The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing (no one is this honest)

hey guys so in this video I’m going toshare with you some hard truth about affiliate sell and what it reallytakes to run an online business so my identify is Rachel S. Lee and if you’re newto my channel it’s all about online commerce affiliate sell so many ofthe videos are software tutorials affiliate marketing strategies trapstrategies to get more traffic and collect more guides and construct more salesonline and building and strengthening passive income and a lot of them are like screen share or andI’ll teach that nature and this one’s a little bit different this one I justwanted a cool off on the couch and have a talk with you guys if you are new tothe direct be sure to subscribe and smacked the notifications and I hope you enjoyedthis video so I hate to say this but I genuinely don’t think that affiliatemarketing is for everybody exclusively 3% of parties that try to make money onlineactually do and even people who do make a dollar or more online may not be happywith where they’re at or also have a lot of overheads yes revenue and income butalso a good deal of expenses so not as much earning as they would like and this isespecially true in the beginning as you’re learning you will get betterhopefully not everyone gets better but if you’re really truly committed to thisyou want it to work obstruct learning you have to keep learning I try to learn allthe time and then the days and the weeks that I decide oh I’m not gonna do anylearning I’m only gonna do material for creation or like or working on myautomations or construct out a move or need to get emails up whatever it may bewhatever activity it is in my business it’s so important to keep sharpening thesaw and even if you’re like an expert and you’re really good you’ll still wantto be learning because there’s always going to be ways to optimize yourcampaigns optimize your moves optimize your freight prepare things better scaledrive more traffic so one of the truth is likethis journey is ongoing there are destinations you do what and hit goalsand change objectives and reached sure-fire ends perhaps you have a goal inmind like you want to do $10,000 months well you need to consider do you want todo $ 10,000 in earning month and let’s say you have that $10,000 profit what areyou gonna do with that and there’s always going to be these questions andchallenges in front of you of how you’re currently running your business and whatdirection it should go in so to get affiliate marketing to work there areslow methods and there are fast methods and even the fast methods can take along time and even the sluggish methods because they keep in slower or the meanthey don’t have to go that sluggish but even these slow organic methods these likefree programmes can still cost money because you may want to free up sometime so then you pay for outsourcing and then you want to balance the return onyour investment for that spending money it can be faster like hiring a teampaying for traffic ads doing testing so you can further optimize things when youdo have money to invest in your affiliate sell business to get tothe results that you want faster but it still takes time like in my businessonline with whatever’s up on the Internet I have funnels on the internetI have landing sheets on the internet opt-in sheets I have things for people tosign up to I have trends that like free courses that people can take in freetrainings and downloads for parties and then all the email is automated and alot of the traffic is automated so a great deal of it is just happening but it’s a dailychallenge for me to think how can I scale this even better like how can wemake more coin with this does it simply need more traffic or does do we need toget more guides from the traffic do we need to get more sales from those leadsdo we need more emails on the cycle do we need to be setting up a chitchat botfor it for a facebook messenger but I predict I merely want to procreate the point thatit can take a toll on inventor to forget that is anongoing journey and yeah there’s destinations and points that you want tohit but when you make them it doesn’t mean that it’s done and there’s going tocontinue to be challenges and it’s hard like even if you have money to investand paid ads and you’re like I’m gonna do paid ads he’s still gonna fissure thecode and that like you’re still gonna be good at us and learn how to do adsFacebook Ads Google Ads whatever ads you’re doing solo ads Instagram ads andthen let’s say okay you have even more money to invest that’s greatso with that fund you’re gonna hire some experts money does not like justbuy everything that quick you can’t time expect a I’m gonna introducing an expert rightaway and then they’re gonna crack the code for me when you sit back andrealize that’s not gonna happen the only person you really can blame is yourselfso precisely another truth about having an online business and being in affiliatemarketing is that you are responsible foreverything so even if you’re thriving your crew and you set up yourautomations what if one of automation miscarries and you don’t even know that allthis traffic is not even get the emails or you go check on your ads andyou realise like $1000 was there’s not gonna be a return on that the onlyreturn is the learning tasks so I suspect my part I’m trying to get acrosswith this is it is so possible to have success if you really want this to workyou can make it work really most people don’t make it work and that’s somethingthat the Guru’s aren’t gonna tell you they’re not gonna tell you that oh thisis so hard no the make money online industry the path parties sell if that’slike the affiliate marketing niche that you’re in or you I entail I’m sure youguys discover batch of things for routes and strategies like little directions orprograms or coaching or whatever it is for software’s like this is gonna makeeverything easier buy this and everything is just gonna be easier andthis is the solution that you need to make money online and you buy somethingand then you’re still where you were at before or evenlike in a worse distinguish I precisely want to let you know that’s normal it’s common it’sjust so common if if that doesn’t if you don’t experience that then something’sweird but just because it’s so common it doesn’t mean that has to be your realityit doesn’t mean that you can’t break through that there’s always going tocontinue to be challenges but whatever challenge you’re at you are eligible to breakthrough that one a lot of my answers I have gotten from locking myself in myroom or in my house and getting the work done filming the videos setting up thefun all constructing the move structure the recording the videos for the funnelgetting the emails ready coming the traffic like merely doing the work andthen a lot of the results that I’ve gotten in my business are a result ofmeeting certain people of networking of having parties come into my life who Idid not know before and having them teach me something or going to introduce to me anopportunity that I would not have ran into it’s like think about how how didyou learn about affiliate marketing where were you when you first heardabout it if you remember or do you remember a duration where there was like onepivotal moment or phenomenon or considered that you did or went to a person that you metthat varied your life and oftentimes we are not going to be able to make thoseconnections if we are so laser focused so I think it’s super important in youronline business and in this affiliate marketing journey because that’s what itis to educate be social make friends parties that you can talk to know peoplethat you could complain to like oh let’s come along a scold so we can just likecomplain but it’s so important to have that support system parties that you meetonline even through YouTube I’ve met beings through YouTube which is soamazing or we connect maybe first to each other on YouTube but then we’ll goconnect on Instagram or on Facebook I try to meet those people in person atthe conferences or maybe they live in my area and I can meet them in personmeeting people like real people talking to beings that has really been soimportant for getting to the next stage in the next stage in the next tier inmy business another thing another truth that you guys may understand online is peopleusing their results to as leveraging to get more causes so oh review everyone Imade a hundred dollars with this opportunity I’m an or this thing thatI’m promoting this affiliate offer that glints people’s interest so it’s themdoing that now Delp now they just made a $ 200 Hey look everyone I acquired $200 withthis program more people sparked interest signup now you’re right $500 and merely keep like that’s common and I’m not even saying it’s bad I’m just sayingit is a truth about affiliate marketing for me I think integrity is everything Ido leverage my develops to get more resultssometimes but I make sure to do it in hopefully a stylish channel in a way thatprovides ethic in an authentic acces in a vulnerable method it’s easy to say thatthings are easy it’s easy to say that this is the easiest affiliate programI’ve ever promoted and look at this and look how quick I’m getting parties tosign up for it and it’s hard for beings to tell the truth and tell people thatit’s hard and I’m not making this video to produce anybody down or like try tospread negative vigor I just think it’s kind of like pew if you are in anaffiliate marketing industry and make money online I think it’s somewhat yourduty to share the truth like not lie to beings so much better of what’s online is justwhat you chose to get online you go look at my Instagram every photo I examine goodI’m not gonna post a photograph where I don’t search good and that’s fine that makessense like I don’t really use my Instagram that much anyway for like makemoney online manufacture but I’m just saying like even on Facebook or onYouTube it can be the good they’re good and the highlights look at this look atthis look at this and then it builds the sees think like oh they must I meanobviously they do know something that I don’tor like those things are so easy for them why does it have to be so hard forme and I just want to let you guys know that it’s just like so not fricking thecase and whatever your goals are like your journey how you want to set up yourbusiness that’s fine you can learn from other people merely because your businessdoes not look exactly like someone else’s it’s okay I like have a big teamand then I consider a lot of my colleagues online making money online making goodmoney online and they don’t even like have a team or they have like very smallteam or like one person helping them and I get like I feel like oh I need to bedoing it like that but then again on the other hand a lot of administers that I gotgoing on in business deals and assets and things that I’mpromoting it I’m doing they’re not so it’s also important in your onlinebusiness and in this journey to not compare yourself to other parties I knowthere’s so many videos and people saying that but it’s true so if you need asocial media detox I suggest that you subscribe to my channel right now leavea comment of what you learned and then get off the internet go take a break gooutside go to the beach go somewhere like apply it down because the whole pointof us constructing this online passive income business is so we can shut itdown for like a freaking day and if you are starting to write right now or notfeeling good oftentimes it’s that day like away from everything that we reallyneed and that’s really gonna help you get back into your groove and have youconquer everything that you want to conquer so I hope this video was helpfulif you so wishes more videos like this that disappear more into the mindset of onlinemarketing and the truth let me know in the comments let me know what kind ofcontent that you want to see on this direct and I’ll see you guys on thenext video

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