break that performed me a successful affiliate in fact i’ll be doing a dedicated video specifically about how i managed to accomplish this and why uh tubebuddy is a great partner and why i’ve been pretty much averaging five thousand six thousand dollars a few months in recurring commissions um every month as a two-bit affiliate and i see that only going further in the future so tubebuddy’s board starts at 30 reappearing lifetime boards as long as somebody’s using tubebuddy and if you get 50 beings to install not even buy but install even the free explanation of tubebuddy you get bumped up to a vip affiliate earning 40 recurring fees then if you get 250 beings to sign up and lay tubebuddy again even the free version then you get to move into being a super affiliate like me and deserving 50 commissions tubebuddy is mad cheap most of the plans at the beginning are under 10 a month and then of course they go up and it’s economical and accessible for material developers and so one of the things that i really like about it is it’s a company that is for creators and by makes and they’re really part of the community and that stimulates it very easy to recommend them and with the free rank people are able to try it out and they’re able to see what they like about it now again this is one of the only ones on this list where i don’t know how long the cookie last-places but the good news is that if you get anyone to sign up for the free rank of tubebuddy when they do go to the paid tier you do get those commissionings for the lifetime of their account and for the most part people who use tubebuddy don’t leave tubebuddy in general this is true with software as a service which is why software as a service recurring affiliate programs are so strong and are really the closest thing that i think we’ll see to truly passive income outside of you know automated traffic through online paid advertising where it’s a remuneration your road in contraption i think in terms of something that’s reasonable that um you know recurring affiliate commissionings through software as a service through evergreen material is justified in being able to call passive income or what i call automated income like i keep telling parties making money in your sleep doesn’t happen overnight and you have to come by it sincerely and you have to come by it honestly and it’s going to take you front lading succeed and exertion i didn’t get to go from originating six dollars an hour at the mall to then being in my 30 s and being able to establish six representations a year i didn’t have that journey overnight it was a long and arduous process that required sacrifices and i did it by being um and not the humble brag but tougher than tough and smarter than smart and i did it all square okay so when it comes down to it if you want to do this you have to figure out how to do it the right way and in the right order and it’s my hope that my content is showing you a realistic way to approach this i too don’t think that just what works for me is going to necessarily work for everybody and that’s why eventually one of the things i’d like to do is explore bringing beings onto the channel that have different perspectives and have different events from mine that can help you guys so um if there’s somebody that you want to recommend for that let me know in the comment section question of the day which of the affiliate programs that i mentioned today is the most interesting to you which ones you’re going to try out let me know in the comments and simply a speedy reminder everything i mentioned is related down below and those are my affiliate ties properly disclosed uh hey ftc how’s it becoming and so yeah um you guys can check those out and apparently any of those that you click on if you decide to buy anything helps support the content oh without buying a thousand dollar course anyway like this video if you like it don’t forget to subscribe again those are just jokes i’m not picking on anybody who sells tracks as ever you guys thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget got to go and generate something formidable today take care

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