The Creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Part 2)

All title, guys. What’s up? Stefan here with a speedy update on Affiliate Marketing Mastery, which is the brand-new online training program that I’m currently working on to develop to help people get started to build their own online business and start making money online through affiliate marketing. Now, I’ve already exhausted a few videos as one of the purposes of this serial, and hopefully you guys have gone back and watched that first video, because that kind of positions the foundation, explains what I’m doing.I decided to create a new online training program as one of the goals and targets that I have this year, likewise commitment to it as part of my 100 day challenge. I decided I’m going to educate affiliate marketing, which constitutes one of the top courses that I make money online, and share a lot of the strategies that I’ve learned and developed to help people build their own online brand. I’m really excited about it. Based on what I’ve done since the last video, I’ve got the domain name You guys can go to or clink the link below. Right now there’s just a page there where you guys can be notified when the freeing and when it becomes available.I’ll too inform you guys on any other update videos like this, simply on the process and the progress that’s going on. Since then as well, I’ve started a rivalry for 99 Patterns. I shared another video for that. How I’m getting the symbol caused, I’m hosting a competition. Right now, the medal is 700 horses. I’m also asking you guys for feedback on the logo as well. Hopefully you guys have voted and were involved in this, because that’s going to help me decide on the best logo that I’m going to use for the creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Since then as well, I’ve been working on the outline of the programme. I’ve actually got right here in front of me the broad outlines. It’s still kind of a draft, because I find it’s really good to have an outline when you’re creating something, whether it’s a record or concoction or anything. Your business, having a business plan. Having that sketch as a enlist, and I find once you start going through the process and creating it, that’s when you come up with more ideas.It modifies a little. I find that’s often the contingency for myself. As I’m working on a project, I go into such a inventive overflow state that I time have so many different ideas and notions and things that I want to share that come up that I integrate into the creation of the program. For the most part, I’ll share with you guys the primary modules and the primary synopsi of the program.I’ve ruin everything down, Affiliate Marketing, into seven different modules. Seven primary paces. Then within each module there’s a bunch of training and videos and slips and greenbacks and works and material to complete each module that various kinds of encompasses everything there is. The first module is just mostly foreword, approach, and mindset. I find that’s really important, because when anyone be invested in a brand-new schooling platform, you got to introduce them make love theright route and defined the foundation for the entire program. Any business that you’re creating, there’s a lot of constituents to it. There’s a lot of steps that are involved. There’s just an overall paint. You truly have to show people, what’s the potential of the business? What’s the overall business example “re going to be”? What does it look like? What are we doing in this program? What’s the end result that you’re after now, and how do you make money from it? Simply kind of explaining everything to them.That’s what I’ve done with these seven gradations, is transgressing everything down.In the introduction and the strategy and mindset, time testifying them the whole idea. I actually call it the Affiliate Marketing Mastery idea. I’ll share a little bit about what that is with you guys as well. It’s basically a somewhat unique strategy that I created. I don’t think anyone else is doing what I’m doing with it, because I’m sharing how to build a brand online, but doing affiliate marketing with a blog, a YouTube channel, as well as social media, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Those are the main vehicles that form part of the programme. Sharing the programme, and also mindset. I find mindset is really the most important thing. You genuinely have to make sure that when people invest in something new or start a business, they have the right mindset and they understand what to expect and the right mindset to have to build a business, because any business or any excursion that you’re going through, there’s going to be challenging times.There’s going to be meters when you’re disheartened. There’s going to be experiences when you’re going to flunk. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to want to be a perfectionist. These are all barriers that “were having”. Some beings stall. Some beings don’t have the discipline. They don’t have points. They don’t have a purpose or reasons for. They’re not committed enough. It’s not important enough to them. They don’t know how to manage their age. These are all things that I like to include in my set, because I is confident that the mental perspective of success is more important than the strategy, the howto.I think that’s one thing that various kinds of stimulates my rehearsal a little distinct, is I have a much bigger background in selfdevelopment than I ever do with business. I’ve noticed now, coaching and working with and having so many purchasers with K Money Mastery and other programs and other people I’ve helped destinations with, helped them achieve their goals. Really the difference is a psychology, the minds. If you don’t develop that together with … go through the steps to build your business, then you’re not going to make it. I truly be underlined that , not just in the first module, actually all throughout the program as well, prompting parties, Hey, you know what, it’s okay. Don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t worry about this. Don’t worry about that for now, and merely helping people move along, as well as actually are held accountable and taking action throughout the program as well.There’s four primary videos that I’ve already recorded still further. I’ve been log the last few days, takes me a lot of time because I’m establishing the content, the slips, and then I’m recording it. I have really high standards for this program, and I want it to be really good. I crave the content to be really good. I likewise do a goalsetting workshop as well, because I speculate with any curriculum or any brand-new business you’ve got to have specific goals.You “re going to have to” attain that important and perfectly is under an obligation it as well. Committing to that and disappearing as an overall strategy for parties. The next module is market research and keywords. Mostly, the beginning stages of any business is do investigate. In the case of vehicles of Affiliate Marketing Mastery, what I’m teaching is not a stunt or a get rich quick sort of thing. I’m showing parties how to build a longterm, sustainable business. That’s something I’ve learned. I’ve been doing online market now and business since I was 21 years old. I’ve seen and I would like to start really with little gimmicks here and there. There’s little shortcuts and substance, and how to manipulate the search engines and all these sort of things. What I witnessed is that it actually dissolved up costing me more down the road because it wasn’t sustainable. It wasn’t longterm. It was very frustrating to do things that way.I’ve seen that happen period and time again with Kindle publishing and other business prototypes out there. I always focus now on, I want to get beings decisions, but I too want to make sure that people are building something that’s longterm and sustainable. Doing the title research and setting the liberty foundation for your business and building a label, that’s the essential points that I’ve learned. When you build a brand , nobody can take that away from you. When you build a business that’s dependent on Amazon or Google or Facebook or these other programmes, I don’t like not being diversified in that way. It can be good to utter some money, but ultimately you need to be diversified in your business and not have a business that’s dependent on one of these programmes. Being diversified is key, but certainly, the ultimate is having a brand, because if you have a brand, and you have a name that beings recognize and an email list or whatever, then it doesn’t matter what happens in the world.It doesn’t matter what happens with Facebook or Amazon or Google or Twitter or any of these programmes. You’re always gonna be all right. Building a firebrand, it does take time. It can take a few months to get partisans, customers, to get traffic, to build a rank in Google, to be able to rank and take advantage of Facebook and nonsense. I think this is the best longterm strategy that will have beings have massive success, method more than any other gimmick or trick can give them. That’s what I’m focusing on in this program, helping people identify and find the liberty niche for them, the privilege market for them, the right keywords, and understanding what keywords are and how to choose the privilege niche and assess different options.I’ve got a really good process that I’m going to be sharing for that. Third module is actually setting up your symbol, setting up your website, your blog, setting up your social media accounts, setting up your YouTube channel. Really going into that, registering people how to create and find the best domain name for their brand, how to come up with a honour for their label, domain name, how to set everything up. Oh the technological stuff.I been a lot of beings, they have a hard time going through the technological material. This is all the stepbystep where I evidence my screen. I’m going to show you and I’m going to walk you through, Okay, “thats how you” designated this up. Here’s how you optimize these as well. One thing that a lot of people have challenges with is WordPress, which is a free scaffold for blogging. With WordPress, there’s different themes and there’s different plugins and there’s different customization that you can do. In this program, I’m sharing all the most recommended plugins for people inside WordPress and only kind of showing how to optimize your blog and website for the search engines. Sharing the basics of search engine optimization, how you can rank in Google. Setting up all your social media notes. Fourth module is on content creation, how to actually create content.I think content marketing, also known as valueadded marketing, is the best way to busines online, because people use the internet to deplete content. You’re watching material, spending it right now, in the form of a video, or a podcast, or a blog affix. Social media’s all material. Content can be defined in many different ways based on different niches and sells, because in some groceries, material are likely to be school, like in the instances of this. Other forms of content can really be entertainment. There’s YouTube channels where there’s just gaming, watching someone play. That’s a form of content. Escapades, the feeling and substance like that, that’s another form of content. Seminars. There’s so many different forms of content. It really depends on the niche and the market that you’re in. Understanding those different types of content, demo parties the types of content you can create, treading people through how to create content, whether that’s commodities, and how to optimize that content and make sure that you’re content’s good, actually highquality, really high value.Also, so that it will entice people. That’s really the essential points with content, is reaching sure it’s really highquality. If your content’s good, then people will follow you. They’ll share your content. They’ll become customers. They become clients. They’ll subscribe you and all that sort of stuff. Quality content, that’s the essence of being able to attract parties to you. How to optimize your content for the search engines so that it can rank in the search engines. Again, more deeper into keywords, because keyword study is very important for Google and YouTube. How to create YouTube videos, different types of YouTube content as well. The best plugins and things for your blog to help optimize your content, as well as how to optimize to grade well on YouTube. Social media material, there’s many different types, from video, to images, to quotes, to highquality visuals and photos and stuff. The forms of social media material that you can create. How to create it. Where are we … Fifth module’s on attract guests, adherents, and construct your register. Once you put up content, it’s then alluring people to you.Your material as a acces to lure parties, but you have to be able to promote and sell your content. This is where I share a lot of the strategies that I utilize in my business. I share my blogging traffic strategies, how to promote my blog and blog content to allure people, search engine optimization, more into that. My YouTube policies on how I grocery my videos and rank my videos and lure beings with my videos. Facebook strategy, Instagram strategy, and also Twitter strategy as well. I’ve got a number of other strategies too, and I’m also even sharing how … I’ve shared in some my Kindle course, K Money Mastery, how to use Kindle books to make money from affiliate commerce. I’m going to share a little bit about that, very, because that’s really another powerful strategy of putting out content, again, because that’s what a journal is. A Kindle book, or paperback, audio book, it’s content. Using that to attract and build an email list. That’s another core component as well that I’m belief, is how to build an email list and do email sell. Ultimately, when you attract beings to you, you want to capture their email. You want them to become a subscriber, a love, a follower in some way, because then that can give you the ability to build the relationship, to add more value, to support their efforts to further, and too to promote and busines as well. Module six is paying revenue and monetizing, monetization approaches. “Once youve” followers, formerly you have a list, once you have parties that are coming to your blog and on your social media and all that sort of stuff, how do you then make money? How do you monetize that? This is where I go much deeper into the different procedures and approaches for affiliate sell and promoting on your email listing, the right ways of doing it.Finding the claim commodities to promote, that are going to convert well. There’s just a entire knot of strategies that I’m teaching on how to promote as an affiliate and actually make money. Let’s see what else we’re schooling now. Module seven is tracking and optimizing, and maybe a little bit of automation as well. Once you’ve gone through, you’re getting freight, guests, and you’re promoting, it’s now time to really look at those results. Tracking is key, because you’ve got to know exactly what your alteration charges are.You need to know exactly how many people are coming to your blog, precisely your YouTube videos. You need all the stats and data. You need to analyze that, because then you can look to see, is what you’re doing working? If it’s not working, then there’s a problem either with the issue of trafficking, the changeover. I even explain there’s different types of freight, and there’s targeted related freight and there’s crap traffic too.You need to be able to measure everything and racetrack things, and then too optimize it, to boost your transition proportions. If you’re getting 100 visitors a day, or you’re getting X number of parties watching videos or X number of beings on your list and you’re converting at one percent, one percent conversion for this product, you want to always be optimizing and improving that so that you can increase that alteration frequency to maybe 2 percent, 3 percent, four, five percent, ten percent. There’s a lot of programmes and things I’ll be sharing with separate testing and optimization that can help people make even more money as well.That’s really the essence, those seven primary modules. Like I said, each module has a lot of individual train. I’ve been working on the first module. I’ll share with you guys a little bit what I’ve done. I’ll maybe share with you guys some of the moves now as well, so let me actually turn this around. All freedom, so here’s my computer, my MacBook, and I use Keynote for creating my slides and presentations. Here’s the first module, a few different moves for it. The second module that I have here is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery idea. I basically interpret, what is affiliate marketing? This might be useful. I’ll tell on some free material for you guys.Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. There’s thousands of companies that offer affiliate programs for their concoctions or services, where they’ll gladly bribe you a commission for every sale that you make for them. Affiliate curricula provide you with your own unique affiliate link, which is what you use to promote a product or service with. An affiliate associate is what allows you, and the company, to move sales that you produced. Most affiliate joins way for up to 30 eras by direct a cookie on the person’s computer when they click your relation. This is just introductory stuff. Affiliate marketing is always a winwin.It’s a triumph for you because you pay the regional commissions or a profit. It’s a earn for the company because they now have a new auction for the customer that itmight not to be capable of ordinarily acquire. It’s a make for “the consumers “, because they learned about a new commodity that now they’ll benefit from, which is now time hopefully fulfill their need or hope. I share a lot, the benefits of affiliate marketing.This module here I expend a lot of time on. There’s a lot of slithers, a lot of patterns. I share, as you can see in the sidebar here, a lot of specimen from my own business, different policies that I exercise and will be teaching as well. Some of my success. I break down that there’s two ruler sciences, traction and publicity. I break down and create a formula for affiliate marketing comprehension and success. This one module has 34 slips merely sharing the overall plan and the programme and overview of what people are going to be learning inside the program.Another cool thing that I did is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery success principles. I share the principles of success. I too composed a objective positioning workshop, as well, helping people provided aims for the programme and likewise being accountable to the goals. I’m going to be creating a Facebook group community as well, and also give people the ability to leave remarks inside the members area. I’m going to make it an interactive platform, because I’ve always find a sense of community is one of the most important things in creating success with any program. Here’s just some of the modules. Let me now flip around the camera. For the last few days now I’ve been working on these moves. I’ve been log some videos for the first module. I’ve been mapping out the broad outlines for the other modules as well.Oftentimes when I go into product creation mode or I’m working on a really big project like this, I can’t have any distractions. I amply immerse myself in development projects, because it’s never worked for me just working on a project here and there when I have some free time, or I’m going to devote an hour or two a epoch working on something. For me, I feel the best way to really accomplish large-hearted objectives and large-hearted activities are to immerse yourself, submersion. For me, I eliminate all distractions. I’ve been making this my number one focus. Everything else is secondary. My morning ritual’s optimized to help support me in completing this program.I wake up at seven o’clock in the morning. I’ve been doing my morning ritual. I’ve also been going for a operate as part of it and doing certain things that can help prepare me to do the best that I can to create the best quality content and the best program possible. Then I haven’t been checking emails. I haven’t been getting on social media. This is all stuff that I do later on in the working day, after I’ve done the highest leveraged thing, which is the work that I’m doing here for Affiliate Marketing Mastery. I’ve ascertain, for me, that’s the best road for me to operate, because if I check email first thing in the morning, I’m going to have a million things to do. I’m going to have my unit, my employees and stuff, wanting me to do this and that. I’m not going to get around to doing the essential points. Things that require less force or aren’t as important, I exactly delay those things. I ever prompt myself my purpose, why I’m doing this.I’m creating this because it’s a destination I’m commitment to. It’s going to help a lot of parties. It’s going to change lives. It’s going to be something I’m going to be proud of. Reminding myself of the purpose in the process of preparing it is really the most important thing. It’s going to continue driving me. Right now, I’m in Dominican Republic, and I’m just in this little apartment here, an AirBnB.I’m just making a sacrifice. Honestly, I’m not even going outside or certainly doing much. There’s a gym across the street, and there’s a grocery store. That’s it. I’m just wholly immersed and focused right now. Sometimes you’ve got to go off balance a little bit, move some relinquishes, if you want to achieve something big. I know that the result of this, reward when I end it, is going to really make a difference for many years to come in my life and many other people’s lives as well.I’m all in on this chaps. It’s a lot of operate. The last few days have been long days. I’m just reminding myself of why I’m doing this and the end result. Focusing not on the process, but the result that I’m after. I’ll continue updating you guys on it. This was supposed to be a quick video, but it dissolved up being a long one, as per usual. If you guys want to get updates as well and be notified of the release, again, go to Going to be working now the next few days exactly, again, continuing on with the content.Once the content’s done, I’m going to have … I’ve got a video writer who’s going to revise it, so it’s going to take a lot of time for them to edit it, to go through everything. I’m too going to include the slithers as well that are going to be downloadable. I thought that’d be a cool feature to add. People can get access to the slips as well as PDF transcribing and excusing and summarizing each instruction and each video that’s inside the program. I know people like to consume content in different forms. Those are all things, I’m going to get started on those now, because I don’t want to create everything and then send it to a video person. I need to be more efficient.I’m going to have the videos I’ve done the last few days, I’m going to leant them up on Dropbox, have my journalist start going through them, start uploading them to Vimeo, is what we use to host our videos for our material. The symbol, done soon, so formerly the symbol is done I get all the product graphics done. That’s the next thing there. Once we have a few videos, we can start … I’ve got a web guy who’s going to put together the website, the membership area and all that. There’s a number of things that can happen while I’m doing this. really leveraging my team on this. I’m not afraid to invest the money and spend the money, because I want to achieve this and I want this to be of truly high quality. I’m investing a lot of my occasion, but too a lot of my fund in creating this, time having a team of beings that can help leant everything together for you guys to make it available.Then formerly all that’s done, then it’s creating all the marketing cloths for it, which is really one of the hardest parts of the whole thing, as well. Was a lot to do, people. Hopefully you guys are obstructing hectic as well. I’m still putting up content though. I’m still sharing. Right now I’m on a transgres, but I’m still putting out content and maintaining my standards on YouTube and my blog and all that sort of stuff as well. Hard at work. Yeah. It’ll be fun. Thanks for watching, people. I’ll see you guys again in the next video. Hey, this is Stefan, and thank you so much for watching this video. If you experienced this, then satisfy slam the like button below, leave a comment to let us know what you think, and make sure to are in favour of our YouTube channel for more immense videos like this. Now, if you want to take your life to the next tier, then I want to offer you a free gift.It’s called my Life Mastery Toolkit, and it literally has the best of the best of what I have to offer in areas of videos, articles, and resources for take your life to the next statu and living an extraordinary life. To get access to this, all you have to do is click the link that will appear right here on this video, or if you’re on a portable device, then sounds the link in the specific characteristics below. Head on over to that sheet, enter your email address, and I’ll send you immediate access to the Life Mastery Toolkit.I want to thank you again for watching this video. Until the next one, I’ll talk to you soon ..


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