The Dangers of Affiliate Marketing and 5 Tips for Staying Safe

– Different social mediaplatforms might have different regulations about affiliate market. And what can happen is sometimesespecially when the canal is newer, sometimes it runs into issues. -[ man] You gotta really press record. – Affiliate relation. Idid sign up with Amazon. I’m curious to the legal slope of it. There seems to be a lot ofrules with what you should post when you affix their linksand whether it certifies you to actually make any money off it. I had a sale through mylink, but it didn’t prepare. I’m not quite sure why? Or is there a simplifiedversion of the legality so that we know what we have to post to include, to clear the link valid? – Yeah, really good question.When it comes to theAmazon accompanieds program in particular and affiliatemarketing in particular, here’s a list of things to know as it pertains to complianceof affiliate market. First is you do wanna befamiliar with the FTC, the Federal Trade Centerguidelines they’re based in Canada, but “youre supposed to” have viewersin Canada, internationally and then also in the US andYouTube is a US company.So no matter where you’rewatching this in the world, you do want to be thinkingabout the US regulations of something like affiliate marketing. And one of those is exposures. And what we would typicallydo is have a disclosure, a disclaimer in the YouTube description above the affiliate joins. And in most Think media, Think marketing videos on YouTube. It’ll say, this video is not patronized to let people know thatit’s not sponsored. Assume attaches below are affiliate ties, which intends if you click them, we make a small commission. And we have that renunciation frequently there, and there is usually another one lower that’s even more detailed.One of the things that FTCexpects, is that the rejection is actually above, It’snot interred at the bottom of your website, in some reces. But it’s actually a head of what people. Can see it. If they’re gonna click those connects. Secondly, its actually is best toverbally disclose in the video, if a connection is an affiliate link. – Okay. – That is another thing. Now, Amazon is probably not gonna actually be evaluating those things. I’ll do exactly to your question, but those are some of very good practises. – Okay. – And YouTube also gives you a carton you can check that says, includes paid advertising. Some people remember, doI need to check that? Or you don’t, you’re not actually getting paid to promote anything. You may deserve a commissionif somebody clicks the link, but you should be fine there.And then across the board, depending on the website, is dependent upon, it could be a blog, other websites like Facebook, different social mediaplatforms might have different regulationsabout affiliate commerce. And what can happen, is sometimes, specially when the canal is newer, sometimes it runs into issues. We’re maybe so establishedand we just have a good reputation with YouTube. And I don’t even anyone knows us. Merely their bots there. They’re like, okay.Think media has not hadcopyright strikes lately. They’re a healthy canal. We may be “get away with things” that maybe sometimes newchannels, I don’t know. There’s issues, because YouTube “Bots” and assume this about othersocial media stages. If a channel is brand new, sometimes what they don’t want. They don’t want color hat marketers, which simply means people with a scammy or spammy plan, is tocreate a new path, stuff associates, try to rank videos, try to siphon dollars out of.You want to think about conformity and usually if you’ve gota channel like crafting and practice cards and you’recreating good valuable material, you likewise should be fine inregards to those types of things. Now. Where Amazon gives youthat open opening of day, for those that want to sign up for the Amazon accompanies platform, right? You sign on and a lot of days you’ll get approved rapidly these days, but they say you haveto make a certain number of prepared marketings withina certain window of period. And, It’s hard to say whatthose prepared sales are, for some, sometimesmaybe what they try to do is, someone clicks. You sounds your own links to buy things. Maybe you don’t even mean to, or maybe somebody thatis on your IP address or a similar IP address.And Amazon’s paying attentionto those auctions do not qualify. The other thing is thatit is very frustrating,( telephone resounding) when you are just starting out, it seems like you will see, okay, I moved four auctions, I constructed one sale. I represented five sales. And Amazon seems to, thisis just kind of my opinion. I’m kind of going from conjecture now. If you don’t reach critical mass of auctions, maybe from a diverse source of buyers, representing more than exactly a handful, then they don’t start ascribing you hitherto. Like if you merely make acouple sales, they’re like, it’s not enough to touch suitability hitherto. We have so many peoplethat are moving marketings, like in our video Regular Academy program and kind of running into this, I meet there’s like six sales, but they say they’re not characterized. – Mm hmm. – And of course, Amazon is always updating their terms of service and whatnot. And they can say what a qualified auction is. That had been able to be, issometimes you are able to make a sale but actually it doesn’t relate to any giving any moneywith affiliate marketing.It could be someone clicksyour link, purchases, an Amazon prime movie rental for $499 and it’s a sale, but it’s actually not something that you earn anything from. That’s just another example. There’s a couple of thingshappening in the middle there. My final admonition is toestablish your channel, think about your rejections, ever be above board. What we call “white hat online marketing” Which really represents like ethical, transparent versus pitch-black hat and thenjust put out good material, but genuinely develop your force firstly. Influence comes first, income comes second. In our video record Academy program, we talk about hittingaround, manufacturing it a purpose to have around 200 to 300 judgments of video and to be seeing videosthat immediately lead to sales so that you’re not just makinglike a sale now or there, but you actually punched a tipping detail of having some impetu on the canal and having videos that lead to marketings, entailing videos that if you reviewed the best scissors for creating crafts and who really had some serious traffic and interest around it.That video kinda like Jennifer from the stitch report in our community, she did a review of one of thebest plan seaming machines. That video has like 80,000 ideas. And a lot of people “re looking for” it. A quantity of people want toknow the budget machine. They find that it’s his brother machine, she educates how to use it. And she’s selling like alot of hemming machines. She punched a tipping part ofgenerating prepared auctions and there is some sort of a tipping notes that of knocks youraccount over to Amazon’s like, okay, you’re good. And from there you precisely scale up – Are you curious about the programs and services now at Think? Wanna chat with a real person to help you on your next steps? Well, we’ve got youcovered jump on the phone for a immediate 15 instant discovery call with a Think media attested coach to help you with your next steps.Just go to talkwiththink.comto planned your free ask.( upbeat music ).

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