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well hello and welcome to anotherepisode of my 100 daylight to rich challenge expedition expressed appreciation for so much better forjoining me it’s me Timesha and I’m so glad that you’re here I am an affiliatemarketer and basically what my path is about is that I help other affiliatemarketers I mostly coach them how to start their business how to build theirbusiness and how to sustain it for the long haulI also sacrifice used tools gratuities manoeuvres programmes and positive reinforcementpositive muse and inducement to help others build and push them totheir future online so if that is what you need make sure that you touched the belland subscribe to my channel so that you will be in the know and know anytimethat I’m throw a new video so today we’re going to talk about sillines andthe basically the differences between parties that are in this world and honestly the wholething is why are we not successful online then why are we not successfulwhat is hindering us from doing what we need to do every day online and one ofthe people that I listen to now is Gary bean and I really really actually cherish hisstuff “hes in” your face and burger and I adore it so even though I’m kind ofsweet I just really really really really enjoy his wording of how he gets across hegets across to people because he mostly says I’ll give you know twoshakes of a lamb’s fanny how you care about me he doesn’t say it as delightful as Ijust said it but he mostly says I don’t care and I respect that because somany of us be concerned about what other beings judge and that creates me to my first myset or old-time that is keeping us from beingsuccessful and mostly guarantee says that we are scared of analysi we arescared of beings telling us that we’re not good enough telling us that we won’tmeasure up basically it’s a self-esteem problem we lack confidence inherentlyand so what is it that we need to do to combat this because we will never takethe risks that we need to take in business if we’re so scared of whatother people contemplate and I see this often within myself with within my children Ithink my daughter is the best example of a person who is sweet but exactly does notcare what you say I represent she’ll leave the house and my lad does to her hairall over the place and you know her clothes inside out like what are youdoing and she was like okay whatever and to be a preteen and merely be like okaywhatever you know the girls that’s who we’re talking about my trendy okay whateveryou know it’s just that the shrug therapy okay whatever you know I’m okaywith myself I know I’m beautiful I know I’m smart I know that I am compassionateand I know God passions me who cares about anything else is basically what I getfrom her and to be so young and so like I don’t care I affection that about her it’sone of her adorable calibers annoying sometimes because I want herto you are well aware actually care about her figure sometimes but I like the factthat she has enough confidence in herself to say I only don’t care whatyou think and to be in especially in this day and senility where you know peerpressure of course you know as a preteen teen earlyteenager that’s a big thing anyway but with social media and with people talkyou know parties framed all your business out there and being reproached andembarrassed and everything like that the fact that she has enough you knowwherewithal in herself it’s very exhilarating to me so I adoration that about herso we need to rise above people’s opinion popular opinion doesn’t matterand what Gary Vee said that was so awesome was that we are no longer inhigh school okay it doesn’t matter what so-and-so says about your business okaywhat do you think about it are you doing the best that you can are you doingeverything that you can to succeed in your business and if the answer is yesthen screwing okay it doesn’t really matter what they say if you are doingforward motion if you are doing everything that you can if you’reputting content out every day if you are big-hearted you know showing exposure puttingyourself out there you know people who write negative explains on a blog postor on a YouTube video have nothing else better to do with their occasion than to benegative and hurting beings hurt people and so thinking about and staying onwhat other people say about you extremely negative people is not goingto help you move forward frankly positive parties aren’t going to help youmove forward either because you get stuck in that hole coming they are sogood you get stuck in that and you don’t rise to the occasion to do more youthink that what you’re doing is enough so mostly you know basing your lifeon your life decisions or your business decisions or what other beings thinkabout you or what other people think about your business is not the way to gonow let me preface this if you have some people in your corner that aregiving you positive feedback and negative feedback that is something thatyou can work on and conversion and it’s something to help induce you better thenyes be open to that type or line of questioning or suggestion because we allshould be striving to be better because nobody knows everything if it was wewould have all the money and it doesn’t we none does okay so if that is yourpurpose to do better and to get better and to be better in business you need tosee where your drawbacks are and either rise up to do better or paysomebody to take care of it which the second largest one is very likely be the bestbecause you don’t want to sit there and dwell on things that you know that yourweekend because self-awareness is the most important thing that you have soknowing that you are great in a certain area do more of that and then whateveryou’re not so good at pay somebody to do that that road you’re not worried aboutit or staying on it okay always do for motion and do what you can do and do thebest that you can do and do the things that you’re strong at and pay somebodyto do the remain okay so don’t do em on the haters they’ll ever be there allright and don’t dwell on the people that gulp you up because you know they mighthave an ulterior motive for that more and for some reason it excludes us from drivingand ripening and we kind of rest on our laurels and not try to do better we feelthat everybody examines up to us so always strive to do better and you know youknow listen to nobody else okay so that’s number one number two that Iheard from Gary B is that people are impatient oh my god do I know thisfirsthand because I deal with the most impatient beings from Monday to Fridayalmost nine months out of the year and that is high school teenagers theyare so impatient miss why we got to do this because that is what you’resupposed to do what you you can’t learn math by do one question okay you haveto do multiple and then they proved my phase because the next day they don’tremember anything that happened the day before it is therefore crimes my gears to know itto sit there and sounds and listen to parties why people are so entitled andthis next generation now I’m worried I mean they’re just the most pompous andspoiled and you know no job ethic children ever but they grow up to bepompous entitled no undertaking ethic adults and so they don’t want to wait onanything you know I have my reward system on Friday miss can I get it todayit’s Monday no you haven’t done anything to show me you deserve a reward todayokay so what is it that you want in your life you actually want to be free or doyou want to be secure if you demand actual democracy whether its financial or timethen you have to put in the work now so that you can get what you want later andyour later maybe a lot later than what you want it to be I knowI’ve dealt with it I ought to have forestalled I’ve been devastated I havesaid you know shafted this I’m done I’m done 50 videos and I don’t feel likeanybody listens to me and so you know I haven’t got any auctions or enoughsales are demonstrating that I’m even doing anything remarkable now but I thenthink about the fact that I miss still better for my life and if Iwant to be teaching for the next years then I need to keep doing what I’mdoing but if well I need to keep you know quitting is what I intended so goingthrough that whole repetition of when things get hard and tough and I really don’t feellike doing it and I’m tired and I want to go on undermine and I want to go to thebeach when I get that mindset and I discontinue I can continue on that cycle and I willbe teaching for the next 15 years high school students chiefly or I canpush through the mental blocks push through the physical wearines pushthrough the mental exhaustion and say you know what I want more for my lifeand if I have to be a little tired now then I’m gonna do it if I’m not going tobe able to go to the beach for another year or sothe beach is going to be there if I you know won’t be able to you know get mynails manicured and pedicured every month for a bit while I’m okay withthat because I have another goal in thought and I predict you come hell or highwater it’s going to happen for me and once you get into that mindset thatspace cases will not be an issue for you because you hear the goal you havethe goal in spirit and you won’t be swayed by what other people are doing and youwon’t be jealous of other people’s achievers you’ll be very proud of them you’llbe happy because you know that if they can do it I can do it too and I swear toyou if I can do it y’all can do it I haven’t there’s nodoubt in my spirit okay I am like the shyest the most insecure at times andlack confidence and I don’t really talk that wellyou know I stumble over my utterances a good deal and I’m sure that you’ve seen that in myvideos but I know that I have a higher goal in attention and so I push for it I pushtowards the millennium development goals because I want to be successful I don’t want to be teachingy’all I don’t want to be learning 15 years from now not high school studentsnow if I’m on stage somewhere making webinars and meetings and nonsense tolovely parties like yourself and facilitating encourages them and learn them to setthem free-spoken then that is a absolutely another that’s a whole nother beast a wholenother swine and I know that that is the gift that I was return but to sitthere and deal with them high school students for the rest of my lifeno disappear and to deal with policy changes and administration changes andpeople who want this and then they want that that’s not the channel I want to livemy life because it’s traumatic and because that’s not what I’m called to doand so at the end of all this perseverance is a virtue and if you demand the best youhave to wait for the best and everything there’s always time and harvest and solike Joyce Meyer always says you have seed and then you have time time moretime a little bit time more season that you want to turn over time and then timetime time time and then harvest okay so formerly you go into this knowing that youwant to be successful in your business know that it’s going to make patienceand know that it’s going to make you you know phasing out the haters and justphasing out the sound span good or bad if it’s not helping you thrive is notsomething that you need okay so I hope that was helpful for you today if youenjoyed the video that I grant today made to ensure that you give me the thumbs upbutton by snap the like button below and satisfy is committed to my canal I’mgiving you fresh daily videos and I want you to be in the know I want you to besuccessful if I can do it you can do it and I’m here root for you even ifnobody else is alright and if you demand something definite in your hands to helpyou be successful I have a free endowment in my description container that will give youall the information on all of my videos as far as affiliate marketing exits it isa checklist of actionable steps that you should be taking in your business sothat you can be successful not just right now but for the long haul okay andlast but not least if you want to know what it is I’m doing to you knowbasically be on this road of success and so we eventually fire my boss then checkout the first association in my description casket it is a way for you to learn thisaffiliate marketing game and become a legendary marketer and if that’ssomething that you’re into and you get some extra money soon I won’t throw itout there to you it’s a way for you to learn the affiliate sell businessand earn money and if that’s something that you’re into make sure that youclick the link I would love to help you out on your tour and facilitate placed youfree so until next time my friend make sure that you think big-hearted dream bigtake action so that you may own the life of your dreams by now

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