The Amazon Affiliate Program for YouTubers- How to Maximize your YouTube Earnings

hi I’m Jesse lakes co-founder and CEO ofgeniuslink coming to you from my improvised studio right here in my home office so geniuslink is atool that helps affiliate purveyors constrict more money out of every connect they share we’ll get intowhat geniuslink does a little bit later but for now let’s talk about the Amazon affiliate programand specifically how it’s relevant for YouTubers. we’ve got a few things we’re going to talk abouttoday this includes an overview of the affiliate planned for youtubers taking a step deeperand talking about the amazon affiliate program as well as learning about the handful of thingsthat youtubers often miss that could get them in trouble with amazon and finally we’ll dive intosome amazon affiliate best rehearses for youtubers let’s start with talking about how youtubersmake money traditionally there are at present five revenue mannequins for youtubers there’s ads oradsense and this is what youtube offers you there’s those sponsorships which leave thedirect spates that you do with the firebrands there’s patronage and this is the money thatyour fans will pledge to you uh instantly selling something like merge courses etc and thenfinally there’s affiliate in super streamlined periods affiliate market are about you theyoutuber recommending a product inside of a video link to the description and then you use aspecialized affiliate link to send your viewers to whatever it is that you are recommending so theycan go ahead and purchase them and these affiliate ties include a special tracking parameter thatlets the retailer know that you referred the sale the retailer and in this case amazon will thenreward you with a percentage of the products that were sold to the shopper that you recommendedinto their place and each receipt framework has their pros and cons and have different times inyoutuber’s channel’s life cycle where they make a lot of gumption so while affiliate can be incrediblylucrative for the mid and late place paths it’s also a receipt mannequin that can be used fromthe very beginning of starting your canal and as your path stretches your affiliaterevenue may very much ebb and flow but it should always continue to be the foundationto build your business conglomerate on and while amazon affiliate program also known as the amazonassociates program isn’t perfect it’s a great target to start and will grow with you in factsome of the biggest youtubers still swear by it this is because amazon has a huge product cataloghuge market share one of the oldest affiliate programs they have international coverage andthis whole concept of halo commissionings means you give on makes you weren’t even recommendinglet’s expend a few minutes now talking about how to stay on amazon’s good side and not inadvertentlyget kicked out of their affiliate curriculum the first thing is concealing this expression is a bit of amisnomer but it’s often cited as the most common reason youtubers are banned from the affiliateprogram first it’s important to know that amazon perfectly allows you to use a tie-up shorter orthird party tool with your amazon affiliate links however when doing so it’s important you disclosethe end of your link and this leads to two simple things you need to do to avoid amazon’sroute first is you need to just simply mention amazon when you post amazon affiliate ties-in inyour video descriptions employing a third party tool like genius attach it’s really important that youmention amazon close to that link second is you need to list your canal so retain whenyou were firstly signed up for the amazon affiliate program and you scheduled out the various websitesand social media directs where you’re planning on using your relations well if you stopped that upto date if not you need to go do that right now there’s one more thing you really need todo and that’s to have the proper disclosure the thing with affiliate market is it’s thesame as being advertised to in the eyes of the ftc so if you’re going to use affiliate associates youhave to make the same guidance as the ftc has for advertisings and make sure you have a disclosurethat’s clear and conspicuous in addition to the ftc disclaimer the amazon affiliate programalso requires you to include a notice about your relationship with amazon when you’re workingwith your ftc disclosure for your affiliate ties it’s also really important to remember that amazondoesn’t want you to incentivize parties to sounds your ties and this includes mentioningthat amazon affiliate attaches reinforcement you so it’s better to say something like you may earncommissions from buys on your ties and not viewer substantiated affiliate relations okay now thatyou’ve gone through the basics let’s move on to the more amusing nonsense here are some of our favoritestrategies to increase your affiliate earnings consider these some of your best practicesfirst it probably announces obvious but it’s super important to be authentic trust is key and believeit or not recommending commodities to your gathering you’ve legitimately bought and used is importantespecially in the early days second is creating a standardized description for your channelstandardized descriptions are a win-win believe it or not the way you organize your description canbe paramount to maximizing your affiliate income jevin dobie does a great job explaininghow building on a standardized description for your video and having that template can makeediting tweaking and removing affiliate programs and affiliate relation space easier third is somethingthat isn’t even specific to youtube but building on a kit can also be really helpful in yourpursuit of affiliate revenue so is an awesome tool for affiliate purveyors to recommendmultiple commodities at once essentially you can make a kit for your public for example a backpackingkit and recommend all the gear you are able to use for that activity so what tenant what sleeping bagwhat shoes etc so kit allows you to use your amazon affiliate constants as well so of courseyou can earn affiliate fees on all those denoted auctions from your kit and of course fulltransparency here gslinkbot equipment about a year ago fourth is ensuring your affiliate links areworking precisely for your world public so amazon is a world firebrand and while amazon.comcan send worldwide amazon has also spent billions of dollars to build out regional storefronts tosupport auctions in different parts of the world currently there are 17 different amazon storesaround the world for example for canada amazon.ian for india etc with each of thesestorefronts been sufficiently optimized for its regional audience with local expression neighbourhood currencythey render fast inexpensive ship etc so what many youtubers don’t realize is that amazon’saffiliate program is actually storefront specific the affiliate program only rewardsyou for fees for sales that happen inside the store so if you have internationaltraffic you should be sending them to their neighbourhood amazon storage via the relevant amazon affiliateprogram or you’re likely not proselytizing nearly as well and you could be leaving money on thetable now recollect when i said we spoke more about geniuslink the last couple of yearsthe geniuslink team has teamed up with a number of youtubers and we’ve been focusedon taking affiliate links to the next stage develop is something we call pick pages andtheir mobile optimized ground sheets designed to promote a specific product with multipleretailers and multiple affiliate such programmes and these selection sheets have a few distinct benefitsso remember those conformity challenges we spoke earlier well on a choice sheet theamazon affiliate relates live on a arrive page and all the compliance concerns with havingan affiliate tie-up on your youtube direct are taken care of the cloaking revealing concernsare eliminated with an automatically contributed amazon button and the ftc and amazon exposure isincluded as well the choice sheets permit various retailers to be included in the call to action tobe customized while our research so far has shown consistent double-digit percentage boost to theearnings from using choice sheets is comparable to a direct amazon tie-in the youtuber armando delirium hasseen his fees more than double from making this simple switch if you obliged it this far you’reprobably reasonably be devoted to your affiliate attaches or at least super interested in getting started wewill link to some different sections example studies and some more information about choice pages belowso you can check it out for yourself additionally since you’ve made at the end of the video you’veunlocked an extension of free inquiry so if you’re not already one of our formidable consumers we’d love tohave you come on board so satisfy send a picture of a puppy to our support team information againin the description below and this is gonna be our behavior of is recognized that you established it to the end of thisvideo we’ll regulate you up with one month of extended free ordeal for genius tie-in for more best practicesfor beginner and pro affiliates alike be sure to check our definite usher for amazon affiliateswe’ll link to that down in the specific characteristics so thanks again for watching and we’ll seeyou next time heartens stay safe out there you

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