What are Cookies, First click and last Click Attribution in Affiliate marketing

[ Music] what are cookies and how does it help in affiliate marketing and what is firstly click and last click attribution this is what we are going to learn today hey chaps welcome back to the second part of affiliate marketing by shoutmeloud this is a free video series for all of you to learn about affiliate marketing now in the first video I justified you about what is affiliate marketing and in this video we are going to understand what are cookies and how does it helps so let’s understand what cookies are so whenever we browse any website the browser store information about our predilection for example whenever you go to a website you interpret those pop-ups or you encounter those cookie allow where like you say I abode but the next time when you see the website it doesn’t shows the pop-up or the cookie allow well that’s what the cookie does it’s a it’s a minuscule register which is stored by your browser and it’s because of the cookies the the companies or the affiliate mart is clear that the sale has come from you now cookie has a life life span like for example Amazon has a 24 hour cookie that makes when somebody clicks on your affiliate associate and if they conclude obtain within first 24 hours you get a commission now many other affiliate platforms have higher cookie lifetime like 30 epoches 60 periods some of them too have a lifetime which is amazing and which in fact assistances but the real question is what if somebody sounds on your affiliate connection and somebody else is a shipment link as well who will get the Commission well that’s where the first clink and last click attribution come into the picture and let’s understand this within illustrations so if somebody sounds on your affiliate association they they inspected the website but just before reaching the purchase they actually visually called somebody else’s link now this is where the affiliate programmes of the product comes into the picture most of the affiliate platforms have last-place click attribution that represents whichever the last affiliate link they click before obliging the purchase the sale will be added to that particular person now there are few affiliate planned which also has first click attribution so in first week attribution if somebody saw an internet site by tick your relate but they have did obtain by clicking on somebody else’s link you are the one who’s going to get commissioned and that’s how the cookie and first clink and last click attribution helps now if you are already part of certain affiliate program it’s a good practice that you can go back and check their affiliate terms and condition and invite this basic question what is the cookie life of this particular affiliate program is it firstly click or last click attribution it’s a very vital piece of information which will help you in the longer period to see more fund from a late commerce nonetheless the fundamental of cookies also applicable in other aspect of digital commerce such as email marketing and you retain the first sample I gave you about the email pop-up well that’s where the cookie also plays a major role so I hope today you learn something new now in the upcoming series of this video I’ll help you understand more about affiliate marketing trash like recurring a flight platform tie clocking and many other aspect of affiliate market which will help you to offset most out of affiliate marketing now before we goodbye I have a small solution you can subscribe to my path and you can click on Bell icon now how this will help is whenever I publish the next video in this series you will be the first one to get advised and probably that’s the best way to stay updated with our affiliate sell series by short-lived snack out and if you know somebody who is in dire need of changing their career or planning to make their career in blogging in a ship commerce well you can recommend this video line to them it are likely to be it will assist them in and it will likewise facilitate me to grow to reach out to the people who are in need well with that I hope you experienced this video I will see in the next video bye bye-bye this is Hersh[ Music]

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