Travel affiliate marketing and earning with Travelpayouts in 2020

Hi all! Welcome everybody to our annual Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit. This year it is a little bit different. We all know we have suffered from changes in our lives and world. But we are glad you came to our Summit, you located season and we hope you will get your experience during the affiliate conference, and you will get insights, trends and everything else. Our team did the best to show only the best content for you. And I hope it is going to be a great experience for both of us. We genuinely rely on your feedback and network communication. So please ask all the questions in the comments. Our team and I will send all the replies and provide answers as quickly as possible. So, welcome, my specify is Alexey and I am a produce overseer here in Travelpayouts. And as Olga told we are starting our Summit. I want to start this event and discuss what is going on in 2020. What happened, and of course it’s not possible to avoid the covid topic and what happened in the travel market and how it affects you, us and the whole world.So the subject of my talk is post-covid travel in the world and in Travelpayouts. And I will share what we verify on the market, what is there, trends and what is going on and about how Travelpayouts react for that. Too I will share Travelpayouts plans for the nearest future. So makes’ start. Yeah, as I said here I am a commodity administrator, I am responsible for user interfaces and for internal arrangements, also for WordPress plugin, Chrome Extension and some other implements. So, what happened in 2020? Of track the biggest report, the biggest event and the biggest; I can say trouble for all of us is Covid-1 9. 2019, last year was a perfect year. Everything was good. Travel industry was on the top. We’ve seen the great trends of thriving, everything in industry proliferating. Our partners, they were getting more and more benefits and everything was very great. Nobody knew that something’s going to happen, but then that happened. At the start of this year in January and February nobody knew what’s coronavirus, what’s that happening. They get some information from China that there’s something going on there, but I don’t know how you got, but we thought that it’s just a temporary and it will finish; for example in six months and a half time, maybe in June.But that’s not what happened. As we all know and also you can see the data from IATA. It’s the organization that administers all international airlines – like flights, everything plunged enormously. It started from Asia and then it happened as its China and all of the regions here, other countries in the region. After that it happened all around the world. The number of flights vastly ceased. Basically, we can say that passenger flights approximately come all regions of the world, so a good deal of airlines really pinned their sail on the floor, so everything suspend and none knew what’s going on, and for how long is that. We hope for the best but now we realise our initial predictions were wrong, and now it makes more occasion than we mull. So how long will it take to recover? Still , nobody knows precisely. When all that significant losses, for example, revenue loss for aviation, it’s hundreds of billions of dollars.And other manufactures too suffered a lot. And then to recover, still nobody knows. There are some projections again from IATA organization that everything will come back, will recover by 2024, but still just forecast and it’s also a good thing as things can go better and the improvement will also be going to be earlier than that year. So let’s hope for the best and we’ll accompany a delightful strength in retrieval. The next question, what’s changed. How it alters the shape of the world, how it altered world markets directions, how it varied affiliate directions, and is everything bad. I just wanted to spoiler right now , not everything is as bad as we conceived at the beginning. We assure some neat trends and step-by-step we hope that the industry will recover as quickly as possible. So let’s come back to April. It’s data from the worldwide tourism organization, it’s a part of the United people. Here, what we can see, all advance countries and all travel ends, they close their borders. So everything, the slog just stopped.Of route, it was the first response to the pandemic as the virus is spreading by airlines, it’s spreading by people who travel from one country to another one, as the easiest way was just to close the borders, offset all flights. other not pleasant things were happening and still happening in the world. It was April, but how it altered from April. Let’s look for the same report from the same organization in September, 2020. And it’s promising, it’s promising to take a look. For example, 50% of the countries secrete restrictions on travel. But of course, it’s much better as you can see, compared to all countries that closed time in April. Still , not all the borders are open for sightseers, many territories are open only for the citizens of those countries or other countries doing some list of tolerated, that allowed parties to enter the countries.And not to, of course, tourists, it’s to recover. It’s still at that time, but still, as you can see , now it’s much better trends and we hope, and we see the trend towards the oldest period is going to be better. And how that’s affected and how that impacted all of us, you as affiliate purveyors guys who rely on walk, affiliate programs. And which is something we interpret on our data, how it truly shaped, and what the changing nature of parties, decisions, what the changing nature of affiliate marketplaces. Firstly, you can see that it lessened the user conversion. Now, this is a little better, but still, it’s much worse than before.And of course, it’s a nice logical the purpose of explaining that. Parties are not sure about the future, we were looking for flights, but still not … Now it’s better, but before you’ll never know, will your fight be real or it will be canceled. So beings are looking apart, but will likewise be afraid of a lot of restrictions about advance. Some borderlines, metes are closed. So of course, people are very eager to travel, but we don’t have that equipment. And still, this changeover is much lower than it was in 2019. Of direction, we’ll consider higher proportions or profiles in Avier and inns but mostly, in all industries. First of all, some pre-booked flights to book hotels, they’ve been canceled, many of them, as parties not absolutely convinced their travel plans, they will be able to get to their destination by doing a test, how they can get back.They’re not sure if their country will be in lockdown as they come back. So it’s not easy and many of the airlines and the industry, stipulating a lot of brand-new choices and options where it can easily impel indemnities. As we are familiar, before it wasn’t easy to change your plans for flight tickets and get a refund or change the working day. They had to figure out styles exactly to boost the industry by providing that option sometimes for free. If you’re talking about how that’s affected you guys and what is necessary expect, at least during the next half-year, maybe a year. It’s increased to a halt. So before that a great deal of advertisers sort of firebrands in Travelpayouts, but we were paying in advance but now a lot of our advertisers they varied their framework, and now they going to pay committee on specific actions, the flight, or the inn, or tours or some of the activities, they have to be finished at. So the person or persons should finish their own activities and merely after that it would look on the front and you’ll get UV and we’ll share that condition with you.That’s a module more common for inns, but now it’s kind of small-time common for all segments of travel affiliate sells. What we likewise see is that some affiliate platforms closed or merely temporarily suspend a duration. Some of the advertisers like KAYAK or Hotelscombined, BlaBlaCar or others, have stopped paying commissions at all. There is an explanation for either as the affiliate commerce plan is part of the marketing budget. If a company doesn’t have gains if nobody movements they just stop spending money on that. But now step-by-step, we’ll recognize some recovering and it’s predicting. In some manufactures, we try to provide new commodities, particularly for that pandemic, for example, numerous online undertakings there like GetYourGuide, Tiquets, Musement in other business last-minute adding online hassles. So we have online safaruss, you can do that. You hear, you can sell Sagrada de Familia online but we’re trying to do something with world markets. It was because it was in a bad place. And we still Travelpayouts, we try to support that, and inform all of you. And we’ve seen some interest from beings all over the world for that, but it looks like beings are still waiting for offline traveling.As online duties, it’s not the same experience as the offline awfully one. Likewise being trends of some special COVID-1 9 coverages. But as now we see a lot of insurance, they are only include COVID-1 9 as policy options. So it’s no more a separate product, in general. Of course, some niches, for example, cruises suffered in the worst way. We all know and still, we’ll to be expected that they recover as soon as possible, but it’s obvious for the nearest half a year, maybe a year, it will be a real problem for all that niche. And really hope for the best for them.As I know, a lot of you guys were asking questions sails and we were working hard end all industrial buyouts, and we had a lot of things coming on, but now we have to take a step back. Things convert and life-time comes back, that we can say. Let’s see, I included actual informants in my own report, the first beginnings is Aviasales collected data from different rallies from Eastern Europe are also, I recruited some delightful intelligence from all regions of the world. I’m seeing this there’s a nice report from Skyscanner that also covers a topic in different marketplaces. And also I checked the data of Travelpayouts itself, and they registered the same. So let’s talk about that. For example, let’s start with flights. So why we began the flights because flights generally are the initial moment in roam. So it was just up to beings and people bought their flight ticket, we are you going to pre-Booked hotel, gondolas and if you don’t have a flight, usually, you can’t wander. But if you’re country is lucky and your customers are lucky their domestic market is quite big.And if everything is not so bad. For example, if you can see on the Russian market is the same situation in China and some other markets that have a lot of potential in domestic cros. Domestic hasten is the biggest trend, the biggest response for COVID-1 9. We get brand-new records as you can see on the slide, the blue one is domestic travelling and we get really great numbers and they’re better than ever before. But of course, you know the margins on domestic flights and all that because the flights are less expensive and undoubtedly you’ll get a lower commissioning. The same data demonstrated by Skyscanner. We included more market summing-up in such reports, but it’s a global trend and domestic excursion, Caribbean cruise globally.And it will remain steady proliferation, in the nearest future. If you’re talking about international pas. So it was bad. It was bad primarily until July, but then we realise some raise, extremely this raise is accompanied and new countries opened for travelers. Then when airlines can introduce more flights on the schedule to go there and beings, they’ve been waiting for a while, we have been on the lockdown, they want to travel, they hope, they miss some flexibility. And we started traveling. So only to articulate some expansion as not all countries are going to be open to the destination that people can visit the growing will continue faster and faster. The same thing is shown by Skyscanner, as “theyre saying”, international proceed, dark-green shots for international traveling on the horizon. So as more countries will change their policies, it’s going to be bad. So you are able to check what countries are changing their regulations and expect growing for their end. So you can prepare that and enjoy it in advance.Also as you know, it’s hard to predict anything in this world, in our time, beings that buy one-way travel and decide where they’re going to go during the pandemic, just now. So parties not planning for a year in advance or for half a year in advance. Usually, it’s just this week or merely within the month. So expect that people get to a decision just right now, by not strategy. As we see that the countries are opened, the commonwealth is open and they get some delightful reviews from their friends, from online media, from other sources. We’ll take chances and got to go. To walk and relative now it’s a popular topic. Too resources, a lot of brands they’re monitoring, they check what this nation offer, for example, it can showcase on have a nice picture on the website, they can take a look at which countries are closed for each country. So if you have some visitors from France, you can take a look and you can also lead your tourists there so they can take a look and be on the same … To take a look at what’s going on and act fast, book their flights exactly on the other platforms.So it’s a popular thing. And just take a look at the story. Let’s take a look at your data on our data, cause it’s not on the world data, but it’s only from the point of view of Travelpayouts out of advantages of our partners. So let’s start with Asian flights. Yeah, as “youre seeing”, April, May, everything was bad. The go stopped and we realise a significant drop in benefits, but then as you notice, commonwealths, almost in domestic we started recovering, we’ll see increasing use of veers. So you find , not everything is bad and it is going to be even better. Hotels and daily rentals. Here is a trend, it looks a little bit different. But why is that, because of the inns it’s more common to have eliminations on the bookings and for people who booked their stay.And the beginning comes in January, February they canceled them in advance. So as you know, in hotels, usually, you get paid up until the person is checked out and checked out even two months after his checkout, after that you’ll get your commission. So that’s why we investigate the quizzing on the trend , not just simply in April and May, but simply from January and February. To some land activities and packets. We started ripening as more countries open their borders, and some brand-new boxes could be produced. So as containers companionships, operators, they supported, we threw some flights by destinations. Parties started using them. So it’s a global trend, but usually, containers are very connected to international jaunts. So as more countries, more destinations open, the trend will be originating faster.Tourism undertakings. And it’s a nice trend and it basically echoes present trends from flights. As parties “re going away”, we do some site assure. They’re going to go to museums, they want to use their time in some interests. So beings driving more and more tours and activities online, it’s been a trend for a while but now it basically represents aviation tendencies so people know how to do that online, they’re going to do that more and more in the future, so it’s nice to invest more and more. Travelpayouts has a variety of firebrands who represent this niche, so satisfy take chances and if you have a brand-new bank now, let’s have a look again as it’s really promising. Transportation.Transportation is not as good as everything else, but that’s mostly on our data as the biggest advertisers as we had in that niche, they suspended their programs for a while. And that’s why we construe the quizzing now. But if you’re talking about globally, round transportation isn’t that bad as slip composes, like parties typically expending transportation to go inside their country. So it is mostly domestic tour. Displaces. Gives, it’s a nice, I contemplate, underestimating category for a lot of people and it was growing nice during 2019, better than ever. And so of course , now it tolerates a lot because it’s one of the final step in the travel funnel.People, literally bible their transport, say if they jaunt internationally and they miss a nice pas from the airport to the hotel, to the destination on the floor. But still, it might be a nice option as people are able to shunned public transportation if they pre-book that carry-over. So it’s a private one merely for them, it’s more comfortable and it could be one of the selling objects of how you can do this transfer now. Insurance isn’t influenced as before. There’s a reasonablenes as our advertisers dont have world policy, but some domestic products. And we continue selling them. But because I can acquire traveling only on the travel insurance, it repeats the trend of innovation, Car rentals. Car rentals recite the flight trends and that’s why burns happen because people now fly and payment a auto. It’s a nice tendency if you wish to avoid some public arrangements. Their work is not a normal planned. And if you can be more flexible if you book a car, so please expect that.And as we see that car rentals are recovering quite fast, because if the nation is opened and tourists got to go, many of them will decide to book a vehicle and go on their own. And we don’t want to rely on public transportation systems and now the car rental utters that opportunity. So, if you haven’t been trying gondola tour or gondola rentals, then please do that, a neat knot of symbols also included Travelpayouts. So really to sum up that, some of that just after country is reopens tourism demand isn’t rapidly returned, so people want to travel but after this nation is open to learn about other tourist journeys about they want to read some refreshes, only if they don’t like if there is a bunch of early adopters due to their trip the next stage is coming fast.Domestic wandering will be relevant for a while and decisions are made very fast, tiny decile meaning. You don’t schedule your vacations in advance as that has happened before, some people plan their entire vacations in a year or half a year. Now it’s difficult to do that. So expect that change in behavior of your customers. So that’s what’s happening. But what happened in Travelpayouts? How did we is submitted in response to that? I want to assure you that we are fine as a company. We’re in good shape. We stopped brand-new hiring for the period of the pandemic for the beginning of that, as we didn’t know what’s going on, but now we are back at that tradition where we have new teammates coming to us and we are open to hiring.There are 51 parties on our crew. And as I said, there is more to follow. So we don’t have any decrease in amounts from our team. So that was good. We believe in that and we want to support you as far as is possible. So we want to assure you that you can rely on us. We give a good deal of our time and our commerce resources to educate you. We’re doing Summit also only to show you that everything is good and we invited a lot of experts now, so we can teach you some new pranks and satisfy go them, use them, use such a situation as the context of the preparations for the future. We likewise do some experimentations, but I’ll tell you later about one of them. Too, we support you guys. We supporting you as much as we can. We know that although you relied on your profits from Travelpayouts, from the travel market, sometimes it’s the only one of the source of your income and we know all the difficult times, and we want to help you.So April, May, June, and July we spawn special compensation for a knot of affiliates who had a lot of cancellation because of the COVID-1 9 and we invested in that more than $ 100,000. So we hope that helps you to believe and in the future. And we hope that our aid actually, actually helps you to stay , not to close the business and continue growing it. We too doing some business as usual things, but if you haven’t mentioned that Ill tell you a little bit about that. Mostly you know we expended a great deal in the tools, the tools that you can use to shape more gains. One of the selling places and all the best features of Travelpayouts of course is widgets, and if any brand has its own widgets in their own affiliate program, 99% it will be included in Travelpayouts, for example looking for transposed widgets they’re likewise accessible Travelpayouts and as you know we’re trying to the commission organization are in conformity with 99% of cases it’s identical in general affiliate programs in general and in TravelPayouts.So we do that and hope, however also not only advancement, we’re creating our own ones. Travelpayouts have its own technology, which creates search forms and other regions. And generally, doing that wait. And for the past year, we computed 17 neighborhoods. And our goal is to accompany any new symbol who comes to Travelpayouts, also with our own widget because they’re very fast, terribly responsive and they succeeded enormous. Likewise, we provided a tool announced MoneyScript. It’s available in appropriate tools region in It’s appropriate tools that help you monetize all your affiliate relates , not affiliate associates, If you have links that are not affiliate, formerly you can change affiliate attaches simply in a second you just have to include a write to your website and all your joins will be going through Travelpayouts and you’ll get one of your people to book some of them, use them for reserves. We too responded to the newsletter, hotels mixed, and now it’s opened, but in April the hotel’s mixed program was closed.Travelpayouts, just today, required all of a solution to change all of your hotel’s combined links to hotel regional associates. It helped with only saving at least something and not sending traffic to nowhere. It likewise is contributing to and thanks to everybody who decided to use that implement. I came back to experience, as I told, we did some experiments and we are doing them constantly, but you don’t see all of them as you test them in a small audience, just to be sure that they have to be a nice experiment with a rational outcome. What we did, we tried to change all our regions for all our partners to add sent blocks. So at least if you know, I’m getting a commission, we can get some penalty per attitude or cost per sound from buyers.Unfortunately during that time of the pandemic that venture didn’t finish like positively, it’s one of those experimental good of like negative or positive. It could be good, like negative or positive. We be understood that because during that time, peculiarly the demands on the online marketplace for the auctioneer, for Google AdSense, wasn’t very high. And overall the commission that our partners who took part in the experimentation, they were not really higher than other partners who still been working with the toes, but still have really not a great deal of sales.And mobile. Of track, we vest a great deal of portables. It’s been the trend for the last five years. And if your locate is still not going to mobile, you should check that again and, you are familiar with, the trends more than half of our reserves were made from mobile manoeuvres and be sure that everything is nice, from the smartphone and your website examinations good, and users have a nice experience. To patronage that, here’s examples of portraits you have from other affiliate platforms that we include Travelpayouts for and with this coverage they’re all available precisely in Travelpayouts. So let’s go back to mobile, we’re adding, it starts moving Travelpayouts, so you read data relating to installs if you have now just a few labels took part in that, for example GetYourGuide, Aviasales, Hotellook, Jetradar they all now you can try if you see if you can get special associates for portable stations. In the links section on your tools tab and any in any installation will be done using that connects, you’ll get the data in your Travelpayouts reports, so it will help you to track better the conversion to installs and still it’s not CPI, we don’t pay for lays so this commission is going to be what shares with you is CPA it’s only for sales.It’s the first step please make that more advertisers and more brands are coming back our crews, are working hard to integrate more now we have just five. Three other than you see here and two other more they just for tourism market, but more coming so please let us know what do you think about that, how exploiting that piece as we detailed to make it happen. One other thing that many of you are using, is the WordPress plugin. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It’s the most popular content management system among our partners. And if you haven’t been using our WordPress plugin, you should do that, but the brand-new version is coming. In October, we’re launching a better edition of our new plugin. It’s completely rewritten from scratch.It now labours so much faster. It supports 20 usages and counters. It’s a unique peculiarity of our plugin. It enables the user to … If you don’t have resources for your answers, to use our flight data API that comes out of the box from the WordPress plugin. So you just have to do them. It builds nice responsive counters, based on the data API. So you are eligible to applied such counters about flights and inn rates for some destinations, give you some routes. So please take a look at that and we’ll make an announcement about starting a better copy in our blog soon.Also, it reinforces Gutenberg. When you revised up from WordPress version five, the current version of our plugin doesn’t assistance that. And to do that nicely , now we can see all the regions and all the regions of Travelpayouts are now going to be available in our WordPress login because the current version has there other sales how to look. Now everything is available at Travelpayouts.And for all giant programs you have, you’ll get the tools accessible precisely from your WordPress dashboards, and we hope it will save you a great deal of time focusing. So we should invest that time focusing on your content, on your process , not on dawdling and imitation codes from one sit to another one. But let’s not all about WordPress. We have a nice announcement. Our team working hard and we collaborated with craft studio. It’s a WordPress theme developer. We are going to announce the first WordPress attested WordPress theme for Travelpayouts. We did a lot of research.We contacted a lot of you guys and thanks to everybody who took place in our interrogations. Now we be informed about what do you want, what to expect from the WordPress team. And we dealt with that for you. So on power ingredients maximum optimization, a practice page layout and optimized for affiliate market. You can try this now. And if you use that system, you receive on the slither, you can get a 30% discount on the purchase. The expenditure starts from $49, but still, if you could get a discount it is going to be lower.So satisfy take a look, try it, get the feedback, the teams behind that and private developers across, we are really open to adjusting to your needs according to the feedback, just take a look. Likewise announcing the brand-new aspect that comes, integrates profoundly into Travelpayouts. It’s called commerce roots. Basically, it’s cataloging, you can make a list of all your traffic beginnings, of all your projections, and it helps you to see the data and the statistic better, group by statistic for each project, for each traffic generator, you can combine a few. If you research like the social media Facebook page and your website you can unite that into one traffic source. So it’s a very flexible tool. It will assist you in get new acceptances for new affiliate programs inside Travelpayouts faster. As we will track all the history, we approve that much faster if you get a nice traffic source, it will be easier for you to join new affiliate programs.We once launched a tool for new users. So for brand-new customers who are signing up for Travelpayouts, we all do have to put in the information. For the rest of users, we’ll do a very nice smooth migration during the November and the end of October so don’t worry we’ll time that extremely user friendly, so we hope you won’t be stressed. Likewise, we know that one of the tools where you come to Travepayouts its data in statistics it helps you to know how to react to changes, how to focus the traffic, how to deliver traffic better, how to alter it better.And if you haven’t mentioned, and you haven’t been with us before, we launched our brand-new machine, it’s very fast. We propelled new reports for favourite ends for flights and hotels, and we are going to launch more fresh reports for other advertisers, but now we are introducing you to brand-new filters and future radicals. Now you can filter data by the platform for desktop or portable tablets.It will help you to see what inventions your customers use to make bookings. You is clear from what countries your users are, which is something we find really to focus better on the countries to get better gains. So also in now, how it gazes, and work in detail as you can see not only this country but either metropolitan, you likewise can take a look at the manoeuvre operating system. You can take a look at the browser. So it helps you to make better decisions and more changes and more improvements to our statistic dashboards. So they are coming soon. So delight send us feedback, use that aspect to get more profits. And really to sum up for that, for our overall plans for the next year, for the very near future, we are going to support you guys as much as possible. If you have any problems, please contact us. We will take a look, how we can help you with that. We give a good deal, our sell team, and our account units, we’re doing a great deal of webinars. We’re doing a lot of educational activities, so we can help you to get more information, how to work with different labels. So satisfy were participating in our events, our online contests, webinars, they too record it. So you are able to attach any new program, please take a look. Is there any webinar for that? It has certainly speed up understanding how to establish more money with advertisers. So of course, more advertisers are coming, as the market changes and more focused on domestic. We’re going to add more regional advertisers. We’re going to work more to implement our statistical locomotive. So we’ll get better data faster, so it could be reliable, it will be reliable but it will be much better in the future. And we focused on portable. Mobile is the thing that we all have to think about, don’t have to forget. No, it’s just today, 2020, and all the years of the mobile.So we also improve our tools. We contribute more and more regions. We improve our own developer parts for advertisers for different ones, so you can use them and rely on them. It’s a nice tool so you should position that in a delightful locate in your content. It will be enhanced your changeover paces. So it’s reaching media, it truly helps users. So it’s not a banner it’s a really useful tool for customers. And we are also going to work on finance transparency, so you can have better hold over your finance data to help you out.What’s working, what’s canceled, so “youve had” less questions about what’s happening on my counterbalance, and you don’t have to contact our support team. And is recognized that, merely taking a look at that report at So basically that’s all, thank you very much for coming, for investing your time today. Hope that was very useful to you. If you have any questions, delight send them to this chat. Thank you for coming ..

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