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today on this video i am going to show you is a affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial to help you move exactly online coin approach can help you get free traffic just as fast without website and perfectly no technical skills on top of that i am going for you show some subterfuges that will help you make anything from one hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars every day with this affiliate marketing guide for apprentices the best part is that it involves a brand new website that no one talks about that does not require you no knowledge to follow it is absolutely free you do not have to pay anything and you can start making money with affiliate commerce as a ended beginner, I am going to show you everything throughout this video step by step but to make money with affiliate marketing you have to have a concoction and video about it today, I’m going to show you how you can use clickbank or digi store 24 which are some of the biggest affiliate marketing structures where you can go to buy commodities drive to promote on this brand new website i am going to show you today for those who are not very well known clickbank if you come here people, it is one of the leading world retailers for any affiliate marketer who wants to promote different commodities completely free everything what is necessary do is proceed now and create an account for yourself if clickbank is not available in youcountry all you have to do is come over to this page announced digistore2 4 the government has numerous concoctions I am going to talk today from clickbank you can get digistore2 4 likewise just wanted to very quickly interrupt this video guys to let you know that we will do another PayPal gift all you have to do is go downstairs and time criticism i like marketing by affiliates initiatives next draw make sure you button as in crushrating and make sure you stay the end of this video because I will be announcing the last 50 champion of PayPal away ee let’s continue with the video now once you are on clickbank and you come here and you make an account for yourself what is going to happen, go creating it over to their market here and as you can see if you are a subsidiary and you want to make money with affiliate sell you can see all the different categories they have here and with the free traffic approach I am going to show you today, you can come here and you can do it in any niche completely free for aims of this video today what we are going to do is that we are going to come here to e-business and e-marketing so what you want to do is that you want to click on what is going to bring go to a page that looks like this and now you will be in is to find a whole series of different concoctions you can promote what we are going to do today is we are going to come here and we are going to click average dollar conversion what we are looking for is what we are looking for produces that sell for anything becomes more than 3 thousand dollars and we are going to test this strategy to see with how much money can you make affiliate commerce because i saw someone make love and i want to provide you with proof of someone doing it and they make money with affiliate marketing if you come here check out this product announced now online sell class sells average one thousand two hundred seven and sixty dollars can you think you only need to make one sale per week to make really good money with affiliate sell and this produce here if you roll out here you have a whole range of other makes also sell for a thousand dollars nine hundred forty one nine one hundred and nineteen dollars and so if you come down here you can find all these different produces that sell from five hundred dollars to twelve hundred dollars and on this video today guys what we can do is that we can come here and promote this make mentioned here super affiliate system of John Christani and what happens if you are going to need all you need to do is share your raw link you do not even have to land a page that you do not even have to collect causes if you do not want to but I will show you a bonus tip if you do, you can make even more money online, so everything you do from here must do guys come here and click on promote as soon as you click to promote here you come here and you click on to generate hop relation this is going to give you this relate now that you can use to make money with this affiliate marketing strategy so you can get now come you mimic this attach as soon as you imitation this relation, you can make it down there and merely paste the link here in a notebook now I’ll show you where you are going to get this free traffic so you need to make sure you pay attention to it is a brand new website guys i have not seen anyone talk about this i go out and research it to help you make money affiliate marketing and if you appreciate it make sure you like the button in crushrating and the website we are going to be used today w ord this one now called it’s same to a type of social media site but they allow you to come here and think of them get a lot of traffic, I’ll show you in a few seconds how much traffic they get and to to log in, it’s very easy to enter in your username your email address your password and then you need to verify your note that you come here you click on these tie-ups you come across you sounds now it will bring you to a page that looks like once you establish your chronicle as you can see welcome to the mental community I composed my appoint as smart money tactic then here are two alternatives you can choose straight to your office or you can click on make us set up now, I’m going to show you how to set it up, it’s very easy so we’ll just come here and click on no thanks I’ll do it last-minute because I’m going to show you now how to do it now if you look at this place chaps on another website called same web here it goes to show how much traffic this site becomes and it’s growing well at the moment it’s getting 1.77 million views every month and when you scroll down here it’s from the united states canada uk germany pretty good in one countries good so you know the traffic is going to be good but you will be amazed at how much free traffic you can get very quickly with this affiliate marketing strategy so formerly you get here people and you create an account for yourself it is going to take you to a page that looks like my back office of mine here now very much important i am going to show you exactly how you can do it in a super simple style and then you can explore it, i will show you what other options you have and it is up to you what you want to do when you come here guys when you sounds on that is something that put it together here first option here is where you will go to come here and create a meaning the very best thing about this is going to show you how to create this letter very quickly so you can come here, you are eligible to a type post and click to positions and you can post affiliate links here the other thing you can do is that you can come here and create a blog so you can have a more detailed message if you want it to depend on you but you do not need a blog procreate but if you click on to create a blog here it will make you to this page here where you can easily create an entire blog, it depends on you but you do not have to make love and then from here en chaps you have story feeds if you click on it information feeds it is going to bring you to you and testify you all these news feeds now when you create an account for yourself on this area are called memories you going to see that some of these poles are blocked now and it’s they closed is only visible to people on the premium version of this locate, but you do not have to go to the premium version of this website or you are going to do to post things, you does not necessarily “ve known you” compile worry a good deal about what other people are posting that you are worried about ld with affiliate marketing you can create a premium account for yourself it does cost money every month but I do not recommend it because I is not think you are going to need it but many of the things below are free okay countless parties now have accounts now where they are not paid themselves either and they post a lot of content and I give you examples of this here you have this detection shanty call invention region here guys where you have descriptions I will show you how to get those there you can have a look at popular topics and things that people are doing well more and when you come here do you think you are good if you click on this these are other people’s reports you can check or you can scroll down and see all this other different chronicles that parties have from here you now have your wallet when you create a premier account for yourself when people look at your content or they predict your content with which you can make money with the policy likewise but for the purposes of this video we sharpens blo ot on the affiliate marketing appearance of it then when you come here you have analytical analysis if you want a look at the analysis of you know how your posts are going etc so you can see if you can do it see how much fund you have earned you can buy crypto if you want to strengthen other people uprights they put up now what you want to do is to come over here say you have my epithet here smart money tricks when you create your detail, are you going to have your name so what you want to do is to to click on it as soon as you click on it, you can see here I “ve created” my flag now to create a banner people yourself you can only go to a comesite like, for example, if you come to pixels guys you are eligible to sort something like money you can type something like whatever weight loss ratios whatever it is a matter of and you can just come here and it takes a picture here for free if you require so if you come here and time category in fund as an example okay you can very easily just download any one of these different photos here and formerly you upload it off chaps all you have to do is just come back here and upload it so you do what the hell are you docome here and click on edit channel as soon as you click on to edit the direct whatever it is you click on this download you can a upload placard if you demand you can change it into a small circle image here too, it depends on you then you have a biography here so you want to come here and tell people what your account is about I actually merely make love for people said with my chronicle ov I want to help people make money online, then you have here your knowledge I have just clever coin tactics I did put my data not here, you do not have to then you have here hashtags can have five different hashtags sit as you can see I have a affiliate sell make money online affiliate sell gratuities affiliate marketing and make money online if you are in another niche guys, you can simply sought for other hashtags to put in there and you click to save it now come to social relations here, sorry a s I click to edit channel below if you click on social connects you can post a website you can put a youtube canal you can post a url for other presents you are To promote well, you can applied a affiliate link it depends on you okay and i have just been my association now to my youtube path so i will save that now from here guys this is where you can go now and you can post different kinds of announces on you very quickly to some make money fast online, i’m going to show you exactly how it’s going with other people this then we’re going to come here and we’re going to create our first send now the other option only fast before i establish you how these other people do it You can here too come and realize with this you can create for yourself a group where people will too start following you and then you can regularly affixed content here just like on Facebook, it’s a super potent website chaps it’s an developing site and they want to compete facebook when it comes to this type of content okay if you can come here m and if we say you go after you know a brand-new radical now what the hell are you do you would come here, you would call a create group that you would importation a flag here and then you enter job descriptions description and then you come over and initiate the group then you would post content on this group people will follow you and then you can from time to time drop links to numerous affiliate products where you can make even more money with affiliate sell but for now what we are going to do is to go come back to you and I want to show you how others have done it so what happens now guys are you can come here and you can search for thoughts and what you can do here you can type things like hashtag affiliate sell earn money online hashtag earn fund online and accompany what other beings are doing and then I do it here one of the things I firstly looked at here was weight loss for example so weight loss hashtag and if you overcome it you can see it person nine hours ago framed this remark because he watched 102 hours as you celebrate dates now come down 226 but do not be put off because there are some people really announced a few days ago that thousands of views it precisely depends and if you come down here, I mean I take a look here here is a post what the fuck is affixed here a few days ago okay it’s talking about healthful eating if you browse now, look here it’s a link here that they be transmitted to a concoction they are promoting here is here when we enter we have inserted hashtag to make money online and see how these people make money online this person as 7th ov six weeks ago 2110 See how simple on this post here this post is they have here a picture has super affiliate arrangement john christani automobile webinar move free teaching how to earn a six figure online income click here with the raw link they have no landing page they do not rally clues but do nothing and they now had 2,100 deems if person or persons buys this produce that this person came here from six days ago chaps if you look at it acquired more than 667 it’s miraculous, it’s a lot of fund and if someone comes and clicks here on this join it’s going to drawing them straight to now they sign up, watch and if they buy this person earn money online and all i have done is type in hashtag make money online when you unfurl it is not an isolated incident chaps if you come here, there are other beings a few weeks ago 675 panoramas ect. 22 vistums really a daytime ago so you can see here that it has great potential here is another now guys I affiliate selling typed in five days ago 845 goals if you scroll down now here is another clickbank product as well tribes make a lot of money with affiliate sell and such a strategy and you can do accurately the same and if you click on this associate here it makes you directly here produce now so how can you repeat it so you can make money online with affiliate market as a complete rookie who it exercises approach i’m going to show you what chaps now so exactly what we we going to do is that we’re going to reflect accurately the same post this person created here to do it all we have to do is come back to our main page here, so if you click on you appointed it, it’s going to take you to you and if you scroll down here it’s literally developing your first word so what you want to do is you want to come here and you want to click on you createfirst send here and when you arrive now, guys, you can very easily come here and type in what you want now, what we are looking to do we are intending to emulate quite a lot accurately the same person ov so we are going to come here we are going to copy it so we are going to copy it remove what we are going to overcome here we are going to copy it well if you first overwrite it now sorry it impedes on opening we are going to come back here and we are going to paste it there formerly you have pasted it there guys you demand come here and you just wanted to upload a photo okay and to basically upload a photo what is going to happen is you can switch to pixels if you crave now and find an idol or what you can do is you can also disappear google and you can find someone who impedes fund purses just like the other guy was what I strongly recommend is that if you do, make sure you come here for tools and you are searching for creative communities license where you can actually get it on right you may therefore use some of these idols as soon as you find an portrait, you are allowed to use your rights r mouse click and you save it image as and it goes to your save computer if you come here chaps as soon as you click on to upload now what is going to happen, you can see you now have this representation here it is now going to upload this image now for us and as soon as this image like you can see it is upload now what we want to do here is we want to copy this super affiliate system john christani here and see how you got this name now formerly you have an image now lent, it enables you to insert a deed and we’ll paste it there then we’ll remove this okay from here, and what we want to do is we want to get back to this same now he did has here what is this one here sorry and as you can see if we click onit you can see here here he sets free schooling right and how to offset how to earn six chassis surface income online and basically the reason why they did it has is because it is exactly what it says when you click onthe link is good d so if you come here and you click on the link encounter free training to earn six people online you only need to copy it come back here guys and adhesive it here then you exactly need to be here type in click here free tradition okay and then just leant a colon so then guys here remember we replica that free tutorial here we have the link sorry to our copied clink bank affiliate make now right there so this is what they are going to see super affiliate method John Christine’s Auto Webinar free tutorial to six digit pay online income please click here free training and then what you want to do from there people very easy if you come here and you click to post Once you click on the word, we are today have our own announce here, like you can see here the image super affiliate arrangement john christine automobile rehearsal free educate please click here for the free course if anyone clicks on these guys it’s going to take them directly here and they can buy it is di e easiest mode to do this is a highly very simple way that you can do it, but recollect you can make a group here chaps and if you come here to create a message you can also create as you accompanied’ a blog history is very simple way to do it now as “youve had” seen, it was just a straight raw tie-in I recommend you come here you go to a site like this called you create a very simple landing page i have talked about this many times guys to create these landing sheets when you come over and click on expenditures it’s absolutely free, okay it’s not going to cost you anything formerly you create an account yourself on convertkit i will have a link in my description you come here you are going to land sheets you cause one of the following options very simple landing pages and you muster leads-in so you can re-target anyone who comes here and click on your link, I imply just like you investigated that other person here on the way came in 2 100 clicks’ some daytimes can be one to 500 maybe even thousands and thousands of pitches okay depending on how many parties they settled email address there guys it’s a super potent route this is why i strongly recommends the following to exactly settle a raw connection even on suggest though they will allow you it awesome recommend you to come here and create for yourself a land page I have talked many times about convertkit it is a phenomenal direction to then send broadcast by email with more produces that going to enable you to make even more money with affiliate marketing, but the first step to these guys to get along with soon make sure you come toeither clickbank or digi store 24 create an account for yourself catch a produce like this what you want to promote, you are eligible to even start down a good deal t come to this place here create an account for yourself it’s super simple formerly you do it just come here and start writing it very well simple messages with you call and you are good on the path to making money with affiliate commerce as a terminated rookie so this was my video for today people and another huge room you can make money with affiliate commerce as a complete beginner well hope you enjoyed this tutorial as you did not forget it like button in rating go down and observation I like make money with affiliate market and you can in the suck for the next PayPal gift I will be with all we have to do is more than 750 likes and I’ll give a 50 do now if you can see your name now under good luck you’re the latest $ 50 PayPal gift, I’m just going to make sure you transport me a sense so I can send you those 50 now, do not go anywhere, make sure you click this video here for another affiliate sell strategy involving digistore2 4 and I will show you another excellent lane you can make as countless as 450 so make sure you click this video watch now to this video I learn you on that video differently until I come again next time from smart money tactics that you take care of yourself and goodbye

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