The Only Affiliate Marketing Tutorial You Will Ever Need (Beginner To Advanced)

If you are looking forward to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have just come to the exact right video today I will share with you real suffer over four years of ordeal working in the field ofaffiliate marketing online I will simply compress it and give it to you absolutely for free in the next minutes so brace yourself prepare your brain Bring a pen and paper because you have to take notes This video is really theultimate guide to success in affiliate marketing Stay chanted Hey friends I’m Hassan from H-educate and today I’m really very pleased about certainly very excited to publishthis new definite direction I think it’s the only video the only route you need to be Successful Affiliate Marketing Without Wasting Any Second Lets Get Started Right Now What Is Affiliate Marketing Just For Beginners Here In About 30 Seconds Affiliate Marketing Is Simply Promoting A Product Any Product Or Service I Will Discuss This Later Then When Someone Buys The Product Or Take Action To The Product You Will Earn Very Simple Money Let’s generate an example You choose a product from Amazon Let’s say this microphone I made this microphone associate Send this link to someoneon my website or anywhere and about When that person buys themicrophone through my tie-in I will be paid I get a commission This is simply affiliate marketing Now what are the main steps of affiliate marketing Simply we have four main steps Number one is choosing a product You obviously want to promote a produce so you will choose a products or services To promote the second step is to create your affiliate marketing plan for example maybe make some webpages acre sheets some material depending on the concoction we will talk about this later the third stair is safarus administration Promote the concoction and the fourth gradation is to track your rendition analysis and optimization is super easy now in Affiliate marketingyou have to know something actually very important we mostly have two ways or two prototypes to earn commissions or to make money we use simple terms in the first pose we are encouraging a concoction and when a person buys delight focus when someone buys the concoction you will earn commission this is clear in the second model we promote something What but this person, the target customer doesn’t need to buy the product perhap they just have to take a simple action like registry their email or send their zip code or Send his phone number so if he does this you will earn money so it’s a little easier so here you give as an example per sign on or per activity we call it a CPA per action in the first way we earn fee per sale so satisfy focus “were having” two different forms a CPA form and a way Commission I hope it’s fairly straightforward This will help you decidewhat you want to promote Maybe as a beginner it will beeasy for you to promote something and only get signups As we explained if you follow inone of my suit studies you can earn seven bucks per signup if you’re promoting a service Certain if you want to check out this videoyou can check it out in the description below or somewhere here on the screen So these are the two main modelings now let’s move on to the types of makes Please focus well Write indicates What I am saying here is extensive information based onmore than four years From the experience I am demonstrating it to you simply to learn this and understand and apply, and don’t forgetanytime you can ask me any question in the comments section below or participate our Telegram group so we can chat right after posting the video So I’m here to help you just have to know M watch the video and learn and take action Try to do something anyway So now let’s move on to the types ofproducts you can promote as well To streamline things we mostly have four types of commodities or things you canpromote in affiliate marketing Number one is digital produces Like online trends like e-books, designs etc.Any digital product you canpromote and sell on the internet Number two is physical makes Example of promoting Amazon concoctions like electronics Any what you want Any physical product Number three are online services Online services are differentA bit about digital concoctions Example of an online service is canva Do you remember if you’re following me Create a full case study based oncanva How to promote canva affiliate program So canva is an online tool An online service that helps people create schemes etc. So you as an affiliate marketer can promote this work another type of service is like SEMrush SEMrush is a tool that helps you torank better on search engines for SEO, etc. To that as it is a tool, it has an affiliate program you can see here the affiliate program and whenever you promote this and get a sale you will earn commission from these services so we also have online services digit four which is somehow relatedto CPA forms if you remember that cost per action is What we call form submissions are like submit an email send a zip code send a phone number fill out a form these types of produces are not real makes they are forms that parties will fill out and you pay when someone completes a pattern so it’s not a real product ok so we have four types of digital commodities physical commodities Online services and form submission is very cool Now the concepts are all clear Let’s start with the first step How to choose a make Where to find the concoction now You have to focus well from now on we started the real work So how do you have selected a product Mostly “were having” two strategies based on content research or based on ad agent Please focus well number one is based on doing a content hunting is simply to find makes is attributable to your niche related to your topics so if you had a website about digital sell you go and find concoctions related to digital marketing if your website isabout state and fitness go and find concoctions related tohealth and fitness and so on let’s go here to my screen you can see I’m at what is cj it’s commisson junction it is simply an affiliate system what is an affiliate network is a place where you can find advertisersso you can find commodities here is my account you can see these are my earnings for this month last-place month it was about $2300 not bad now you can go to the advertisers segment in cj and you can start searching forproducts by lists, by specialty let’s see this so here is a complete list of advertisers orproducts we can promote you can see here you can filter bycategory you can search by keywords you can see we have a lot of material now Games, household, financial services, education, presentation, allure, commerce, online services whatever you want a lot of lists you can choose from ok, so this isour number one cj affiliate network you can register to sought for Commodity Now I know some of you willtell me “CJ didn’t admit my order” “I have problems with cj” Please focus, wait, some calmnes Everything will be clear I’ll give you all the alternatives Don’t worry This is just one example Second example is “Hes also” My dashboard is here in Impact, you cango here to Brands and go to find Brands and you can also search for any product you require again you have a lot of categories here perhaps Payment form, you can filterwhatever you want, I search for services, for companies and then You can applyhere is my brands these are the services Ipromote within Impact, ok so the second market is Now again you will tell me perhaps “Import accepted my applicationI can’t enter Impact” and so on in A few minutes I will tell you how to get approved what points help youto get approved but let’s go with another alternative is an alternative that doesn’t require any permissions you can just sign up and startworking and espouse commodities I know again that clickbank in some countries is boycotted what is Solution I will not tell you now use vpns swindle programmes Connect with person or whoever No if you don’t have a clickbank it’s ok you can use digistore2 4. com Another affiliate grocery Go now to the market you will find a lot Lots ofproducts you can promote Digital and physical products Time opt what you miss Education as two examples now and you will find a lot of products you can promote now you may tell me I don’t want clickbank I don’t want digistore2 4 I demand on-line service but I don’t know where to search and find I’ ll help you again Go to My platform for SEO toolsAnd Free Digital Marketing Tools Are Totally Free Go Here To Affiliate Programs Section I Created A Free Tool For YouWe Have Batch Of Software Here All These Are Online ServicesYou Can Join We Have Plenty Of Services You Can See Also I Sum Up Things Like How Much You Can Earn Cookie Duration What is the duration of the cookie It is very important by the way the duration of the cookie is Suppose you are promoting this service Bluehost I procreated a case study on bluehost 1 month ago You can check it in the specific characteristics below So Bluehos t is aweb hosting companionship that you want to promote if you promote 1 person 1 person sign on and buy the service you will earn $65 per auction Very good the government has 90 dates cookie period So let’s saysomeone opens your association Go to Blue Let’s say Bluehost Open Bluehost Someone you promote and open your link went to Bluehost then closed the browser and didn’t buy anything even though they are after 70 epoches 80 daylights 90 dates after 3 month they open their browser again and buy theservice You will earn board again because a file will be saved Cookie in his browser you can still get commission, get paid and earn commission marketing 90 daylights after his first see this is very important so this table you can search andfilter now what it is you want as an example search for something can be found works really click on the area and check out services and insure earningswhatever you crave and assemble the affiliate program also i will help you more if “theres going” here to notion this is my notion account you will see i have this affiliate marketing table i have more than 84 assistances i joinedand promote as an affiliate purveyor “i m going to give you” this table Also for free I will keep the link in the description below Just check it out to see the services Category The network you participated whatever you want Exactly make this counter and check it Join the networks you want Join the products you want I think this way I give you everything I have so you can start now May You “ve been told” I don’t want all this I want something that doesn’t require approvals I just want to get started I simply miss any product to get started We have a lot of online productsthat don’t require approvals let’s give you two examples here I have this app debounce email validator if “theres going” here to a dashboard My commissioning you will see that I have in my note about 465 dollars from my promotion for this month so debounce does not require any approval time sign on and get this connect here and start promoting please don’t give any apology we have a lot of services like this that require subscription exactly subscribe another tool GMass is anemail sell method for gmail if you go down here you will see our affiliate program How to join? You just need to install the app, it’s an addon and transport this emailjust read this guide Affiliate program if “theres going” here to my paypal account to show you this month I gota payment from this assistance very maybe this will motivate you, I knowmany of you like viewing digits so I goes to show you my dashboards let’s login to paypal so this is my dashboard let’s open this batch from wordzen and you’ll see it’s GMass batch from referral curriculum $82 not a big deal but it’s ok so today you have no excuse we have a lot of networksReferral, Software, Service, Apps, you merely need to search for it, choose one and start Ok I will leave all the links by the way everything Imentioned in the description below to offset things easier for you So this is the first method which is how to choose a productbased on content or probe The second method is what we call ad spy products Let’s open this site and you will see here a lot of ads parties roll so do you get the idea here you can spy and seewhich safaruss are running what parties are promoting so you can getan idea of the successful produces and You precisely need to copy and clone campaigns so here I demonstrate you a tool called Anstrex Native Ad Spy We have a lot of ad agent implements I’m not here to promote this tool or whatever or sponsor it precisely depicting you an example So here in the categories section I picked thebusiness let’s say computers so it’s something about my discipline ok and then I’m going to go now andpick an ad network, let’s say I’m going with Revcontent for thecontent, and I’m going to set its own language to English so this is my filter and you can now see that we have a lot of adsthat are cloned, which are copies of each other why? Because, as I “ve told you”, theaffiliate purveyors production like this, mimicking successful safaruss, so as you can see, this ad is similar to this ad, this ad is similar to this ad, and this is how you can see all of these arereproduced from each other, clones from one another, they may change the epitome or something or the entitle of the likenes or the deed Advertiseand they guide information campaigns again as you assure a lot of ads so you can spy on thesuccessful concoctions and prefer those products to promote so this is the second way which is to choose a make based on thead spy tools I hope the idea is pretty clear now we got to the core part of Affiliate market is marketing is product publicity I ponder the first part is choosing a product, somehow easier we opt the produce now we have the link to promote but how do you promote where do you promote what do you supposed to do now how do you get conversions we have two main approaches number one is content located strategy number two is Direct Marketing Let’s Give an Example I’ll Go Here To My Website To My Blog And Let’s Go Here And See The Top NineKeyword Research Tools For SEO Article on Best SEO Tools Keywords if you open this I organize content that adds cost to beings I share information but if you go through my article this is the first tool then we have semrush stop here I am depicting parties that semrushis a good tool for keywords do you identify these dark-green associates for semrush These are board associations so whenever someone clicks touse or measure semrush they will open my commission link and when someone buys that make buys the services offered I will get commission back We have ahref We have H-supertools AnswerThePublic etc so I can promoteproducts through content My other illustration of the information contained is Tutorials like this How to remove background from portrait if you recollect I made acomplete case study on canva promotion using this article please refer to it It’s really a great case study You can see his trend guide seminar on how to remove background from the likenes and I registered you how to do it using canva and “youre seeing” these dark-green attaches all of these are affiliate ties so this first programme is material promotion it could be youtube video content like t including webcam evaluates camera reviews microphone reviews whatever you want on youtube or show a tool in avideo like i do on my path or maybe on instagram or tictok and cause content onsocial media about a commodity to promote so we promote through manner content The second is direct promotion if you go here to anstrex back to the ad spy tool you can see here like we have this ad this ad let’s open it and let’s trip the sheet so when someone clicks on the ad it will open this sheet you can see this page now so it’s promoting direct to the product so as you can see it’s a direct promotionfor the platform sheet for this product so whenever someone clicks “get started” and sign on you can earn the regional commissions , now maybe thisproduct is promoting itself here I don’t really know but this is howdirect promotion employments you run a campaign and promote the ground page instantly No content, seminars, videos, real material to explain, give evaluate, etc.Ok so those are the two main strategies to promote now in this guide now I’m sorry I can’tgo into detail how to get started safarus and how to launch a campaign etc because I simply illustrated this in detail in my affiliatemarketing example studies I justified this in detail in Howdo I promote affiliate relations and so on but to sum things up I will now show youthree or four precedents again again I testified you on my blog I am applying these joins Inmy commodities to promote commission products and I use a implement called reasonably links to automate these connections You can see wheneverthere is a canva keyword it will be automatically are connected to my referral connect You are also welcome to use an ad banner You can see this ad banner here I promote network business Contabo as banner ad on my area so this is another way to promote on your area you can also see my stage H-supertools I also have ads now I promote with affiliate ads more so flag ads or content very If you go to deals area you will seeI have recommendations page and some services sheet where I recommend I have some services on my site you can see all these links are commission ties-in all these services and linksare commission relates etc.Now to know more about how I do Promote Affiliate Products How Do I Run Campaigns And Much More Please Check My Case Studies IWill Keep All Links In The Description Below To Know More About How I Run Campaigns How I Promote Certain Concoction Etc So We Pick The Products We Promote But Something We Forgot To Set Up The Marketing System By board which is the second gradation why did I skip this simply because it depends on theproduct and how things work as an example in my bag here the system is about writing an article on canva so I mount this up and I need to get traffic for this article maybe organic traffic, free traffic or simply by extending a paid ad Like I done so in my case studythree weeks ago so if you’re promoting if you choose an advertising spying productyou’ll need to create a landing page like this This is asingle web page landing page to promote the product and allow the user to take action so you probably need tocreate a conversion funnel maybe Email marketing campaign as in my action hereI am expending a tool announced converit paraphernalium Email marketing service one of the best in my opinion you can see e Here ismy customer index and here you can go to the landing page andforms or auto and create anautomated funnel and so on as in my contingency here so it depends what is theproduct and how you want to promote then you can set up the system ok so I goes to show you this in practice how to create a landing page HOW TO CHOOSE A SPECIFIC PRODUCT We will do a live case study of managing a product but not now In this videoI will probably do this next week Let me know exactly what you are interested in in the comments section below So these are the first 3 paces now The final step is to track and optimize your campaigns as two examples to see here inmy website i have this ad banner how do you know who clickedand bought from this ad banner how can i move this now in my speciman i mainly use cj and impact to select makes as lesson in influence let’sgo to the homepage you want to create relation for publicity let’s say i prefer let’s say canva again here you can choose a specific landing page but in the advanced section hereyou can choose a sub id let’s call it “banner homepage1” if you now click create you will see that it will Take this tie-in I will open it and I will copy this connect and I will go to Firefox other browser open this link now this is my commission link so if someone buys through this association I can go now here to reports to go to all the reports and let’s go here to performance by sub id And here in this section you can track which sub identifiergot the most shifts so you can track that ad flag exactly how many alterations, number of clinks etc.This is very important to track which linkwhich ad is performing better so you can improveand analyze your results etc. So if you work with Impact or cj you can do this trackingand analysis inside cj and Impact if you use adedicated service maybe like Debounce here “were having” limited alternatives we only have commissioning link to promote so we don’t havemuch choice “if youre using” like perhap let’s say Let’s go here to this site invideo dashboard this is a dashboardfor referral program for a service announced invideo I promote it also if you go here to sources you can add beginnings likewebsite url and so on in the resources region you will see you have a rap i Referral In the advanced section now we can add metadata, sub-id so you can also trackwhich sub-id is performing better so it depends on the affiliate marketing system you areusing the affiliate commodities you are promoting the referral system this concoction is using etc. so you can track your ads and analyze them or typically if you promote likeclickbank products or whatever we have business like ClickMagick If you go here ClickMagick This is a service that will help you racetrack and optimize your safaruss We can try it for free if you like You too have a tool announced Too used by affiliate marketing experts I are also welcome to createa whole track or guide on link tracking because tracking is really very important it can really boost your conversions a lot if you track well and optimize your campaignsand appreciate exactly what happens this is also another implement We have various tools for campaign tracking, committee conversion tracking etc.We will talk about it in later So these are the fourmain steps of affiliate marketing I hope you get the idea I hope you got real values from this course and “youve had” the complete roadmap now it should be your Nothing is now in your thought please move on after this and watchmy Affiliate Case Studies Real Case Studies How I promoted, how I pick commodities Upload my assets now Affiliate list and use H-supertools to find some makes The most important factor is you have to take action not Just sit now and watch and say wow it’s agreat video and stumbled the like button yes click the likebutton please you can improve the performance of myvideos and my direct please is now going like the videoif you feel you got value but it’s not enough for you you have to take action Choose the commodity Set up the system Ask me, ask in groups Ask in the forum Interact, get more help, taking any decision and start your business Get started now Last-place topic today I want to mention simple things that will help you get approvedin websites like Impact and cj let’s start with cj here within the account section or upon enrollment if you goto a network profile you are required to add some information about yourself about your website, social media whatever you have so if you learn Gb toget admission on these number one locates I advise you to goand create a website or blog, or anything instagram profile tiktok profile youtube canal any online presencewill help you get admission you can see hereI told them I have a youtube direct I have 2 places I have email newsletters agreed I have suffer so contribute this when you want to register it’s very important You can also manage your promotion methods Go now for advertisement features within cj and you can add your social profiles Yoursite, your blog whatever you want you can see I have My site, my blog, my youtube canal, my newsletter you can add the genre and so the same starts forImpact when you sign up Try to mention your places, your blog anyhaving anything you have on the internet Try to mention it for approving It’s very important This is the main factor for coming approved How are you going to promote a service if youdon’t have anything online If you are just starting out Especially for online services especially for digital produces You need something to promote so having a website, blog and attendance in socialmedia social is imperative to get approved but again don’t give any forgive we have works like clickbank and digistore we have a lot of services herecheck them in referral table like Debounce like gmass we have a lot of services asimple google inquiry can do With this task for you, I am looking for affiliate planneds that do not require approval.You will get numerous programs thatyou can join and start promoting again. The main factor is that you start working. If you have any questions, observation them below and do not forget to join our direct or group on Telegram to chat Together ifyou have any questions or troubles I will be there in the group in the comments section to help you and answer your questions If you like the video press the like button Subscribe and turn on notifications for every new update See you later.

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