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how are you in today’s video, “i know i m” start show how to compile make money online by working only one hour per hour daylight and thus achieve results consistent I want to show you how to can do work once and obligate passive income over and over again and at the end of this video I want to show you exactly how I’m doing exert it exactly the same strategy to make money online with my affiliate commerce companionship you can do exactly the same from anywhere around the world it’s a brand new policy that not many people teach it wields 100 and I want to show you exactly how to set it up from scratch, so see sure you do not continue watch this whole video now if you is new on the direct do not forget to go off subscribe to the channel because I post reliable content every day and if you finally enjoy it video make sure you press the type button let’s go in it so like i pointed out in the intro guys it is a subsidiary market programme, it is a passive affiliate market strategy that your locates like digistore2 4 can use or you can use a website like clickbank.com exert I’m going to show you a produce you can be utilized it with any of these two affiliate sell areas, so if you does not have access to clickbank easily be changed to digistors and repeat this whole strategy and it labours people all regions of the world and are 100 free so what you want to do is that you want “re coming up on” to digistore2 4 or clickbank.com and you want to go to this site people and you want to sign up for one of these areas now can work in numerous nisse but there is only one criterion you needed and i’m going to show you what it is is at the moment so if you two are one of come on these sites people let’s say you come over to sounds bank and you cross-file for an account at clickbank what you want to do do you want to come to them symbol here and then what you want to do is what you want to browse and go to e-business and e-marketing as soon as you click on it e-business and e-marketing for this specific strategy what you want to do is that you want to come now and you want to pursuing norm sell alteration okay we want a produce dis you know really well sold but not likewise sells a lot of things we want something a little higher ticket because every sale we get us going to get serious fund online with affiliate sell okay chaps so what you want to do is you want to roster and you require now look at some of these products i do not recommend doing anything this is 2 000 anything from about 400 to 600 perhaps the 700 sequences is nice there well okay and you can definitely get one up to two sales a few weeks with this strategy as long as you are consistent, i will show you exactly how to do it but I want to show you genuine proof i want to show you how i have did it and to get clues every day testify you as recently as the last couple of daylights I did and how I get resistance with this okay so make sure you look at this because it is absolute piece guys the path you just wanted to do do you want to unroll and a encounter specific commodity one concoction that are pretty good guys you can watch expend this one now identifies the super-subsidiary John Crestani now volunteer guys what you want to do do you want to come here, do you want to open the commodity, look at it you want to come here where you are has this affiliate page you want open it and then also here guys if it is a make you want to consider what you want to do is sound to promote here as soon as you sounds to promote, you want to generate it general hop-skip tie standard hop bawl guys here as soon as you click on what is coming from, simulate it we’re going to close it and i’m going to show you how to run free transaction to these guys so this is the link there well so we are going to see put it away because we will need it in a second what you want to do then is that you can come here now when people click on it that relation this is what they are going to see free of charge training to earn six digits site revenue online okay so marvelous they come over they signed off starting straight-out to a webinar they watch their webinar as they buy you can make really good coin online with affiliate commerce now the second thing we opened now guys was this affiliate page here now it’s the affiliate sheet that we are going to need because I am I’m going to show you how to use you know one specific source he it is extremely remarkable here high alteration and you can use it in one of the largest social media stages to make a lot of fund and I want to show you how to doubled and pay even more money okay chaps so make sure you pay close attention when you come here, you can reel you can look at all the different aids he has one I would like to use look at these facebook ads one we are not going to be here now to run any ads, it’s a free programme what we want to do is go the financial resources because the resources you can use anywhere, so if you click on Facebook ads guys and you scroll down now what you are going to find is to look at this this is the best performing video connected videos on as he ambles on facebook ads okay, this is the best performer videos now John will allow you to use his reserves but you merely miss as long as you are to promote its concoctions because if you make money, he makes money okay so what do you want to do people you want to come here and you want to find a video you can use to promote so you can drive traffic at his webinar and as soon as you drive traffic there webinar and they buy you go to make money online, we are therefore take a watch this video below chaps so if you come here and click on this video you experience where it says how to make money online one if you click on what goes to do is that it will take you over to Youtube and as you can see he says unlisted okay so it’s a unlisted video that symbolizes the only people who can see this video are the those who have a tie what i’m going to do is i’m going show how to create this unlisted video on your own channel you do not “re going to have to” berth it you are familiar with on YouTube we can not simply wants to get any positions from YouTube this is not what we want to do what i’m going to show you how to do is I’m going to show you how to create this so you can pole your connection elsewhere exactly so in order to be allowed to make money online but I will accompany you step by step through this so places great importance so the first thing you need to do people you need to access this video and if you play, it’s 12 times video just lets me participate fast the reason why i like this video is here because John is talking on how to make money online and basic what happens to this video he talks about how to make money online and he is redirect congestion to an affiliate link whatever it is you in the going to have description of this video so what should you do with this video guys you have to do are us must download this video on our own computer so you want to come here what you want to imitate this url here if we are to be able is going to print it okay then from there what do you want to do do you want to type mp4 downloader on google and then you demand an mp4 conclude downloader so we want to download it on our computer, so precisely click on the first here so if we please click here, we are will it adhere there and we are going to click here on mp4 and we are going to click to attach now i’m going to walk you through this step by step so make sure you look at this if you have to check it again, check it again if you have to ask me questions propagandize them down into the described in this video guys and if you enjoy my content so the YouTube algorithm affection it guys stumbled the like button judgment you go down and only remark I like to make money online with affiliate sell so what do you want to do from here you come here and click on download okay if you click on it formerly to download can see here that it downloads now on our computer now there are going to be ads here guys exactly ignore the ad okay, we is not need that ad, what do we do this video is required though download now now the next step with these people who what you need to do is get a to create brand new youtube canal okay, it’s not like that you have an existing one that you can use that one or you can create a brand new YouTube direct i’m going to show you how to upload this video on my one of mine youtube canals we are going to come this is mine what is health channel, it does not matter which direct is it formerly you have a procreate canal if you do not know how to do not compose path chaps merely jump on YouTube it take literally two minutes to create one, remember this we are not going to be is looking for traffic on youtube we are is not berth this video live Youtube nothing of it so what do you want to do when you create an note it’s good do you want to come here and you want to clink to create as soon as you click to create, you will come now and you click to upload videos as soon as you click on it to upload videos now that that enter you downloaded to go and choose documents as soon as you go to select data “that weve got” going to see downloads now and this is the video we uploaded on our computer so we go download it now now download this video below youtube video good on this youtube path then from here chaps remember now in this title we do not watch to promote it on youtube chaps, it is therefore is imperative what you set now what are you sitting here chaps are precisely something similar to what he has here if you click on it commodity now so free practice how to earn a six illustration in order to be allowed to literally “re coming up on” and follow it okay, just come here and emulate it ok let’s duplicate it come here let’s paste it in there free training to earn okay six-digit website income online then you can come here click on the link in the description okay so free trade how to earn a six-figure income online now click on the link in the description this is where you are going to announce it call okay guys, so if you come here all you have to do okay, so simply type in here for full access to the training okay so you can come here guys come here us to be able to facsimile it link okay, so follow the link to reduce it we are going to come here and we are go paste that it’s all it is necessary to to throw in now guys you is not need made anything else now the next step for these people is that you need to create a thumbnail okay it’s very simple as i like to show you exactly how to do it so what you want to do are chaps you want to get to a site like canva.com and what you want do from here “youre ever” want to help you sound to create a design and as soon as you click to create a design you want to scroll down and click on habit width Once you click on custom tailor, you are able to wil 1920 intik good in 1080 okay and as soon as you only type it in your want to come here and click on develop brand-new blueprint what it’s going to do is that it’s quite is going to open readily a space canvas now for us now i do you want to show the thumbnail I guys appointed I came here and I generated it how to move 300 to 500 daily watch a free practise video now and simply what I guys did is that I came now I precisely selected these components or textbook sorry choose the text I came here and I elect a typeface( okay) you can choose any font you require scroll down, look for one, so let’s say you choose this one now it’s going to come here, you are eligible to delete it all a small verse now so really remove it okay and then you can precisely overcome now and merely sounds look at the free schooling here for example okay and then you can just know expand these guys, so just come over expand it here if you stimulate mistaken spelling mistakes simply fix it okay as I did now, right and you are able to exactly be beautiful simply is moving forward right and then you are eligible to overcome and you can the nature accurately the same now the other thing i did guys formed a border, you probably see it mete particularly quite simple people, all you have to do is here as you can see, you have uploaded photos you have points and everything that says it’s a border one okay so you just come here, you drag it around and merely grasp it and exactly is moving forward wholly off down, so really move it there and then move it right over quite simple now after you have created this thumbnail and the reason we need a thumbnail is because that’s what people go for verify and I want to show you accurately where are they going to see so “youre coming” here guys you click to download we are going to download it okay so simple you can move translucent back or something like that I will just leave it as it is here and click to download now it’s going to download on us computer i’m going to upload it now directly on our YouTube video which we organize now and then I’ll show you exactly how you are going to promote it as soon as we upload it on this direct as an unlisted video and then you can print this video on so many different social media pulpits without spamming a attach or do something like that you register a real training to which your affiliate connection below stand at the bottom which will enable you to make money online every time someone click on the link, so let me register you exactly what i mean so when we come here to to click up upload thumbnail, let’s upload it thumbnail we created there is our thumbnail there cause us upload it’s perfect, so it’s done now guys if you come here is there good-for-nothing to doing in there “youve got nothing” to do with it anymore options there are what you are not going to be upright any descriptions or anything like that okay you can leave everything is empty here simply go to next as soon as you go to the next, it is shaped for children you have to click on know go to the next time you come here have nothing to do with an ad screen or do not add maps go to the next now it’s here people so what you want to do is clink on unlisted so everyone can watch the video link your video and you will be promote it so what you want to do is that you want click on unlisted okay, so just leave that is unlisted and then sound to save now as soon as you save it now we have the ability to promote this video via this tie now okay people so you can overcome, you can copy this join is okay, we are able to only click on it that you want to close it okay you want to come here and glue the link in your diary now okay so i’m gonna adhesive it now we now have a unlisted video we can watch on us direct this is from here, so from here we want to start drive traffic to make money online with this affiliate market policy and how “theres going” to do it well one of the best places to check out and one i used chaps is it ok now let me show you accurately what i did i vanish register you how you are going to promote your video okay guys okay so check it out after this I will come here and I’m going to show you statistics that I now have my quora chart when i come here guys and i click to all explanations in the last seven days mention i started doing it a pair from weeks ago because i know it genuinely worked for me really good in the past and I will show you prove of all results now, but in the in the last seven days I have had 259 scenes on me videos drive freight to my channel and my affiliate tie-ups originate my fund online, take a now look at this I want to go now, I’ll show you this answer to which I replied about how to make money um how do i induce how do i make money my youtube path well now this video here, people, I answered this answer as you can see watched it 55 experiences on February 9 okay if I click on this you go to see is a very simple answer now the crazy thing of such a strategy people this answer this video is right and these links are going to be here for a very long time what these views represent 59 scenes to continue grow more and more this is a awfully passive affiliate market strategy chaps, as you can see I answered this question how do I compile fund from my youtube canal I came, I ask, you are eligible to the do precisely the same thing is right so when it comes to the answer a few questions on how to make money with affiliate marketing you can easily go online okay, you can find a exceedingly generic ask and then use the link to the video or you can simply said today I have use or what I watched in watch these amazing webinars here is one i learnt and then you can simply paste video, I’m going to do an answer for you and depict you exactly how to do it but that’s the approach okay guys it is exactly what works for me that’s one react okay guys allow me just close here is another rebut what i have what I have left, let me, is this here is one I had 22 opinions three days ago i convey look at this this is the answer to this video I made a few days ago okay so you can come here see this is a video I made some weeks ago and it are expected to continue to get scenes trafficking in human beings to my video and any associates I have here and I am going to show you how to organize it precisely the same way Now why is it so strong well if i come here guys and if i take it out of the last seven days and if I go to all hours, “theres going” is my finding that I twenty thousand six had a hundred attitudes and if you come here, examine you can see here that it starts slow-witted and then when some of you overstate you allows you to see a lot of traffic now if I come here and look at this one now I reacted you can see that it 3630 are considered people and watch this this is I rebutted in 2019 and I want search it’s still get judgments in 2021, I make it is absolutely crazed when i come here you can see here is another here’s one that are beginning gradually gaze, there are only a few contemplates okay, as you can see very well here gradually and then suddenly now look at that, it only started well, so sometimes your answers can even extend viral on quora and if you do have an affiliate link if you forward it to something you are eligible to earn money you can pay gravely make a little good fund online because people are on sound those links and i’m watching the links what people click on because I wishing to and I want to do sure it operates and it utterly working here out what i’m going to do now chaps i’m going to come here I’m going to collect this issue over here how to make money with a subsidiary marketing I will then answer this question I’m going to show you how to insert you link your video here and i’ll testify you how to set everything there is together so when we come here guys if we click on how do i click deserve in affiliate sell let’s sound on this question now then what do you want to do from here you can see here you have an answer button here, so I’m going to sound right now guys i’m going answer questions, kept it all together and I know I’ll show you exactly how to can implant that associate and we’re going publish it so we can see if we can get traction is also good with this chaps i just finished this answer here and I want to show you exactly how to add your associates you then I’ll show you another way with which you can also make money online it so i came here guys if you record it, I answer this question here, how do I make a affiliate marketing I gave a entitle here in the easiest way to get start with affiliate marketing okay then I simply put a in explanation now unusually generic answer now here guys there are currently two ways to enter your link now okay the first practice is that you can see now that I entered into this in my answer that you can watch here okay so the video you are eligible to watch now so i talk about it the practice video I tell how my experiences with affiliate marketing what I did to learn how long it made me etc the problems I went through okay and mostly what I am referring to is that they should watch this video here free develop with which they can earn money affiliate market in two ways you can importation these ties into chaps just let me grab this limb uh give this video now so we is it going to see seizure well, so we’re going to facsimile it and the reason why we consume videos because cora is not going to get come rid of this video okay it’s a youtube video and you know when you insert a spam attach or something like that if there is an opportunity very easy haunted this answer okay and as you identified from my proof that I’m going to haunt myself no videos at all so what you want to do chaps are you come now so I have a free encountered schooling webinar that you can watch here okay so what we are going to do is we are going to highlight that you can look okay now, so we are will spotlight it we’re going to get now where it is has this relation we are going to click on this attach we’re going to glue that youtube video in this us to be able to click to add and then we’re going to click to be here we are going to spawn you so fatty so that it allows them to click on the link from there that we’re going to do guys downstairs this video I determined is I sit here is the video you will give revelation about what is necessary do, it’s good here we are just going to paste the link now if you glue the link without posting it within message it actually croaks pre-fill the video now this is why we procreated the thumbnail how to procreate 300 to 500 daily watch for free practise video here so they can click instantly on this link, or else they can sound directly on this association and it is are they going to take directly on the video where they then can click on the link and then can you know if they buy, you make money online from there chaps you do you simply come here and you click communicate so I become submit it now and what’s going to happen okay it’s has been submitted and it will show us the answer how do I make in affiliate sell there is our answer here guys there is this link here, so if they sounds on this connect it’s going to take them directly to the video we uploaded okay so i want to show you that employment as you can see it unlisted video does not like it anything okay there is the video i used continue suspension this is the video there guys as we move it over, it’s the exact same video now we have free learn now how to earn six-figure area income click online on the link in the specific characteristics there are guys there when they come here click here for full access to the schooling if they click on this it goes straight-from-the-shoulder to them take that free teaching when they enroll and buy you are eligible to make really good coin online, how to do it with core chaps and the other thing you would be do on quora if you come here “youre ever” do not just go looking forward to you ensues on how to earn affiliate busines how to make money online how to start your own online business how to drive from home area reproduce everything you are eligible to must be considered you come here and you answer all these different questions guys and from there you will start is a lot of opinions in this now if you look at this, it is already have one belief so people truly are start to be addressed these chaps and then there start already click on click on this and I stand a chance to make money online from there you can very easily chaps came to see you facebook chronicle now with facebook people you can see here that I am a member organization participating in a widely differing you know affiliate marketing radicals a whole assortment of different kinds of online coin radicals make and fairly simply guys, you’ll do a good deal particularly same chaps, you can come here and you can type a generic explanation okay so you can precisely gives people a generic reaction but what you can do then is you can of course once you do that, maybe elaborate further on this but something like click here to watch a free practise video on how to make money with affiliate sell good what you can do now is to say click now to watch a free youtube okay you guys get free youtube if you guys come here chaps and you paste the link, look at it will be pre-populated that thumbnail here is just download as you can see how to draw 300 up to 500 daily watch a free exercise video now you come here, you post these people and it’s passive okay people are going to see it again and over and over again of your poles on quora or facebook or twitter or reddit where you are decide to set it up instagram etc you look great chance to make money online specially if one of the following options announces travels viral like me had with my quora accounting here again as we come here people and we take a look at my stats my stats are insane because i just situated some of this you know answers I has not been able to even done hitherto so much and there are other routes you can do these guys you can get over here and you can create a space that planned you can create your own group now you can place it in your own group you can know that you also write answers you do not just have to ask questions can write and yes you can come up with a question and then likewise answer your own question and if it blows up you can also make money with a affiliate marketplace like that extremely and the best part of this strategy chaps you guys can watch this whole video follow all the steps you are familiar with one by one step by step and you can do it to spawn money with affiliate marketing right after watching this video this was my video for today chaps and a great road you can clear money online with affiliate sell with a strategy you have seen can do literally in less than one hour and you are eligible to build as countless as six hundred and thirteen dollars precisely from one sale if you experienced the video, guys you know what to do break the button like and acknowledgment goes down let me know what you thought of this video statement i like affiliate market so i know you enjoy those kinds of programmes, but do not go anywhere.I have another some videos here incredible videos you can watch now of other modes you can clear extremely very good money online to tomorrow I come from smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye.

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