Turn $7 into 20K | Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed & STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS FROM HOME 2020

So you guys wanna know how I turn 7 into over 20000 of affiliate benefit and get this without use any marketing at all guys in this, but I’m gonna show you exactly what I did in my affiliate sell business, I’m gonna try to reveal everything that I treat chaps, my opt in sheet, my emails, my commerce beginnings, I’m literally gonna demo you everything that I did. Super agitated people. If you’re a brand new to my direct. My name is Jon the mentor with passive income life sells and on this channel, I educate parties how to make money online specifically with affiliate commerce but I coach beings how to start a YouTube channel, how to grow their online business, and of course, how to do affiliate sell. So let’s go ahead and get started. Guys really really excited about this, but let me just show you real quick. Which program? Now, before I evidence you actually, I do have over all 15 income brooks at the moment, actually posted a video, a duet I think it was a few weeks ago.You can see here, my 13 passive comes units at payer five illustrations per month, this is just one of the income series. Chaps, “its one of” my main programs that I promote, but I’m just gonna explain here. So the programme that we’re gonna be talking about is a programme I promote announced famous purveyor. Okay, and recently I just change over 20000. I haven’t even been in this program nine months right now, so I’ve been doing pretty well with it.Obviously, I wanna scale to six representations and seven representations with this program by itself , not including the other platforms that promote the other tools and software but basically guys, if you don’t know what this program is, I’m just gonna talk about what the program is and how I turn 7 into over 20000 in advantage. Okay, and I’m gonna show exactly what I did. Okay, so if you’re not filled with this program, it’s basically the primary furnishes a 7 challenge, okay? And it basically schools how to coaches people how to start a business online.You can see it’s 15 epoches, they get a announce with an advisor, and it schools them how to build a business online. Okay, and from here they can choose to get higher mentorship, the higher planneds, and that’s the higher ticket profit that I’m seeing, that’s how I’m making over the 20000 , not with the 7, so I product itself. Okay , not gonna talk about the program here in a little bit, but let me show you what I did in the issue of trafficking beginnings, the emails … Everything that I did that helped me go over 20000. and chaps like I said this is, this is something I did all organic , no ads at all. Okay, so if we go to … Let’s just start with the actual funnel itself.Okay, so I’m gonna go to the actual move, I’m gonna illustrate what I did in the move and how kind of the science behind what I’m doing here. Okay, so this is called the opt in sheet people. So what I’m doing here is this is basically I have a primary headline saying, learn exactly how I improved a 1000 per month business selling other people’s stuff. Okay, so this is super simple, guys. He’s got a picture of me. And then normally, I’m getting parties from YouTube to this page. Okay , now from this sheet, okay, this is kind of where I do things differently.Okay, so they enroll their email here. Patently, I’m trying to grab an email but after this sheet, this is something called a “bridge page. Okay, so from here, chaps, I’m explaining to them what the opportunity is. So I tell them what the 15 date challenge is about. I tell them I help me in “peoples lives” how I facilitate me quit my’ 9 5 occupation, he leave my electrical engineering job to do affiliate marketing. I literally going to tell my narration, guys, I could. It’s only a two time video, but this is key because what happens is if you’re an affiliate purveyor, a lot of beings will go straight to the product, and sometimes that mystifies beings because you’re going from a produce you’re going straight-out to our concoction that they have no idea what it is, right? But what I’m doing here is I’m transitioned to the product that I’m trying to sell.Okay, so you can see here, this is called a bridge page video, and this is very, very important. This is, I see, why I’ve gotten one tonne of auctions, in a very short amount of time and of course, a lot of these sales are actually 100% of these auctions are 100% free, okay, but regardless, this is kind of the funnel on the utilization of here, okay? And if they don’t even watch the video, there’s a verse about it.Basically illustrating what the possibilities of is. So after this, they go to the actual sales sheet where then the video talks about the program itself. Okay , now I do wanna explain this chaps. This is all custom. Okay, so this program legendary marketer, they have a funnel for you which I witness a lot of beings use, but it’s not as effective as what I did now. Okay, this is basically a habit pour, I established so I can mostly limit every aspect of as beings gone through it. Okay, so at the end of this video guys, I’m gonna give an opportunity to copy my funnel.So stick to them, and I’m gonna talk about that here in a little bit. Okay, alright, so now let’s talk about the actual freight. Okay, I’m gonna show you guys the stats and kinda like Why I’m getting a ton of auctions. Okay, so let’s just talk about the traffic source firstly, so you can see here, I’ve only been moving this in October. Okay, so in October, I was coming about 56 customers. Let’s go monthly now, I’m gonna go to monthly here, I only wanna talk about the traffic source here. Okay, so September, I was going good-for-nothing. October, I was getting about 500 consumers for that month, November 648 users, December over the over 100 now of our 100 in February and March as spike to a little over 1100 and then in April, I spike to virtually 4000 users per month. Okay, so guys, I crave you to understand, Okay, that Okay, I’m just gonna go to social now, okay? Because a lot of 99% of my congestion is coming from social come, so you can see here, okay plainly most of it’s coming from you to okay, like, over 3000 sees are coming from YouTube.I have some Facebook, I do have Pinterest, traffic a little, of Instagram and some core. Okay, but I require you to understand, guys, what I’m doing is I’m creating content on YouTube and taking them to my affiliate offering. Okay , now remember, my arrangement in place is very strategic. Okay, so I’m gonna go back here. Okay, so recollect, they’re watching my YouTube video, right? They know my face, they know who I am. They click the LEA below, right? I ever say, “Click the link is in the description below if you wanna taught to make money online if you wanna start your online business, they determine my face in this funnel, right? So they know right away that it’s congruent.So it leads from my YouTube video to my opt in sheet. Everything’s good devastate now. And from here, it’s still congruent right here, okay. I meditate a lot of parties do wrong is they lead from the opt in page to the actual offer. Okay, I don’t do that. What I do is I go to the bridge page now, then I ask what the offering is. Okay, I think this is gonna be a huge difference now. Okay , now from here, like I said, they go to the actual offer. This is all custom you can see here, this is all custom to what I’m selling, this is still the sales page inside my orbit, “thats really not” the present inside a famous marketer.Okay, that’s why I crave you guys to understand. This is all custom. I made this myself, okay, and what I’m trying to say is, since they’re coming from YouTube, from Facebook, from Pinterest, then there … You was aware that I am, right? So what I’m doing is I’m being very congruent on the type of funnel I’m having to go through, okay, everything is my face, my video and explaining why they should buy this offer. Okay, so I require you guys to understand that now, okay? Likewise guys, I’m doing the same thing you can see here you can see. Let me go back real quick. But yeah, “youre seeing” over 4500 consumers. Only social. Okay, so that’s a lot of track. Okay, I’m gonna show you some more stats in a little’ generate I wanna be 10% transparent with what I’m showing you now. Okay, also guys, you can see I precisely started moving ticking talk transaction. You can see over 2600 trips really in April, which is just insane.Now patently, this traffic is not as potent as YouTube. I still view better shifts from YouTube, but at the same time to talk “enemy a lot of traffic. I’m building my inventory that room. Okay , now when I build my roster, okay, I demand you guys to understand. That’s the most important about an affiliate market business is to build that list. Guys, a lot of parties, what they do is they’ll exit from YouTube straight to the affiliate offer. If you’re doing that, you’re losing money and you’re not gonna build a long term business, it’s just not going to work. Okay, so what I’m doing people is I’m building a index, but you, I crave you guys to understand what I’m doing here. Okay, when they joined my email index, okay. A mint of people don’t buy to two, three weeks, even a couple of months down the road, guys.So a lot of these people are joining. My list won’t buy right off, so you gotta be able to follow up with these people. So you can see here, I have an email automobile mull of over 60 dates, guys, 60 daylights of emails, and some of these days. You have multiple emails within those days. This is just incredible because you can you … That’s how you do passive income, right? You mostly, you get them on a roster, “youve had” free congestion coming and you get them on your email listing and your email auto responder follows up with those people.Now, what I require you guys to understand here, okay, and this is something that I learn my one on one students, the person or persons I mentor is my emails are also congruent with my storey a lot of people, what they’ll do is they’ll grasp the emails from the affiliate structure and they’ll merely prostrate those in there. Okay, retain people, as an affiliate purveyor, you’ll wanna build your business, you wanna build your brand. So where I hear you can see I have a YouTube video of me, I have a YouTube video of me, I’m going back to the offer, and some of these that I require you guys to understand is they’re getting familiar with my brand, my face, even though I’m doing affiliate marketing, so I’m doing affiliate sell in another way. A pile of people, they’ll do is they’ll basically they’ll know from their YouTube channel to the offer and beings will unsubscribe from the email roll and that’s it, right? That they just sent him off or off or offering where they forget about who they actually come back here, right? When people attach my email roster if you guys are in my email in this list you guys will know like 90% of the emails you get from me are going back to my YouTube channel because I wanna build that dominion, I wanna build that brand.Well, I’m gonna build that relationship with you guys. I wanna build the ones that … If you’re on the email directory, I wanna send you more videos, I wanna send you, certainly, all my videos. I hope they’re valuable to you, so that’s why I refer free substance. Your best friend, I send you free videos on how to do this, on how to get traffic on How Do You Tube, because, I’m building my firebrand now when people trust me on then I’m building that government with my emails like I’m gonna go back here. I’m building that firebrand and arbiter, so they’re like, “well why would it nice spend 0 to get in this program the … He’s obviously congruent on like what he’s speaking about, so why not? Right? So, beings end up buying at the 7, and from there they can buy the higher ticket products.And that’s how I make money, right? But guys, what I demand you to understand is my process is a lot different from most people. Okay, because what I’m doing here is I’m building a label, I’m building my brown and building my permission, and then another email I have in now, is beings going back to my Facebook group, I’m nurturing those people I’m trying to basically build a brand around me even though it’s not I’m not selling my own commodities, I don’t have my own records, I don’t have anything of my own. It doesn’t mean you can’t improve your own business, your own brand with affiliate market. Okay, so I crave you guys to understand that okay, another thing I wanna establish you guys is just a traffic guys.A lot of people don’t get auctions because it’s just a transport problems. Guys, that’s frankly the major problem now. So you can see, I’m just gonna move, I simply wanna be completely transparent with you guys. Just in April, by the self okay, only in April, April has been one of my best month ever, as far as building my email listing I wouldn’t say Is my auctions as before, time with this specific program itself. But you can see here, over 1300 people, and turn my email schedule. Okay, merely in April. Now, a lot of these people are gonna start by in May and June because that’s just how it wreaks. I have an email auto responder sequence, that’s gonna follow up with them for months, and a few months later, Okay, for weeks and weeks later. But what I’m saying is, beings don’t buy on the first go around. So a lot of these parties that attach my directory in April, I’m gonna see all that profit in the Summer, guys. And that’s what you guys need to understand, is as you’re building this business you gotta understand it’s not a short term play, you gotta build out your infrastructure for a couple of months down the road and people join my email index okay? Or when people join my email roll, when they go through my methods, my auto responder my meaning your boss all this material, guys, I is built my infrastructure is built to mostly work for months and months down the road.Okay , now I always, always tell me no one student does. I ever say Guys, if I were to send you a million at a million visitors to your passageway right now would or would you actually be prepared for it? Would you be confident would you say? Wait, let me … Let’s … Give me a few months and … Let me set up my infrastructure before I send you a million visitors to a one, and a 99, percentage of the time. They’re saying, “Okay my material isn’t ready even for me, chaps, I feel like my stuff is not 100% ready but for the most part, I review I am, because if I once get a million guests right now, I believe that my structure would be able to handle as far as they would know who I am. They would go back to my YouTube videos, they would go into my Facebook group, blah, blah, blah. So mostly, you wanna have a system that’s ready to build your business but at the same time, have a ton of offers to make money on the back end.Okay, so that’s mostly what I’m doing. Guys, I hope that starts sense. And let me get back to the actual program itself, and I wanna talk to you about how you can copy this practice move, that I did. Okay, so if I get, if I get over 50 parties noting, “I want your pour in the YouTube time in the YouTube notes down below, I’m gonna figure out a method I can get you this funnel for you guys, because I want you guys to be able to use this so if I got to get 50 explains saying I miss this funnel something like that, then I’m gonna go ahead and make another video where I talk about how you can get this funnel. Okay, guys, so let me know down below, if you guys are interested, if I get over 50 statements people saying I demand this funnel, this patronage all that I reached for this famed marketer, program then make sure to comment down below.Okay , now if you don’t know the genera marketers let me explain what it is and why I promoted okay,’ case I merely promote commodities, I 100% believes in. Okay, so is it’s the program that teaches parties how to start an online business from beginning to end. I adoration it, this is when people ever came to see you me now they’re like, “I want 10 mentoring with you. I has got no idea what I’m doing and I ever say Guys, I don’t mentor beings, unless they’ve had some basic training, I don’t do basic training, mentoring, I simply working in collaboration with parties that have a business demonstrated, and I wanna take it to the next rank. Okay, so what I ever say is, start with legendary marketer, they go through the basics of how to start your online business, how to be established by your funnels, how to build your affiliate market business, substance like that. They go through the basics. So if you do wanna learn how do you start with Legendary marker click the first relate, of the description. Blow chaps. Like I said, 70 you’re gonna get on with my email listing, you’re gonna go through the challenge you’re gonna get your own advisory on tutor, and they’re gonna help you get started.Now, if are you gonna promote this concoction, it’s a little harder to become an affiliate. Let me precisely interpret what you do. You do have to go through the 158 challenge. So sounds the link below if you do wanna go through the challenge of 70 and then you can speak to your advisor about how you can become an affiliate but you can’t just become an affiliate with these guys.Another thing that’s really cool people, is that multiple brooks of revenues. Let me really demo you this real quick. So if I go to affiliate and I going to see series of income, so I actually get multiple torrents of income, I get Click Funnels. So when people go through legendary they actually let you use your own link. So I have my own Click Funnels associate in here, I get response relate at my Aweber I promote come response myself, but what I’m saying is … You can promote different things with inside of famed marketers.So, very, very cool chaps, as “youre seeing”, I’ve done a over 20000 in commissions with this program, so I just wanted to explain what I’m doing, and kind of the science to seeing how I structured my infrastructure actually there’s a procedure to my Maisie know I’ve figured out a revokes a different way to do affiliate sell and a lot of other parties, and it seems to be working really really well. So I hope this video was a ball to you guys, and like I said, if you guys crave the exact funnel that I’m squandering, just explains I miss your pour below, and if I get over 50 criticisms chaps, I’m gonna go ahead and make a video that’s gonna explain how you can get this formal can. So anyways chaps, I hope this…But it was a value. Please subscribe the channel, take the notification bell. When I come out with the videos, I’m coming out videos every single day. You can see this, guys, nine hours ago, one day ago, two days ago, three, four every day. And not just like no bees. I shed good videos. Okay, so subscribe, note down below, I regard you guys, God bless and we’ll talk to you guys soon .. 309

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