What is Affiliate Marketing in 2020: Beginners Guide (Free)

( soothing strange music) – If you think making money is possible only when you’re working nine to six, I’m here to tell youthat’s not the whole truth. There was still bloggers, there are people, whoare actually making money by following their passion. And they’re doing it with the help of blogging and affiliate sell. And today, I’m here to tell you all about affiliate commerce. Well, hello guys, welcome to this new seriesof affiliate sell by ShoutMeLoud, in which I’m going to help you understand everything about affiliate commerce. This is the first video of the streak where I’m going to help you understand what affiliate sell is. So, let’s get started. Well, affiliate marketingis one of the oldest structure of digital marketing, where you basically promote a product and then a user purchase the product.You get a commission. And, this is one model thathas been highly utilized by bloggers, YouTubers, podcaster, to make a living. I’m a sole instance of doingthis from last 10 times. 10 times back when I started ShoutMeLoud, I detected somethingcalled affiliate marketing. I can actually talk about particular produce, when people buy this produce, I get committee out of it. And I was like, “Okay, this is something “that the world should know.” And that’s whereShoutMeLoud started talking about affiliate marketing. Now I’m generating everything on YouTube so that you too get to learnabout affiliate marketing. Now, let’s understand affiliate sell with one basic example. So, what happens when you’re looking for a brand-new flat to lease or to buy? You going to see a quality dealeror a real estate agent.Now, this real estateagent shows you a lot of properties, a lot of flats, and when you pick one, whenyou come from that well, “This is the flat I’m gonna buy, ” then that’s where they get fee. Now this is the offline model of affiliate of the commission. Now accompanying the same model online and that is what affiliate marketing is. Now the benefit is, in online marketing, you are not limited to a particular space. If you have internet and laptop, you can start using affiliatemarketing to build an empire. Now, here are a few thingsthat you should know. Affiliate marketing is free to join for anyone and everyone.It doesn’t matter whichpart of world you are from. What is your current situation, even if you 12 -year-old orif you are 42 -year-old, you can actually join affiliate marketing. All you need to do is find a produce to promote. You need to have a marketing channel where you will be promoting the product. That could be a blog. That could be a YouTube channel. That could be a podcast. You can also use PPC, email sell, many other methods, which we will discuss in the upcoming videos. And now, when a customer make a purchase by clicking on your affiliate join, you mostly deserve a commission. How cool is that? Well, this is the one model if you have never heard of or if you are sitting at thesideline reckoning like, “Should I be usingaffiliate marketing or not? ” Well, my friend, you should be.And in the upcoming part of this video, I’ll actually help youunderstand how to start your affiliate commerce business and all the nitty-grittyof affiliate marketing. Now, to get started, you need to know about some of the affiliatemarketing vocabularies. Some of the basic things, the jargon, and I’ll leave a link in the description which will help you to quickly go through all these terminologies. Should take about three to four minutes. You can find the link in the description, which is going to bea good starting point. One other thing that you can do is subscribe to this channel. Click on the buzzer iconso that you get apprise whenever I publish the nextpart of this video series. And last-place but not least, if you find this video handy, and ifyou think you have a friend who’s looking for a busines vary, or who’s in dreadful need ofstarting something of his own, or her own, well, you canpass on this video to them.That will be really helpful. This is your host, Harsh Agrawal. I’ll told you in the next video. Bye-bye .( upbeat exotic music ).

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