The Viral Power of the Audience – (Part 1 of 22 Affiliate Marketing and Management Series)

how I got into this business in the first place is back in 1993 I was doing a project working all this action trying to get it fit it right into what I wanted to do and all of a sudden this strange guy came up with this thing announced Netscape and I unexpectedly realized that instead of trying to do a traditional business in the real world I are able to reaching hundreds thousands at that point now millions of people I had no money I “ve got nothing” behind me to truly say this was going to be successful but I knew was that there were people out there interested in what I was offering and if I stop thinking about me and I started “ve been thinking about” them things got unusually so easy what do they like to do where do they go and who do they are aware like and trust to find answers to what they want so I began in the business with this very simple idea I opened up and said I don’t know what you guys want why don’t you tell me and it was amazing people came from every corner of the globe and what they did was they taught me what I’m about to coach you today is that the power is not only in people in the gathering but in partnerships in collaboration and I entail real collaboration working with parties in a way that’s not using them but creating a synergy creating a way that you can benefit they can benefit and more importantly the gathering or your purchaser if you’re strictly in a business mode your purchaser can benefit and when you make such approaches not about your make not about your service in fact for those of you don’t have a commodity and service that’s great you don’t need one inevitably there’s lots out there what I acquired was there’s audiences and there’s parties in front of them and if I can engage those people earn their trust and have them introduce me to the people that cartel them Wow we have an extreme way to grow a business so with a simple dream of reaching out and sharing something that in my original assignment might have reached perhaps 200 parties I reach 2,000 beings the first month and unexpectedly I realized it went to see 4,000 ten thousand I said you know I could turn this into a business I are able to give these people do what they want listen to them and start products and services by what they tell me they miss not by what I think they miss and that’s the basis of what we call affiliate marketing and is my claim to fame as represent one of the innovators of affiliate commerce


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