Training Demo Video 2- Affiliate Marketing Simplified

I video number two what our affiliate structures and which are the most relied ones an affiliate network is the connection between merchants or produce owners affiliate programs and publishers affiliates in which affiliates are reinforced for each guest or purchaser brought by the affiliates owned market exertions there are many affiliate networks today here are the most used and effective clickbank com this is a large worldwide well-known online payment platform used in internet marketing it is an intermediary between marketers affiliates and purchasers who want to purchase digital concoctions such as ebooks body sites and digital rendition posters among others its function is basically to publish products from marketers and promote them among their purchasers by accusing a very low commission in clickbank you can make money as a marketer and as an affiliate ie you can earn by selling your own commodities or in terms of promoting other people’s produces Clickbank will take care of all required events and promoting of the products amazon associates amazon accompanies is an affiliate program that promotes the products of world-famous amazon it consists of allowing web pages to create joins and give boards from auctions generated through those joins if you have a website you can provide your users the options of making a secure purchase through for every purchase they form you can receive between five and ten percent commission per marketing it is very easy to use and totally free it’s available to everyone ebay partner network ebay partner network is about redirecting traffic from your website to an ebay sheet you can generate benefits through this program offered by ebay as with the previous curriculum if you have a website you can register it on ebay and then affiliate your page to the ebay partner network if someone tours your page and through it clicks on a link to ebay or one of its partners you will start making money based on that traffic it is also free and once you get cross-file you will have a number of tools to optimize your membership rakuten affiliate network rakuten is a company born in Japan dedicated to e-commerce on the internet and a conducting corporation worldwide unlike Amazon which sells its concoctions immediately rakuten is a bridge between dealers and potential purchasers it has a membership system that allows you to link your sheet to projectile 10 or its produces and also share its tie-ups in your social networks paying eight percentage commissioning on every auction obtained through your sheets or systems jvzoo allay jvzoo pacify is a page or affiliate planned where you can find commodities to promote our sell you were able to say it’s a marketplace its prime advantage is the instant payment to the affiliates if someone makes a purchase through your affiliate tie-in you will automatically receive your commission in your paypal account on this website there are several ways to make money by promoting other people’s concoctions in your social networks or when someone makes a purchase by clicking on a link on your website if you can recruit a good number of referrals and turn those into sales your revenues will increase share a sale sheriff sale is an internet advertising company that specializes in promoting concoctions through its employees it has several hundreds of corporations as its both consumers and promotes products and services of all kinds formerly you recruit this page offers three payment options paper sale pay for every customer who purchases a concoction from the company promoted by share sale pay per lead pay by online marketing the advertiser pays for each registration of patients interested in their services or commodities offer per clink this is the most used the company salaries every time a patron clicks on one of your ads busines state marketplace health is a company dedicated to health it has only one affiliate network in which you can make money online through sales commissionings it is a matter of promoting natural health products that do not require a prescription either on your social networks email marketing website etc market health allows you to have a website with your own domain and use it to promote commodities it gives people a five percent board for each auction obligated through your systems or sites and can be very profitable because of the esteem of their products CJ CJ affiliate is a company from calif fornia in the United Nation it is dedicated to the online affiliate marketing business specializing in payment projects for commodities offered by affiliated fellowships attaching CJ is free if you have a site that encounters the company membership requirements you will be able to promote the products it offers by link this company you will be provided with implements to optimize and improve your website in order to make it more attractive for your customers and users pure fly pier fly is a well-known affiliates pulpit based on cpa cost per act which is really easy and instinctive to use it acquires affiliates from all countries and virtually all types of traffic it has different types of advertisings according to the advertiser these include email marketing social networks blogs web pages etc it has one of the most popular referral planneds pier fly is an independent network therefore it’s able to minimize its own Commission and give their clients the highest allow payouts it compensates a five percentage board for both the products sold through your own promotion and by marketings from a referral max prize max bonu is among the most recommended affiliate business because it is very easy to use and to understand it presents all kinds of campaigns and offers to promote from various topics tournaments foods health movies etc “its also” an affiliate busines with incentivized traffic in addition to the regular fee for promoting affiliate business max bonu has a referral program where you will get paid five percent of your referrals monthly earnings during a year

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